Sunday, 22 January 2012

***Happy 2012 & Dragon's New Year!!***

Happy Dragon's Year!
Chinese New Year is a time to welcome longevity, wealth and prosperity and to eliminate any stagnant, or even negative chi from the past. Dragon is approaching, tomorrow with the new lunar cycle, the Dark of the Moon phase, (New Moon). With the psychic focus turned upon ourselves and our emotions and thoughts, this is a perfect occasion for soul-searching, reflection, deep meditation, and accessing our dark side, honouring as you do with light, find this yin and yang internal flowing! We all have a darker side, so take the time to get to know it, come to terms with it, and to embrace it. Doing so will help you regain confidence and build up your psychic, magical, and emotional balance and strength.
What a fantastic opportunity to explore your gifts and keep building up your strengths!
The Drag
on's year is coming to reinforce the 2012 energies of transformation and action, and the special significance of this year for many traditional cultures around the world! Definitely a shift in consciousness for us as individual and as collective is already taking place. Although I believe any change starts within, individual or global. "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." Mahatma Gandhi
Even 2012 numerology - 5
"The 5 vibration demands that we explore and move through the boundaries of our self imposed physical, mental and spiritual preconceptions. We must learn to develop our ability to move between our conscious intellect and our heart-mind. We must become the alchemist, by experiment, testing, and experiencing the mutable laws of the metaphysical world we live in, so that we learn to trust our inner wisdom." Glennie Kindred
I learnt from an astrologer that 2012 will be a feminine year, a year for the women, a year for us to specially look after ourselves, by self-nurturing, even pampering, a year as well to give attention to our maternity. Interesting enough while organising my calendar for this year I realised the femininity of it when found out these: We have 3 Friday 13th this year!! (this month, Apr. & Jul.) - Being 13 a lucky number for us women on Friday the Venus and Goddess Freya day (to learn more in 'Now we're ten!' post - click here and scroll down); as well we've two New Moons *(when the moon is in her yin peak) on 13th (in Nov. & Dec). This month and in Oct we have both lunar cycles, Full and New Moon on Mondays, the moon day; we've a Blue Moon in Aug. (this happen when a 2nd Full Moon occurs in the same month). Then we've explosions of yin & yang forces with two lunar eclipses on the Full Moon (the yang peak of the moon) in Jun & Nov. and two solar eclipses on the New Moon* in May & Nov.; and this year we celebrate the Women's day on the 8th March with the Full Moon!
In Taoism the Dragon symbolises the Yang male energy, which represents Heaven.
Well my point is: with the yang aspect of the Dragon's year, with the feminine aspects of 2012, we're in a year of seeking of balance and harmony with the internal and external forces! I find this so exciting and inspiring!
** Indeed a reminder of the famous myth that Jade its the solidified semen of the dragon, the purest form of yang energy! Here's a New Year resolution: give special attention to your Jade Egg!... Yes, because when the purest yang energy is inside the purest yin (our Jade Gate), guess what: perfect alchemy, profound harmony!
Being the Water Dragon year, "exerts a calming influence on the Dragon", which is believe to be a year "marked by excitement, unpredictability, exhilaration and intensity." The previous Rabbit year imbued people with a sense of cautious optimism, but people respond to the spirit of the Dragon with energy, vitality and unbridled enthusiasm.
"The Dragon is a legendary creature. It can survive on the ground, in the water, and in the sky." It is the symbol of strength, of power, of happiness, good luck and success; with the Dragon's confident, fearless in the face of challenge, it supports long term projects, travels and all those who believe and fight for their dreams.
The mystic Dragon has the vision, to see beyond the visible, like this wish you all to clearly and brightfully see your path and your unique and sacred Tao (way). *** At this auspicious time of renewal take some time to be quiet and project yourself twelve months into future. Imagine yourself looking back on a year of progress and change. Ask yourself what achievements you would be most proud.
If you want to add some ritual, magic to bring guidance and illuminate your direction, before your 'projection into the future', light a yellow candle (yellow is as well the lucky colour of the Dragon) and sprinkle a few drops of rosemary oil on it, or if you would like use a sprig of rosemary to stir a bowl of water, while you look within the bowl, imagine, feel, visualise you are looking within yourself, connecting with your inner Goddess, your inner wisdom, allow it to be your guide, and like this deeply listen the voice within, which will bring many answer as many question you may have, or simply will bring the insights you need at this time. Some inspiring words (from Deborah Blake) to start with; you can create your own words too.
I ask for guidance in this new year
To take me where I'm meant to be

A path walk, a voice to hear
A signpost through life's mystery

Send direction for my journey
And inspiration for my heart

Lay my passage clear before me

So I might make a proper star

This year of the Dragon brings lots of exciting events!...

We have a Free Talk this Friday 27th when our Taoist Shamanic Healing starts; we've the Alchemy of Love, Couples training; the first mixed group Step 1 coming in the end of February and the Jade Circle workshops - Awakening Your Inner Goddess...Follow Your Inner Wisdom! and the new one - Rebirth of the Self! in the beginning of March.
© Anamarta

Monday, 9 January 2012

Jade Circles January 2012!!:)*(: Happy New Year!!

Friday 13th January - Jade Circle Level 1
(All women are welcome!)
Special Friday 13th Celebration (learn more in 'Now we're ten!' post - click here and scroll down- what a fantastic way to start the Jade Circle new year!!:)
No Need to Book! just come on by, from 6.45 to 8.45pm @ The Universal Healing Tao Centre UK, 68 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3JT

Wednesday 25th January - Special Jade Circle - presenting the Winter Shanti Bazaar with its beautiful new things!
(All women are welcome!)~Please bring a long skirt (the more swirly, the better!)
Lets shake the cold away with some Gypsy Kalbelian Dance, all way from from Rajasthan.
@ 6.45 to 9pm @ the same place

Look forward to see you and meet you, to start together the Jade Circle in 2012!! :)