Wednesday, 30 November 2011

INDIAN TOUR 2011 with Travelling Circle

The Indian Tour started beautifully last April with an Awareness Talk on Ancient Practice for Modern Women exclusive for Indian women in Delhi, what a wonderful experience and warm welcome I had!
Then I moved to Rajasthan to learn the kalbelian gypsy dance with and beautiful gypsy women from the desert.
I connected with more Goddesses there, another magical experience happened, with these inspiring travellers, when we had our Jade Circle in Pushkar, in our sacred terrace!
Look at us:This Indian Tour was filled with surprises, was the absolute embracing of the unknown, celebrating the mysterious feminine to the fullest!...
Teaching Indian women in Delhi, the pioneer Jade Goddesses, how amazing and wonderful it was!
The Jade Circle workshop was hosted by the Hypnotherapy School of India, thanks to Dr.Blossom Furtado; and was truly moving and inspiring to share the Jade Egg Holistic practices with such beautiful women and witness the blossom of their radiance!
And the three days I was in their lovely company I learned more about Indian food, (trying all delicious snacks you can imagine!), than in the last three years and so... Thank you! So nice!!
*** With the Indian Jade Goddesses pioneers:
Thank you for your feedback!
  • "This was a beautiful experience for me. My whole body is happy, inside and outside. Bonding with sisters was beautiful. Connecting to my sexual power and harnessing it was the most divine experience. Thank you for helping me open up to and listen to my inner world. :-)" S.P.
  • "A journey inside my inner universe for the first time made me more centred and aware of what is happening. I got in touch with my femininity in a more powered and profound manner. I wish you luck and blessings of God in your journey of empower others." A.S.
  • "Thank you for taking me to this wonderful journey. It was great learning experience of the feminine aspect within us. Lovely, excellent, beautiful...Every moment was loving and full of energy, learning and love. ALOHA :-)"P.C.
  • "This workshop was such a beautiful, enrich & loving journey which connected me with my inner beauty, power, love, strength and my body. It took me closer to my body, my organs who were starving for my love & attention which they finally received during this workshop & will continue to get. Thank you so much." G.K.
  • "Oh...It was beautiful journey inside my beautiful universe. Visiting them for the first time makes me believe how divinely beautiful I am. I thank you for showing me this path, loving that femininity, respecting myself and help me to grow in my space. Love you're truly beautiful and inspiring! Goodbye...till I see you next time!"G.S.
Then went up to Bagsunag, Dharamsala, to teach the Jade Circle workshop again in Buddha Hall, hosted by Dr. Usha, who is just not a remarkable Master and healer, and dear friend and sister, who opened the door to the Jade Circle practices being shared in India with Indian women and women from all over the world.
In the sacred Himalayan mountains the Jade Circle workshop was equally a lovely experience with lovely traveller women!
Was so magical to connect with lots of beautiful women from various continents, cultivating sisterhood and expanding the Divine Feminine power and love!
The energy definitely spread out Bagsu and the Himalayas...
**Thank you for your feedback**

** "Thank you so much for the last 3 wonderful and fun days, it was very inspiring to delve into our feminine depths and learn all these practices that hopefully will become part of my life and lead to a joyful and aware femininity. I'm very excited to see the egg practice unfold... It was, is a great pleasure to see you again this year in Bagsu and expect it won't be our last encounter here(....)I wish you'll continue to blossom and spread the feminine light among all our sisters worldwide!So thank you again..." P.B. Germany

** "Thank you beautiful goddess sister..a wonderFULL 3 feeling very empowered, energised and grounded...spirit fully charge & lifted - ready to return home and spread my creativity energy refined to compassionate love...thank you for all the tools & will keep smiling until I see you, love, love to your gorgeous shamballa beauty-you are pure true." J.F. England

** "The workshop was juicy, full, and enlightening. It really helped me to crystallise the wisdom I have been acquiring on my own in a more tactile way. Your presence deliciously inspiring, thank you for sharing your wisdom!" H. U.S.A

