Friday, 13 February 2009

Great start of the Ox's year for our Jade Circle!

Our Special Jade Circle to celebrate the first full moon of the Ox's year was just wonderful!
We had a big group of beautiful and inspiring women who lit up the London Tao Centre!
I felt so honoured and blessed to facilitate the Circle and was so nice our celebration to the Moon!... Thank you for your lovely presence and for the inspiration you brought.
Here one of the happy and funny moments:

Thank you for your comments!
How was the Jade Circle for you?
  • "Always nice to be here. I feel like home. Thanks Anamarta." B.R.
  • "I enjoyed very much.Thanks for the experience and im looking forward to the next session." A.V.
  • "A gentle and celebrating evening.Thank you."R.F.
  • "It was great, it was good to review what we've done, in previous session. Thanks for inspiring, thanks for sharing. Love" E.B.
  • "It was wonderful. Thank you. Moon Goddess! xx" E.H.
  • "This was a wonderful evening once again confirming the beauty and kindness of the Zen School of Shiatsu."
  • "I feel much more relaxed. :) "J.H.
  • "Exactly what i need-Thank you!x"
  • "Lovely.x" E.
  • "Wonderful. Thank you." C.C.
Private Jade Circle in London

At the end of January, after arriving from Australia, I had the pleasure to facilitate a private Jade Circle with two inspiring women.
They gave me so much inspiration for 2009!
We had such a sacred weekend and indeed lots of fun.
My deep gratitude and joy for your lovely and brightful presence!

"I joined the Jade Circle training not knowing much about it. As soon as Anamarta started to explain it I felt very comfortable. I was explained that it wasn't going to be a workshop where you have to break limitations but instead was to reconcile with the very being of every woman, to rediscover the Goddess that is in every of us.
I loved the simple yet, carefully selected meditation and Chi Kong exercises sequence.
I felt safe in the hands of a person who wanted the best outcome for me. I'm looking forward to the follow up. Thanks Anamarta."

"The weekend was a totally wonderful experience from beginning to end.
Anamarta you are a wonderful natural teacher full of love and kindness. Everything flowed so naturally, my 1st introduction to Jade Circle , Anamarta you taught to the pace of your students, easy to understand and practise, and experience straight away."
E. S.
Private Travelling Circle in Newcastle

Last year I was invited to go to Newcastle by Lisa, who was in the Summer retreat doing Step 2 and 3 with us.
Not being a lover of the cold (my Portuguese roots…;) , I prepared all my warmest clothes to go up to the North in November. But the warm reception I had from the warm Newcastle women just filled my heart with such a warm feelings that I just forgot about the cold!
Was so nice to meet and facilitate the Jade Circle for such beautiful and inspiring women.
They brought me much inspiration and made me feel so ‘at home’, our sessions were great.
Thank you lovely and dear Geordys!

We had such a wonderful time!

“This came along at just the right time for me! The practices we learned together were very nurturing, and helped me get in touch with myself again, and to slow down and listen to my body. I had been very active and busy the previous 6 months, and the Jade circle helped me to contact and restore the Yin within me. I came away at the end of the 3 evenings feeling energised and restored, and also more centered. The Jade Circle reminded me of how important it is to be Yin as well as Yang - to have balance. I would recommend everyone to try this. Anamarta is a very warm, open and welcoming facilitator, and very grounded. She embodies for me the potential of my practice. Thank you so much for coming to Newcastle!”

“I loved having the Jade circle visit Newcastle. It's wonderful to share these powerful practices with other women in the north of England. Thank you Anamarta, for your commitment to teaching and for holding the space with gentleness and focus.”

“We spent 3 evenings with Anamarta, exploring different ways of connecting with our qi and especially with the qi of our most female selves, our wombs and breasts. Sometimes this was a little awkward, a least at first - we are British after all! But it soon felt OK, Anamarta made us all feel very comfortable, and the power of the breast-cleansing exercises was remarkable. When I do it in my everyday life it not only helps release my emotions, but afterwards my husband can tell I've done it - he says my breasts go shiny!”

Thursday, 5 February 2009


Our Taoist practice group for Women, the Jade Circle (learn more with a click) is gathering on Wednesday 11th February to celebrate the first Jade Circle and first Full Moon of the Year of the Ox.
All women are welcome - come on by The Universal Healing Tao Centre at 68 Great Eastern Street London EC2A 3JT at 6.30 for a warm welcome from Anamarta. We finish around 8.30.

Wish you a Happy full moon on Monday 9th February and look forward to see you at the Special Jade Circle on the 11th!
This Full Moon in February, the Quickening Moon can help you prepare for rebirth. Deep within, seeds are stirring with visions fertile and strong. While winter's fury blusters and brays, our own inner vision stir in the growing light of days. Bellow the surface of the earth, small seeds are awakening.

Hunger Moon, Wild Moon, Ice Moon stealth,
in quiet preparation I love my self,
Brigit, Persephone, Diana, Kuan Yin,
Help to cleanse and heal what's within.