Wednesday, 21 December 2011


Many moons and almost two seasons ago since I wrote a post!
The Jade Circle is happily growing and expanding, and I'm delighted to share this good news with you. Its so beautiful for me to assist more and more women all over the world taking the time to dedicate to themselves, to explore, honor and enjoy the Divine Feminine within, taking the most of their yin energy in their harmonious internal universe, contributing like this for a better world, at least 'their outer world'.
I take this opportunity to appreciate all the women who are coming to the Jade Circles and workshops, just not in London, but as well in Dublin, Edinburgh, New Delhi, Bagsunag in the Himalayas (with Travellers coming from all over the world); the sharing in the sacred terrace of Pushkar, Rajasthan with Sara, a dear Italian sister; the interest and invitations from Portugal, Berlin and Brazil. And of course would like to include also all the women who attended the mix Taoist steps at the Universal Healing Tao Centre UK, I've been facilitating with my partner Kris. Thank you all for your beautiful and inspiring presence!
The Jade Goddesses took over in Step 3, Power of Fusion this year, for the first time in the history of the 20 years of the Centre we had the yin predominance! (Actually happened again in the last step 2 -Healing Love) You can check the photos in the Healing Tao facebook page. And if you want to keep in touch by facebook, you know what to do, just click like! (A Jade Circle Community page was opened, but its in germination, will flourish next year...).
You always bring me the opportunity to deepen my practices when I share it with you and to reassure me the path of the Divine Feminine within, the empowerment vs compassion energies has to be cultivated and inspire all the sisters along the way.
Lovely consequences of this is being witness of the sisterhood being born among the women and assisting these same women shining their power and love in their own right.
Aloha Mahalo! Mahalo Aloha! I love you thank you! Thank you I love you!
I feel truly blessed to hold the space for these and more wonderful things to happen.

Being so much on move this year with the Travelling Circle, being sometimes in so many different places in such short periods of time, brought a deep insight about transitions.
We can find transitions in everything around us, all the time.
The transitions of the seasons, nature, their elements; the transitions of the moon, of our planet, even the universe beyond the visible, which are in constant move and transmutation. The transitions of our body, of our cycles; the transitions in life, and life itself is a transition - but a transition from where to where? Well, I don't know, I've not been consciously 'on the other side' to tell you that... But what I know is that every day a transition is somehow triggered on all levels of my being, in the physical, in the emotional, in the mental, in the energetical and even in the spiritual. This ongoing transitions may bring me awareness, realisation, inspiration, transformation and even confusion (although I see it as a positive thing, means I'm still looking for something, sometimes its as well a process I've to go through when changes are happening or about to happen) and even may bring destruction (another natural process of letting something die to be born anew).
But this daily transition can just be felt when I stop and listen from within, my inner-self, open myself to receive and accept this inner-knowledge, that I can tell you is not always the easiest way, but I believe is the way for me to walk in the Sacred Beauty Path (these words inspired by Jamie Sams), for me is the one of walking my talk, sharing my gifts with others, be open to receive what it comes and like this weaving the infinitive continuing evolution, embracing the mysterious feminine to the full and living it.

And here we're in a transition of season, Winter Solstice approaching in the North Hemisphere, (Summer in the South). Going from Autumn to Winter, metal to water, from lungs to kidneys, a great time to let go anything you want to let go, anything that no longer serves you, taking the courage from the metal element and entering with the wisdom and gentleness of the water; of course the energies of the festive season help to all this, as we're in the transition for the coming and so anticipated 2012!
Following my sharing in the previous paragraph, I leave you two questions for you to take the time to think, meditate about it for your end of year and new season, that is the one which represents the yin peak in the Taoist calendar.
  • How do you deal, respond to your daily transitions, the ones which happen every time, in all levels of your being?
  • How do you live with your yin energy, of being, of receptivity, acceptance and flexibility towards yourself, others and life?
For all my dear students, friends, even the ones who make part the 'Virtual Circle' that I don't know yet, a joyful, happy, sparkly wonderful festive season!***
I look forward to see you and meet you next year!
© Anamarta