Friday, 21 June 2013

Jade Circle ~ Welcoming the Summer within!... Love celebration***:)

A picture is worth it a thousand words...
Last night Jade Circle focused on welcoming the Summer within, embracing the Fire Element, with a special and truly beautiful unconditional love meditation as all present opened their hearts wide to receive and express the energy of love.
A rich and memorable evening with space for everything... besides the love, much laughter, fun, sharing & insight, practicing & inspiration to go further with personal practice and even a little hen party ;), celebrating the engagement of Carolina: all the way from Colombia!...
What a starter for the Summer Solstice!! Thank you beautiful Jade Goddesses, love you all***
 Arigato for the photos Goddess Mayumi Takanaka.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Berlin Private Workshop

I so much enjoyed the nice, 'alternative' and sunny Berlin, just arrived with the beginning of the Summer! Thank you dear Petra for organising an unforgettable workshop - private workshop in the church!!... What an experience; well, in a beautiful room above a stunning church in the middle of town - how cool this sounds! We started with Jitush birthday and finished with an inner marriage, a new cycle within to bloom and flourish.
                                      Here the Jade Goddesses :)))
 Thank you for feedback:
  • "Very flowy, well structured. I had lovely time and I'm very happy that I travelled from London for this. I'm just happy to have learned new things. Thank you. " J.N. Czech Republic
  • "Thank you so much for this wonderful workshop and for being what you teach! I am very glad about having refreshed all the Taoist and Jade Egg practices, and hopefully working with them continuously! But even happier I am about how beautiful this experience was! And wonderful to have you as my guest, friend and gypsy sister here in Berlin!" P.B. Germany

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Antecipating the Summer!***An Interesting Article Worth Reading!!

Dear Ladies,
Hope this finds you well and happy, anticipating the Summer, the season of the heart, reminding us to cultivate our unconditional self love, innate happiness, much laughter and finding joy in everyday life!
I'm celebrating the Summer in Berlin for one more day! Finishing the first leg Jade Circle Tour 2013, with a private workshop in a church!... 
A busy and exciting Summer time for us (my partner Kris & I) in the Healing Tao UK starts this coming weekend with the mixed-group training, Step 1, Everyone is welcome to learn the Taoist Foundation Practices! Then you can always learn about the Jade Egg specific practice next year in the Jade Circle workshop, or even by coming to the Jade Circle evenings, it's a great way to get into it. Many women started this way.
Then the Foundations Step 2 (Healing Love) and Step 3 (Power of Fusion) will follow, to give you a solid foundation to develop your own practice for well-being, health, vitality, harmony, self-love and confidence, and ultimately empowerment, embracing self-healing and self-mastery.
An article that my partner Kris Deva North wrote,  long but definitely WORTH READING!!... full of good insights into these powerful ancient Taoist secrets, practices to easily apply to our modern life! Here it is, click below:
   © Anamarta

Monday, 3 June 2013

Brighton Lovely Workshop

Close to the beach, in relaxed Brighton, we had such a nice Travelling Circle..everything!... From weather to space, and a wonderful wshop with such lovely women who made it so special! Arigato my sister Mayumi who came all way from Japan!! Thank you dear organiser Christine and  the group for such inspiring and enjoyable time! The Jade Goddesses family grows beautifully!
(% Seaside Jade Goddesses %)
**Thank you for your feedback**

** "THANK YOU Anamarta. Your energy, commitment to helping me be the most I can be as woman. Your generosity in sharing your teaching to helping me stay/be/become the healthiest I can be is very gratefully received. I am going to carry on enjoying my daily practice, extending my learning hopefully at Jade Circle evenings. Much respect, affection and appreciation." B.D. 

** "Thank you dear Anamarta for another beautiful workshop. I feel my practice is rejuvenated + feel so energised + happy to be on this journey of discovery." C.P. 

 ** "I would like to say thank you very much to guide me  into this beautiful journey, this amazing Jade Circle journey! It was great and wonderful! Cho-Saiko!!!!! I love you my beautiful sister and sensei Anamarta!" M.T.

** "Empowering. Inspiring. Grounding, Fun, really enjoy it and lovely presence of special ladies. Many thanks." R.C.

** "Thank you beautiful spirit, you shared so much knowledge, wisdom in a grounded way. I hope to continue my journey in search of divine love, my feminine beauty, my inner strenght, power, self-love, which you have awoken this search in me, bless you! One Love Sister!!" K.S.

** "Beautiful workshop. Thank you for your Love and Energy. I really like this venue, it feels very lovely and cosy." S.S.

** "Thank you for the workshop in juiciness. I am honoured to have gone through my inner sacred marriage, of the jade egg, with your love and support. You created such a sacred and comfortable environment and a beautiful way of bringing all sisters together, even when of different origins. I felt safe and secure throughout, which is exactly what I needed! The practices you taught are flexible to individual needs - to my need, which you made and explained that can be applied to my life. You made it enjoyous, I LOVED the dancing! So fun!... purely for the enjoyment of self! And yes, I will continue to Squeeze and Smile!" K.M.