Monday, 1 November 2010

November Jade Circles!

Join me:
This Wednesday 3rd November
Jade Circle
Level 1
All women are welcome!
No Need to Book! just come on by, start @ 6.45 - 8.45pm @ The Universal Healing Tao Centre UK, 68 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3JT

On Friday 19th November
Jade Circle
Level 2 (All women who have already come to a Jade Circle before and heard the Jade Egg explanation are welcome!)
Jade Gate breathing & Jade Egg specific exercises.
@ the same time @ the same place

Look forward to see you & meet you!


Saturday, 23 October 2010

Embracing & Celebrating the Mysterious Feminine!

Our last night Jade Circle was magical!!
We let the full moon shine her light on us and inspire us.
Was a special evening where with all the beautiful presents we embrace and celebrated the mysterious feminine!...
...Honor the sacred waters and the Divine Feminine within and outer manifestations.

With much delight & inspiration

© Anamarta

Tuesday, 19 October 2010


I hope you're enjoying the new season and taking the most it brings!
The Autumn can be challenging, this time of change, the drop of the temperature...
A few years ago I used to say "I don't like this time of the year. It's difficult for me..." Then I realized with this kind of affirmation, I was the one creating all the 'difficulty'. So I decided: let's embrace it! I started by looking around, watch the nature, and by doing this I was amazed with the beauty that surrounds us. I even remembered how I liked to walk in the dry leaves when I was a child. (And nowadays I'm enjoying it again!) I reconnected with my inner child and I started to absorb the beauty of the leaves turning their colors, green getting yellow, orange, brown, red - its magical! I'm sharing my experience and invite you to let the beauty of surroundings inspire you too and give you encouragement to embrace this season, if you didn't do it already.
The days are getting shorter, we're going into the void, turning within, and like this embracing the yin, our female energy of stillness and receptiveness.
I like the idea, as the leaves turn their colors, we turn our thoughts within... good time to go through them and you may have some realizations or find some inspiration to do something you want to do! I'm being in this stage lately. And you?

In Taoist terms, we're now in Lung season, the guardian totem is the white tiger, the sense is the smell, the element is metal, associated with the virtues of courage, uprightness, self-confidence. Quite appropriate, don't you think?
We definitely need courage for times of change, and indeed to be ourselves. We need the courage and self-confidence to do whatever we want to do.
Last year around this time I was writing about the 'Warrior Woman' and shared a meditation you can do and develop, 'to awaken the warrior within'.
 ***To give special care to your lungs this season, as you may know already, smile at them; but why not have special attention to your breath? Be aware of it!
 We all agree that to breathe is essential to keep us alive, and the interesting thing is, we all have to stop breathing in order to breathe again! Such a nice example how yin and yang flow into each other in order to exist.
Different traditions, from Taoists to Yogis, from hypnosis to massage, they all use different techniques which involves the breath to relax or to energize.
Try this:
 *~* Slow down your breathing. When slowing down, you may find yourself deepening the breath, and this may result in a deep relaxation state.
 "Many of our modern conditions are due to the stress of modern life. Stress leads to tension, tension leads to stress, but when we relax the tension goes, and often the conditions go too." (Kris Deva North)

I was in a talk by Dr. Usha and one student asked her: "I never meditate, what do I have to do for this to become part of my everyday life?" Dr. Usha answered: "Just sit quietly and start by focusing on your breath for 5 minutes. The more you get used to it, the longer you can be in this inward state."
Here we go, just focus on your breathing to connect with yourself can be a great daily practice.
To make it more profound:
 *~* Place one hand in your heart and the other hand on your womb (in your sexual centre), close your eyes and focus on the breath coming and going through your nose. Smile and feel the connection between your sexual, creative center, and your heart, love center; the connection between water and fire, earth and heaven, yin and yang. With your breath and mind's eye allow these powerful energies to blend, and feel this internal harmony spread through all your being. Take your time to open your eyes, be fully present and be aware the mundane world will be now a reflection of your internal one!
***Take in fresh air! Walk in the park, in the forest, be in nature as often as you can, (when not possible just contemplate that tree or beautiful plant on your way to work or lunch time), I know for the ones living in the city, is not always easy, but your lungs will really appreciate!

