Sunday, 29 November 2009

Living Fully in the Present!

Here we are towards the end of the Autumn, greeted by the dance of leaves, shorter days and longer nights.
:-) Smile to your lungs breathing in the white light of courage and self-confidence, qualities of a woman living fully in the present. The past is where it belongs, behind us; and the future is ahead, yet not in form!... We can plan, wish, dream, but we can't see for sure what's ahead, (until those who can see, know things can change...).
A little anxiety is good for us, some experts say. It gives us the edge we need to handle uncertainty. "So throw open the windows and see what flies in." Interesting things happen when you don't have an agenda. Embrace the unexpected, gather your courage, let your adventurous side call the shots.
Trusting the flow of the Universe, which provides everything we need.
**Let go what no longer serves you...
By undoing yourself from what is no longer needed the new can grow. An ancient Taoist proverb suggests that simplicity comes with seeing every day what has become dispensable. Then one can walk and move more lightly, both in mind and body. I had this thought a few years ago: Lighter you feel, higher you fly!...
**Practice staying in the moment...
You can visualize, imagine, your life as a red carpet unrolling in front of you. Imagine, feel, visualize that you're the star, walking it a step at the time. Stride confidently; trust that something exciting is waiting for you just around the bend.

What would you do if was the last day of your life?
Enjoy your life, yourself and live it to the full. Each minute is unique, because it doesn't repeat!
One of the first things I wrote, around my 12 or 13 years old, but definitely continues to be part of my philosophy:
Happiness is not to be wished, but to be taken!
Carpe Diem...

It's such bliss when one can be mindful and totally engage in whatever you are doing, whether pleasure, work or meditation. For some it comes naturally, for others with practice and persistence, but it's possible for everyone: to put your mind, heart, spirit and soul in what you're doing in that present moment (not what you did or what you have to do), like this focusing all your energy in what you really want to achieve, with your clear intention and whole self into it, a great success will be the result!
 © Anamarta

Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Hello Warrior Woman!
Yes, we all have this warrior within ourselves, who gives us the courage and the strength to go for it no matter what, to stand up for ourselves when we need to...
" If she advances confidently in the direction of her dreams, and endeavors to live the life she has imagined, she will meet with success unexpected in common hours."
We're in the Autumn, the season of the lungs, with the virtues of courage, self-confidence and uprightness; the element is Metal, that reflects and inspires, cuts and contains!
When I think about metal I imagine a sword. The sword stands for decisive, clear thought.

To awake the warrior within:
**Sit quietly, focusing on the breath coming and going through your nose. When totally relaxed, inhale deeply... Smile at your lungs, appreciating all they do to to sustain your life...keep breathing deeply... And now imagine a white sword of light which carries all the courage and self-confidence for you to be who you are, to be yourself; the courage for you to do all you need to do!...

Support from the mineral kingdom, "the stone people":
**Aquamarine the stone of courage and empowerment. It helps one realize that not all power comes from force- there is also tremendous power in aligning oneself with the yielding, resilient vitality of life. It is a doorway to connect with the Goddess, both within the self and in Her outer manifestations.

Our history and mythology has been marked with Warrior-Women and Goddesses who showed their courage and uprightness. They have been admired and worshipped for centuries:

Boudicca The Celtic Warrior Queen, who shook the Roman Empire. Wife of a king, mother of two daughters, the Queen of the Iceni, led an uprising against the occupying forces of the Roman Empire. She has since remained an important cultural symbol in the United Kingdom.

Joan of Arc is a national heroine of France and a Catholic saint, who led the French army to several important victories during the Hundred Years' War, claiming divine guidance. She was captured by the Burgundians, sold to the English, tried by an ecclesiastical court, and burned at the stake when she was nineteen years old.

Pocahontas a native Indian from America, daughter of a chief of the Powhatan, saved the colonist John Smith's life when he was captured by the Indians. He was about to be executed but Pocahontas placing her head close to his saved him. They then got married and he brought her to England where she impressed everyone one with her gentleness and kindness, making the English change their opinion about the 'indian savages'.

Durga The Hindu Goddess, "The Invincible" ; "One who can redeem in situations of utmost distress"- is a form of Shakti (the Divine feminine force), her warrior aspect.
Anamarta at Sri Durgiana, The Silver Temple, Amristar

Athena Greek Goddess of Wisdom, as Goddess of war, was a superb warrior; her presence on your side assured a win. (The goddess Minerva was her counterpart in Roman mythology.)

Neith was the predynastic Goddess of war and weaving, the Goddess of the Red Crown of Lower Egypt and patron Goddess of Zau in the Delta. The Egyptians believed her to be an ancient and wise Goddess, to whom the other Gods came if they could not resolve their own disputes.

