Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Happy Autumn Equinox and New Moon in Libra!

I love the Equinox for what they represent: the perfect equilibrium, honors equal day and night, brings forces of dark & light into balance, the yin and the yang.
From the Autumn (Fall) Equinox, as well known as Mabon, Alban Elfed, Feast of Avalon, Cornucopia, Harvest Home - we start to prepare for the darker days of Winter ahead, the yin peak of the year, and this brings us the opportunity to let go what no longer serves us, as the leafs turn color in the trees, we turn our thoughts inward, for a time of reflection, of cultivating the ‘being’ state, slow down our pace from the busy and outgoing Summer.
Also this Autumn Equinox besides being represented by balance and mystery, is the ‘Witches Thanksgiving’, as is a second Harvest of the year, the harvest of fruits and vegetables.
(The first was the harvest of bread and grain, the “Lughnasadh “ on 1st August).
So here's a thought for you to apply in all levels of your life:
  • What are you harvesting now?
In the Taoist calendar it's a very interesting time of a gentle transition from the Earth Element link to the Harvest to the Metal link to the Autumn. The sun from the Summer blessed the Earth where Metal is born.
The Earth Element in our body is represented by the spleen, the nourishing organ and the stomach, with the important role of digestion.  The Metal Element is represented by the lungs, the important act of breathing, take all in, and then out, simply filter and retain what we need, and the large intestine, the elimination system, taking out what we don’t need and simply retain what is vital for our wellbeing.  And of course our skin is part of this elimination system which takes so much in and out, reminding us of the cycle of renewal as it's constantly dying and being born again.

So take a moment, wherever you are, in front of a computer, with your phone in your hand, whether indoors at home or work, or outdoors in the transports or the park.
  • Stop for a moment, close your eyes, feel the soles of your feet, inhale deeply, filling up your lungs with chi (air) and exhale gently through your nose, your are simply slowing down. And as you do this feel the connection with Earth beneath you (and everything comes from Her, even the floor…), and smile :) opening up, generating energy and good feelings towards your amazing body, feeling the gratitude for all it does to sustain your life, smile and feel the courage and self-confidence to do and to be, (link to the Metal Element), and the serenity, openness, grounding, (link to the Earth Element), feeling centered in your power, refreshed, revitalized, in tune with life! =) 
To reinforce this energy of balance and harmony of the Equinox, tomorrow we have the New Moon in Libra, also associated with beauty, grace, creating peace, all relationships in our lives (from intimate to business), justice and diplomacy
Here's a Libra affirmation:
"I feel safe sharing my gift of love with another".

 And I ask you: do you?
 This obviously as in everything else, is a reflection of your relationship with yourself, if you are the first one receiving the love from your own self.

Here are two things to focus your positive thought, whatever you want to answer by write it down, or simply quieting you mind, to go inside and meditate on it.
  • How can I embody beauty, peace and inner harmony?
Something that supports you in this to become a natural way of living, and I say natural, because it's part of the Goddess virtues, and I believe we women are the feminine archetype who represent the Goddess here in this planet, with the various practices presented in the Jade Egg Holistic Practice, from the meditations and Kuan Yin QiGong, to the Jade Egg itself, a wonderful tool, and a great anchor for this ("beauty, peace and inner harmony...").
The other thing is:
  • How can I cultivate more mutual support from my personal and/or business partnerships?
Embrace love! Cultivate beauty! Celebrate life!
©  Anamarta

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

BOOM Festival (*The Feminine*) WonderFULL Workshops and Experience! (( ♥ ))

