Monday, 27 May 2013

Amazingly powerful Jade Circle workshop!

Just following the New Moon in Taurus with a solar eclipse, the yin and yang energies in high, what a  timing!... Starting on the 11 (master number) finishing on the 13 (the Goddess nr...). The new Jade Goddesses with courage and grace embraced their inner journey into their sacred feminine selves, taking in the inspiring Taurus energy of beauty, grounding and ability to create. Powerfully amazing wshop!...
A wonderful group of women from all over the world. Thank you for the inspiration and dedication you brought, our Jade Circle is getting richer and richer, welcome to the family, beauuutiiifuL Jade Goddesses!
(: Smile & and... ;)
Thank you for your feedback
  • "Great 3days! The wshop information and being in a woman circle so empowering. I loved everything about it... The time went very fast... I wish I could do it for longer just because it was great fun! Anamarta is very knowledgeable, caring and down to earth... I will be coming back for more.Thank you so much!" G.L. Spain 
  •  "I absolutely loved the workshop. Thank you for such inspiring teaching and for taking me through a very emotional journey... it starts now." V.C.Italy
  •  "Thank you for your love and inspiration." R.C. Essex/India
  • "Thank you so much for wonderful 3days. I learned a lot and really enjoyed all energy work. You created amazing loving atmosphere where everyone could feel special and safe. Thank you one more time. Namaste." D.H. Poland  
  • "Open, awake, aware... ready for anything. Graceful presence of feminine magic. Create...Nurture...Be... May we join hearts again, May light shine from our meeting." K.L. U.S.A/U.K
  • "Thank you sooo much. It was what I expected for repeating this workshop: to get energised and inspired. Thank you again sister. " S.S. Croatia
  •  "Beautifully held space. Felt always safe. I have gone through an incredible profound process which was long due. I feel with the jade egg like coming back home. Thank you for your lovely and wise transmission...sista!" S.S. Spain
  • "Thank you for your love, your openness and your generosity. The journey has begun..." S.S. Oxford/India 
  • "This weekend was truly amazing, really connecting & taking my healing process to a next level. Some great healing & connection went on in my body & I'm very excited for the next level step of the journey. Thank you." T.B. London  
  •  "Ever since our session together I have practiced what you taught me + felt better daily for it! So I wanted to learn more - I have learned lots more to practice now!! The wshop has been fun + I felt completing safe + held. Thank you for passing us this wonderful knowledge in such a fun + wise + clear way." S.M. UK
  • "Thank you for everything, for every moment of joy, peace, light, wisdom and love. You are great teacher and has a talent to inspire people and light them up. (Thank you for letting us know where our wing are located, to bring us into the sky!...;)" I. Russia/Sweden

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Himalayan Jade Goddesses~*~India 2013

Another unforgettable experience in the India! This time during Beltane with our Bagsunag GREAT Jade Circle workshop, hosted as usual in Buddha Hall, by dearest Guru-Ji Dr.Usha, my lovely didi (Indian sister), with a loooovely group of women from all over the world!... 
Our wshop, retreat was profoundly beautiful!... We even were blessed with a (gentle) earthquake, during a journey into their internal universe (during a Inner Smile meditation), making them think, 'wow how strong and effective these practice are, that I feel the earth underneath shaking...' hehehe... But for the ones who know already, indeed they are! 
With deep appreciation, joy and delight to the:
Himalayan Jade Goddesses
And another photo :)
***Thank you for your feedback***

*** "So grateful that you share the Jade egg workshop, in such a lovely, intimate way, that help me open up not only my heart, but my body and soul. The true way of 'Tao'. Aloha." Y.C. Taiwan

*** "Was a great workshop on a lesser known practice that I think will be very beneficial for me in cultivating self love, self acceptance and embracing my female sexuality. Thank you teaching in such a kind and gentle way." C.A. USA

*** "Thank you Anamarta. All smiles inner and outer to jade... It feels I have added little fun and naughtiness with this practice to my life. Hope more and more woman to join in celebrate their body and lives more and more..." S.A. India

*** "Gracias, thank you por compartir tu energia." G.S. Spain

*** "I knew I had to do this workshop and it would be amazing, and it was! I'm so glad I listed to my inner guidance. At the end I feel more open, happy and free. And I'm excited to be at the beginning of this Jade Egg journey!, usually I'd feel shy and self-conscious, but it was so much fun and liberating! Thank you for your nurturing, your wisdom and your guidance. A really beautiful workshop with a beautiful group." J.H. UK