© Anamarta

Sunday, 27 September 2009


Sweet Hello in this time of Sweetness! 
The Autumn/Fall Equinox arrived this week, bringing the harvest home festival, the gathering time, when we prepare for the cold and shorter days... Now day and night are equal, and we turn our thoughts again to balance.
I'm writing and looking at this tree outside my window, sunbeams lighting up her first yellow and red leaves on one side, while the other still shows green ...
... Autumn magic! The transition of seasons, the changing of colours, from Earth to Sky, the start of a new cycle; a new cycle in Nature, a new cycle for ourselves; time of changes and evaluations. Did we plant enough of the right things? Have we nurtured what will truly feed us?
Above all, this is a time to give thanks, to offer gratitude for what we have, and to remember the balance of all elements that sustain our lives. Gratitude to Mother Earth, the living soil that grows food, to the air we breath, to the sun's warm rays, to the life-giving rain and the flowing, cleansing waters. Gratitude toward our community, to our family and loved ones, and to all families and beings that are linked in the web of life.
Gratitude is the counter to greed. If we neglect to say thanks for what we have, we feel eternally dissatisfied, and need more and more. When we are thankful for all we have been given, then we need very little in order to feel surrounded by abundance.

Harvest time is the Spleen season as I shared in the post below (Harvest Moon). Spleen direction is the center, our lower abdomen is named as our hara, in Taoist terms as your "lower tan tien." The spleen is related with two meridians, the spleen itself and the stomach, and have you heard: "you have your brain in your stomach?" Just think about the times you feel nervous, happy, anxious, "butterflies in the belly"- everything that happens to us resonates in our center! Keep it strong, thus your mind will be calm and your body will move with ease and power:

 ***Place your hands on your centre, sit up straight and inhale deeply; hold the breath for a moment, focusing on your centre; exhale slowly, and imagine any tension leaving your body.
 **For a more powerful practice do the spleen/stomach healing sound:
Breathe out HOOOOOOOO (like a guttural sound) as you release worry, anxiety, stress, guilt and pity back to the Earth. Then breath in the golden light of serenity, centering, openness, fairness and grounding. If you want to add the movement, press the fingers into your left abdomen/ribcage and lean slightly forward.

This time of harvest and beginning of Autumn is the best for you to eat the rich natural sweets of the season like the pumpkin, squash, corn, oranges...
And do you know!...Oranges attract prosperity and luck; and you know already that its good for vitamin C reinforcement to prepare us for the cold! And Corn grants protection and attracts luck as well!

Now with the Autumn, we come into in the season of the lungs, the metal element of mystery, of swords and shields, coins, boxes and silver-backed mirrors. Ancient Alchemist sought to transform metal into gold, a metaphor for transmutation of lust to love.
***Be aware of your lungs, smile at them, breathing in the crystalline white light of courage.
We need courage for times of change...

Like the fruits of the vine, our lives too can change and ferment. Celebrate the ever changing nature of life, dreams, and goals as you toast the sacred ingredients- friends, family, and familiars- the loving relationships that mellow and ferment you.

We had a radiant Summer full of successful workshops, where i had the opportunity to meet beautiful women who I hope to continue to see in this new season. And let me share the changes in the Universal Healing Tao Centre UK:

  • We had a great Tai Chi Camp with a Yin predominance for the first time! Watch (with sound!) the fantastic Video
  • Congratulations to new Taoist Trainers, after their completion of Step 8 Tao of High Degree Retreat at Monchique in Algarve, Portugal. The first ones who completed so far: Matt Lewis, Tanya McCormack, Annie Hooley and myself!
  • The NEW Jade Circle Level 2 - All women who have already come to a Jade Circle before and heard the Jade Egg explanation are welcome! After a few requests, I decided to start this level 2 with the aim to give more practical time, skipping the explanation part of the Jade Egg.
Join me on Wednesday 30h September - Jade Circle Level 2
We're going to focus on the Jade Egg secrets and practice the powerful Jade Egg exercises! Such a great start for this new circle of the new season!
No Need to Book! just come on by, from 6.30 to about 8.30pm @ The Universal Healing Tao Centre, 68 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3JT

Next Jade Circle Level 1 Join me on Friday 9th October
No Need to Book! Just come on by, from 6.30 to about 8.30pm @ The Universal Healing Tao Centre, 68 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3JT

© Anamarta

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

:-)SMILE And...SMILE!!:-)