After being on the road with my partner beloved Kris, presenting in Quest Festival in Devon, then holding the annual Jade Circle in Wales during our Tai Chi Summer Camp and closing this journey with a magical sweatlodge, we arrived London to pack and go to Boom Festival - the biggest international festival, which takes place in a remote village in Portugal - this year with the gathering of people from 152 countries from the five continents!
'The Feminine' theme of this Boom edition just perfectly aligned with the sharing of the Tao of Feminine Empowerment  - I was quite excited to hold a Jade Circle in "Boomland" and also to present with Kris Taoist Tantra, Taoist Love, in tune with the Boom motto "we are love" - after all, Taoist traditionally presents the Double-Mastery, a man and a woman teaching together; and ultimately through healing and wisdom this path of sacred sexuality and love, empowerment and compassion, giving us the opportunity to live in our potential as the human and light beings we are, connecting with our deep essence, and contributing our little bit to a better world, with peace and love alive in our hearts and minds.
Wow, we were amazed with the wonderFULL respond of our workshops, literally full with beautiful, open-hearted and -minded people! We really enjoyed it all so much, and feel deeply grateful to have more than 300 people - who crowded into 'Group Practice', climed up to the windows and overflowed the outside area.  For the Jade Circle was amazing as circle, after circle filled the room, and the Goddess energy, Oh My Goddess, was truly magical and unforgettable!...
"A heartfelt thank you for sharing your wisdom, mastery and passion with us in such a profound way, inspiring a more evolved vision of ourselves and the world." from Boom team.
The whole Boom Festival experience was amazing! And thanks to the incredible organization that goes with it, we absolutely loved to be part of this manifested vision of love, oneness, harmony, art, sustainability, music, dancing and celebrating the Feminine, that was spread everywhere, besides the lovely festival site, perfect nature, the creativity and originality behind it is speechless; the love put into every detail, to be contemplated, explored and admired by thousands of people, was truly inspiring!
One of the highlights of the Boom was to be part of an aerial art ritual to honor the Goddess in all her power and beauty!! Thousands of people got together to make it happen, and I had the pleasure to be invited to be in her 'Jade Gate', Yoni' - the intention was to create a unified field among the many cultures present at Boom by sending an ecstatic prayer in honor of the Great Mother's infinite love for all humankind.
And quoting some of the Boom visions:
"In Boom we share together the dream of a reality within and beyond this reality, where we can live in harmony with our planet and each other."
What an immense pleasure to be part of this! BOOM!

Is an album in FB with more photos.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

BeautiFULL workshop!!

Beauties from all over the world gather for a a lovely 'Taoist Beauty Secrets' day that unfolded with a deep connection with the inner fire and heart, which I could say was a full day of:
Love! Transformation! Beauty! Honouring of the Sacred Sexual and Divine Feminine Self!... And we add to these joy, laughter and fun! A true celebration of love, the feminine and how we empower each other, and as our hearts connect, our inner beauty expands into outer radiance. The Tao, the way of sisterhood, the Tao of Feminine Empowerment, giving us immediate benefits of the ancient secrets into our modern lives!
Fun, Love and Beauty as one:
Thank you for your feedback and heartfelt words 

** "Thank you for the workshop! It was very insightful, fun and beautiful!" D.B. Russia

** "Thank you for your beautiful presence which is really radiating! I think your beauty and grace rubbed of on all of us which left you looking even more beautiful. It was a wonderful day spent with lovely women. I connected, I laughed and touched by it all it, thank you very much." M.S. Germany

** "Obrigado/Thank you for a day of practice and tips. Feel rejuvenated and 'hot'!" P.C. Portugal

** "Lovely workshop as always, and full of good tips. Thank you dear Goddess Anamarta. Great to see everyone so happy afterwards." S.S. Croatia

** "Thank you for sharing your knowledge! Nice, really inspiring, and good to be in the present of women's energy." C. Brazil

** "Beautiful day with lots of varied activities. Flow & relaxing. Obrigada" J.N. Czech Republic

** "Adorei 'brincar'!! Tirar o dia para mim e para partilhar coisas novas com pessoas novas! Foi bom relembrar em conjunto. Continua a espalhar magia e amor." J.P. Portugal

** "Thank you for your authenticity, love & sweetness." L. Hong Kong 

** "Thank you radiant Goddess!! Again this is amazing. Real love & beauty & joy now shine through all of us. I'll cherish this beautiful energy deep in my heart.Let it shine through and be radiant!" C.C. France


Friday, 30 May 2014

Another Amazing Jade Circle workshop!!

