Sunday, 29 December 2013

Gratitude from the depth of my heart!

Hola from Mexico!
With a smile in my heart, overflowing with gratitude and delight for your presence in the Jade Circle, in my life, physically for the ones I know, and virtually for the ones I don't know, yet!
Our circle continues to expand, to grow: I feel so grateful to receive so much inspiration, beauty and knowledge from all women who came my way, learn about different cultures and witness that our feminine needs are the same worldwide. And the biggest blessing and satisfaction is to watch the blooming of more and more women into their power and the sisterhood that is always felt in all circles, all over the world, with no exception! This feels like to me as a waterfall of blessings... Thank you all from the depth of my heart!
This year I had the pleasure to hold Jade Circles in 3 continents, 7 countries and in 10 cities, villages.
Finishing in Mexico, what an amazing way to complete the year! - Click:   to see the beautiful Mexican Jade Goddesses pioneers, and to read about this Mexican adventure.
These Travelling Circles would not be possible without the work of my organisers and sisters: a warm hug filled with gratitude for all of you, my dears.
Facebook many thanks too!! More than 1300 likes in a short time. I feel so appreciative and honoured for all contributing to our 'Jade Virtual Circle' blossoming! 
I've been using Facebook, not just to announce our events, but sharing interesting articles relating to the seasons, inspiring tips and insights, and sharing of personal thoughts (moments of inspiration...;)...
Thank you all for your likes! You made me embrace technology with ease and joy!!
And for others who are not there yet, you are more than welcome to join us, I would love to see you there!! Sharing FB love! ;)
And keep posted for more, next year: much more to come!
I'll start by the updating the album of travelling circles, started already in the latest retreat.

I finish with appreciations to our Jade Circle Blog readers, more than 20,700 so far; which gives me even more enthusiasm to keep writing to you, to get inspired to inspire! 

In sisterhood & joyfulness
 © Anamarta

Friday, 13 December 2013


The Jade Circle went to the first time to Mexico, the retreat took place in Amealco, Queretaro, World Heritage, not far from magical Peña de Bernal, where you can find the 2nd biggest rock in the yes, it rocks!
An honour to take my ancient practices and secrets to modern women in a land of rich and ancient culture, where I found some differences and many similarities! When we go to the root of things is usually what happens!...
This experience was so wonderful and special thanks for an amazing group of Mexican women I had the pleasure to meet, yes almost 100% Mexican, just with Suzanne from London, an Advance Jade Goddess nicknamed "Mexican" by the pioneers Mexican Jade Goddesses! ;) And two pairs of mothers and daughters... 
Thank you all for your beautiful, heart-open and truly inspired presence! Thank you to my dear organisers Karla and Mayella (via UK brought the idea in first place) to make it happen!
And last, but not least, I have to give thanks for the traditional tezmascal (sweatlodge) facilitated by lovely Alicia, supported by the lovely fire lady Gaby and with the special presence of dear Abuela (Grandmother) Teresita, who came all way to share her wisdom... what a powerful evening, in which magic happened!... I'm sure will remain in each of the present hearts... Ahooo! OMETEOTL!! TLAZOCAMATI!!
 En español:
El Círculo de Jade se llevo a cabo por primera vez en México, el retiro se realizo en Amealco, Querétaro, Patrimonio de la Humanidad, no lejos de mágico Peña de Bernal, donde se puede encontrar la segunda piedra (monolito)  más grande del  mundo... y si .... "it rocks"!
Fue un honor compartir mi prácticas y secretos antiguos con mujeres modernas que vienen de una tierra de rica y una milenaria cultura, donde he encontrado algunas diferencias y muchas similitudes. Cuando vamos a la raíz de las cosas por lo general es lo que nos damos cuenta!...
Esta experiencia fue tan maravillosa y especial por impresionante grupo de mujeres mexicanas a las cuales tuve el placer de conocer, y en este taller estuve con  una casi   100% mexicana:  Suzanne de Londres, una Diosa de Jade Avanzada, apodada "mexicana" por las pioneras Diosas de Jade Mexicanas! ;) Y dos pares de madres e hijas...
Gracias a todos por su belleza, el corazón abierto y verdaderamente inspiradora presencia! Gracias a mi queridas organizadoras Karla y Mayella (la idea fue primero en Reino Unido) para que esto sucediera!
Y, por último, pero no por ello menos importante, tengo que dar las gracias por el tradicional temazcal(sweatlodge) facilitado por preciosa Alicia, con el apoyo de la encantadora mujer de fuego Gaby y con la presencia especial del querida Abuela Teresita, que vino a compartir su sabiduría... qué poderoso noche, en el que la magia simplemente ocurrió!... Estoy segura quetodo esto permanecerá en el  corazón de cada una de las mujeres que estuvieron presentes... Ahooo! OMETEOTL!! TLAZOCAMATI!!

