Thursday, 31 May 2012

What a wonderful Jade Circle workshop!!

One more time I had the pleasure to hold the space for the best of the yin qualities to unfold and blossom!! And again we had such a diverse group of lovely and inspiring women, as someone said "so nice to be part of such an exotic group", with women coming from almost all continents and the various parts of UK, from Surrey to Bristol, London and Northern Ireland!
An amazing sisterhood bonding was immediately felt, and a journey into their sacred feminine selves took place with grace & courage, gentleness & determination. Thank you all for just being and make these three days so powerfully enjoyable. Looking forward to see you again!
*~* The Radiant Jade Goddesses *~*
:) Smiling and S... ;)
Thank you for your feedback!
  • "Thank you for this brilliant workshop. I have grow and learn so much. You gave us soooo much."D.W. England
  • "Thank you so much, I loved it! Happily embracing my new journey. I will definitely see you again!" V.S. Germany
  • "Thank you for such a sacred, magical time. I really feel that I have learned, received so much. To spend intimate time with sisters and you, connecting with the nourishing, healing essence of the Divine Feminine. I know our paths have crossed at this time and I am looking forward to deepening and integrating your beautiful sacred way of the Tao teachings. You are a true inspiration!" J.T. England/Dutch
  • "Gracias hermana. Desde siempre.  I feel deeply grateful to you for a most wonderful, intimate and precious experience. You have gifted me my body back!!! I feel a huge sense of responsibility to share this with other women, but before I do that I need to get lots more practice and experience myself." M.A. Mexico
  • "I feel like a real goddess now! I look forward to enriching my life and the lives of those around me. The first day of the rest of my journey. See you soon. From the newly initiated goddess :)" J.A. Nigerian/Uganda
  • "I can't believe it's taken me this long to begin the Jade Circle workshop, but I know now is the time I'm ready. It was a wonderful experience, and deeply healing. You have given me so many tools and such a much deeper understanding of my feminine energy. Thank you. I feel I still have a long way to 'express' my true self, but you inspire me to seek further. Your joy and passion for teaching, and your dear self, are truly inspiring." C.P. UK
  • "Wow! All that love! Thank you Anamarta for your beautiful guidance. A truly unique experience. I am woman!!:)" D.L England
  • "Thank you very much for being such a great teacher. You are an inspiring woman, with your knowledge, your presence, your sweetness and cheeky smile. I have been confused and looking for my way home...I know was inside me. Through the Jade practices you reminded me and showed me new ways to access it and reconnect with it. Looking forward to learn more Taoist Practices." G.P. Italy
  • "Thank you soo much dear Anamarta Goddess, what a lovely workshop and lovely ladies. Always good to repeat workshop. Love your teaching." S.S. Croatia
  • "Thank you for holding a beautiful, gentle workshop. I feel soft, feminine & strong. Loved by myself. The journey is beginning. Thank you." N.P New Zeland