*** "ALOHA" C.G. Italian/Brazilian

*** "I know we are meant to be together for a higher and greater purpose, but what we share in sisterhood is more important than anything.
Like always being in your beautiful presence makes me more and more in touch with my inner beauty and powerful feminine self. As a result of doing your workshops many times, I feel  that everything you teach is become natural flow of energy in my every day life. The jade egg has become a way to feel more and more my self, my feminine self!!! I'm so positive to spread this knowledge with many more women in India, I trust we will do it even more in the future. You are the most amazing girl I met in my spiritual journey." Dr.Usha, India


Thursday, 23 May 2013

Powerful Times***

Dear ladies,
Are you aware of the powerful times we are on?
Is there changes, transformations in your internal and external world, strong emotions all around?...
Well, we are just in between eclipses...
We had the New Moon in Taurus almost two weeks ago with a solar eclipse... a powerful blend of yin and yang energy, as the Dark (New) Moon symbolising her yin peak, with a full yang energy from the sun... a delightful love making of moon and sun, generated a powerful energy... I felt indeed with the beginning of the Jade Circle wshop in London!  The new Jade Goddesses took in the inspiring Taurus energy of beauty, grounding and ability to create. Powerfully amazing wshop!... I'll be posting our photo soon in our Facebook page (do you LIKE it already? I see you there!:)
So when is the next one? 
This Saturday, with a Full Moon in Sagittarius coming along with a lunar eclipse (and last month, last Full Moon with had a lunar eclipse too!). The yang peak of the moon blending with a full yin energy of the moon... And the energy of Sagittarius inspiring us to the acquisition of wisdom and understanding, adventures, both mental and physical, travel that truly broadens the mind, expanding the conceptual horizons and getting the 'big picture', rising above spirituality... 
Exciting, don't you think?
And how to take the most of this energies in the air...? As when they are intense they will simply amplify everything that is inside us... Quite like the Taoist Practice, although is in our hands and control to cultivate the positive and enhance it like this, and to accepted and acknowledge the negative and transform it like this. 
With this strong vibrations of yin and yang in the air, take a moment to ponder the following:
  • When do you most express your yang energy, the energy of doing, of giving.  And when do you most express your yin energy, the energy of being, of receiving?
  • Do you give more or do you receive more (apply to all levels of your being: physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual), or they are equal, I mean you give as much you receive?  
  • After answer the above, which part of you, requires more attention and cultivation at this moment?   
Stop and listen as you did just now by answer, meditating on question above is a great way to cultivate your yin energy. 
I've another insight for you...
As the coming Full Moon is known by the Flower Moon, from the next lunar cycle from Saturday onwards (two weeks) here the thought: 
** What is blooming around you?
*** Is there something that you would like to bloom which is not quite yet?... So what do you need to do for that happen?... What do you need to cut and what do you need to give of yourself to assist that blooming.

I'll be sharing the Jade Circle blooming energy this  Sunday 26th May in Brighton, for the first time - come and joining me! All welcome to the Awareness Talk to present the Ancient Practice for Modern Women, from 6.30 to 8pm. 
And then our Jade Circle wshop will follow the coming week. Don't miss this opportunity as it will be the last wshop in England this year, where you can learn all about the Jade Egg Holistic Practice (which includes the Jade Egg initiation).
Click here and scroll down and you'll find an interesting article that my lovely organiser Christine wrote about our practice!
We'll have as well our wshop in HarryPotter Land, in Edinburgh in June; after that in Berlin, and then Portugal, probably back to India and a possible adventure in Mexico and Colombia!  
© Anamarta

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Joining me Tomorrow for the Jade Circle with a taste of Kalbelia Gypsy Dance!***

Nothing better to celebrate and enjoy the most of this powerful times in between solar and lunar eclipses, that the Jade Circle tomorrow, Thursday 23rd May.
Join me at the Jade Circle Level 2 follow by the Advance Jade Circle
Starts at 6.45pm and finish at 8.15pm and then the Advance Circle follow until 9.30pm @ The Lift (2nd Floor) 45 White Lion Street London N1 9PW.
Bring a long skirt - the swirlier the better for the Gypsy Dance:
I'm going to share some Kalbelian Gypsy Dance from deserts of Rajasthan, after my recent training there with Suva Devi, the famous dancer of the acclaim Latcho Drom documentary (which explains the migration of the gypsy from India to Europe and the music influence they left where they passed... their dance being the root of the 'Tribal Bellydance' in the North African, Flamenco Dance in Spain and Balkan Dance from the Gypsy of Eastern Europe).
I watched this video of Suva Devi dancing when she was a little girl and really inspired me to learn the Kalbelia Gypsy Dance. Now after 20 years, Suva has 5 children and still rocks!!... I had the pleasure to meet her last year (after looking for her for a while), and from our first connection she took me to her home, in a small village not far from the desert, where I stay living my gypsy life, immersing myself in the Kalbelia ancient and mystic culture, and so much enjoying their mesmerizing music and dance!