Hello! I'm with a big smile writing to you, the corners of my lips really lifted up! And I can imagine a smile on your face now!...this is the magic of smiling! 
When we smile we make ourselves feel good and everyone around us.
All Jade Circles we indeed practiced the art of smiling, exercising 600 muscles in our face!... Yes, great for your natural beauty!
Smile is the start of all the practices of the Universal Healing Tao, from the basics to the most advanced. The meditation of the 'Inner Smile' is the key to relaxation, to refresh, create, transform, attract and blend energies; it serves to soften our body and its elements, knots and blockages start to dissolve so that free flow of energy is restored. 
Try this:
Smile to a part in your body where you feel some pain or need some healing (in this moments of discomfort, will be the last think you would think of, but give it a try!) and your truly felt smile can help alleviate or melt it away.
If you notice the portraits of the great Oriental sages and masters of self-transformation like the Taoist Immortals, Buddha, etc, there's always a inward-oriented smile in their faces, to signify the spark of inner freedom and balance the unity of yin and yang, the balance of the female and male energies within, as they are both important.
And you know what is the most important sexual secret? That's right, Smile!! As it helps keep the sexual energy in the body- allowing you to cultivate more and more energy without loss (this because we slightly contract our perineum ("gate of life and death") when we smile). 
Is why we keep smiling when you do the Jade Egg practices and exercises, and of course almost through out of this holistic practice!
And smile is just not important in a sexual level but in a mental and emotional ones as well! 
Smile increases the blood flow to the brain, allowing it to operate more efficiently and it reminds us of being happy, which can (sometimes!) trick the mind into thinking we're happy even when we're feeling a little low. This can boost our self-confidence, make it easier for us to believe in and develop our own abilities.
Go ahead: SMILE...and SMILE!!:-)
© Anamarta


Olá! Estou a escrever com um sorriso bem rasgado, os cantos da minha boca estão totalmente levantados!! E  posso imaginar um sorriso no seu rosto agora!... é esta a magia de sorrir! 
Quando sorrimos fazemos bem a nós próprios e aos que nos rodeiam. 
Em todos os Jade Circles praticamos a arte de sorrir, exercitando 600 músculos na nossa cara! Sim, é fantástico para a nossa beleza natural!
O Sorriso é a base de todas as práticas do Tao de Cura Universal "Universal Healing Tao", desde o básico ao mais avançado. 
A meditação do 'Sorriso Interior' é a chave para o relaxamento, para revigorar, criar, transformar, atrair e misturar energias; ela serve para suavizar o nosso corpo e os seus elementos, tensões e bloqueios começam a dissolver-se restabelecendo-se o livre fluxo de energia. 
Tente isto:
Sorria para uma parte do seu corpo onde você sente alguma dor ou precisa de alguma cura (neste momentos de desconforto, será a última coisa que você iria pensar, mas experimente!) e começará a sentir que o sorriso ajuda a aliviar, ou mesmo a dissolver esse desconforto.
Se observarmos os retratos dos grandes sábios e mestres Orientais da auto-transformação, como os Imortais Taoístas, Buddha, etc, há sempre este pequeno sorriso nos seus rostos, para expressar o brilho da liberdade interior e a harmonia representada pela união do yin e yang, o equilibrio entre estas energias femininas e masculinas, pois são ambas importantes.
E sabe qual é o segredo sexual mais importante? 
É isso mesmo: o Sorriso! Pois ele ajuda a manter a energia sexual no corpo, permitindo que cultivemos mais e mais energia sem qualquer perda (isto porque quando sorrimos, contraímos ligeiramente o períneo, também conhecido como “o portal da vida e da morte”). É por isso que é importante sorrir durante as práticas e exercícios do Ovo de Jade, e claro ao longo de toda esta prática holística!
O sorriso não é importante apenas a nível sexual  mas também ao nível mental e emocional! 
O sorriso aumenta o fluxo sanguíneo para o cérebro, permitindo que este funcione de forma mais eficaz e isso faz-nos lembrar de sermos felizes, o que pode (às vezes) enganar a mente a pensar que está feliz, mesmo quando nos sentimos um pouco baixo. Isto pode aumentar a nossa auto-confiança, tornar mais fácil o acreditar e desenvolver das nossas próprias habilidades.
Vá em frente e continue a: SORRIR….e a SORRIR!!:-)

© Anamarta

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Let your Inner Beauty Out!