 In the post 'Enjoying the latest Harvest time!', I wrote about the crystal Tiger Eye. This month I'm writing about the Tiger Iron, this
cousin and special crystal which is a combination of iron, Tiger Eye, Red Jasper and Hematite, the result of this is a powerful vibration of each of these minerals in their own right, amplifying and blending their effects.
 It can be a great ally for this time of the year, or anytime you need it! I tell you why: Tiger Iron is a stone of strength, stamina and courage. This strength is not only physical, but it is also of an emotional level, allowing one to feel more confident and capable of creating one's reality.
Affirmation: I am strong, confident, energetic, grounded, healthy and whole.

An inspiring and practical book related to times of changes, telling uplifting stories of individuals who have learned to face adversity and overcome challenges: "Bouncing Back - Thriving in Changing Times" - my partner Kris Deva North is a featured author with Wayne Dyer, John Assaraf, Gavin Keilly, David Riklan and others.

© Anamarta

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Enjoying the late Harvest time!

Hope this finds you well and enjoying the late Harvest time!
...This time of abundance, sweetness and gratitude; this time of reaping things, the things you've been cultivating in the different areas of your life. Have you?
Well, no worries, here's something to help you with that, or just positively reinforce it:

We're in the yin peak of the moon, the new moon. Such a great time of rest and planning for new beginnings! And from here until the full moon, take the most of this energy of new beginnings and new undertakings, new growth, bringing things in, regeneration, give thanks.
Time to set new goals and review old ones for both the long and short term. Put ideas in motion, become engaged, make long term relationship plans. It can be a starting point for kicking that bad habit, or simply beginning a project.
The new moon is in Virgo, good time for: look into your health **(Do I live a happy and healthier life?); getting organised, having a sort-out, tidying, cleaning, catching up with small jobs and matters to do with your daily routine **(How do I become and stay more organised at home and at work?); study **(It is the time to start what I really want to do!); employment matters **(Can I initiate a greater sense of cooperation between my colleagues and/or employees and myself?) **(I find and get that job which encompasses my talents and expertise; or if I've one already just give it a nice fresh update!)

So this Harvest time of yellow and gold is related with the earth element. When you think about earth?...
Yes, the Great Mother, a wonderful ally, it doesn't matter what situation you have created, ask Mother Earth for assistance, and abundance will follow! Yes, it's still... Her energy of expansiveness, centering, openness, always happy to receive anything you send to her, can be a fantastic channel to discharge anything you don't want from your body - physical, mental, emotional or spiritual - and to charge your whole body with her healing, nourishing and sensuous energy! Honoring and cultivating the Divine Feminine within!
***You can use this special time of the year to cultivate as well the grounding and openness of your mind, body and spirit, centering yourself in your own power, and like this use your own power to create your own destiny."In learning to ground, you are placing focus on your thoughts and actions and slowing to a place that assures completion." Jamie Sams.
The associated organs are the stomach, and do you know this meridian runs through your nipples and ovaries? Important connection with your sensuality and sexuality. And the spleen which has the energy of nurturing and caring, following the nature of the earth element.
A easy way to keep your spleen radiant, with virtues that shine out to the mundane dimension, is by doing the healing sound and simply smiling!:)
  • Sit quietly and connect with your spleen, place your hands on your lower-left ribcage, delve into your internal universe: the spleen is the center. Follow this, bring up any worries, stress, anxiety which are bothering at the moment and breathe them out with the healing sound Hooooooooo (a guttural sound), while pressing the fingers under your left ribs and leaning slightly forward, breathing all these emotions out to Mother Earth. Then, allowing the sound to vibrate in your spleen, breathe in this golden silk and wrap all around your spleen, visualize it, imagine this gold radiant and healthy spleen filled with the virtues of serenity, centering, openness, fairness, grounding. And smile at your spleen and be serene!
A great crystal to support during this time, or whenever you need to awake or stimulate these aspects in your life, is the Tiger Eye, with its gold harvest color. And remember we're in the year of the tiger! Tiger Eye grounds the energy of the Solar Ray into the Earth. This is an excellent stone to keep centered and grounded, assisting in accomplishing goals, recognizing inner resources and bringing clarity of intention. It energizes the body to accomplish the imperatives of the will. Can be carried as a protective stone. Balances yin-yang, teaches the balance between extremes and the underlying unity behind apparent opposites. It enhances your connection with your personal power, fosters self-confidence and supports general vitality.
Affirmation: I act with confidence, clarity, balance, fairness, enthusiasm and strength.

