Friday, 4 February 2011

!! CeLebRaTing 2 !!

I'm back from India, after two months of inspiration and renewal and looking forward 2 see you and meet you! :)
We started this 2nd month, with the New Moon on 2nd, and yesterday the New Year of the Rabbit, female energies are in high!
February is a special month for us! I'm celebrating 2 years of writing newsletters to you, 2 years of Jade Circle Blog.
As a celebration month I'd love to see you all, the ones I saw two months ago and the ones I saw last year, or two years ago!
As February is itself NR 2, the lunar number, believed to be very feminine and receptive.
Let's start the Rabbit New Year in the greatest way!... Unveiling the mysterious feminine! Celebrating ourselves!
"Rabbit brings a year in which you can catch your breath and calm your nerves. To gain the greatest benefits from this time, focus on home, family, security, diplomacy, and your relationships with women and children."
Here we go!
The rabbit is said to be gracious, peaceful, gentle, virtuous and financially lucky. It's a symbol for mercy, elegance, amiability and worship of beauty.
According to the Chinese tradition, it's a welcome move into a more placid time after the ferocious year of the Tiger!

The highlight of this month of celebration will be on Sunday 27th, with the Awakening Your Inner Goddess Workshop...Follow Your Inner Wisdom! A special workshop to celebrate and embrace the Yin Peak of the year!
We're celebrating the love of Valentine's with the couples workshop, Tao Tantra 1.
Celebrate love with more love!... Following in love with your beautiful self! Loving yourself unconditionally, no matter what!
The news of the year!... An Advanced Jade Circle workshop to deepen your Jade Egg & Taoist Yin practices is coming in September, I'll let you know more about it: keep posted!

I'd to take the opportunity to thank you for being part of the Jade Circle with your physical or virtual presence! This beautiful sisterhood we've been cultivating, exploring the mysterious feminine, reaping the fruits of wisdom, wellbeing, pleasure and enjoyment of being a women, and honour the Divine feminine within and its outer manifestations! I feel truly blessed for you to be part of my life and to hold this sacred circle which provides the space to grow, explore and make the most of the beauty of our feminine essence and harmony of our yin & yang energies!

"The Jade Circle gives the chance to really tune in to how I'm feeling in a way that's unique...While being surrounded by other women in such a respectful place it totally opens up a new way of being. It has amazed me just how much energy and insight can be gained by tuning into the yin energy and after all my years of 'doing'- I feel I'm receiving a profound wisdom of how to not so much 'do' and more how to 'be'. This comes from your support, wisdom and sweetness. You give us absolute permission to leave all the hard edges of the outside world at the door- and to be nourished by the space you so generously hold for us. I also feel like I'm not in London for the time we're with's a great feeling!"
Thank you for sharing Christine!
A great way to keep them rejuvenated, (they regulate our life force and carry our ancestor chi, they play such an important rule in your sexual energy!) is to practice the kidney breathing. For the ones who learnt it, here's a reminder: keep on doing it! The ones who would like to learn or review it, together with Chi Kung exercises to keep your kidneys radiant, join me in the coming workshops!
Here a nice way to keep your kidneys clear and happy with the healing sound:
  • Find yourself in a quiet place. If its not freezing outside, its lovely to do it in nature. You can be sit on the floor or in a chair, take your time to connect with your kidneys; in your mind's eye delve into the waters of your kidneys, acknowledging any fear, any nervousness, breathe in through your kidneys and let all these emotions go with the sound WHHHOOOOOO. The movement is placing your hands on your knees, round the back in a C shape and pull in the abdomen. Imagining, feeling the sound vibrating inside your kidneys; and now breathe in the blue silk filled with gentleness and wisdom and wrapped around your kidneys; visualize, imagine, feel your bright blue healthy kidneys. Give them a smile!
With all these energies of new beginning launching the month, its time to concentrate on what you wish to manifest in the coming year, or reinforce your last month's wishes!
******* Do you need to stir a bit of magic in your life? Well, magic is no more than a change of consciousness. Become the magician: embrace the feminine mystery, honor your inner Goddess and inner wisdom, trust them to illuminate your sacred path of beauty and infinite being you are!

© Anamarta

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

:)) Join me in in the first Jade Circles of 2011 & In 2 Celebration !! :))

Wednesday 9th February - Jade Circle Level 1
All women are welcome!
No Need to Book! just come on by, start 6.45 - 8.45 @ The Universal Healing Tao Centre UK, 68 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3JT

Wednesday 16th February -
Jade Circle Level 2
(All women who have already come to the Jade Circle before and heard the Jade Egg explanation are welcome!)
Embracing the Winter! And focus on keeping our kidneys nurture and strong.
@ the same place @ the same time

Look forward to see you and meet you!