The beauty didn't just shine out, but all around the Healing Tao Centre, the City of London, and surely around the world and universe too!
We lit up the fire within ourselves and allowed the warm feelings to grow and expand, celebrating beauty, love, joy and laughter of our hearts in the fullest!
We had a lovely and delightful day with a group of such beautiful and sparkling women!
It was a such a pleasure to facilitate this special workshop with such inspiring presences, a day with the best of the feminine qualities: beauty, wisdom, gentleness and fun! Brilliant!!
Here we are:

Thank you for your feedback.
  • "Thank you for the warm lovely teaching. really enjoyed the nice balance of yin-yang (exercises vs. stillness). Thank you with all my heart."S.C.
  • "Every Jade Circle with Anamarta is wonderful, and every new one exceeds the expectation. I felt delighted, beautiful and allowed new parts of me to shine out... Anamarta is a great teacher and never ceases to surprise with new beautiful ideas. She makes a woman feel truly beautiful as she is beautiful herself and a mirror for us..."M.G.
  • "I am so grateful to discover you and your lovely and generous presence; the Tao teachings were known to me before, but i didn't have time or wasn't ready, you make it so easy. I now appreciate myself as a woman, its a lovely long time life journey and finally looking forward to. Hope to learn more with you in the future."D.V.
  • "The workshop was insightful, beautifully held and well presented. I enjoyed the exercises, the energy, + dance... I enjoyed the day and the coming together of women. Thank you very much." A.F.
  • "I very much enjoyed the gentleness, openness, fun... All good as an introduction to deepen practice." S.H.
  • "Today was filled with wonderful new experiences, presented in a warm and caring way. I would definitely recommend the day to all women who seek a deeper meaning in today's often shallow way." V.C.
  • "...another wonderful workshop. Its good to see you doing workshops like this... Well done!..."S.R.
  • "Thank you for the lovely day. Everything about it was good." M.O.
  • The guided meditations were lovely. The sound elements were very useful..."S.B.
  • "I had a wonderful day" M.
  • "...another great workshop, your love for the women in the group was tangible. Your grace and kindness give me hope..."E.B.
  • Thank you for a beautiful workshop... Really enjoyed the belly dancing! Thank you for your joyful and generous spirit." S.K.

Monday, 27 July 2009


Do you know that beauty, body fit, mind and spirit too can get a work-out with the Taoist practices!
"Beauty, the radiance of the eternal" - the source of compassion, serenity and hope.
We feel most alive in the presence of beauty, whether we find it in a person, place or work of art, in nature or a spiritual moment.
Our society often confuses beauty with glamour. But which do you think endures? True beauty is a light that cant be extinguished.
"Give me beauty in the inward soul; may the outward and the inward woman be at one."
As I shared in the 'Happy Summer' post, one can attune to natural beauty by awakening the heart chakra.

Look for beauty in everything even the flowers in a clump of weeds or the reflection of the sky in a muddy puddle, recognize beauty in others and in yourself. By doing so, you feed your own spirit and also add to the positive uplifting energy in the world.
Our conscious perception of beauty, unique to our species, can be kind of creation in itself.

Some beauty tips:
Smile! When you smile you exercise more then 600 muscles in your face, when you frown you just exercise 400!
***A few minutes of facial exercises, chi self massage each day can help to relax tension and release your natural beauty. You can watch the Video Kuan Yin Chi Kung Warm Up - ending up with a chi self massage.
***Try a simple stretch to tone muscles around the mouth, cheeks, jaw, chin: with your mouth open as wide as possible sound out the vowels A, E, I, O, U slowly, exaggerating your facial movements as you speak. Repeat 9 times. Have fun with it!
***Breast massage as we teach in the Jade Circle to keep your breasts healthy, shining and firm, but just not that, when you do the nipples massage you stimulate your endocrine system feeding all your master glands, which will give a rejuvenate side affect.
***Radiant beauty ritual bath to enhance your inner and outer radiance. Light vanilla-scented or three rose pink and three white candles around the bathtub, (the bathroom should be warm), drop some rose oil and sprinkle rose petals onto the surface of the bath water. Close your eyes and imagine that your body is absorbing radiant beauty from the surrounding water. Just feel yourself glow! As you bath, focus on your best qualities and recite this affirmation: "I let my inner beauty shine." If you need a special boost for an important date, do this when the moon is just approaching full. And to become a beauty moon bath, have your six candles (three rose pink and white) in silver holders around your bath, burn a rose-scented joss-stick, or place rose oil in an oil burner. When you ready to get out, wrap yourself a huge, soft rose-coloured towel and get ready in a leisure way, knowing that delights are to come!