I'd like to congratulate Sarah and my brother Nuno for the new little tiger in this world: Sol Rafael Banks da Silva Antunes born on 27th July at 3.59, just when the day was starting, with 3,584 kg. I'd like as well to express our delighted joy and gratitude for making Kris and me such a happy auntie and uncle! :))
© Anamarta

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Special Jade Circle in August!

Was with no doubt was a Special Jade Circle!! Such a lovely night we had!
The extra time allows us to more sharing, practice and 'hanging out' a little bit more with our tea circle. ;)
Such inspiring women which make the feminine pool of knowledge so interesting and rich! Thank you all!
A special appreciation for the ones who did the effort of coming from Manchester and the ones who drove across the city.

Look forward to see you again!

With delight & much joy
Level 1 & 2 together - All women are welcome!
Join me on Wednesday 4th August
No need to Book! just come by, from 6.45 to 9.15pm @ The Universal Healing Tao Centre UK, 68 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3JT

Look forward to see you and meet you! =)


Thursday, 22 July 2010

Inner Beauty OuTer Radiance!!

The fire, yang energy is out there! Time of doing, what have you been doing for yourself this Summer?...  
Yes, its important when doing a lot, to have yourself on the top of the list 'To Do'. And of course you are always worth it for a treat or pampering time. Every time I have an opportunity I do it so! This includes cultivating your beauty, which starts by cultivating love, joy and happiness!
The secret of true love is to be lovable.
LOVE Yourself, let the energy of love flow within you and be expressed in your outer world.
Joy!=) Every day do something that gives you pure joy, which happens when our heart smiles! And your face follows your heart, contributing to your natural beauty!...
For a few beauty tips click here and benefits of smiling click here.
Happy people shine!...Notice in yourself when you're happy! Be happy! Get happy! Positive emotions have been linked to a lower risk of coronary heart disease. Also boosts your immune system, enabling it to handle stressful situations better.
Definitely true beauty comes from inside, but we are also allowed to be beautiful on the outside too, after all our body is the temple of our spirit!

"The body is fundamental and necessary for the realization of the Divine intention" (Rumi
One of the things that really applied to me with the Taoist practices is the care and importance of the body as the soul, the important balance
of physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual.
You already know you've to give special attention to your heart this season.
**Keep smiling to you heart... :)

***To let go the heart (negative) emotions, to cool down your heart heat do the healing sound.
Focus on you heart, delve into it and acknowledge any feelings of impatience, apathy, cruelty and hatred, breathe in from your heart and breathe out all these feelings with the heart sound HAWWWWWW. As the sound vibrates in your heart inhale now in the fresh red light of love, joy, happiness, laughter, honor, radiance and enthusiasm. To add the movement, when you breath out raise your arms and clasp above the head, then lean to the right.

***Do you know grapes are the heart's best friend?  
Being rich in vitamins A, B and C, besides proteins, carbohydrates, iodine, phosphorus and flavoides, grapes protect the heart against stroke, help clear clogged arteries and regulate the levels of cholesterol in the blood. Also improve the functioning of the kidneys and liver! But just be aware the green or white grapes do not have the same effect of the black or red grapes, because it does not contain flavoides - substances that act as anti-inflammatory and help in the protection of every organism against free radicals that cause aging.
Grapes promote fertility and mental power and... can use to clean your skin!
**Cut two large grapes in half horizontally and remove the seeds, rub the grapes all over your face in circular motions. Rinse and dry with a towel.

