Thursday, 15 April 2010

Private Travelling Circle in India!

One more time the Travelling Circle in India was hosted by the Indian spiritual teacher and healer Dr.Usha, in her sacred Center BuddhaHall, on the Himalayas's foothills. Thank you so much Dr.Usha for the warm hospitality and this opportunity of sharing and learning the beauty of the mysterious feminine in incredible and lovely India! My travel this year was quite an adventure, after a phone call with Dr.Usha telling me: "Why don't you come; it's not a high tourism season, but come anyway and we will see what happen". All the experience was amazing and special. The private workshop was so beautiful and magical! I feel so happy and grateful for the presence of two inspiring, beautiful and dedicated women who made this sacred sharing of the jade egg holistic practice an even more pleasurable, smooth and joyful three days. I'm filled with delight and so much inspiration after this journey with you!
:)Keep smiling & shining:)
Gracias, Dhanyabad, thank you for your feedback.
  • Was so nice. I'm so happy with everybody and I learn so much. I smile with my shy body and this is so good. I hope to see you again. The life is light. I'm a woman Ive to be sensual, and here I'm getting. Nice subjects cover this workshop.
    …my husband say I'm looked sexy,…
    V. L. Spain
  • This time was different from last year, being just two of us…Really amazing! Was bringing the unconscious to conscious…Was like reopening everything, but everything that was already there – make me understand it clearly, gave me more depth and easy way to do the practices and understand their truly essence. And more than anything was the time we spent with you, enjoying the celebration of the mysterious and Divine Feminine back in India, at Buddha Hall, in your such creative, joyful, funny and very feminine manner.
    Look forward to next Jade Circle Workshop here, on April 2011.
    Dr.Usha India