© Anamarta

Thursday, 16 July 2009


Friday 24th July the Special Jade Circle presents a great opportunity to learn or improve your Kuan Yin & Iron Shirt Chi Kung with Anamarta
With these ancient and powerful self healing exercises and postures you can:
*Improve your grounding
*Feel more centered
*Develop your rooting power and Earth-connection
*Empower yourself on the physical, emotional & spiritual level

Taoist philosophy recommends the same amount of chi kung as meditation, and its always good to start with what you know better, your physical body.

Iron Shirt Chi Kung Stage Demonstration at the Mind Body & Spirit Festival 2009 by Anamarta & Kris Deva North
"Its incredible how much inner strengh these postures bring, which reflect in various aspects of life! I can take not just a physical push, but emotional and spiritual too...amazing how rooted and grounded you can get! You become like a tree...nobody can move you and you feel in perfect harmony between Heaven and Earth!" Anamarta

Look forward to see you on Friday!

Thursday, 25 June 2009


Hello and Happy Summer!
Each year when the richness of Summer moves across the Earth Mother and Old Man Winter was just a memory, the seeds already sown, the flowers opened... We come into a time of warmth, which brings us energy and good feelings; a time of light, which illuminates and inspires to create; a time to enjoy the fruits of love and success; a time to celebrate joy, passion, enthusiasm and pleasure.

Enjoy the summertime!
The sultry air is an invitation to savour life. Let your inner playmate out of hiding; laughter is a great way to shake up your routine, hang out and giggle with people! And lets not forget romance, that's one thing the weather's never too hot to enjoy. Then again, some of the greatest pleasures are the simplest: walking in the nature; smell the flowers; napping in a hammock; licking an ice cream very, very slowly.

And don't forget that the sun always shines inside of our heart!
We are in the heart season, associate with the fire element. Fire dances, fire warms, fire burns, fire creates and fire destroys.

  • SMILE at your heart breathing in the red light of love, starting for love yourself unconditionally; breathing in the red light of joy, joie de vivre, celebrating your everyday life's gifts.
Without an open and loving heart, you can never taste the nectar and pure bliss of life.

It has been suggested that our heart generates its own energy field, which interacts with the energy fields of other people.

  • Consciously radiated love, caring feelings from your heart to everyone around you, and they’ll transmit these same energies to you in return.
One way to attune yourself to beauty is by awakening the heart chakra. And do you know our heart centre is the strongest generator of light energy in the body, even stronger than the brain?
  • Sit quietly, take a few deep breaths and focus on your heart, imagine breathing in the sunlight and smile at your heart, call to someone you love. Let your heart fill with warmth and appreciation for them. The nourishment such a feelings give to body, mind and spirit enhance your own beauty.
Summon restful energy to care for yourself, strengthen your health and be your best to celebrate this Summer in the fullest and to reward yourself with a sip of life's joy and sweetness.
© Anamarta

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Lets dance!

I'm delighted to present this Friday, 29th May our Special Jade Circle- Lets dance! @ 6.30-8.30pm in The Universal Healing Tao Centre.
We're going to have an evening divided into wisdom & action and good fun!
People often ask me about a daily practice. I always say Smile! And of course i can say the inner smile is such a nice way to start the day, the healing sounds to finish it, and...
...Dance five minutes a day!
Is great for yourself and your body! And is so important to celebrate your body, your Temple, the fertile vessel that you inhabit. The woman's body is a sacred extension of the Great Mother Earth; all acts of pleasure, abundance and fertility are part of the female nature.
Dancing is so good for de-stressing and allowing space for new energies and experiences to flow within!
Dancing is so good for grounding, to celebrate the Earth in which your seeds flourish; assisting their growth and flowers, and blessing the youthful fruits of your knowledge and wisdom in action.
Dancing is such a beautiful way to express yourself through the movements you create in your beautiful body. And dancing can be such great fun!
The human body is meant to move. Dance is simply movement to music so anyone can do it.

We're going to do some belly-dancing this Friday, dancing with joy, anticipating the coming warmth!
Belly-dancing is great to open up our energy: in ancient times known to be the dance of fertility, preparing for childbirth.
Its a great exercise for your pelvic area, working all your internal muscles, really connecting with our Jade Egg practices!
And belly-dance is fun! The movements draw you into an intimate relationship with your body and may help to overcome blockages and a less positive self image. When i started it opened the door to love and appreciate my hips and round curves, bum, which are the landmarks of the female body, but in society nowadays is quite forgotten...
Do you know that belly-dance and dance in general, is a weight bearing exercise, the kind of exercise critical in helping prevent Osteoporosis?
Belly-dance works on so many levels providing a holistic approach towards well being. Here a few more benefits of it: back and joints (relief of pain), overall body toning, boosts self-esteem, can help relieve PMS, helps in losing weight!