***Good news: chocolate protects the heart! Of course chocolate is just good only when consumed in moderation, the ideal is 30g to 50g per day of dark or milk chocolate. But experts say that one piece of dark chocolate a day can benefit the heart, as its high in antioxidants called polyphenols, that prevents the fats in the blood vessel walls, (is good for men's libido too!). And the chocolate is often associated with feelings of joy, happiness and well-being!

***If you don't like chocolate or grapes, maybe green tea is the best option for your heart! It is known that green tea has medicinal features that lower the levels of cholesterol, improves blood circulation and reduce the risk of stroke.

Ah! What was my treat and pampering this Summer? 
Well a few, contra-balanced with lots of doing... But the best one was the Lomi Lomi Nui massage, this lovely Hawaiian massage I received from Goddess Jusytna! Amazing! Such a delicious, relaxed and nurturing time I had. I recommend it. 
© Anamarta

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Welcoming the Summer!!

The sun is shining, the warm weather is out there, the Summer approaches with the love, joy, laughter, happiness that symbolize this season, the season of the heart!

Welcoming the Summer?
*******Turn your face to the sun, breath *her warm, love, joy, let the sun light filling up all your being, all your organs, all your glands, all your bones, all your cells. Smile at the sun! *(the Japanese Taoist 'Shinto' have a Sun Goddess, Amaterasu).
*******Spread your arms out wide to embrace the happy breeze!

"Taoists perceive the heart as the seat of love, joy, and happiness, which can connect with the Universal Love", Mantak Chia in Cosmic Fusion. 

Many of you asked me what is the practice of 'Fusion'?
It is a great meditation(s) we learn in
Step 3 - Fusion of the 5 Elements - as the name says, we go through all our organs (which link with each element) and transform the (negative) emotions, and enhance their positive virtues. This is not a just a process of deep refining of emotions, but to
the energy field, harmonization with the self and the total freedom to be yourself!
If you want to learn more, we've the annual workshop coming in July- check the calendar. 
"Negative energies may be seen as a kind of garbage. If we discharge it into the environment, it becomes a major factor in generating toxins, bacteria, viruses and a variety of forms of disease by which negative emotions are multiplied and become more and more difficult to control. Or they can be seen as highly positive and urgently need for recycling to help us grow and improve our balance, so that we do not become a burden and threat for others or environment, but a blessing, as our energies contribute to a climate of harmony and peace. The more light chi that enters our body and the more we radiate it into others and our surroundings, the less bacteria and viruses have a chance to grow." Mantak Chia
© Anamarta

Friday, 7 May 2010

Amazing Jade Circle gathering!!

This last Jade Circle level 1 was amazing!
Full house, with my auspicious number...15! :)
Women representing the different beauty from all over Europe and world!
Thank you all!
A special appreciation for the ones who did the effort of coming from Cambridge.

Look forward to see you again!

With delight & much joy

Monday, 3 May 2010

Jade Circle Workshop - was just lOvely!!

We had a delightful Jade Circle workshop with a wonderful group of women from all over the world and coming from all Britain with their different motivations. Was a blending of different energies which created an exhilarating group boundary and a nourishing feminine environment. We embrace this journey of unveiled the mysterious feminine within and made the most of it - was lovely! Truly amazing to wittiness the open up of each of the presents in their own way and share of their graceful essence, like a flower share with us, her color, fragrance and juiciness! Follow this the London Healing Tao Center was like a Eden garden full of succulent and sparkly beauty!
Was an honor to facilitate this special three days and be in the presence of such beautiful and inspirational women. Yes, I know, I always say 'inspirational women'- I believe to be inspirational we must be inspired! Also, we are just a reflection of each other!
Here the happy and sparkly faces:
:) Keep smiling & shining... and s... ;)

