Thursday, 27 April 2017

New Moon Cycle: Beauty, Grounding and Sensuality

Yesterday Taurus New Moon brought a new cycle with beauty, grounding and sensuality.
Beauty being in the eye of the beholder, it's everywhere when we open our heart to it.So I ask you:

  • What is beauty for you?
  • What makes you feel beautiful?

If there is a tendency for a person to embrace the sheer pleasure of being human, it can be found through the Beauty Way. If our thoughts, actions, words, and manner of being harmonious, we are Walking in Beauty. To find the blessings of the Beauty Way, all we need to do is to make every act of life sacred. That may be a stretch for some people, but is attainable. By making everything in our lives as sacred as possible, we learn to notice that the intricate steps of life’s process are all blessings. Some steps may be challenging or may contain distressing feelings at the time, but there is always a hidden opportunity for growth.” Jamie Sams in Earth Medicine – Ancestors’ Ways Of Harmony For Many Moons.
Grounding, so important to own our existence in this mundane dimension, to open to the pleasures of life here and now. To cultivate being center in our power, which gives the clarity to act for our highest good.

  • To get grounded is to be in touch with Mother Earth, from feeling Her in the soles of your feet, simply by standing in nature, also through movement as Qigong and Tai Chi, Dance, Gardening (super grounding and related with this Taurus New Moon), etc.

I special love the Womb Healing and Rooting practice, so simple and effective. For those who learned in the Jade Egg Initiation Workshop, a remind to do it.  Here the audio download which everyone can follow, just click and scroll down. For the free sample click here in which you can hear more information about this practice for healing and empowerment, energy and grounding.
Sensuality is how our senses relate with the world.We women are gifted with a sensual body with our curves, with our power to create life, and the whole shape of a woman's body is for me a piece of art; whatever size or shape. Sensuality is very different from glamour, or being slim and skinny. Of course I agree in a healthy body, in which you feel comfortable in your skin, to contribute to your confidence and enjoyment.

  • What is sensuality for you?
  • How sensuality is present in your life?
  • What means for you the sacred sensuality of your whole body?
A few things for you to reflect and get inspired. All these aspects of beauty, grounding and sensuality are cultivated, explored and embraced with the Jade Egg Holistic Practice; which of course the Jade Egg is part of it and it's why this affirmation about it came to me many years ago: 
"I am healthy and whole in my body, mind and soul. I love to live, a life of plenty where abundance continually flows; and my inner wisdom shows where to go."
For me, this is the path of sacred beauty and sensuality, which indeed includes the sacredness of our sexual/creative selves. To support me in this process the grounding and sense of being rooted into the Earth, strong and steady, yet gentle and flexible, is essential.

 © Anamarta

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