Looking forward to dance with you on Friday!
© Anamarta

Friday, 22 May 2009

Travelling Circle in India

The Travelling Circle in India, hosted by the the Indian spiritual teacher and healer Usha-ji in BuddhaHall, was absolutely fantastic!
I'd like to appreciate Usha-ji for this opportunity to celebrate the mysterious feminine in incredible and magical India! I'm deeply grateful
to all the lovely women I had the pleasure and blessing to meet and work with! As well to my dear friend Carla who came all the way from Portugal to do this workshop, thank you for such a big help with the administrative work and the sharing of the impressive bio-gymnastic (a fusion of Kung Fu, Yoga and gymnastics), was good fun!
We had a group of beautiful women from all over the world, who made this workshop even more special, for their full and bright presence every moment of this journey we embraced together.
We had three days with all the weather conditions...from sun, blue sky, hot, rain, storm, cold, the Divine representation of the feminine tapestry!
Was amazing to observe the changes, enhancements and improvements in each of the present Goddesses along the three days.

Keep smiling & shining!

Thank you, muchas gracias, obrigado, dhanyabad for your feedback!
  • “Many thanks…for sharing something that I believe will become intrinsic to my being – my woman-ness.” J.G. India/UK
  • “…all of this was very new to me to me but your wonderful and loving energy and the amazing and kind energy of the group made this an amazing experience.” Y.R. Israel
  • “Your imagination, energy and sense of what is sacred is a blessing to behold…” M.M. South Africa
  • “…thank you for the beautiful course…for bringing your wisdom and sharing it with us…inspiring us…” R.M. England
  • “You rock!! You held the energy in the group beautifully…” M.N. Sweden
  • “…an interesting, new and exhilarating experience…All in all, the course was great. Exceeded expectations!” K.W. S.Africa
  • “Your guidance and instruction was informed + inspiring and positive…I will take the pointers with me on the rest of my journey…” T.M. Scotland
  • “Thank you for…this opportunity to work with this energy in a safe, contained space.” J.N. England
  • “…You made what can be dry technique more juicy!…thank you for helping keep the spirit of the Goddess alive and radiant.” M. India/USA
  • “Thank you for an inspiring workshop.” V. UK
  • “Muchas gracias a ti por abrir esta puerta a una nueva sabiduria…” P.A. Chile
  • “…ADOREI o workshop, veio ensinar-me muita coisa, a descobrir uma parte feminina que estava um pouco esquecida, obrigada por tudo!…” C.L. Portugal
  • “...I really want to say thanks to you for sharing your divine knowledge and beauty of real feminine self, I was so impressed by your beautiful teaching and secret knowledge, I really feel that all woman should learn or experience this divine jade practice for their highest creativity, beauty and discover the power of their true feminine self and I see you as a beautiful person and a teacher to help all those woman’s who need to experience this secret energy... So Thanks a lot once again for everything and special thanks for bringing up your knowledge to India in my School Buddha Hall, I hope will be continue in this path to share our love and knowledge with each other and who ever needed…….”
    Dr.Usha India

Sunday, 26 April 2009


Namaste from India!
Here I'm in India to share the sacred Jade Holistic Egg Practice in the Himalayas hills, in the sacred BuddhaHall, in Bagsu, Dharamsala, hosted by the Indian teacher and healer Usha-ji.

This Spring is being so flourishing!
Id like to share with you what other lovely women Ive been shared with me, contributing to the wisdom, beauty and richness of our Circle.
The beautiful Jade Circle logo was kindly designed by Liz Peart.

"Stories are medicine. They have such power; they do not require that we do, be, act anything- we need only listen." Clarissa Pinkola Estes the author of "Women Who Run With The Wolves- contacting the power of the wild woman", such an inspiring and enjoyable book, a gift received from dear Sarah, my sister-in-law.
I received a wonderful story about a girl, I attached it in the newsletter, is long, but worth to read it. If you want to receive it just email me. Here a taste of it:

"The Circle was so special all the women told me things that I didn't know i had. I will never forget it in all my life. (...) The circle was glowing with light and it was beautiful. (...)     Alicia knows inside that the old ways, the sacred ways are coming back. That this is how it could be, for all girls, becoming woman... everywhere."

