Saturday, 23 October 2010

Embracing & Celebrating the Mysterious Feminine!

Our last night Jade Circle was magical!!
We let the full moon shine her light on us and inspire us.
Was a special evening where with all the beautiful presents we embrace and celebrated the mysterious feminine!...
...Honor the sacred waters and the Divine Feminine within and outer manifestations.

With much delight & inspiration

© Anamarta

Tuesday, 19 October 2010


I hope you're enjoying the new season and taking the most it brings!
The Autumn can be challenging, this time of change, the drop of the temperature...
A few years ago I used to say "I don't like this time of the year. It's difficult for me..." Then I realized with this kind of affirmation, I was the one creating all the 'difficulty'. So I decided: let's embrace it! I started by looking around, watch the nature, and by doing this I was amazed with the beauty that surrounds us. I even remembered how I liked to walk in the dry leaves when I was a child. (And nowadays I'm enjoying it again!) I reconnected with my inner child and I started to absorb the beauty of the leaves turning their colors, green getting yellow, orange, brown, red - its magical! I'm sharing my experience and invite you to let the beauty of surroundings inspire you too and give you encouragement to embrace this season, if you didn't do it already.
The days are getting shorter, we're going into the void, turning within, and like this embracing the yin, our female energy of stillness and receptiveness.
I like the idea, as the leaves turn their colors, we turn our thoughts within... good time to go through them and you may have some realizations or find some inspiration to do something you want to do! I'm being in this stage lately. And you?

In Taoist terms, we're now in Lung season, the guardian totem is the white tiger, the sense is the smell, the element is metal, associated with the virtues of courage, uprightness, self-confidence. Quite appropriate, don't you think?
We definitely need courage for times of change, and indeed to be ourselves. We need the courage and self-confidence to do whatever we want to do.
Last year around this time I was writing about the 'Warrior Woman' and shared a meditation you can do and develop, 'to awaken the warrior within'.
 ***To give special care to your lungs this season, as you may know already, smile at them; but why not have special attention to your breath? Be aware of it!
 We all agree that to breathe is essential to keep us alive, and the interesting thing is, we all have to stop breathing in order to breathe again! Such a nice example how yin and yang flow into each other in order to exist.
Different traditions, from Taoists to Yogis, from hypnosis to massage, they all use different techniques which involves the breath to relax or to energize.
Try this:
 *~* Slow down your breathing. When slowing down, you may find yourself deepening the breath, and this may result in a deep relaxation state.
 "Many of our modern conditions are due to the stress of modern life. Stress leads to tension, tension leads to stress, but when we relax the tension goes, and often the conditions go too." (Kris Deva North)

I was in a talk by Dr. Usha and one student asked her: "I never meditate, what do I have to do for this to become part of my everyday life?" Dr. Usha answered: "Just sit quietly and start by focusing on your breath for 5 minutes. The more you get used to it, the longer you can be in this inward state."
Here we go, just focus on your breathing to connect with yourself can be a great daily practice.
To make it more profound:
 *~* Place one hand in your heart and the other hand on your womb (in your sexual centre), close your eyes and focus on the breath coming and going through your nose. Smile and feel the connection between your sexual, creative center, and your heart, love center; the connection between water and fire, earth and heaven, yin and yang. With your breath and mind's eye allow these powerful energies to blend, and feel this internal harmony spread through all your being. Take your time to open your eyes, be fully present and be aware the mundane world will be now a reflection of your internal one!
***Take in fresh air! Walk in the park, in the forest, be in nature as often as you can, (when not possible just contemplate that tree or beautiful plant on your way to work or lunch time), I know for the ones living in the city, is not always easy, but your lungs will really appreciate!

 In the post 'Enjoying the latest Harvest time!', I wrote about the crystal Tiger Eye. This month I'm writing about the Tiger Iron, this
cousin and special crystal which is a combination of iron, Tiger Eye, Red Jasper and Hematite, the result of this is a powerful vibration of each of these minerals in their own right, amplifying and blending their effects.
 It can be a great ally for this time of the year, or anytime you need it! I tell you why: Tiger Iron is a stone of strength, stamina and courage. This strength is not only physical, but it is also of an emotional level, allowing one to feel more confident and capable of creating one's reality.
Affirmation: I am strong, confident, energetic, grounded, healthy and whole.

An inspiring and practical book related to times of changes, telling uplifting stories of individuals who have learned to face adversity and overcome challenges: "Bouncing Back - Thriving in Changing Times" - my partner Kris Deva North is a featured author with Wayne Dyer, John Assaraf, Gavin Keilly, David Riklan and others.

© Anamarta