Thank you for you feedback.
  • "Anamarta, obrigada,irma! This was the most beautiful, inspiring workshop that captured the Goddess energy in a very real and earthy way. It has come to my life at a very important time – all of the practices were so well explained and lots of repetition was useful. There was always space to ask questions, and these were always answered from the heart and are a powerful and dynamic facilitator- there was always space made for joy and laughter and to play, and be young. You have made everyone feel welcome and warm. Thank you for putting the time into creating and developing this workshop. It has been a time gift." M.N.G.
  • "Thank you for the wonderful workshop Anamarta! You are a great teacher & you have a lovely beautiful way of presenting all of the information across. I really enjoyed the meditations & really hope to incorporate them into my daily practice for health & well being... I look forward to the Jade Circle meetings!!!" P.A.
  • "I don’t even have words to describe the way I feel-not even in Portuguese… things happen when they are suppose to happen so if I’ve joined this group...I was ready. But mostly because I met you and you’re kind and special in a way I cant even describe. Yeah, I am speechless but really really happy and connected and FULL OF HOPE! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!" I.M.
  • "Thank you for the three days celebration of our love to ourselves and all creations. Will move on ever so gracefully, softly in our lovely feminine way. Until we next meet I think of you with lots of Love and SMILES." S.C.
  • "I enjoyed the workshop. I felt very comfortable in the group. Thank you." R.C.
  • "Amazing!! ... A nice, gentle, but increasing rhythm through the 3 days, ending in a very powerful yin energy. Lovely, positive vibe throughout. Now I have some reading and personal practice to engage in.:) It was the first time I have done energy work, but it feel very natural and I would like to do more. Thank you for a fun three days, time to remember to love myself enough! Also time to meet an inspirational and beautiful group of women:)" M.S.
  • "Anamarta’s workshop created a lot of great energy that I can now use to help myself and all beings without exception. Thank you."M.G.
  • "The first 2 days I didn’t feel really believe in the magic to come & at the same time was disappointed that it didn’t... On this last afternoon though...I all of sudden felt like... I haven’t had this feeling for about 20 years... Thank you for that! I suppose that was what I came for, only didn’t know." S.W.
  • "...It was a wonderful Circle. It make me very happy - this special opportunity to learn about my woman energy and how to connect with it. I love the meditations that we did... the energy up the spine and down the front -it feels very strong. and the grounding and balancing -amazing... I feel more all my own energy and it is an honor to learn from you, with your amazing energy that you share with all of us. Thank you Anamarta." O.H.
  • "Great workshop and a great teacher! Really grateful for everything I have learned this weekend. Feeling so much at peace with myself and in awe of the mysteries of my female body. Thank you so much for your natural and effortless guidance." D.V.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Private Travelling Circle in India!

One more time the Travelling Circle in India was hosted by the Indian spiritual teacher and healer Dr.Usha, in her sacred Center BuddhaHall, on the Himalayas's foothills. Thank you so much Dr.Usha for the warm hospitality and this opportunity of sharing and learning the beauty of the mysterious feminine in incredible and lovely India! My travel this year was quite an adventure, after a phone call with Dr.Usha telling me: "Why don't you come; it's not a high tourism season, but come anyway and we will see what happen". All the experience was amazing and special. The private workshop was so beautiful and magical! I feel so happy and grateful for the presence of two inspiring, beautiful and dedicated women who made this sacred sharing of the jade egg holistic practice an even more pleasurable, smooth and joyful three days. I'm filled with delight and so much inspiration after this journey with you!
:)Keep smiling & shining:)
Gracias, Dhanyabad, thank you for your feedback.
  • Was so nice. I'm so happy with everybody and I learn so much. I smile with my shy body and this is so good. I hope to see you again. The life is light. I'm a woman Ive to be sensual, and here I'm getting. Nice subjects cover this workshop.
    …my husband say I'm looked sexy,…
    V. L. Spain
  • This time was different from last year, being just two of us…Really amazing! Was bringing the unconscious to conscious…Was like reopening everything, but everything that was already there – make me understand it clearly, gave me more depth and easy way to do the practices and understand their truly essence. And more than anything was the time we spent with you, enjoying the celebration of the mysterious and Divine Feminine back in India, at Buddha Hall, in your such creative, joyful, funny and very feminine manner.
    Look forward to next Jade Circle Workshop here, on April 2011.
    Dr.Usha India