Sharing is such a precious and natural gift. The true Yin nature is open to receive, and when we receive we give, completing the energy's cycle, everything that goes around turns around.
Let me share the medicine of one of my totems, Otter-Woman Medicine, from the Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams.
The beauty of a balance female side, the side of ourselves that creates space for others to enter in our lives without preconceptions or suspicions. This teaches us that balanced female energy is not envy or catty; it is sisterhood, content to enjoy and share the goodness with others, express joy for others.
Woman energy without games or control is a beautiful experience, it is the freedom of love without jealousy.
You might look at the joyfulness of the receptive side of your nature. Have you given yourself a gift recently? Have you received any messages in your dreams, thoughts, meditations? Flow with the water of the Universe...this is the way of balanced female-receptive energy. Honor it! In doing so, you will discover the power of woman.

And about the Tao? Tao means the way...and each of us finds our own.
You already know the secret...Smile!
Smile at all your organs, giving special attention to your liver this Spring!
Here the liver sound to keep it clear and radiant.
Breath out SHHHHHHHHH as you release anger, greed, envy and jealousy.
Breath in the healing green light of kindness, generosity, forgiveness, self-expansion and identity.
The posture, if you want to add the liver meridian stretch: raise your arms and clasp above your head, lean right, look up.

Please feel free to share your thoughts, stories, ideas, inspirations...I'm always happy to hear from you!
© Anamarta

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Jade Circle Birthday!

Our Special Jade Circle to celebrate this special date was certainly unique and magic, a truly deep celebration of the mysterious feminine.
We had the honour to have a full house of wonderful women who brought their experience and knowledge to the Circle and made it more rich then ever!
Our lovely guest Bernadette Carelse illuminated us to dive into ourselves with the Vision Quest; such a beautiful and sacred evening!
Thank you for all the presents for your bright and inspiring presence! You made me feel so blessed to have the opportunity to gather women of all ages and backgrounds joining in the Universal Feminine Awareness and I believe from here this energy spreads to the city, country, world and Universe!
This enhances our continuing evolution on this path, the power to celebrate the beauty and bliss to be a woman, to just Be, Be Yin!


Monday, 9 March 2009

Birthday Party! ;)

We are delighted to present our Special Jade Circle to celebrate our birthday on Friday the 13th (6.30-8.30), a lucky number for us women because of the 13 moons (period cycles) we have during the year, and on Friday which is associated with Venus and the Goddess Freya, who brings us love, friendship, beauty, reconciliation. Such a great day for our celebration!!
For our birthday celebration we've a special guest, Bernadette Carelse, one of the first facilitators of the Jade Circle! She will guide us in a vision quest, and for that you need to bring paper and colour pen, candle and, if you would like to, an object with symbolic meaning.

Prepare yourself for the Spring!
Spring is still but a memory within your heart, but the worst of winter has passed and soon the growing cycle will start. Enjoy and reflect upon the yin stage that marks the Winter, which is associated with the Kidneys, smile at them, breathing in the healing blue color, connecting with your inner wisdom and gentleness. Any seed you plant in yourself will grow in the Spring time, when things begin; associated with the liver, smile and prepare the liver energy of kindness, generosity and forgiveness to flow within you with a green light of ancient healing forest.


Sunday, 8 March 2009


I’d like to wish a happy women’s day to all the beautiful women I know and I don’t know yet.
The bliss of being a woman in this life makes me appreciate every day to the Universe.
We’ve the support of Great Mother Earth, a gift for us women to receive Her abundant, serene, centering, sensuous energy! And we’ve the Grandmother Moon who illuminates us in the dark, inspiring us, and arousing our connection with our intuition and feminine mystery.
Today we celebrate the International Women’s Day! Such a good time to connect with the Goddess within you and thus empower the Divine Femine, which emanates a soft, soothing energy that engenders feelings of comfort, safety, nurturing, and stimulates joy, happiness and relaxation. And this connects us to the frequency of Divine Love, compassion and true appreciation for all experiences and creation, developing trust in the Universe to provide for all our needs.
All of us have both yin and yang energy; but our yin predominant energy make us to be a woman! Enjoy it! Live it in the fullest! And celebrate!

© Anamarta

Friday, 13 February 2009

Great start of the Ox's year for our Jade Circle!

