Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Laughter Medicine

How is being your Summer?
This time of connecting with the fire within, with our yang energy of doing!
And this time of doing its balanced and sparkly with the heart virtues of love, joy, happiness, laughter, passion, enthusiasm, motivation.
A time of being out enjoying the warm sunshine, be spontaneous, having fun and spending time with loved ones!
I just got back from Portugal, where I connected and embraced the latin fire with loooots of laughter, fun and company of dear friends and family; then back to London to facilitate a lovely Step 2, where the Jade Circle ladies filled up the room with their radiant presence! So happy and proud to have them there!

I've been enjoying learning to balance sacredness with irreverence.
Looks like every time I start to get too serious or stressed, yes, caught in the web of the adult world we create, something happens which makes me realise... but for what?! And I end up of laughing at myself, yes, sometimes the lesson is even painful, but I laugh; so much more uplifting!...
  • Here a great exercise: laughing at yourself!! I'm sure you've some reasons, episodes in your life, even attitudes, situations you had at the time were not funny at all , but now you can laugh of them! And when we can laugh at ourselves, we can make others truly laugh. Generating all good feelings, and I believe a much lighter surroundings and world!
"..laughing is a transforming and uplifting exercise, not only in a physical sense, but also mentally and spiritually..."
" The view will always expand if we use the Divine Medicine of Laughter. Nothing is beyond repair. We may need to use comedy to crack a smile so we can reclaim our Sacred Space."
Jamie Sams

Sometimes we really cannot change what is happening around us, things which are out of out control (like stuck in the traffic, train when going to get a plane or on our way to an important meeting, etc... I'm sure you can think about various examples...), but we always have in our hands the way we respond to it.
Definitely the Taoist practices help me to support this way of being, with the powerful and simple tools it offer to keep the harmony of my internal universe, just the deep awareness of my physical, emotional and energetic bodies and like this deal with them and take the most of the things they have to offer.
And one of my favourite practices, for the ones who know me, guess? Yes, that's right, smile!!:) I wrote a post about it: Smile And...Smile!! And definitely the laughing chi kung - what a burst of fresh and energizing chi!
  • Try it! Just laugh, with the laughing chi kung with do it with different kind of laughs, starting with ohohohoh, then wowowowow, then ahahahahah, then heheheheh, and finish with hihiihiihiih. You laugh, you'll bounce your body, which its great for your uterus to move a bit, a fantastic to open your throat, which its connect with your sexual centre, a yin & yang connection, being one your creative center and the other the way you express your creativity, your truth, yourself - if one its blocked will reflect in the other and vice-versa - so this exercise its a important complement for your Jade Egg practice. And you'll feel great and energize after it!!
I remember to hear from the old wise ones: its nothing better that a guffaw from the soul.
Laughter actually increases production of an antibody that is responsible for our first line of defense against bacterial infection.
Laughter, love making and exercise are the best medicine of all!

"Humour is essential for balancing the energies in our organs. Humour is great regulator helping us to look with a sense of relativity, playfulness and lightness at ourselves. It is an expression of compassionate energy of the heart which helps to look with a sense of detachment at ourselves and not take ourselves so seriously that it becomes difficult to relax and be a witness rather than a severe judge." Mantak Chia in Cosmic Fusion.
If you want to learn more about this profound Fusion of 5 Elements practice, we have just a few places left on our annual workshop at the end of the coming week.
© Anamarta

Saturday, 9 July 2011

***Fairy Magical Travelling Circle in Dublin***

How excited I was to go to Fairy Land for the first time, where our Dublin Travelling Circle took place; hosted by a beautiful Shamanic Centre,
Slí An Chroí, organised by dear Máire; with a presence of an amazing and lovely group of Fairy Goddesses. Yes, the fairies exist! These fairies flied from all over Ireland, including a Druid one, and even from the neighbourhood and far away parts of the world: England, Poland and New Zeland! A mix of powerful and beautiful women, who arrived shining in their 'fairyness' and left radiating their magic! What a pleasure it was to hold such a special Jade Circle.
And of course, as being in Fairy Land, the three days of our workshop were filled with surprises!... The biggest one was when at the end I was pampered with gifts! And then initiated and welcome me into their fairy tribe through a beautiful fairy ritual, I had read my fairy rights, received my wings and wand! A memory which will always light up my heart.
Thanks a million for such warm welcoming and magical hospitality!
***Here they are, the Jade Fairy Goddesses***Thank you for your feedback!

