Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Lets dance!

I'm delighted to present this Friday, 29th May our Special Jade Circle- Lets dance! @ 6.30-8.30pm in The Universal Healing Tao Centre.
We're going to have an evening divided into wisdom & action and good fun!
People often ask me about a daily practice. I always say Smile! And of course i can say the inner smile is such a nice way to start the day, the healing sounds to finish it, and...
...Dance five minutes a day!
Is great for yourself and your body! And is so important to celebrate your body, your Temple, the fertile vessel that you inhabit. The woman's body is a sacred extension of the Great Mother Earth; all acts of pleasure, abundance and fertility are part of the female nature.
Dancing is so good for de-stressing and allowing space for new energies and experiences to flow within!
Dancing is so good for grounding, to celebrate the Earth in which your seeds flourish; assisting their growth and flowers, and blessing the youthful fruits of your knowledge and wisdom in action.
Dancing is such a beautiful way to express yourself through the movements you create in your beautiful body. And dancing can be such great fun!
The human body is meant to move. Dance is simply movement to music so anyone can do it.

We're going to do some belly-dancing this Friday, dancing with joy, anticipating the coming warmth!
Belly-dancing is great to open up our energy: in ancient times known to be the dance of fertility, preparing for childbirth.
Its a great exercise for your pelvic area, working all your internal muscles, really connecting with our Jade Egg practices!
And belly-dance is fun! The movements draw you into an intimate relationship with your body and may help to overcome blockages and a less positive self image. When i started it opened the door to love and appreciate my hips and round curves, bum, which are the landmarks of the female body, but in society nowadays is quite forgotten...
Do you know that belly-dance and dance in general, is a weight bearing exercise, the kind of exercise critical in helping prevent Osteoporosis?
Belly-dance works on so many levels providing a holistic approach towards well being. Here a few more benefits of it: back and joints (relief of pain), overall body toning, boosts self-esteem, can help relieve PMS, helps in losing weight!

Looking forward to dance with you on Friday!
© Anamarta

Friday, 22 May 2009

Travelling Circle in India

The Travelling Circle in India, hosted by the the Indian spiritual teacher and healer Usha-ji in BuddhaHall, was absolutely fantastic!
I'd like to appreciate Usha-ji for this opportunity to celebrate the mysterious feminine in incredible and magical India! I'm deeply grateful
to all the lovely women I had the pleasure and blessing to meet and work with! As well to my dear friend Carla who came all the way from Portugal to do this workshop, thank you for such a big help with the administrative work and the sharing of the impressive bio-gymnastic (a fusion of Kung Fu, Yoga and gymnastics), was good fun!
We had a group of beautiful women from all over the world, who made this workshop even more special, for their full and bright presence every moment of this journey we embraced together.
We had three days with all the weather conditions...from sun, blue sky, hot, rain, storm, cold, the Divine representation of the feminine tapestry!
Was amazing to observe the changes, enhancements and improvements in each of the present Goddesses along the three days.

Keep smiling & shining!

Thank you, muchas gracias, obrigado, dhanyabad for your feedback!
  • “Many thanks…for sharing something that I believe will become intrinsic to my being – my woman-ness.” J.G. India/UK
  • “…all of this was very new to me to me but your wonderful and loving energy and the amazing and kind energy of the group made this an amazing experience.” Y.R. Israel
  • “Your imagination, energy and sense of what is sacred is a blessing to behold…” M.M. South Africa
  • “…thank you for the beautiful course…for bringing your wisdom and sharing it with us…inspiring us…” R.M. England
  • “You rock!! You held the energy in the group beautifully…” M.N. Sweden
  • “…an interesting, new and exhilarating experience…All in all, the course was great. Exceeded expectations!” K.W. S.Africa
  • “Your guidance and instruction was informed + inspiring and positive…I will take the pointers with me on the rest of my journey…” T.M. Scotland
  • “Thank you for…this opportunity to work with this energy in a safe, contained space.” J.N. England
  • “…You made what can be dry technique more juicy!…thank you for helping keep the spirit of the Goddess alive and radiant.” M. India/USA
  • “Thank you for an inspiring workshop.” V. UK
  • “Muchas gracias a ti por abrir esta puerta a una nueva sabiduria…” P.A. Chile
  • “…ADOREI o workshop, veio ensinar-me muita coisa, a descobrir uma parte feminina que estava um pouco esquecida, obrigada por tudo!…” C.L. Portugal
  • “...I really want to say thanks to you for sharing your divine knowledge and beauty of real feminine self, I was so impressed by your beautiful teaching and secret knowledge, I really feel that all woman should learn or experience this divine jade practice for their highest creativity, beauty and discover the power of their true feminine self and I see you as a beautiful person and a teacher to help all those woman’s who need to experience this secret energy... So Thanks a lot once again for everything and special thanks for bringing up your knowledge to India in my School Buddha Hall, I hope will be continue in this path to share our love and knowledge with each other and who ever needed…….”
    Dr.Usha India