Friday, 27 September 2013

Barcelona Private Workshop

I come back to London filled with inspiration from beautiful and magical Barcelona! A special workshop with women from all over the world (England, Spain, France, Malaysia and Mexico) in this wonderful city bursting with life and fun! Yes, just arrived with the Harvest Golden Full Moon and beginning of the "fiestas de la merce', the annual party of the city - what a welcome! Thank you my dear organiser Nayeli to put this together, my hostess Marie SonSona to open her space La Santa Sala, her lovely daughter Lulu who become my youngest student - Lulu participated in the healing sound session and loved it! (Scroll down and see us:) - and all women, just not 'locals', but coming from Switzerland and England! 
One of the highlights was indeed our Autumn Equinox Ritual, simply lovely and empowering.
Here we are
Here are some workshop sharing experiences from the Diosas de Jade:

** "Un regalo con surpresas, me siento afortunada de recibirlo. Un reto descifralo en mi vida diaria. Gracias Mil." T.G.

** "Gracias por compartir con tanto carino esta ensenanza que para mi ha sido uma caricia. Aqui estaremos en conexion para tudo o que siga." M.S.

** "Agradezco a la possibilidad que el universo ha creado para la union de estas mujeres en hermandad. Agradezco el aprendijaze y la sanacion sustenida en este espacio. Gracias, Tlazojamatl Anamarta." N.V.

** " siento muy afortunada por haber participado en tu taller y por  tener a mi disposición todos los recursos que nos has ofrecido. Seguimos en contacto." T.G.

** "Diosa Gracias por hizo muy bien...estoy viviendo muchas cosas a traves del curso. Estoy en la practica...squeezing...smiling...breast massage... orbita... limpiando y puliendo el diamante...Espero volver a verte pronto." M.S



Wednesday, 18 September 2013

AMAZING Advanced Jade Circle Workshop!!!

A truly amazing, beautiful, brilliant workshop!!! With so much heartfelt delight I see our Advanced Jade Goddesses walk the path of empowerment vs compassion, in the fullness of our womanhood, the true feminine power through gentleness and wisdom, trust and openess! Every year we go deeper, to develop and share new advanced practices. And what a LOVELY group of women coming from everywhere, sisterhood from the moment we sat in the Circle.  I feel so much gratitude and joy for part of the group repeating this workshop, and repeating here is just not about mastery of the practice, but from this advanced level is a continuing evolution, of ourselves, that unfolds on being in tune with one's true essence and sharing one's gifts with the world! Looking forward to our next year continuing journey! ;) 
Here the Radiant Advanced Jade Goddesses
 ** Thank you for your feedback **

** "Inspiring, empowerment, creative force alive, healed! So excited about walking this journey. Gratitude from the heart." T.B.

** "Amazing Circle of empowered women sharing their gifts and presence. As always inspired by the beautiful & safe space held by Anamarta. A source of inspiration and healing for the highest good. Thank you so much." S.S.

** "Wonderful; confidence making; full of light, wisdom & inspiration. Looking forward to more. Lovely group." C.Z.

** "Beautiful workshop - Thank you Repeating it was really powerful for me to experience how much I have developed since last time. Feel like we went deeper, learned so many new things about myself & others. You created a truly safe space for us to explore & let go." S.L.

** "Fun, safe, with a diverse, inspiring group of women. A secure place to explore, learn and delight in feminine essence. Thank you." R.C.

** "Excellent! Wonderful mix of different elements. Lovely group. Second time doing the advanced workshop, feel it's starting to seep in. Thank you!" S.E.

** "Thank you Dear Anamarta - feeling energized, calm and ready to take on future. Workshop was great as always different, always something new or new way for as to experience. And I love to go over the practice that I done before or some forgotten. Bless you!" S.S.

** "Amazing workshop, with a good pace for advance practices, and lots of new meditations to experiment with at home. I feel full of sexual chi! Great!! Thank you, dear sister, for dedicating your life to develop upon these ancient practices for us women. A true inspiration." M.G.


Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Harvest Time

Here we are in transition of seasons, in Taoist terms we just left the Heart season (the Summer) to the Spleen season, the Earth Element, Harvest time, or known as well as Indian Summer, time of deep gratitude and enjoyment for the sweetness of life!

The organs associated are the spleen and stomach, which relate to the centre of our being and has the feeling of pause before and after movement and change. The virtues are openness and serenity, grounding and centering.

Open your heart, mind and body to the flow of the abundant Mother Earth of the creative force, use Her energy to aid you, and you will be healed enough to share this energy with others. This openness will be balanced with a sense of being centered in one's own power and deeply rooted into the Earth.

Here a feeling good suggestions for the time being:
  • Stop, take a deep breath, connect with the end of your left ribcage and: SMILE at your spleen and BE SERENE... call upon all the virtues of Mother Earth of openness, fairness, centering and grounding; and imagine, feel, visualize yourself expanding limitless as the Great Mother, with infinitive beauty and resources to embrace every day life gift, including the challenges that make us grow and bring us awakening.
  • "Gratitude is the heart memory." - Make a list of the things you are grateful for, and from that grateful place in your heart, appreciate the treasures (people, places, situations, opportunities, etc...) you have, that make your heart smile, and appreciate even more your life and presence in this world.
I take the opportunity to express the gratitute which is filling my heart to all my students and soul sisters, for your inspirational presence, and to all who keep contributing for the expansion of our Circle in different ways.

This year the Jade Circle Tour started in March and still goes on! I had the pleasure to teach in some of the 'coolest and alternative cities' in Europe, the new ones all start in B ;) Brighton, Berlin and now Barcelona!! The last wshop for the Jade Egg Holistic Practice Initiation in Europa this year! (October I'm back in India and December Mexico Retreat!)

We had as well an amazing Summer with the Healing Tao UK (and Ireland; as we went to do a Step 3 there for the first time!), where the Jade Goddesses predominance was in all the mixed groups, Step 2, Step 3, Tai Chi Camp and this last weekend Step 4 (photo coming soon in the Healing Tao FB page).

And finishing by welcoming the beautiful new babies of this Snake year, even the ones from a few months ago, but in Portuguese we say that "the greetings are never late":

** My niece, Serena Louise who born just with the start of the day at 4.18am of 30th March, my precious gift before go to India; congratulations to my sister-in-law Sarah and brother Nuno, and thank you for make me such a happy auntie!

And the expected 100% ;) Jade Circle babies, from Jade Goddesses sisters:

** Eden Rose, who born at 10pm of 24th April; congratulations dearest Joanna and Robert!

** Orion, who born at 6.58am of 16th August; congratulations dearest Elena and Simon!

© Anamarta