Photo from Jade Goddess Lidia and here we are:
A lovely group of women from all over the world, that so much inspired me with their wonderful presence, their openness, and ease to delve into their Divine Feminine selves, embracing the path of self-healing and self-mastery.
A gift wrapped in delight was to receive their sharings after the workshop about the integration of the practices into their lives and benefits and changes felt already!... 
I'm deeply grateful to have the pleasure of sharing the Tao of Feminine Empowerment and keep welcoming amazing and special women to the 'Jade Goddesses Family', which extends all over the continents.
Looking forward to see you again!
More photos and more fun...
*** Thank you for your feedback *** 
  • "An inspiring and powerful workshop. Enjoyable weekend, great venue, perfect teacher. Just want more!!! Thank you for sharing this knowledge gently, lovingly and passionately." K.W. U.K.
  • "Lovely + most special workshop. Thank you Anamarta" S.H. England
  • "This workshop was very empowering and at the same time detoxifying. Thank you for all the tools shared - I truly feel grateful and blessed for having the opportunity to learn them. May the journey continue." P.C. Portugal
  • "I really enjoyed the free flow of the workshop - working in whatever direction the group needed. I feel like you provided very clear (instructions) map for how we can change/ create our own journey. Thank you! Namaste" J.A. U.S.A.
  • "Thank you! Obrigado for a wonderful and magical weekend. I loved the content and liked the pace of the workshop and accent put on practice..." L. Greece/Romania/US 
  • "Thank you for your teaching Anamarta, and your lovely, inspiring presence. It was really good workshop. Hope to see you again soon." L.G. New Zeland 
  • "Thank you, I'm really glad to receive this!... Seu trabalho é lindo e muito importante para as mulheres de todo o mundo! I wish you spread this message to all!!" C. Brazil
  • "Thank you so much. Was a wonderful experience. Now I want to bring you with me to France. Really loved this workshop with you and all the lovely girls!" A.P. France
  • "Thank you Goddess Anamarta, so happy to assist you in the wshop, to repeat the practices and share with all these beautiful women from all over the world. Keep shining and spreading the love." S.S. Croatia
  • Thank you & to all the Goddesses present in the workshop... it was fun!! foi otimo mesmo!" J.S. Brazil
  • "Beautifully measured... A lovely group. What an amazing collection of strong female energy. Pleased to be opening up. Thank you Anamarta, you are a wonderful teacher." D.B. Trinidad 
Thank you for this inspiring sharing received after the workshop: 
 *** "I feel so fortunate to have met you and to be able to do the workshop couple of weeks ago! The exercises that I started doing regularly (kidney breathing, iron shirt/steel body and the healing sounds) have had an amazing and powerful impact on my energy levels and state of mind...
Now the egg, the egg is some kind of magic: wear it and WOW!..." L. 

 *** "All my life I had horrible menstrual pains, plus I suffer from chronic sciatica, so in my moon days (when I've my period) I vomited, I had pain everywhere in my body and I took lots of medication, including opiate medication, because is the only one that stops my pains.
I came to the Jade Circle workshop, a weekend with a group of beautiful ladies, in a safe and sacred place that really made me connect with the feminine power. We learned many exercises that we can combine and easily integrate in our life, even the simple inner smile, is something magical about it! And the kidney breathing...
When Anamarta spoke how important is to understand our (moon) cycle, get in tune with it, and the practices we can do that can really help to alleviate and even finish PMS and pains during the time we menstruate, to be honest, was hard for me to believe that could be possible and even to hear about it...
Last day of the workshop, when I arrived home: what a surprise that my period arrived and like magic I practiced what I learned (including just simple smile at the pain to melt it away, and it worked!!) and didn't have pain!! I couldn't believe!!!! I had the most wonderful period of my life! I'm so connected with myself since that day, I never experienced something like this before, my chronic sciatica pain disappeared!!! It's like a rebirth into a new fresh woman! 
Now I have been practicing everyday, and day by day I'm feeling stronger and a happiness from the moment I woke up till when I go sleep, which it's even better and so peaceful. 
I'll be forever thankful to you bella Anamarta, and I wish you can spread this knowledge to all women around the world!" C.