Here we are: Aquí estamos:
 More photos here (Facebook Album) Más fotos aquí

Thank you for your feedback!** Gracias por tus comentarios!** 
** "Gracias, Gracias, Gracias. Me llevo mucho amor, aprendizaje y armonia. Gracias por venir a Mexico a compartir tus conocimiententos, congruencia y amore de camino, con el huevo de jade. Seguimos en contacto. Muito obrigado." M.G.

** "Mil gracias por compartir tu sabiduria con nosotras. Esta circulo es un despertar de mi feminidad y mi poder. Gracias infinitas por tu labor en este mundo." P.V.

** "Muchas gracias por compartir tus experiencias y sabedoria. espero reunirnos mas adelante. me llevo much energia, luz y consejos para poner en practica. Gracias infinitas. Namaste." E.A.

"Sensacional, maravilloso y orgasmico!!!" V.V.

"Gracias poe esta maravillosa experiencia. desde hoy retorno mi poder feminino y sobre toda mi sensualidad y sexualidad. Verte me hizo recordar que soy una Diosa. Bendiciones.
Me siento renovada y más feliz y con una gran urgencia de compartir con el resto de las mujeres lo que pude aprender." N.G.

** "Thanks for all. This weekend I learned to love myself." A.L.

** "Gracias... Por esta experiencia maravillosa!! Honrare siempre mi Feminino." C.Z.

Gracias por tu ensenanza... de aplicando dia con dia para ser una mejor Diosa" E.A.

** "Hermosa Diosa muchas gracias, definitivamente eres un ejemplo de amor a la  humanidad. Dios te bendice por todo lo que nos ensenas. Luz, verdad y amor." E.G.

** "Te amo mucho Anamarta. Hasta siempre. Gracias." E.A.M.

** "Beautiful workshop as always! Was very useful to go through this level again for me, and thanks for the extra Spanish classes! Thank you Anamarta. Mexico rocks!!! xx" S.E.

** "A beautiful experience!!... Agradezco tu belleza, tu sabiduria, tu sonrisa. Mucho que aprender, pero sobre todo mucho que sentir y escutar a mi Diosa. Gracias!!" J.M.C.

"Gracias! Unforgetable exchange of women's power." M.A.

"Gracias, este que nos has dado es un regalo maravilloso y magico. Que Dios, Diosa la divinidad te sigan bendiciendo siempre que tu luz siga brillado cada vez mas. Un grande abrazo y amor..." A.S.

** "Me gusto mucho del taller, por mi fue una experiencia hermosa llena de luz, sabiduria y amor. Gracias por compartir tu ser, tu essencia. Bienvenida a esta tierra mexicana, disfruta, estas hermosas, y vuelve pronto!love you.." K.M.


Monday, 25 November 2013

Jade Circle in Cobham, Surrey for the first time!

"The Jade Circle always leaves people smiling!"**
We had a very special evening and beautiful Circle, you can see it from our faces!...
The sharing comments of how people were feeling in the end were: happy, inspired, peaceful, relaxed, loved, wonderful, calm, at one, effervescent, aware, excited, new beginning!
This evening was hosted by dearest **Liz Kendall, Shiatsu in Surrey, who enthusiastically brought the Jade Egg Holistic Practice for a lovely, open and bubbly group of women from her community, with the youngest being 19 and oldest 67, how rich! And after all these years teaching in UK it was the most English group (almost 100%) I've had, and loved it! One more time thank you for all present Until I see you again!
Here what Liz shared in her facebook page:
"15 wonderful women gathered last night for the first Jade Circle in Cobham. Thanks to Jade Circle Anamarta for sharing holistic Taoist practice, the mysteries of the Jade Egg, the Inner Smile meditation and some energising Chi Kung!"

