Monday, 25 November 2013

Jade Circle in Cobham, Surrey for the first time!

"The Jade Circle always leaves people smiling!"**
We had a very special evening and beautiful Circle, you can see it from our faces!...
The sharing comments of how people were feeling in the end were: happy, inspired, peaceful, relaxed, loved, wonderful, calm, at one, effervescent, aware, excited, new beginning!
This evening was hosted by dearest **Liz Kendall, Shiatsu in Surrey, who enthusiastically brought the Jade Egg Holistic Practice for a lovely, open and bubbly group of women from her community, with the youngest being 19 and oldest 67, how rich! And after all these years teaching in UK it was the most English group (almost 100%) I've had, and loved it! One more time thank you for all present Until I see you again!
Here what Liz shared in her facebook page:
"15 wonderful women gathered last night for the first Jade Circle in Cobham. Thanks to Jade Circle Anamarta for sharing holistic Taoist practice, the mysteries of the Jade Egg, the Inner Smile meditation and some energising Chi Kung!"

Thank you very much Liz for everything, including your warm hospitality! 


Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Sharings & Updates

Long time, a few moons since I wrote to you!
Happy to tell you that the Blog has been updated with Travelling Circles from all over the world, if you like photos, if you like reading, just scroll down; at the foot of the page click 'older posts' to change to other page (it has a few pages).
So where have I been?
Just before India I took the Jade Circle to Barcelona
A great teaching experience for me has I did my first talk in Spanish! Well, Portuñol (a mix of Spanish and Portuguese); and now
preparing it again for the Jade Circle Retreat, for the first time in Mexico!!...
In India I immersed myself in my Gypsy dancing life, in Rajasthan, a lovely experience filled with surprises and so rich in many levels!... Living most of the time there inside a fort (Jaisalmer, the 'Golden City') on the edge of the desert... A daily living with my Kalbeliya choti didi (little sister, Kalbeliya is the name of the gypsy tribe, caste), with whom I learned so much! We danced intensively and our 'dancing highlight' was a performance in the desert! (in a luxury tent resorts).
I also shared with my Gypsy sisters how to look after our intimate parts; how babies are made, and how you can you avoid getting pregnant, still enjoying 'our husbands'; how to keep our face wrinkle-free and young!... And I even taught breast massage, and the whole body chi self massage (you can find it in the end of this video), and all this with my very little Hindi and their little English!....
 The same with my new sisters, a tribe, caste, named Bopa, we communicate in this way... and I truly feel and believe in the language of the heart, it's how we get to know and understand each other, even when not speaking the same verbal language... ("Language of the heart" I quote the grandmother tree from the Pocahontas, yes the cartoon animation... such an inspiring and one of my favourite love stories!...).
My Bopa sisters made this journey even more meanfull, as with them I just I experienced again that those who have less are the ones who always give more. Transcendental generosity!... So beautiful and rare! The sisterhood I lived with them with will always remain in my heart, and my yin qualities of total openness (heart and mind): trusting and receiving were refined through the time we spent together. I had added a sharing in the FB page on the 4th November about "The hidden treasures are everywhere!(...)"
And here's another sharing:
Living Fully in the Present! - click and enjoy! - from a few years back, but indeed a daily living!... And exquisitely felt in my travels around the world... 

So now just passing by in UK for  the next exciting upcoming events:
  • Last Step 1 of 2013 is coming this weekend!! A mixed group training facilitated by my partner Kris Deva North and me.
    ***A great opportunity to learn how to manage and take the most of your energy, get grounded and centered; along with the cultivation and awareness towards self-love, healing and self-mastery
"I’ve worked with both Kris and Anamarta for seven years and have found their teachings, energy and happiness a great inspiration and practical guide." Liz Kendall, Shiatsu in Surrey
  • Then the Step 2 (Healing Love) will follow in the next weekend to give you a solid foundation to develop your own practice for well-being, health, vitality, harmony, self-love and self-confidence, and ultimately empowerment, embracing and living your self-healing and self-mastery.
Everyone is welcome to learn the Taoist Foundation and Healing Love Practices! Then you can always learn about the Jade Egg specific practice next year in the Jade Circle wshop, and even starting by coming to the Jade Circle evenings, it's a great way to get into it. Many women started like this.
Just a reminder that you save 10% when booking two courses and 20% three or more courses in advance. It is worth it!
Sign Up Now!
Any question? Just drop me an email or give us a call at 0700 078 1195.

  • The Jade Circle is on Thursday 28th November - last of this year. With some Kalbeliya Gypsy Dance - don't miss it next week!
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