Thursday, 8 May 2014


Hope you're enjoying Beltane as much I am. This ancient Celtic festival of fire, fertility and love. At the height of Spring, when all of nature bursts into blossom, we celebrate our bodies, the pleasure we can invoke in one another, and the love we can kindle.
And I am now anticipating the annual Jade Circle workshop in London - Tao of Feminine Empowerment - last places to be filled!

After the delightful Jade Circle workshops in Algarve and Lisbon, in Portugal, I came straight to the wild to celebrate Beltane in Step 5 of the Taoist Training - Tao of the Shaman.  
An exhilarating opportunity to admire nature perfect and speechless beauty, and of course take the most of the Taoist Practices! This is the path for the ones who would like to delve into themselves, the endless journey of self-discovery and continuing evaluation.
This is the door to teach the Jade Circle - Do you see yourself teaching this practices?
We would love to have more Taoist Master Practitioner sharing this self-healing and empowering practices in their communities. If you've an idea or even a dream (and the future belongs to those who believe in their dreams!) let me know, I'd be very happy to support you!
I'm sharing these wild nature vibrations with you, but I'm sure wherever you are, you can commune with nature as well. Try:
** Breath in her green, the color of health, invite into your healthy being (even if you're not at the moment, this kind of positive affirmations can be very helpful). Do a few deep breaths of cleansing green. - Be sitting on the grass or contemplating a tree can make it so really and profound, enjoy it!
***Now let this green wash your liver internally and wrap it around externally - as a beautiful green silk - Keep your liver radiant green and SMILE at your liver, breath in the green light of kindness, generosity and forgiveness...
...Remember to be truly kind towards yourself you have to accept yourself unconditionally. And the every day opportunities you've to forgive, starting with self-forgiveness, and when we can forgive the unforgivable, we are truly free, allow new experiences and energies to flow within. Cultivate your generous spirit and share it with others, with the world!

** To keep your liver even happier and in good shape, you probably already know: eat green!
Here some food which is excellent for your liver and their curious associations:
  • Basil - fecundity and passion
  • Sage - the soldiers of Ancient Greece were welcomed by their wives with sage tea, to stimulate fertility. In shamanic traditions sage is being used to cleansing purposes, of the space, people auras, objects and crystals.
  • Asparagus - those with thick stems, pale color, and a tip somewhere between rose and purple are the most aphrodisiac.
  • Garlic - it is thought to be sacred, erotic, medicinal, and restore and was for that reason given to athletes during the Olympic Games in Greece. So many curative properties are credited to it, even cases of cancer. And for clearing yeast in our genitals.
  • Watercress - the Romans called "shameless" for their supposed stimulating values.
* Walk in the nature, place your feet on the earth (with bare feet for a pleasurable and deep connection with our Mother Earth), root yourself, become like a tree, grounded, in perfect harmony between earth & heaven, yin & yang. The ones who practice Chi Kung, take the most of it outdoors! 
To learn this powerful way to get grounded and centered, or to evolve with your Chi Kung practices, we have the coming Jade Circle workshop in London, a stage demonstration in Mind Body Soul in Manchester this Saturday!

© Anamarta

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Jade Circle in, em Lisboa ~ Portugal!