*** "Thank you so much Anamarta. I really enjoyed the whole workshop. I loved the way the exercises were repeated, with theory and how open you were to questions. You are a wonderful teacher. I learned a lot about myself and leave feeling alive, open-hearted, loving myself. I hope to attend another workshops in the future." C.L.

*** "Wonderful 3 days, gentle introduction with humour, passion and compassion. You have a gift for teaching. Thank you for your warmth." C.M.

*** "Really enjoyed it and delighted to have found you as my guide into this wonderful practice. You have passed on so much wisdom I look forward to using it and hope to do further courses with you. I am now ready to embrace my fully sexual femininity for the first time fully. Thank you. Namaste beautiful woman. I felt safe and ready." A.M.

*** "Thank you for a truly inspirational & wonderful workshop. Your gentle thorough instructions and magical cauldron of energy was amazing." K.W.

*** "Thank you! I'm very happy I could meet you and learn from you. Very appreciated is your gentle & feminine way of introducing all the levels of the practice. I liked to listen about the philosophical roots of the teaching. You have a great gift of creating intimate trustful atmosphere. I want to explore and experience more & more." G.K.

*** "Anamarta Aloha! I loved the workshop...felt fine doing all the exercises. Thank you!" S.G.

*** "Thank you, Sister Priestess! I loved the yin elements of your workshop: yin time, following our own cycles, listen to our bodies, etc. I'd love to keep in touch...Blessings & lots of Goddess inspiration in the future!" A.N.

*** "Different, challenging at times but really lovely. I learned so much. You are a very gifted teacher. Thank you." A.C.

*** "This has been a very energising weekend. I arrived unwell and leave animated, energises, enthusiastic, alive. Many thanks for your gentle wisdom and non-dogmatic approach to these practices. I'm very reassure of your suggestions that we make these practices to guide us and see how we best fit them in our own lives...Beannchtai." E.B.

*** "Mana, Thank you so much for being in my life. Beijinhos" M.G.

*** "Just loved everything I learned. Thank you for your kindness, and inner wisdom and will do my Jade Egg always." P.T.

*** "Thank you for clearing up some miss-informed information for me. Your techniques are easy and practical and integrated with every day living. I wish every woman or young female could learn the breast massage to avoid breast cancer. This Taoist practice should be available for everyone... thank you Anamarta and your teachers." C.G.

*** "Wonderfully presented in a gentle and expert way. Supportive and loving environment for all. Very inspiring workshop full of joy and delight. (will be recommending to lots of my friends!) I look forward to the practice and results! Thank you so much Anamarta- hope to meet you again." J.C.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

July Jade Circles

Join me:
This Friday 15th July
Jade Circle
Level 1 with Shanti Bazaar & Full Moon in Capricorn Ritual, Celebration

All women are welcome!  
No Need to Book! just come on by, start @ 6.45 - 9.15pm @ The Universal Healing Tao Centre UK, 68 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3JT

On Friday 22nd July
Jade Circle
Level 2 (All women who have already come to a Jade Circle before and heard the Jade Egg explanation are welcome!)

Activating, connecting with the fire within, with the Gypsy Kalbelian dance, all way from Rajasthan!
Please bring a long skirt (the more swirly, the better!)
No Need to Book! just come on by, start @ 6.45 - 9pm @ the same place

Looking forward to meet you, see you and dance, swirling with you! ;)