Sunday, 29 November 2009

Living Fully in the Present!

Here we are towards the end of the Autumn, greeted by the dance of leaves, shorter days and longer nights.
:-) Smile to your lungs breathing in the white light of courage and self-confidence, qualities of a woman living fully in the present. The past is where it belongs, behind us; and the future is ahead, yet not in form!... We can plan, wish, dream, but we can't see for sure what's ahead, (until those who can see, know things can change...).
A little anxiety is good for us, some experts say. It gives us the edge we need to handle uncertainty. "So throw open the windows and see what flies in." Interesting things happen when you don't have an agenda. Embrace the unexpected, gather your courage, let your adventurous side call the shots.
Trusting the flow of the Universe, which provides everything we need.
**Let go what no longer serves you...
By undoing yourself from what is no longer needed the new can grow. An ancient Taoist proverb suggests that simplicity comes with seeing every day what has become dispensable. Then one can walk and move more lightly, both in mind and body. I had this thought a few years ago: Lighter you feel, higher you fly!...
**Practice staying in the moment...
You can visualize, imagine, your life as a red carpet unrolling in front of you. Imagine, feel, visualize that you're the star, walking it a step at the time. Stride confidently; trust that something exciting is waiting for you just around the bend.

What would you do if was the last day of your life?
Enjoy your life, yourself and live it to the full. Each minute is unique, because it doesn't repeat!
One of the first things I wrote, around my 12 or 13 years old, but definitely continues to be part of my philosophy:
Happiness is not to be wished, but to be taken!
Carpe Diem...

It's such bliss when one can be mindful and totally engage in whatever you are doing, whether pleasure, work or meditation. For some it comes naturally, for others with practice and persistence, but it's possible for everyone: to put your mind, heart, spirit and soul in what you're doing in that present moment (not what you did or what you have to do), like this focusing all your energy in what you really want to achieve, with your clear intention and whole self into it, a great success will be the result!
 © Anamarta