A picture is worth it one thousand words!... This was the Jade Circle workshop in my hometown, Lisbon!! An amazing and beautiful group of Portuguese (and two Italian) Goddesses who made our workshop so wonderful and unforgettable! Was truly special for me to be surrounded by these lovely women, with such an open heart and mind; and within them I had my mum, some of best friends who know since ages, and also other dear friends.
Muito obrigado, means thank you very much, to my dear organiser Inês Manso, who made this possible!
This is definitely the Tao ( = the way ) of Feminine Empowerment, loved sharing ancient secrets with all of you, modern Goddesses, and looking forward for us to get together again to keep unveiling and celebrating the Feminine Mystery!
*** Em Português ***
Uma fotografia vale mil palavras!... Este foi o workshop do Jade Circle na minha cidade, Lisboa!! Um grupo espectacular e tão bonito de Deusas portugueses (e duas italianas), que fizeram do nosso workshop um evento maravilhoso e inesquecível! Foi realmente especial para mim, estar rodeada destas lindas mulheres, com um coração e mente tão abertos; entre elas, tive a presença da minha mãe, e algumas das minhas melhores amigas que me conhecem desde sempre, e outras queridas amigas também.
Muito obrigado à minha querida organizadora Inês Manso, que tornou isto possível!
Isto é definitivamento o Tao ( = o caminho) do 'Empowerment' Feminino, adorei partilhar segredos ancestrais com todas vós, Deusas modernas, e estou desejosa que nos juntemos novamente para continuar a desvendar e a celebrar o Misterioso Feminino!


Monday, 7 April 2014

Jade Circle in, em Algarve ~ Portugal

This was the first Jade Circle workshop in Portugal, organised by dearest Carla Sananda who host us in her Jivana Centre, in Loulé - thank you for your brilliant hospitality!
Lovely Portuguese Goddesses, from different parts os the country, just not only Algarve, but also Alentejo, Lisbon and Porto, and we have an Argentina Goddess from Buenos Aires. Wonderful and powerful women got together celebrating the true feminine energy of love, sisterhood and ultimately empowerment!... Was a very beautiful, magical and truly special workshop, filled with joy, that will be always remember in my heart. Obrigado my dear pioneers Jade Goddesses of Portugal!
***Em Português***
Este foi o primeiro workshop do Jade Circle em Portugal, organisado pela querida Carla Sananda, que nos recebeu no seu Centro Jivana, em Loulé - obrigado pela hospitalidade fantástica!
Lindas Deusas portuguesas, de diferentes partes do país, não só do Algarve, mas também Alentejo, Lisboa e Porto, e tivemos uma Deusa argentina de Buenos Aires. Estas mulheres maravilhosas e poderosas juntaram-se para celebrar a verdadeira energia feminina do amor, irmandade e fundamentalmente do 'empowerment'!... Foi um workshop muito bonito, mágico e realmente especial, repleto de alegria, o qual irei sempre recordar no meu coração. Obrigado queridas Deusas de Jade pioneiras de Portugal!
 Obrigado pelo vossa partilha, feedback ** Thank you for your feedback **

** "Muito bom! Gostei muito, aprendi, senti, integrei. Tenho muita vontade de pôr o máximo em prática, pois sinto realmente que é benéfico para a minha saúde e sucesso. Grata." A.D.

** "Obrigado por este fim-de-semana. Sinto-me profundamente grata por estes dias dedicados a mim, Deusa R. I., com esta Irmandade de Jade. O que senti: o que de facto desejava: desligar-me da rotina diária e lembrar-me de quem eu eferivamente sou; voltar à essência. Muito obrigado." R.I.

** "Obrigado pela partilha. Espero que nos encontremos novamente. A-D-O-R-E-I-" R.M.

** "O workshop foi muito bonito, diferente, e com uma sabedoria ancestral que estamos agora a resgatar. Obrigado pela magia! Eu vinha sentido que precisava de mudança, de resgatar a minha sabedoria. E o Universo fez chegar até mim este workshop, tu e estas mulheres lindas. Obrigado Anamarta, beijinho no teu coração. Aloha" L.C.