** "A wonderful transformative experience.(...)Part of my journey was really to connect with my femininity - so now, 9 months later, at the end of my big global journey, not only do I learn a lot myself, the egg that my best friend gave me, but also complete my search for the sexy, juice, female in me - she is here now. Thank you so much. Aloha! And thank you for teaching me how to circulate all this sexual energy :) yey" G.D German/South Africa

** "Sister, Priestess, goddess fairy Anamarta, thank you. To gather the feminine sacred energy all together in peace and higher purpose of ALL, returning, re-a-living the feeling of sisterhood. Unveiling sacred passages to inner world of infinite Love and Oneness. So much magic in a space-time hold by one sister. Spreading the love divine sacred magic of feminine within us all, Ahó, Aloha! Até ! Beijinho e gratidão e sorrisos :):):)" M.N. Portugal

** "Anamarta, from the deepest part of my essence I thank you for bringing us together, to share your knowledge and beauty.(...)Love and lots of smiles in your journey.Mucho amor" M. Spain

** "You are a blessed teacher. Continue with the holy work! I Iearned a lot, and liked how you gently introduced these subjects to a variety of women making them feel comfortable to explore these aspects of themselves. Thank you Priestessfor your wisdom and compassion to allow this time. I hope that we'll meet again soon." L. Israel

** "It's difficult to say exactly what my experience during this workshop was... Thank you Anamarta for your beautiful delivery of this information. You are an inspiration. I feel grateful to have had this opportunity." R.C. U.S.A

** "Thank you again for such a wonderful experience. It was so wonderful to experience this blossoming again. And I feel this blossoming (repeating this workshop) was even more beautiful & inspiring & effective. Thank you for this beautiful key to such an incredible world. I look forward to staying in touch. Namaste" K.W. South Africa/Austria

I went back in the end of October to teach again in the Hypnotherapy School of India, our workshop just happened after Diwali, the light festival, which I experienced for the first time, and the the light keeps shining in my heart from those magical days...
The magic extends to our workshop, another great experience with a group of powerful and beautiful women which spread their essence and light in their own right.
Smiling and shining***
Thank you for your feedback!***
  • "It was a pleasure learning with you. Understanding your feminine aspect is a great learning. And I feel every women needs to learn this. Hope to see you soon!" P.C.
  • "It was a beautiful and calming experience. A new journey totally. Thank you." S.B.
  • "Thanks a lot Anamarta for all your help to know about the Jade Circle. I can really feel the change in myself after I joining this workshop. I am sure what I have learned is gonna help me a lot. I will definitely do it and tell my friends about them to help them as well. Love you " P.C.
  • "Anamarta wanna say a lot to you, here the space is very less but here a short poem from my soul to you(...)All the best for your divine mission!...Luv u!(:"P.G.
  • "Thank you! I loved being with you. Your smile and gentle energy was very soothing and motivating. How the three days went by was just amazing. Just loved the workshop, the entire essence and experience was beautiful!" A.S.
And the Indian Tour finished full Circle almost where it started last year, in Pushkar!... The Jade Circle we had in the sacred terrace brought Jade Goddesses to Bagsu to do the workshop or back to Pushkar. That's right, that was what Sara did! Flying from Thailand she joined me for a mini-course spread through morning sessions, where I shared with her the Kuan Yin Chi Kung and Jade Egg Holistic practices; she kept impressing me with her dedication and commitment. Well done! And what a pleasure to spend time with you, bella sorella.
Grazie for your feedback!
"I met Anamarta last year in Pushkar where we did a Jade Circle with other girls and was magik! I didn't go to London in the next months but we met also this year in november in mama India, again in beautiful Pushkar. She did workshop for me, it was very powerful, she is my guruji, my didi, my teacher and my sister. How I feel the feminine in me, the energy, the chi flow in the body. I discover myself again. I continue the practice now and I want to do the Jade Circle session again. Thank you Guruji." S.L. Italy