Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Private Advanced Jade Circle Workshop

This new workshop emerged from my personal practical experience from the last years and the inspiration my students always bring to me; so like this I launched it for the Jade Goddesses who want to go deeper with their Jade Egg Holistic Practice.
Just after the Harvest Full Moon, with the magic and mystery of the golden light I felt truly inspired to 'give birth' to this baby who was inside of me for looooong time.
And this profound journey into our sacred feminine selves was so powerful and magnificent! I don't have words to describe it and to describe how happily proud I am of the Jade Goddesses pioneers of the Advanced practices, for their courage to go deeper into themselves, and at the same time, for their dedication, dedication to the Jade Egg Holistic practice, but more than anything dedication to their Divine Feminine within.
My heart is filled with delight and gratitude to have these beautiful and inspiring women walking this path along with me. Aloha Mahalo, Mahalo Aloha! = I love you thank you, thank you I love you!
And here we're... smiling & glowing...
*** Thank you for your feedback! ***

*** "It has been uplifting, completing the Jade Circle Step 1. It will help my strength of my Jade Sacred Cave, it will help me to harmonise and energise with Heaven and Earth. I felt like a small family of Goddesses willing to share the sacredness within. I find that the homework has helped me to check if the exercises I was doing are right and to improve it. It was beautiful... any teachings from Anamarta because she directs everything in a sacred and safe way. Thank you for sharing your teachings!"E.C.

*** "I'm soo grateful to have been here and have this opportunity...As always good to repeat some practice and we have gone deeper with the practice. Everything was useful. Amazing... I love your teaching... Thank you soo much Anamarta my inspiration, beautiful Goddess."S.S.

*** "Enjoyed very much. Felt very safe with tutor and group. Lovely intimate group, which was good to explore the practices at a deeper level. Enough diversity, including meditation + fun, enjoyed chi kung and dancing... was enough time to feedback and questions + clarification. All exercises seemed to be relevant, help with self confidence, self esteem + self love... the pace was about right. MANY THANKS" R.C.