Monday, 29 March 2010


Happy Spring and Full Moon!
I'm quite excited about our first full moon of Spring, the Storm Moon rains upon us, fertile and strong, launching on the moon day, today! The full moon in Libra is promoting the energies of balance and fairness.
Seeds awaken, pushing roots into dark earth. Shoots push up into the light, and sap rises as trees break into leaf.
Day and night are balanced now. Justice means balance- balancing one set of needs against another, balancing what we take with what we give.
Spring is in the air!
Can you hear the birds singing until late or really early morning?
The earth is prepared for planting. Is the self, yes yourself, ourselves, ready to change and grow?
Spring is great to nourish your dreams that may grow strong and healthy, creating and producing the magical life you have envisioned. I always have this waking dream of what I really want ... Try it:
  • Imagine waking up to find that your most cherished dream, goal has been achieved, as if by magic. How might you recognize that this happened? How would your life and surroundings have changed? Looking into the future, even as a fantasy game, can help you to define your priorities and focus on your dreams. "The future belongs to those who believe in their dreams".
***A great crystal ally for this Spring: green aventurine or in India named Indian jade.
Green Aventurine’s essence is that of the spring bursting forth after a long, dark winter. It frequency stimulates renewal on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. It balances yin-yang energy and stimulates life force, increasing physical and vibrational vitality.
This 'fresh' stone of optimism and zest of life, helps one move forward with confidence into new life situations and assists in embracing challenging issues, finding hope, optimism, and joy in daily life.

We are now in the wood element season, with the energy of birth, rebirth and renewal, the unstoppability of life, the bursting of bud through bough. This vibrant and innovative energy gives inspiration! The organ is the liver, the virtues of kindness, generosity, forgiveness, self-acceptance and desire. The color is the green, the color of health! The direction is the east where things begin. The guardian totem is the Dragon and the correspondent planet Jupiter (which has such a powerful influence in our planet!).
  • One good thing you can do for your liver in the springtime is a detox. I'm starting mine in a few days! And now is a excellent time for it, in the waning moon, between the full moon and dark moon, new moon (next is on 14th April), our body is naturally taking out, purifying, detoxing; usually people can feel less hungry! This is as well a good time for healing.
Enjoy the springtime and have a happy Easter! Ostara is the time of hope, joy and share good fortune. The tradition of decorating and offering eggs. Why not give a special attention to your Jade Egg? ;)

© Anamarta

Monday, 8 March 2010


Namaste from India and Happy Women's Day!
Today we celebrate the international women's day and Id like take the opportunity to express my love, joy, admiration and gratitude to all the women I know and even to the ones I don't know yet. Coming on Monday, the Moon day, the time of peace, healing, caring and psychic awareness. Celebrate the sacredness of being a beautiful woman this life with Grandmother Moon and her eternal support and inspiration, with Mother Earth and Her abundant and healing energy! Celebrate the Divine feminine within and its outer manifestations! Celebrate the mysterious feminine and your intuition - "the treasure of a woman's psyche"! Celebrate with all your relations, include your sisters, ancestors and descendants! Celebrate your womanhood in the fullest, today and everyday! As a woman, you are already an expression of the universal archetype, and you deserve to be honoured as such!

A Strong & Vibrant Woman:

Is one who feels deeply and loves fiercely.

Is both soft and powerful.

She is both practical and spiritual.

And her essence
is a gift to the world.
Adapted from a poem received from dear Rachel Bavin.

In celebration & sisterhood
© Anamarta

Saturday, 27 February 2010


Here we are, end of the month, tomorrow is the last full moon of this Winter. A couple of weeks and we go into the new season, the Spring, when things begin.
Do you start to smell, feel change in the air?
We are in the transition from being, the Yin peak of the year to the time of doing, with the Wood element.
I'm looking upon this time as self-nurturing, looking after ourselves, our bodies, still delving into our yin, water energy and letting emerge the beginning of Spring, welcoming this alive and healthy energy within! I see the time and care invested in ourselves as the greatest investment! From here we can spread our vibrations, inspiration and support towards others.

