Friday, 7 May 2010

Amazing Jade Circle gathering!!

This last Jade Circle level 1 was amazing!
Full house, with my auspicious number...15! :)
Women representing the different beauty from all over Europe and world!
Thank you all!
A special appreciation for the ones who did the effort of coming from Cambridge.

Look forward to see you again!

With delight & much joy

Monday, 3 May 2010

Jade Circle Workshop - was just lOvely!!

We had a delightful Jade Circle workshop with a wonderful group of women from all over the world and coming from all Britain with their different motivations. Was a blending of different energies which created an exhilarating group boundary and a nourishing feminine environment. We embrace this journey of unveiled the mysterious feminine within and made the most of it - was lovely! Truly amazing to wittiness the open up of each of the presents in their own way and share of their graceful essence, like a flower share with us, her color, fragrance and juiciness! Follow this the London Healing Tao Center was like a Eden garden full of succulent and sparkly beauty!
Was an honor to facilitate this special three days and be in the presence of such beautiful and inspirational women. Yes, I know, I always say 'inspirational women'- I believe to be inspirational we must be inspired! Also, we are just a reflection of each other!
Here the happy and sparkly faces:
:) Keep smiling & shining... and s... ;)

Thank you for you feedback.
  • "Anamarta, obrigada,irma! This was the most beautiful, inspiring workshop that captured the Goddess energy in a very real and earthy way. It has come to my life at a very important time – all of the practices were so well explained and lots of repetition was useful. There was always space to ask questions, and these were always answered from the heart and are a powerful and dynamic facilitator- there was always space made for joy and laughter and to play, and be young. You have made everyone feel welcome and warm. Thank you for putting the time into creating and developing this workshop. It has been a time gift." M.N.G.
  • "Thank you for the wonderful workshop Anamarta! You are a great teacher & you have a lovely beautiful way of presenting all of the information across. I really enjoyed the meditations & really hope to incorporate them into my daily practice for health & well being... I look forward to the Jade Circle meetings!!!" P.A.
  • "I don’t even have words to describe the way I feel-not even in Portuguese… things happen when they are suppose to happen so if I’ve joined this group...I was ready. But mostly because I met you and you’re kind and special in a way I cant even describe. Yeah, I am speechless but really really happy and connected and FULL OF HOPE! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!" I.M.
  • "Thank you for the three days celebration of our love to ourselves and all creations. Will move on ever so gracefully, softly in our lovely feminine way. Until we next meet I think of you with lots of Love and SMILES." S.C.
  • "I enjoyed the workshop. I felt very comfortable in the group. Thank you." R.C.
  • "Amazing!! ... A nice, gentle, but increasing rhythm through the 3 days, ending in a very powerful yin energy. Lovely, positive vibe throughout. Now I have some reading and personal practice to engage in.:) It was the first time I have done energy work, but it feel very natural and I would like to do more. Thank you for a fun three days, time to remember to love myself enough! Also time to meet an inspirational and beautiful group of women:)" M.S.
  • "Anamarta’s workshop created a lot of great energy that I can now use to help myself and all beings without exception. Thank you."M.G.
  • "The first 2 days I didn’t feel really believe in the magic to come & at the same time was disappointed that it didn’t... On this last afternoon though...I all of sudden felt like... I haven’t had this feeling for about 20 years... Thank you for that! I suppose that was what I came for, only didn’t know." S.W.
  • "...It was a wonderful Circle. It make me very happy - this special opportunity to learn about my woman energy and how to connect with it. I love the meditations that we did... the energy up the spine and down the front -it feels very strong. and the grounding and balancing -amazing... I feel more all my own energy and it is an honor to learn from you, with your amazing energy that you share with all of us. Thank you Anamarta." O.H.
  • "Great workshop and a great teacher! Really grateful for everything I have learned this weekend. Feeling so much at peace with myself and in awe of the mysteries of my female body. Thank you so much for your natural and effortless guidance." D.V.