Thank you very much Liz for everything, including your warm hospitality! 


Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Sharings & Updates

Long time, a few moons since I wrote to you!
Happy to tell you that the Blog has been updated with Travelling Circles from all over the world, if you like photos, if you like reading, just scroll down; at the foot of the page click 'older posts' to change to other page (it has a few pages).
So where have I been?
Just before India I took the Jade Circle to Barcelona
A great teaching experience for me has I did my first talk in Spanish! Well, Portuñol (a mix of Spanish and Portuguese); and now
preparing it again for the Jade Circle Retreat, for the first time in Mexico!!...
In India I immersed myself in my Gypsy dancing life, in Rajasthan, a lovely experience filled with surprises and so rich in many levels!... Living most of the time there inside a fort (Jaisalmer, the 'Golden City') on the edge of the desert... A daily living with my Kalbeliya choti didi (little sister, Kalbeliya is the name of the gypsy tribe, caste), with whom I learned so much! We danced intensively and our 'dancing highlight' was a performance in the desert! (in a luxury tent resorts).
I also shared with my Gypsy sisters how to look after our intimate parts; how babies are made, and how you can you avoid getting pregnant, still enjoying 'our husbands'; how to keep our face wrinkle-free and young!... And I even taught breast massage, and the whole body chi self massage (you can find it in the end of this video), and all this with my very little Hindi and their little English!....
 The same with my new sisters, a tribe, caste, named Bopa, we communicate in this way... and I truly feel and believe in the language of the heart, it's how we get to know and understand each other, even when not speaking the same verbal language... ("Language of the heart" I quote the grandmother tree from the Pocahontas, yes the cartoon animation... such an inspiring and one of my favourite love stories!...).
My Bopa sisters made this journey even more meanfull, as with them I just I experienced again that those who have less are the ones who always give more. Transcendental generosity!... So beautiful and rare! The sisterhood I lived with them with will always remain in my heart, and my yin qualities of total openness (heart and mind): trusting and receiving were refined through the time we spent together. I had added a sharing in the FB page on the 4th November about "The hidden treasures are everywhere!(...)"
And here's another sharing:
Living Fully in the Present! - click and enjoy! - from a few years back, but indeed a daily living!... And exquisitely felt in my travels around the world... 

So now just passing by in UK for  the next exciting upcoming events:
  • Last Step 1 of 2013 is coming this weekend!! A mixed group training facilitated by my partner Kris Deva North and me.
    ***A great opportunity to learn how to manage and take the most of your energy, get grounded and centered; along with the cultivation and awareness towards self-love, healing and self-mastery
"I’ve worked with both Kris and Anamarta for seven years and have found their teachings, energy and happiness a great inspiration and practical guide." Liz Kendall, Shiatsu in Surrey
  • Then the Step 2 (Healing Love) will follow in the next weekend to give you a solid foundation to develop your own practice for well-being, health, vitality, harmony, self-love and self-confidence, and ultimately empowerment, embracing and living your self-healing and self-mastery.
Everyone is welcome to learn the Taoist Foundation and Healing Love Practices! Then you can always learn about the Jade Egg specific practice next year in the Jade Circle wshop, and even starting by coming to the Jade Circle evenings, it's a great way to get into it. Many women started like this.
Just a reminder that you save 10% when booking two courses and 20% three or more courses in advance. It is worth it!
Sign Up Now!
Any question? Just drop me an email or give us a call at 0700 078 1195.

  • The Jade Circle is on Thursday 28th November - last of this year. With some Kalbeliya Gypsy Dance - don't miss it next week!
***(: Do you Like our Facebook Page already? Just with a click here and Welcome to the Jade 'Virtual' Circle, for inspiring sharings, regular updates and more!.. :)***

© Anamarta

Sunday, 13 October 2013

MEXICO Jade Circle RETREAT ~ RETIRO del Jade Circle en Queretaro, MEXICO!

From Friday 6th December 6.30pm to Sunday 8th at 6.30pm
Desde el viernes 06 de diciembre a 18:30 el domingo 8 a las 18:30
The Retreat is taking place at, El retiro se llevará a cabo en "Fraccionamiento Las Cabañas" in, en Amealco, Queretaro
To Reserve your place and Learn More about the course click here!
Para Reservar su lugar y Más Información sobre el curso pincha aquí!