** "Minha irmã a todos os níveis e agora num mais, gostei mesmo muito do workshop! Tenho muito para absorver e digerir, mas está aberta a porta para um novo mundo! (...) e confirmei a razão porque inspiras tantas mulheres no mundo." C.L.

** "A primeira palavra que me vem é literalmente gratidão. (...) quando vim à palestra não fazia ideia para o que vinha, mas depois soube que isto era a minha cara e que há muito estava à espera disto. És linda e poderosa Deusa Anamarta, abençoada sejas pelo teu propósito nesta vida, despertar em nós mulheres, algo que muitas tinham esquecido." A.M.

** "Irmã, quando escolhi este caminho da Mulher pedi ao Universo para que me desse, tudo o que precisava para cada passo. Tu és uma peça muito importante neste processo. (...) Grata pela partilha, pela sincronicidade, e por tudo o que virá. Love you" I.P.

** "És uma mulher lindíssima, que move Universos femininos... Obrigado pelo teu amor, carinho, partilha. Amei o workshop e mais uma vez obrigada, por teres vindo Deusa Anamarta. Beijinhos com alegria sister." C.S.


Saturday, 8 March 2014

Happy Women's Day!!*** Beautiful celebration!

What could better to celebrate the International Women's Day than to be among other women?!... Beautiful Goddesses from all over the world made it truly inspiring and simply lovely!! A whole day nurturing our yin energy and unveiling the mysterious feminine with all the gifts and delight that can bring us! Sisterhood and 'Goddesshood' were the key words, which generated so much magic and wonderful feelings that reinforce my appreciation of being a woman this life and honoured to hold the space for amazing women come together to shine and inspire!
With love and gratitude from the depth of my heart.
Thank you for your feedback!
  • "I'm grounded and so connected to myself! Thank you so much for this magical experience!" C. Brazil
  • "Reconnecting, nurturing & inspiring." T.B. London
  • "I love the breath and depth of knowledge that you bring to each practice. It combines the most perfect combination of complexity and simplicity. The atmosphere was warm, grounded, allowing to fly and keeping us safe. Thank you for your generosity of spirit and teaching." H.C. UK
  • "Thank you dear Anamarta, I feel like a real & profound renewal" C.C. France
  • "Inspiring & rejuvenating." E.J. Russia 
  • "I love your workshops dear Anamarta, always different - it makes me refreshed and energised. So great to meet lovely goddesses happy, smiley and shining. Thank you. " S.S. Croatia 
  • "Thank you for a beautiful day." P.C. Portugal
  • "Lovely, fun day. My kidneys are thanking me for it. Thank you!" S.E. UK
  • "New & Inspiring! It was a complete new experience to be aware of the femininty more in a spiritual way. It was so nice to spend the day with the other goddesses, I felt a lot of good energy, joy, honesty between us. Thank you very much for your love, caring and your friendship dear Anamarta." R.S. Portugal 
  • "Nurturing warm energy. The goddess way. Thank you." L.R. Philipines
  • "I totally trust Anamarta, she creates a joyful space to connect with our true self. Feel energised + calm. Thank you." S.M. UK 

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Fairlyland 2014 - Lovely!!!***

As I always happy to go to Fairlyland as I get overwhelmed with their warm hospitality and open heart!! Thank you Ireland, I love the fairies, and a THANKS A MILLION to Máire, our Master Taoist Practitioner, my beautiful Jade Circle teacher and dearest fairy sister who has this talent of putting amazing people together! A wonderfully beautiful workshop with a group of lovely and amazing women, for the first time 100% Irish! Magical being surrounded by these beautiful Fairy Jade Goddesses, mostly students of Máire, what a gift and delight that brings to my heart, as the Jade Circle expands in the Emerald island, and to witness how everyone was so much into the practices... The start with the New Moon in Pisces just settled the time perfectly for this inward journey and celebration of our sacred feminine self! Lots of laughter was also part of it and something which made it so special was to have the presence of two babies (in their mums' bellies), and these two mummies were (blood) sisters, so inspiring!!... Looking forward to see you all again!
We also had the funniest experience giving a Talk with my partner Kris, organised by the Buddha Bag meeting, for huge (lovely!) crowd in the "Strawberry Suite", the VIP room of a club! Yes, exactly, imagine fifty people and us there talking, doing exercises and having a great time! Sounds crazy, but the atmosphere was absolutely perfect!...  What an unforgettable night - loved it!! You can see some photos
 Here we are at the end of our workshop
And V Power...
***Thanks a million for your feedback, beautiful and so kind Goddesses!***