From inspirational Jamie Sams in Sacred Path Cards:
~"The way we view life is dependent, to a certain extent, on how we feel and how we respect and care for our bodies."
~"All nurturing comes from the ability to pay attention to our needs and our feelings. If we don't know what we need, how can we nurture ourselves? If we don't know what others need or feel, how can we give comfort? If we are out of touch with our bodies, how can we keep them healthy and strong?"
~"If we are willing to nurture ourselves through connection to our Earth Mother, then we will learn how to nurture others."
Our body is a vehicle for processing energy, and the healthier we are, the more energy it will process at a faster rate.
~One thing to be aware of is the physical effect on our body of our thoughts and feelings. So as Dr.Christiana Northrup says in Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom: "If our bodies are nothing but a field of ideas, lets make sure that those ideas represent our best interest."

A great way for nourishment and self-nurturing is the inner smile, smile to your organs giving special attention still to your kidneys and give a special look to your liver. When doing your inner smile...notice if any of the organs feel different? Can be a message from your internal universe.
**Focus on the breath coming and going through your nose... With your minds eye, look in front of you and see the sun, warm and shining, lighting up all your being, all your organs, all your cells, all your bones... Smile at your organs... when you arrive at your kidneys:
*Keep smiling at your kidneys, breathe in the blue healing light of gentleness and wisdom; be gentle with yourself, be gentle in everything you do.

Fear being the emotion of the kidneys, it creates cold, associate negative emotions as phobias, trauma, nervousness, which are very deep emotions; fear contributes as well for the loss of the primordial and sexual energy, loss of life force, (the nervous system becomes stressed, the body becomes acidic). Do the kidneys healing sound to let go all your fears:
**Connect with your kidneys, feel or imagine the warmth from your palms going into your kidneys, you can be sitting on the chair or in floor, place your hands around your knees, your feet on the floor, round the back, and pull in the abdomen. Look inward, into your kidneys and breathe out WHHHOOOO releasing, letting go fear.
Breath in the fresh bright blue light of gentleness, calmness and wisdom.

Self-nurturing is essential to connect with the Divine Feminine within.
*What makes part of your self-nurturing routine?
Do you know is important to integrate one self-nurturing practice towards ourselves every day?
**You can make a list of everything that makes you feel good, nurtured and happy with yourself. Then add one of these to your daily life. May different days reflect different self-nurturing practices.

Enjoy the end of the Winter and the beginning of the Spring!

© Anamarta

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Welcoming the New Tiger Year!!

The Chinese New Year is approaching with the New Moon! An excitement and great opportunity for making resolutions and goals, new plans, or just reinforce the ones we've done one month ago, and may didn't have the time to put them in practice!
While it is good to make lists or write a mission statement, having a mantra can help focus your energy and attention on your new goals for the year.
Taken from the original Sanskrit, the word mantra means "sacred counsel" and can represent a thought, a phrase or even a single word that embraces what you wish to bring into your life.
The power of your mantra is twofold: recitation and repetition. Saying it to yourself on a daily basis (or even several times each day!) can help you to focus on the power of the words and the meaning behind them.
Tiger New Year starts on 14th February, Valentine's day! Celebrate the New Year with love! With self-love (yes, you've many reasons to love and be in-love with yourself!), love with your beloved (we're celebrating at the Centre with a Tao Tantra Couples workshop), love with your family and friends! In ancient Chinese tradition the New Year's day is beneficial to celebrate, to be happy, to have smiling faces, and to refrain from quarreling, or criticizing anyone.
Leaving the Ox year behind - the reinforcement, "prosperity and fortitude through hard work" we come into the Tiger - the courage - "associated with good fortune, power and royalty, tigers are viewed with both respect and fear".
"The Tiger is one of the most beautiful creatures on the planet".
The Chinese (as other Asian cultures), see the tiger and not the lion, as the king animals.
"Tiger is lucky for some..."
Well, about luck, I believe we do our own! I heard in a movie a while ago something that reaffirms this: "Never give up and good luck will find you!"
In Taoism the Tiger symbolizes the female Yin energy and also represents Earth, as opposed to the Yang male energy of the Dragon, which represents Heaven.