Friday, 27 September 2013

Barcelona Private Workshop

I come back to London filled with inspiration from beautiful and magical Barcelona! A special workshop with women from all over the world (England, Spain, France, Malaysia and Mexico) in this wonderful city bursting with life and fun! Yes, just arrived with the Harvest Golden Full Moon and beginning of the "fiestas de la merce', the annual party of the city - what a welcome! Thank you my dear organiser Nayeli to put this together, my hostess Marie SonSona to open her space La Santa Sala, her lovely daughter Lulu who become my youngest student - Lulu participated in the healing sound session and loved it! (Scroll down and see us:) - and all women, just not 'locals', but coming from Switzerland and England! 
One of the highlights was indeed our Autumn Equinox Ritual, simply lovely and empowering.
Here we are
Here are some workshop sharing experiences from the Diosas de Jade:

** "Un regalo con surpresas, me siento afortunada de recibirlo. Un reto descifralo en mi vida diaria. Gracias Mil." T.G.

** "Gracias por compartir con tanto carino esta ensenanza que para mi ha sido uma caricia. Aqui estaremos en conexion para tudo o que siga." M.S.

** "Agradezco a la possibilidad que el universo ha creado para la union de estas mujeres en hermandad. Agradezco el aprendijaze y la sanacion sustenida en este espacio. Gracias, Tlazojamatl Anamarta." N.V.

** " siento muy afortunada por haber participado en tu taller y por  tener a mi disposición todos los recursos que nos has ofrecido. Seguimos en contacto." T.G.

** "Diosa Gracias por hizo muy bien...estoy viviendo muchas cosas a traves del curso. Estoy en la practica...squeezing...smiling...breast massage... orbita... limpiando y puliendo el diamante...Espero volver a verte pronto." M.S



Wednesday, 18 September 2013

AMAZING Advanced Jade Circle Workshop!!!

A truly amazing, beautiful, brilliant workshop!!! With so much heartfelt delight I see our Advanced Jade Goddesses walk the path of empowerment vs compassion, in the fullness of our womanhood, the true feminine power through gentleness and wisdom, trust and openess! Every year we go deeper, to develop and share new advanced practices. And what a LOVELY group of women coming from everywhere, sisterhood from the moment we sat in the Circle.  I feel so much gratitude and joy for part of the group repeating this workshop, and repeating here is just not about mastery of the practice, but from this advanced level is a continuing evolution, of ourselves, that unfolds on being in tune with one's true essence and sharing one's gifts with the world! Looking forward to our next year continuing journey! ;) 
Here the Radiant Advanced Jade Goddesses
 ** Thank you for your feedback **

** "Inspiring, empowerment, creative force alive, healed! So excited about walking this journey. Gratitude from the heart." T.B.

** "Amazing Circle of empowered women sharing their gifts and presence. As always inspired by the beautiful & safe space held by Anamarta. A source of inspiration and healing for the highest good. Thank you so much." S.S.

** "Wonderful; confidence making; full of light, wisdom & inspiration. Looking forward to more. Lovely group." C.Z.

** "Beautiful workshop - Thank you Repeating it was really powerful for me to experience how much I have developed since last time. Feel like we went deeper, learned so many new things about myself & others. You created a truly safe space for us to explore & let go." S.L.

** "Fun, safe, with a diverse, inspiring group of women. A secure place to explore, learn and delight in feminine essence. Thank you." R.C.

** "Excellent! Wonderful mix of different elements. Lovely group. Second time doing the advanced workshop, feel it's starting to seep in. Thank you!" S.E.

** "Thank you Dear Anamarta - feeling energized, calm and ready to take on future. Workshop was great as always different, always something new or new way for as to experience. And I love to go over the practice that I done before or some forgotten. Bless you!" S.S.

** "Amazing workshop, with a good pace for advance practices, and lots of new meditations to experiment with at home. I feel full of sexual chi! Great!! Thank you, dear sister, for dedicating your life to develop upon these ancient practices for us women. A true inspiration." M.G.


Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Harvest Time

Here we are in transition of seasons, in Taoist terms we just left the Heart season (the Summer) to the Spleen season, the Earth Element, Harvest time, or known as well as Indian Summer, time of deep gratitude and enjoyment for the sweetness of life!

The organs associated are the spleen and stomach, which relate to the centre of our being and has the feeling of pause before and after movement and change. The virtues are openness and serenity, grounding and centering.

Open your heart, mind and body to the flow of the abundant Mother Earth of the creative force, use Her energy to aid you, and you will be healed enough to share this energy with others. This openness will be balanced with a sense of being centered in one's own power and deeply rooted into the Earth.

Here a feeling good suggestions for the time being:
  • Stop, take a deep breath, connect with the end of your left ribcage and: SMILE at your spleen and BE SERENE... call upon all the virtues of Mother Earth of openness, fairness, centering and grounding; and imagine, feel, visualize yourself expanding limitless as the Great Mother, with infinitive beauty and resources to embrace every day life gift, including the challenges that make us grow and bring us awakening.
  • "Gratitude is the heart memory." - Make a list of the things you are grateful for, and from that grateful place in your heart, appreciate the treasures (people, places, situations, opportunities, etc...) you have, that make your heart smile, and appreciate even more your life and presence in this world.
I take the opportunity to express the gratitute which is filling my heart to all my students and soul sisters, for your inspirational presence, and to all who keep contributing for the expansion of our Circle in different ways.

This year the Jade Circle Tour started in March and still goes on! I had the pleasure to teach in some of the 'coolest and alternative cities' in Europe, the new ones all start in B ;) Brighton, Berlin and now Barcelona!! The last wshop for the Jade Egg Holistic Practice Initiation in Europa this year! (October I'm back in India and December Mexico Retreat!)

We had as well an amazing Summer with the Healing Tao UK (and Ireland; as we went to do a Step 3 there for the first time!), where the Jade Goddesses predominance was in all the mixed groups, Step 2, Step 3, Tai Chi Camp and this last weekend Step 4 (photo coming soon in the Healing Tao FB page).

And finishing by welcoming the beautiful new babies of this Snake year, even the ones from a few months ago, but in Portuguese we say that "the greetings are never late":

** My niece, Serena Louise who born just with the start of the day at 4.18am of 30th March, my precious gift before go to India; congratulations to my sister-in-law Sarah and brother Nuno, and thank you for make me such a happy auntie!

And the expected 100% ;) Jade Circle babies, from Jade Goddesses sisters:

** Eden Rose, who born at 10pm of 24th April; congratulations dearest Joanna and Robert!

** Orion, who born at 6.58am of 16th August; congratulations dearest Elena and Simon!

© Anamarta

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Wales Jade Circle @ our Tai Chi Summer Camp

One more time our dear hostess Samara organised a Jade Circle during our Tai Chi Camp, this year, for the first time with a full team of Jade Goddesses, which made this retreat so special for me and so filled with laughter and fun! 
Thanks dear Samara for the lovely hospitality, the highlight of the Tai Chi Camp, having this evening in her special round house (picture above), so cosy and magical!... And what a rich Circle with local ladies joining in, and a mix of beginners and advanced Jade Goddesses. The words and feelings we shared after the Jade Circle were: truly inspiring, opening, loving, happiness, deep peace, nurturing, beAUTiful, empowering, exciting and blessed. I feel so honoured to hold the space for this wonderful group of amazing women come together with such an open heart. The true Feminine Power was felt through trust and gentleness.  
"Thank you so so much for such a wonderful tai chi camp - it really was an amazing experience. Everything! You and Kris teaching, the place, the people and wonderful nature .. and so brilliant to spend lots of time with the Jade Goddess'! I've not laughed so much in ages ... and feel really lucky and rejuvenated :))
I really felt the specialness of being a Jade goddess that evening.. was an amazing circle and I can only thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful journey you have taken us on!! with so much love acceptance, infinite kindness and wisdom.. I'm always learning so much :)" C.P
 ~ * ~
I describe the Jade Circle as Ancient Practice for Modern Women.  Traditionally a Taoist practitioner is one who does it all: meditations, sacred sexual practices, shamanic practices, including healing,  Chi Kung and Tai Chi, which extend to the martial arts root.
During the Tai Chi intense training, the Jade Goddesses showed their chi.  It was amazing to see the inner warriors coming into life, the Goddesses turning into ninjas ;) Well done!! I'm so proud of you and so delighted for us to walk this path together.