 *** "Beautiful workshop, amazing experience, empowering, healing, thank you so much. I was really delighted with the very thorough way you went through everything you taught with so much love, patience and gentleness. I very much look forward to continuing my journey with you." A.O.

*** "I fee so privileged to have attended this workshop. The practices were all so enjoyable, nurturing + practical which hopefully make it easier for me to bring these practices to my daily life. Great to have met you and look forward to meeting you again!" E.W.

*** "An excellent workshop. Thank you. God Bless." T.D.  

*** "You are very clear, loving and open in your teachings. Strength in smile + sisters... safety in exploring internal world, maintain sense of connection. Thank you." A.M.

*** "Enlightening. And I could go on and on and on... Thank you." M.L.

*** "You are a most beautiful and inspiring person as well as teacher. Just being around your presence for 3 days is an honour, let alone all the wisdom, knowledge and insight you shared with us. The timing of your visit to Ireland fits perfectly into the path I am on at the moment and I look forward to being in your presence again when the time is right. Thank you." K.A.

*** "I really enjoyed the weekend with and learned many more useful things from you in a much different way than in the past with other facilitators. The jade egg practice is indeed a sacred thing and has become, over the years quite an important aspect of my 2nd spring journey. It has, I feel, empowered this journey in a way that would perhaps not have been possible without it... I feel well, vibrant and alive travelling into my 54th year. Much much love to you and the great work that you do. keep it coming." M. S.

*** "Thank you so much for sharing your gift with me. I had an amazing weekend and I have travelled some more on my journey as an amazing Goddess! P.S - You have woken my Jade Gate - usually falls asleep when I'm with baby." J.M. 

*** "Anamarta and Máire - thank you - this was very special, releasing and gentle. I appreciate all the information and enthusiasm and I particularly enjoyed the humour! Life is about suck in the marrow from the bone and we did that. Laughter, dance, knowledge, empowerment - all equal together, united by spirit." M.O.

*** "Thank you so much for such a beautiful, healing weekend. I feel so inspired to do more + more practice. You embody these yin practices so beautifully; and you are a powerful teacher. Ever so grateful to love you in my life and to be dancing the path of the goddess together!P.S - The fairies love you!". M.G.


Saturday, 22 February 2014


Are you ready for rebirth?
This theme can be approached in various ways, but as in the Tao, you'll have your own way, according to your own needs to explore and embrace it.

And something that inspires me is the fact that every time we let go what no longer serves us we create space for new to flow and grow! As light can not exist without dark, but we can keep within the light, the very Taoist approach of transforming the negative to cultivate the positive, to live in the potential of our being, creating and enjoying the life we want to live!
Remember: "Life is full of possibilities. Every moment presents an opportunity to fulfil your wildest dreams."
With excitement and antecipation I present this workshop for all the Jade Goddesses (who have done Jade Circle Workshop)
Join me at the:REBIRTH OF THE SELF!
Sunday 9th March 2014 - 10.30am to 6pm
This special workshop is a result of a divine inspiration that flowed through me or Jade Egg, who knows, as was in the Dragon's year, (Jade being the solidified semen of a Dragon) that this inspiration emerged: 
Something absolutely unique to explore the energy of the Wood Element deeper than ever, to have an introduction (or continuing evolution) of the Advance Jade Egg Holistic Practice, with Jade Egg exercises not experienced before! Integration of deep healing and insightful Shamanic Practices, from Taoist tradition and other things I grew up with and learned in my travels around the world... The rebirth ritual and journey created for the occasion - just remember one of the funniest things I heard from one of the dearest Jade Goddesses, that I was a spiritual midwife, heheheh... No, but is with deep commitment and sacredness that I'll hold the space for you to have your 'Rebirth of the Self', which every year makes me assist with all present in blossoming into the fullness of their beauty!!!
Are you getting curious to get to know more what we do? 