Was a Facebook Page created for Suva Devi work: Suvadevi Kalbeliya and you can find there as well in her recent FB personal page Suva Devi Kalbeliya

(Next Jade Circle Level 1 will  be on Tuesday 4th June).

Looking forward to see you and dance with you!

© Anamarta 

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Himalayan energy* Beltane celebration* Last 3 Places for Jade Circle London workshop!

Namaste, now with one foot in India and another in England, has I enjoy and get fully recharge with the magical Himalayan energy in my last day here and sending you these positive and so nourishing vibrations!

I'm getting so excited for the annual London Jade Circle wshop, cant wait to see and meet these ladies who are so looking forward and ready for it (I'm loving receiving your enthusiastic emails!), and yes, for all of you you've been planning and wishing to learn about the Jade Egg Holistic Practice, don't loose this opportunity, has the wshop is almost full, just 3 places left, so you can book your place now!

This last days the Beltane was celebrate in UK, this time of celebrating sexuality and fertility; this powerful and sacred energy of creation, and when I mention sexuality not in terms of 'sex', but in terms of create the life you want!...
The power of creation is a bless towards all living beings, and as the ancient Taoist believed, as this is the most powerful, healing and Divine energy we have within us, which actually can create life (babies), if we're not using it to create life itself (and yes every time we enjoy our sexual energy is definitely not to have a baby, we may decide have a few, but has women born with between 400 to 600 eggs, obviously we don't use them all... as equally men with a ejaculation can repopulate North America!...), you can use this energy to enhance our own life.
If you would like to explore and know more about the above you are more than welcome to my Talk, next Thursday 9th May in London, and check below for other places in UK (Brighton - and the booking for these wshops kicked already!... Then Harrypotter land, back to Edinburgh and first time going to Berlin!...).
I celebrated the Beltane with our Bagsunag Jade Circle - click here to read more about it.

Looking forward to welcome you on:
Thursday 9th May - 6.45 to 8.45pm
Awareness Talk, Open To All Women, to present the:  

Jade Egg Holistic Practice and women's sexual reflexology, together with some practice  for health and wellbeing that you can integrate and immediately apply in your daily life.
(This Talk is the beginning of the Jade Circle workshop for the ones who booked it, although is open to all women; even the ones who have not yet signed up, or/and any friends or family you want to bring along with you).

At Lift : 45 White Lion Street - London, N1 9PW 

  Learn, refresh or/and evolve with:
Practical practice for inner harmony, grounding and centering, unconditional self-love and acceptance,  hormonal balance, vitality, empowerment and fulfilment in all levels of your being: from mental to emotional, spiritual to sexual.

Saturday 11th thru' Monday 13th May - 10am to 5.30pm (on Monday 9.30am to 4pm)
JADE CIRCLE Workshop - Taoist Inner Alchemy of Yin and Yang (Special Yin Step 1)

Jade Circle, symbolising the mysterious feminine, presents a unique workshop to welcome all women willing to learn about the Jade Egg Holistic Practice.
Open the door to the mastery of the foundation Taoist practices, Yin (specific women) Practice, Kuan Yin Chi Kung and the secrets of the Jade Egg!  Learn more

By evolving the path of self-healing and self-mastery you live life to the full!   
Sign Up Now!
Repeaters Are Welcome! Mastery and embodiment of the practices.
(33% saving)
Check previous Jade Circle wshops in London: 2012, 2011, 2010

And the Travelling Circle (taking the same 3 days Jade Circle wshop) is going to be in UK & Germany:
  • Brighton - Friday 31st May thru Sunday 2nd June - Contact Christine at: 07812 941017 or email
  • Edinburgh, Scotland - Saturday 8th June thru Monday 10th June - Contact Elena at: 07952 718968 or email
  • Berlin, Germany - Saturday 15th thru Monday 17th June - Contact Petra at: +49 15785600206 or email

 Jade Circle Level 2 will be on Thursday 23rd May, more inf. will be update soon in the events page - with all Summer Jade Circle dates. 

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See you there! 
© Anamarta