Saturday, 27 February 2010


Here we are, end of the month, tomorrow is the last full moon of this Winter. A couple of weeks and we go into the new season, the Spring, when things begin.
Do you start to smell, feel change in the air?
We are in the transition from being, the Yin peak of the year to the time of doing, with the Wood element.
I'm looking upon this time as self-nurturing, looking after ourselves, our bodies, still delving into our yin, water energy and letting emerge the beginning of Spring, welcoming this alive and healthy energy within! I see the time and care invested in ourselves as the greatest investment! From here we can spread our vibrations, inspiration and support towards others.

From inspirational Jamie Sams in Sacred Path Cards:
~"The way we view life is dependent, to a certain extent, on how we feel and how we respect and care for our bodies."
~"All nurturing comes from the ability to pay attention to our needs and our feelings. If we don't know what we need, how can we nurture ourselves? If we don't know what others need or feel, how can we give comfort? If we are out of touch with our bodies, how can we keep them healthy and strong?"
~"If we are willing to nurture ourselves through connection to our Earth Mother, then we will learn how to nurture others."
Our body is a vehicle for processing energy, and the healthier we are, the more energy it will process at a faster rate.
~One thing to be aware of is the physical effect on our body of our thoughts and feelings. So as Dr.Christiana Northrup says in Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom: "If our bodies are nothing but a field of ideas, lets make sure that those ideas represent our best interest."

A great way for nourishment and self-nurturing is the inner smile, smile to your organs giving special attention still to your kidneys and give a special look to your liver. When doing your inner smile...notice if any of the organs feel different? Can be a message from your internal universe.
**Focus on the breath coming and going through your nose... With your minds eye, look in front of you and see the sun, warm and shining, lighting up all your being, all your organs, all your cells, all your bones... Smile at your organs... when you arrive at your kidneys:
*Keep smiling at your kidneys, breathe in the blue healing light of gentleness and wisdom; be gentle with yourself, be gentle in everything you do.

Fear being the emotion of the kidneys, it creates cold, associate negative emotions as phobias, trauma, nervousness, which are very deep emotions; fear contributes as well for the loss of the primordial and sexual energy, loss of life force, (the nervous system becomes stressed, the body becomes acidic). Do the kidneys healing sound to let go all your fears:
**Connect with your kidneys, feel or imagine the warmth from your palms going into your kidneys, you can be sitting on the chair or in floor, place your hands around your knees, your feet on the floor, round the back, and pull in the abdomen. Look inward, into your kidneys and breathe out WHHHOOOO releasing, letting go fear.
Breath in the fresh bright blue light of gentleness, calmness and wisdom.

Self-nurturing is essential to connect with the Divine Feminine within.
*What makes part of your self-nurturing routine?
Do you know is important to integrate one self-nurturing practice towards ourselves every day?
**You can make a list of everything that makes you feel good, nurtured and happy with yourself. Then add one of these to your daily life. May different days reflect different self-nurturing practices.

Enjoy the end of the Winter and the beginning of the Spring!

© Anamarta

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Welcoming the New Tiger Year!!

The Chinese New Year is approaching with the New Moon! An excitement and great opportunity for making resolutions and goals, new plans, or just reinforce the ones we've done one month ago, and may didn't have the time to put them in practice!
While it is good to make lists or write a mission statement, having a mantra can help focus your energy and attention on your new goals for the year.
Taken from the original Sanskrit, the word mantra means "sacred counsel" and can represent a thought, a phrase or even a single word that embraces what you wish to bring into your life.
The power of your mantra is twofold: recitation and repetition. Saying it to yourself on a daily basis (or even several times each day!) can help you to focus on the power of the words and the meaning behind them.
Tiger New Year starts on 14th February, Valentine's day! Celebrate the New Year with love! With self-love (yes, you've many reasons to love and be in-love with yourself!), love with your beloved (we're celebrating at the Centre with a Tao Tantra Couples workshop), love with your family and friends! In ancient Chinese tradition the New Year's day is beneficial to celebrate, to be happy, to have smiling faces, and to refrain from quarreling, or criticizing anyone.
Leaving the Ox year behind - the reinforcement, "prosperity and fortitude through hard work" we come into the Tiger - the courage - "associated with good fortune, power and royalty, tigers are viewed with both respect and fear".
"The Tiger is one of the most beautiful creatures on the planet".
The Chinese (as other Asian cultures), see the tiger and not the lion, as the king animals.
"Tiger is lucky for some..."
Well, about luck, I believe we do our own! I heard in a movie a while ago something that reaffirms this: "Never give up and good luck will find you!"
In Taoism the Tiger symbolizes the female Yin energy and also represents Earth, as opposed to the Yang male energy of the Dragon, which represents Heaven.

Join me in the celebration & welcoming of the ))))) Tiger ((((( New Year!!
Wednesday 17th February Jade Circle Level 2 (All women who have come to a Jade Circle before and heard the Jade Egg explanation are welcome!)
We will focus on the Jade Egg secrets of the pelvic rock with Belly Dance! We continue to shake this cold away enjoying our tiger tales!...;) To learn more about the belly dance benefits in the "Lets Dance" post.
@ the same place @ the same time!

© Anamarta

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Keeping Warm!


How is your Winter?
This time of looking inwards, to focus and embrace the flow of your yin energy, the time of just being. And do you know each moment is a precious gift in BE-ing? Enjoy!

Are you keeping your kidneys warm? (check the Happy Winter Solstice post).
Another good thing to keep you warm, as you already know, is to have warm feet. And do you know why?
We've the KD1- Kidney 1 point in the sole of your foot, (where you keep your feet on the ground), named 'Bubbling Spring'.
**Do some tapping, massage in your KD1, awaken and stimulating this point; which can be very helpful in your connection with the Earth. Through it you can easily access the healing and abundant energy of Mother Earth and Water Element, imagine drinking from it. You can also use this point to discharge anything you want to let go from your body (physical, emotional and even energetic), you can do a meditation or just dance, dance with the rhythm of the Earth, surrender to Her pulse. Remember that Mother Earth is always open to recycle everything you send and the Water element to dissolve it.
A good way to stimulate your circulation:
**To rub, massage your ears. Yes, the ears are linked with your kidneys. Also helping you to keep warm!

© Anamarta