The Power of Transformation, the Inner Alchemy Celebration!

To check last year wshop click here
Questions? email me or call me at: 07722566010
© Anamarta
("Rebirth" image by Toni Carmine Salerno)

Friday, 14 February 2014

Feliz Dia dos Namorados ou de São Valentim:

E sabes a origem de São Valentim?
Lupercalia, o Festival Pagão Romano para honrar Lupercus, o Deus da Fertilidade; juntamente com a crença popular que o dia 14 de Fevereiro marcava o início da temporada de acasalamento entre pássaros, garantindo assim que este dia persistisse no imaginário popular como um dia de amor. Esta celebração era também marcada com rituais ancestrais pagãos do amor, do sexo e da fertilidade.

O Dia dos Namorados ou de São Valentim, apesar de ser uma celebração do amor que está se a tornar bastante comercial, eu acredito que O AMOR é sempre uma celebração bonita TODOS OS DIAS, ainda que, esta data nos lembre de prestarmos uma atenção especial a nós próprias!
A minha sugestão é: faz algo por ti!!

(Se tens um parceiro sortudo, sim, com muita sorte por estar contigo, podes partilhar parte ou tudo do que vais fazer e convida-lo/a a juntar-se a ti; ou simplesmente a partilhar o teu belo ser!... Não há nada mais sexy e amável que uma pessoa que está totalmente apaixonado por todo o seu ser: corpo, mente e alma... a outra metade sentir-se-á tão especial por poder fazer parte e adorar-te absolutamente, venerar-te! (de uma forma positiva, estou a falar de amor puro, não de manipulação!... )
Algumas ideias:
  • Existem muitas razões para te amares a ti mesma! Anota num papel 7 coisas que gostas em ti. Coloca este papel num lugar onde vás olhar para ele de vez em quando: no frigorífico, ao lado da tua cama, na tua secretária, no teu altar, na tua carteira, onde quiseres! Ou se preferires escrevê-lo no telefone ou computador, fá-lo de forma a que o encontres de tempos a tempos.
  • Mima-te!... Seja no spa ou em casa, seja um tratamento de cabelo, uma limpeza facial e/ou corporal, mãos e pés, o que te fizer sentir bem! Vai usufruir de uma massagem ou massaja-te a ti própria com os teus cremes ou óleos favoritos!...
** Banhos podem ser super relaxantes, nutritivos e uma óptima maneira para nos centrarmos.
Por que não tomar um banho com algumas pétalas de rosa e algumas gotas dos teus óleos essenciais favoritos, até mesmo com um pouco de sal (sal marinho, sal do Mar Morto, sal dos Himalaias, ou uma mistura), enquanto interiorizas o que escreveste sobre ti própria, enquanto cultivas a tua beleza interior para a teu brilho exterior!
Extras: Velas em redor da banheira, uma fragrância agradável de incenso ou qualquer cheiro que te faça sentir bem e deliciosa. Estás a explorar os sentidos, cultivando a tua sensualidade!... E para algo para a pele, podes adicionar ao banho um pouco de mel (eu optaria por biológico), ou, bem ao estilo Cleópatra, podes adicionar um pouco de leite; se não encontrares leite biológico poderás optar por leite de cabra!
Posso misturar tudo o que mencionei no meu banho? Absolutamente!

Posso fazer isto todos os Dias de São Valentim?
Sempre que te apetecer, pois tu mereces!

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