Our Special Jade Circle to celebrate the first full moon of the Ox's year was just wonderful!
We had a big group of beautiful and inspiring women who lit up the London Tao Centre!
I felt so honoured and blessed to facilitate the Circle and was so nice our celebration to the Moon!... Thank you for your lovely presence and for the inspiration you brought.
Here one of the happy and funny moments:

Thank you for your comments!
How was the Jade Circle for you?
  • "Always nice to be here. I feel like home. Thanks Anamarta." B.R.
  • "I enjoyed very much.Thanks for the experience and im looking forward to the next session." A.V.
  • "A gentle and celebrating evening.Thank you."R.F.
  • "It was great, it was good to review what we've done, in previous session. Thanks for inspiring, thanks for sharing. Love" E.B.
  • "It was wonderful. Thank you. Moon Goddess! xx" E.H.
  • "This was a wonderful evening once again confirming the beauty and kindness of the Zen School of Shiatsu."
  • "I feel much more relaxed. :) "J.H.
  • "Exactly what i need-Thank you!x"
  • "Lovely.x" E.
  • "Wonderful. Thank you." C.C.
Private Jade Circle in London

At the end of January, after arriving from Australia, I had the pleasure to facilitate a private Jade Circle with two inspiring women.
They gave me so much inspiration for 2009!
We had such a sacred weekend and indeed lots of fun.
My deep gratitude and joy for your lovely and brightful presence!

"I joined the Jade Circle training not knowing much about it. As soon as Anamarta started to explain it I felt very comfortable. I was explained that it wasn't going to be a workshop where you have to break limitations but instead was to reconcile with the very being of every woman, to rediscover the Goddess that is in every of us.
I loved the simple yet, carefully selected meditation and Chi Kong exercises sequence.
I felt safe in the hands of a person who wanted the best outcome for me. I'm looking forward to the follow up. Thanks Anamarta."

"The weekend was a totally wonderful experience from beginning to end.
Anamarta you are a wonderful natural teacher full of love and kindness. Everything flowed so naturally, my 1st introduction to Jade Circle , Anamarta you taught to the pace of your students, easy to understand and practise, and experience straight away."
E. S.
Private Travelling Circle in Newcastle

Last year I was invited to go to Newcastle by Lisa, who was in the Summer retreat doing Step 2 and 3 with us.
Not being a lover of the cold (my Portuguese roots…;) , I prepared all my warmest clothes to go up to the North in November. But the warm reception I had from the warm Newcastle women just filled my heart with such a warm feelings that I just forgot about the cold!
Was so nice to meet and facilitate the Jade Circle for such beautiful and inspiring women.
They brought me much inspiration and made me feel so ‘at home’, our sessions were great.
Thank you lovely and dear Geordys!

We had such a wonderful time!

“This came along at just the right time for me! The practices we learned together were very nurturing, and helped me get in touch with myself again, and to slow down and listen to my body. I had been very active and busy the previous 6 months, and the Jade circle helped me to contact and restore the Yin within me. I came away at the end of the 3 evenings feeling energised and restored, and also more centered. The Jade Circle reminded me of how important it is to be Yin as well as Yang - to have balance. I would recommend everyone to try this. Anamarta is a very warm, open and welcoming facilitator, and very grounded. She embodies for me the potential of my practice. Thank you so much for coming to Newcastle!”

“I loved having the Jade circle visit Newcastle. It's wonderful to share these powerful practices with other women in the north of England. Thank you Anamarta, for your commitment to teaching and for holding the space with gentleness and focus.”

“We spent 3 evenings with Anamarta, exploring different ways of connecting with our qi and especially with the qi of our most female selves, our wombs and breasts. Sometimes this was a little awkward, a least at first - we are British after all! But it soon felt OK, Anamarta made us all feel very comfortable, and the power of the breast-cleansing exercises was remarkable. When I do it in my everyday life it not only helps release my emotions, but afterwards my husband can tell I've done it - he says my breasts go shiny!”

Thursday, 5 February 2009


Our Taoist practice group for Women, the Jade Circle (learn more with a click) is gathering on Wednesday 11th February to celebrate the first Jade Circle and first Full Moon of the Year of the Ox.
All women are welcome - come on by The Universal Healing Tao Centre at 68 Great Eastern Street London EC2A 3JT at 6.30 for a warm welcome from Anamarta. We finish around 8.30.

Wish you a Happy full moon on Monday 9th February and look forward to see you at the Special Jade Circle on the 11th!
This Full Moon in February, the Quickening Moon can help you prepare for rebirth. Deep within, seeds are stirring with visions fertile and strong. While winter's fury blusters and brays, our own inner vision stir in the growing light of days. Bellow the surface of the earth, small seeds are awakening.

Hunger Moon, Wild Moon, Ice Moon stealth,
in quiet preparation I love my self,
Brigit, Persephone, Diana, Kuan Yin,
Help to cleanse and heal what's within.


Tuesday, 13 January 2009


Join Anamarta in the Kuan Yin Chi Kung warm-up exercises with Chi Self Massage for health and vitality or to just learn more about these great exercises which make you feel good, bringing harmony into your body, mind and spirit. Enjoy!

"...these exercises are so powerful, you instantly feel the benefit, not only in the long run. "
"Great start of the day!"