 ** The Jade Goddesses at the end of the week, just before going back to London, Essex, Brighton, Dublin ** And Advanced ones in the photo below 
 ~~ The Tai Chi Ladies ;) ~~ (and friends ;)
~~~ And the whole group ~~~
P. S. - Thank you for the music, Tai Chi Camp's anthem, a great mantra that echoes in my head ;) "...I'm so happy, every little cell, in my body is happy and well!..." :)

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Acknowledging the fire within? ** Planetary Blessings following by the Super Full Moon***

Beautiful ladies,
I'm really enjoying sharing beauty tips and insights in our facebook page in this month of celebrating beauty and putting my beauty secrets in practice!
Can't wait for our workshop Let Your inner Beauty OuT!
to connect with Fire Element couldn't be in a better time with unique planetary blessings happening on Monday 29th and just after the yesterday special Full Moon, but first something to think about:
  • Are you acknowledging the fire within?
Your spontaneity for living depends upon your connection to Fire.
Your ability to create pleasure adventure and excitement comes from your willingness to give yourself pleasure and joy. All that is needed to continue passion is to decide you are worthy and proceed.
Any judgements about passion in a physical level, it may be time to clear them. All acts of life are sacred when treated in a respectful manner.
Use the fire within to fuel your life with energy. This energy comes from Mother Earth's passionate physicality and Grandfather Sun's spontaneous love. When we're in balance, this Divine Union sparks our natural desire to experience life.
Adapted from Jamie Sams.
So what is happenning the day after the workshop?
On Monday 29th July the planets will form an almost exact Grand Sextile, which forms a 6 sided, crystalline form around the Earth with 2 interlocking triangles inside. This is the geometric form of a Stargate formed around the planet Earth by the other planets in the solar system. In another words a Star of David formed by 6 planets, and our Earth will be in the middle of it!
This is the opportunity for a direct download of galactic cosmic energy!
And the great news is these are all very positive and harmonious aspects completely surrounding the planet in a Sacred Geometric configuration.
As such:
The conjunction of Jupiter and Mars is sextile to Venus, the power of beauty, on one side, and the Moon, the power of love, on the other side.
Then the planet Saturn, materialism, is sextile to Venus, power of beauty, on one side and Pluto, the planet of transformation, on the other side. This signals the power of beauty to transform materialism. Then we have the planet Neptune, the power of our highest hopes and dreams, sextile to Pluto, the planet of transformation, on one side and the Moon, the power of love, on the other side. This signifies the power of transformation to bring about our highest hopes and dreams through the power of love. 

Here the source where I got the Grand Sextile information. Thank you Jade Goddess Sole for the sharing :)
This aspect comes into play one week after the Full Moon of the Cosmic Moon, which is the last of 3 Super Moons in a row. The Super Moon is when the Full Moon falls on the day when the Moon is closest to the Earth.
Yes, Grandmother Moon smiled on us yesterday Moon day (Monday) 22 (master number
and double 2, moon number). I celebrated the magic and Feminine empowerment, which is still tingling in my body and soul! And in one of the sacred places of Ireland, with a ritual blessed by Fairyland (just after a Power of Fusion wshop, co-faciliated with my partner Kris for a mixed group in Dublin, thanks a million dearest Maire and fairy sister for the organisation).
Use your creative power and shine your light. The Moon has just entered Aquarius. This suggests that our alliances and goals are in a promising phase. Here the inspiration for this moon cycle:
** Focus on your individual needs to manifest and the freedom of your spirit... deep awareness of how your gifts and abilities can be expressed for the good of all... unlocking the 'mad scientist', put in practice all your ideas and dreams, even the more eccentric and unusual ones! Freedom for being your true self, giving permission to your mind to be limitless!...   

Perfect timing!
Thank you Universe!!
I'm pouring with inspiration and can't wait to share it with you!

Join me this Thursday 25th July:
Jade Circle Level 2 - Activate your Inner Fire - Laughing Chi Kung and Kalbelian Gypsy Dance all the way from Rajasthan! Bring a long skirt - the swirlier the better.
From 6.45 to 8.15pm (follow by the Advance until 9.30pm) click here for more info. 