Join me in the celebration & welcoming of the ))))) Tiger ((((( New Year!!
Wednesday 17th February Jade Circle Level 2 (All women who have come to a Jade Circle before and heard the Jade Egg explanation are welcome!)
We will focus on the Jade Egg secrets of the pelvic rock with Belly Dance! We continue to shake this cold away enjoying our tiger tales!...;) To learn more about the belly dance benefits in the "Lets Dance" post.
@ the same place @ the same time!

© Anamarta

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Keeping Warm!


How is your Winter?
This time of looking inwards, to focus and embrace the flow of your yin energy, the time of just being. And do you know each moment is a precious gift in BE-ing? Enjoy!

Are you keeping your kidneys warm? (check the Happy Winter Solstice post).
Another good thing to keep you warm, as you already know, is to have warm feet. And do you know why?
We've the KD1- Kidney 1 point in the sole of your foot, (where you keep your feet on the ground), named 'Bubbling Spring'.
**Do some tapping, massage in your KD1, awaken and stimulating this point; which can be very helpful in your connection with the Earth. Through it you can easily access the healing and abundant energy of Mother Earth and Water Element, imagine drinking from it. You can also use this point to discharge anything you want to let go from your body (physical, emotional and even energetic), you can do a meditation or just dance, dance with the rhythm of the Earth, surrender to Her pulse. Remember that Mother Earth is always open to recycle everything you send and the Water element to dissolve it.
A good way to stimulate your circulation:
**To rub, massage your ears. Yes, the ears are linked with your kidneys. Also helping you to keep warm!

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Friday, 29 January 2010

Magical Celebration of the Divine Feminine!

I once heard that when women gather together, magic happens! Absolutely!... Our last workshop was proof, with the celebration of the Divine feminine within and its outer manifestation. This gathering of amazing women all contributed to our pool of feminine knowledge! We had a special day connecting with our yin energy, enjoying it to the full, sharing and supporting each other's journey, as true sisterhood! Each Goddess shone her power in a different way, working as a mirror for all present. I'm still vibrating from the weekend, and so deeply appreciate this blessing of working with such magnificent women along my path, sharing my teachings, learning from others' experiences and inspiring presence!
Thank you magical Goddesses!
Here's our sparkling picture:
Thank you for your feedback!
  • "A truly inspiring and worthwhile workshop, presented in a creative and practical way. Thank you!"V.C.
  • "I think that is a beautifully natural, imaginative, compassionate and light touch about Anamarta teachings. I also feel reassured that the teacher lives the life! I loved the use of stones, cards and other symbolic things to enable us to open up and discover...Thank you."L.R.

  • "It was lovely to be in a space filled with so much sweetness, calmness and joy. This was possible because of the presence of all women and you Anamarta -big inspiration."J.Z.
  • "After the amazing summer workshop with Anamarta I knew I have to come to the Yin Peak to continue the "magical" transformation and the journey as a woman. I feel deeply connected with the Infinite Inner Wisdom and that I take so many blessings with me. Thank you Anamarta for being such an amazing teacher and an inspirational woman." D.V.

  • "This workshop is very important in women's lives. It supports shedding of shadows and blossoming into full potential. It is a gentle practice that helps with confidence. Its lovely!..."M.G.
  • "...everything felt very supportive...I think Anamarta hold a very relaxed space - I certainly felt very comfortable with in it... Lovely to do healing sounds & inner smile...what a wonderful group of Goddesses...Thanks so much to them & to Anamarta for making the space (physical e energetically)..." J.N.

  • "I really enjoyed the workshop... I felt the benefit of acknowledging the Goddess within each one of us, and found the mirror very powerful and beneficial. The group size worked well, was not too crowded for space, yet there was enough of us to share and reflect." R.B.
  • "Thank you so so much for such a wonderful day. Just very inspiring." A.M.