Friday, 30 May 2014

Another Amazing Jade Circle workshop!!

Photo from Jade Goddess Lidia and here we are:
A lovely group of women from all over the world, that so much inspired me with their wonderful presence, their openness, and ease to delve into their Divine Feminine selves, embracing the path of self-healing and self-mastery.
A gift wrapped in delight was to receive their sharings after the workshop about the integration of the practices into their lives and benefits and changes felt already!... 
I'm deeply grateful to have the pleasure of sharing the Tao of Feminine Empowerment and keep welcoming amazing and special women to the 'Jade Goddesses Family', which extends all over the continents.
Looking forward to see you again!
More photos and more fun...
*** Thank you for your feedback *** 
  • "An inspiring and powerful workshop. Enjoyable weekend, great venue, perfect teacher. Just want more!!! Thank you for sharing this knowledge gently, lovingly and passionately." K.W. U.K.
  • "Lovely + most special workshop. Thank you Anamarta" S.H. England
  • "This workshop was very empowering and at the same time detoxifying. Thank you for all the tools shared - I truly feel grateful and blessed for having the opportunity to learn them. May the journey continue." P.C. Portugal
  • "I really enjoyed the free flow of the workshop - working in whatever direction the group needed. I feel like you provided very clear (instructions) map for how we can change/ create our own journey. Thank you! Namaste" J.A. U.S.A.
  • "Thank you! Obrigado for a wonderful and magical weekend. I loved the content and liked the pace of the workshop and accent put on practice..." L. Greece/Romania/US 
  • "Thank you for your teaching Anamarta, and your lovely, inspiring presence. It was really good workshop. Hope to see you again soon." L.G. New Zeland 
  • "Thank you, I'm really glad to receive this!... Seu trabalho é lindo e muito importante para as mulheres de todo o mundo! I wish you spread this message to all!!" C. Brazil
  • "Thank you so much. Was a wonderful experience. Now I want to bring you with me to France. Really loved this workshop with you and all the lovely girls!" A.P. France
  • "Thank you Goddess Anamarta, so happy to assist you in the wshop, to repeat the practices and share with all these beautiful women from all over the world. Keep shining and spreading the love." S.S. Croatia
  • Thank you & to all the Goddesses present in the workshop... it was fun!! foi otimo mesmo!" J.S. Brazil
  • "Beautifully measured... A lovely group. What an amazing collection of strong female energy. Pleased to be opening up. Thank you Anamarta, you are a wonderful teacher." D.B. Trinidad 
Thank you for this inspiring sharing received after the workshop: 
 *** "I feel so fortunate to have met you and to be able to do the workshop couple of weeks ago! The exercises that I started doing regularly (kidney breathing, iron shirt/steel body and the healing sounds) have had an amazing and powerful impact on my energy levels and state of mind...
Now the egg, the egg is some kind of magic: wear it and WOW!..." L. 

 *** "All my life I had horrible menstrual pains, plus I suffer from chronic sciatica, so in my moon days (when I've my period) I vomited, I had pain everywhere in my body and I took lots of medication, including opiate medication, because is the only one that stops my pains.
I came to the Jade Circle workshop, a weekend with a group of beautiful ladies, in a safe and sacred place that really made me connect with the feminine power. We learned many exercises that we can combine and easily integrate in our life, even the simple inner smile, is something magical about it! And the kidney breathing...
When Anamarta spoke how important is to understand our (moon) cycle, get in tune with it, and the practices we can do that can really help to alleviate and even finish PMS and pains during the time we menstruate, to be honest, was hard for me to believe that could be possible and even to hear about it...
Last day of the workshop, when I arrived home: what a surprise that my period arrived and like magic I practiced what I learned (including just simple smile at the pain to melt it away, and it worked!!) and didn't have pain!! I couldn't believe!!!! I had the most wonderful period of my life! I'm so connected with myself since that day, I never experienced something like this before, my chronic sciatica pain disappeared!!! It's like a rebirth into a new fresh woman! 
Now I have been practicing everyday, and day by day I'm feeling stronger and a happiness from the moment I woke up till when I go sleep, which it's even better and so peaceful. 
I'll be forever thankful to you bella Anamarta, and I wish you can spread this knowledge to all women around the world!" C.

Thursday, 8 May 2014


Hope you're enjoying Beltane as much I am. This ancient Celtic festival of fire, fertility and love. At the height of Spring, when all of nature bursts into blossom, we celebrate our bodies, the pleasure we can invoke in one another, and the love we can kindle.
And I am now anticipating the annual Jade Circle workshop in London - Tao of Feminine Empowerment - last places to be filled!

After the delightful Jade Circle workshops in Algarve and Lisbon, in Portugal, I came straight to the wild to celebrate Beltane in Step 5 of the Taoist Training - Tao of the Shaman.  
An exhilarating opportunity to admire nature perfect and speechless beauty, and of course take the most of the Taoist Practices! This is the path for the ones who would like to delve into themselves, the endless journey of self-discovery and continuing evaluation.
This is the door to teach the Jade Circle - Do you see yourself teaching this practices?
We would love to have more Taoist Master Practitioner sharing this self-healing and empowering practices in their communities. If you've an idea or even a dream (and the future belongs to those who believe in their dreams!) let me know, I'd be very happy to support you!
I'm sharing these wild nature vibrations with you, but I'm sure wherever you are, you can commune with nature as well. Try:
** Breath in her green, the color of health, invite into your healthy being (even if you're not at the moment, this kind of positive affirmations can be very helpful). Do a few deep breaths of cleansing green. - Be sitting on the grass or contemplating a tree can make it so really and profound, enjoy it!
***Now let this green wash your liver internally and wrap it around externally - as a beautiful green silk - Keep your liver radiant green and SMILE at your liver, breath in the green light of kindness, generosity and forgiveness...
...Remember to be truly kind towards yourself you have to accept yourself unconditionally. And the every day opportunities you've to forgive, starting with self-forgiveness, and when we can forgive the unforgivable, we are truly free, allow new experiences and energies to flow within. Cultivate your generous spirit and share it with others, with the world!

** To keep your liver even happier and in good shape, you probably already know: eat green!
Here some food which is excellent for your liver and their curious associations:
  • Basil - fecundity and passion
  • Sage - the soldiers of Ancient Greece were welcomed by their wives with sage tea, to stimulate fertility. In shamanic traditions sage is being used to cleansing purposes, of the space, people auras, objects and crystals.
  • Asparagus - those with thick stems, pale color, and a tip somewhere between rose and purple are the most aphrodisiac.
  • Garlic - it is thought to be sacred, erotic, medicinal, and restore and was for that reason given to athletes during the Olympic Games in Greece. So many curative properties are credited to it, even cases of cancer. And for clearing yeast in our genitals.
  • Watercress - the Romans called "shameless" for their supposed stimulating values.
* Walk in the nature, place your feet on the earth (with bare feet for a pleasurable and deep connection with our Mother Earth), root yourself, become like a tree, grounded, in perfect harmony between earth & heaven, yin & yang. The ones who practice Chi Kung, take the most of it outdoors! 
To learn this powerful way to get grounded and centered, or to evolve with your Chi Kung practices, we have the coming Jade Circle workshop in London, a stage demonstration in Mind Body Soul in Manchester this Saturday!

© Anamarta