Just to let you know that the next Jade Circles will be in September, and last of this year in November.
With love & beauty, excitment & cosmic inspiration ~*~
© Anamarta 

Sunday, 7 July 2013

July: Lets celebrate Beauty!

Hello Beautiful Women, 
Finally sunshine in UK! For others not seeing much sun at this moment, just a reminder that the sun is always shining inside your heart! Or even behind the cloud, always there smiling at you, illuminating you with light and life...
Summer, the Fire Element, the Heart, the important organ we can't live without, let's say the Emperor or Empress (why not?...) of your Internal Universe, very Taoist indeed... The virtues of the heart: love, joy, happiness, fun, laughter, enthusiasm, motivation, passion!
And Love creates beauty!
Do you know one way to attune yourself to beauty is by awakening the heart chakra?... So this month join me in the celebration of beauty, starting with your beautiful self and of course when you feel good you look good, so your inner beauty will spread into your outer world, inspiring all around you. As well be open to perceive beauty... as it is everywhere, as you know "beauty is in the eye of the beholder." For this celebration I'll be posting in our facebook page every few days this month (starting today) various beauty tips, so join me in the 'Jade Virtual Circle'.

And just for you here I share:
 ** Click here to read this 'Beauty' post for some inspiration on beauty along with some extra tips.
It's with enthusiasm and excitement, yes heart virtues, that I mention that the highlight of the Jade Circle Summer will be our special workshop to embrace and deeply connect with your inner fire, find out:
How can we use the secrets of Taoist practice to enjoy this life and enhance our inner beauty? 
...cultivate your inner beauty for your outer radiance! 
The 'Let Your Inner Beauty OuT!' workshop comes along with the opportunity for pampering, fun, learning feminine practices to integrate straight away into your life and reap their benefits such as: hormonal balance, wellbeing, rejuvenation, and more! 
With lots of beauty tips and revealing tantric secrets.
As well to have an introduction or to evolve (for those who learned them already) the foundation Taoist Practices (Inner smile, Healing Sounds & Microcosmic Orbit); and have a good taste of the Kalbelian Gypsy Dance, the root of Flamenco: yes the Gypsy original came from the Rajasthani desert in India! 
Why beauty secrets?...
  • "They are no ugly women, only lazy women." Helena Rubinstein 
  • "The body is fundamental and necessary for the realization of  the Divine intention." Rumi
Beautiful wishes for a beautiful July*** 
© Anamarta 

Friday, 21 June 2013

Jade Circle ~ Welcoming the Summer within!... Love celebration***:)

A picture is worth it a thousand words...
Last night Jade Circle focused on welcoming the Summer within, embracing the Fire Element, with a special and truly beautiful unconditional love meditation as all present opened their hearts wide to receive and express the energy of love.
A rich and memorable evening with space for everything... besides the love, much laughter, fun, sharing & insight, practicing & inspiration to go further with personal practice and even a little hen party ;), celebrating the engagement of Carolina: all the way from Colombia!...
What a starter for the Summer Solstice!! Thank you beautiful Jade Goddesses, love you all***
 Arigato for the photos Goddess Mayumi Takanaka.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Berlin Private Workshop

I so much enjoyed the nice, 'alternative' and sunny Berlin, just arrived with the beginning of the Summer! Thank you dear Petra for organising an unforgettable workshop - private workshop in the church!!... What an experience; well, in a beautiful room above a stunning church in the middle of town - how cool this sounds! We started with Jitush birthday and finished with an inner marriage, a new cycle within to bloom and flourish.
                                      Here the Jade Goddesses :)))
 Thank you for feedback:
  • "Very flowy, well structured. I had lovely time and I'm very happy that I travelled from London for this. I'm just happy to have learned new things. Thank you. " J.N. Czech Republic
  • "Thank you so much for this wonderful workshop and for being what you teach! I am very glad about having refreshed all the Taoist and Jade Egg practices, and hopefully working with them continuously! But even happier I am about how beautiful this experience was! And wonderful to have you as my guest, friend and gypsy sister here in Berlin!" P.B. Germany