Friday, 12 October 2012

Advanced Jade Circle Workshop...Wow!!!

Wow, starting with the Autumn Equinox ritual and finishing with my New Advanced Practices creation, (Advance Jade Circle Part 2 for the Jade Goddesses who have learned Fusion)... So empowering, filled with compassion and sisterhood... Amazing to witness the fully blossoming of these women from all over the world!... And literally flying from Ireland (The Fairy Jade Goddesses who joined us) and Barbados!!
With the Part 2 we went further than every with the Jade Egg Holistic Practice and is with so much delightful joy and gratitude I've these sisters walking this path along with me: living the mysterious feminine and celebrating the sacred sensual feminine self! 
 *** Here the Radiant Advanced Jade Goddesses ***
Thank you for your feedback

 *** "Amazing workshop, I loved learning lots more Kuan Yin practices. I feel really inspired to create + explore all the Taoist tools + techniques. I feel much more connected to the shamanic aspect of the practices. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, knowledge and compassion. It was beautiful to be surrounded by other Jade Goddesses so that we can share + support each other on this enlightening inspiring journey." M.G. Dublin, Ireland

 *** "This month with all the workshops, as been an amazing journey for me that I cannot thank you enough was so great to repeat the workshops. Thank you." S.S. Croatia 

*** "I didn't expect so much healing...! beautiful + liberating to let go so much stuck energy + allow myself to receive. Your teaching is always so clear, instructions easy to follow and integrate. Thank you for your patience and integrity to answering questions. I really enjoyed the opportunity for us all to share and offer support. The experience of the Jade Circle workshops is unique and I treasure what I have learned from you. Thank you again" C.P. Brighton, England. 

*** "The workshop for me was again a beautiful and safe cocoon full of amazing Goddesses. The meditations took me to very deep and beautiful places even if some where unexpected! I feel my Divine Feminine strengthening and becoming more empowered, yet at the same time becoming softer and I love this! "Compassion" has now become one of my favorite words. Also I have become aware that my journey as a Jade Goddess has only really just begun and can't wait to see what comes next. Exciting times ahead...Gracias hermana!" M.A. Northern Ireland (Mexico)

 *** "Inspiring ladies comfortable to share with. Especially enjoyed dancing mix with the meditation. well paced, felt able to integrate and assimilate ever thought, this was good... Enjoyed to deepen practice and sharing with lovely ladies." R.C, Essex, England (India)

 *** "I'm so  grateful for the wonderful gift of the Jade Circle as you share your deep wisdom and shinning light .The sacred awakening of my sexuality has been beautiful since the 1st jade circle wshop and this weekend again I found so profoundly healing at a deep cellular level ...  feeling so much joy and love in my body today .I feel more connected to my essence of  love and empowerment as a juicy feminine sensual woman..." G.G. Dublin, Ireland