Saturday, 30 June 2012

Amazingly bEAUtiful Jade Circle!!

I woke up this morning still vibrating with the love from last night so special and amazingly beautiful Circle!!
Welcoming the Summer within, embracing the Fire element and to make the most of it in such a small session, but so powerful!! Love creates beauty! Was so moving to feel the opening of all hearts, coming from various places (even from France, with  Stéfani coming all way!...), our unconditional love meditation was the high moment!... is no words to express what was felt in the room, maybe quoting Joanna "I felt like a rose full of beauty, full of love...".
I feel truly blessed to hold the space for such genuine feelings and experiences being shared and to witness the best of the yin, women qualities always manifesting!
Thank you to all present from the depth of my heart!  Aloha Mahalo Mahalo Aloha (in Hawaii: Thank you I Love You, I love You Thank You).
What a warm up to teach Step 2, Healing Love, this weekend! :)
© Anamarta

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Jade Circle this Friday 29th June!

Dear Ladies,
Hope this finds well and enjoying the Summer time!
Well for the ones in UK and Ireland, its really the case to say the sun shines in our heart giving us warmth and light, as in the sky is just coming time to time to say hello! Although even when we don't see it, feel it in the sky, even behind the cloud is there smiling at us! :-)
Jade Circle this Friday 29th June - All Women are welcome!
After a few requests this Circle is going to be open to all women (supposed to be a level 2 for the ones who heard the Jade Egg explanation already, but like this if you're coming for the first time you can catch up with the Jade Egg Holistic Practice explanation on the Jade Circle in July).
And more requests came! After all the Circle is for you, and like this in July, just before our Summer break we'll have a special Gypsy Kalbellian Dance.
Looking forward to see you and meet you!

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

**Venus & Love**

I'm writing to you still filled with inspiration and excitement after the special events from last week! We had our Let Your Inner Beaut OuT! wshop before the Transit of Venus, a really rare and special occasion when Venus moved in front of the Sun, like a dance of the Goddess of beauty in front of her God!  The planet Venus association is more than beauty - love, special self-love, sexuality, eroticism, desire, enjoyment, fun, attraction, human unity and oness. "Venus correlates to our core being-ness, to our inner feminine or responsive consciousness, our yin energy charge, to needs and desires. The yin momentum is that of draw-in or attraction."
So this special time and rising of yin & yang energies, as the Venus symbolising the Divine Feminine and the energy of love, and the Sun the Divine Masculine and the energy of light, as these energies blend we can experience this profound harmony out in the Cosmos, in the external Universe, and we experience this in the harmony of our internal Universe and the Divine inspiration that is pouring on us!
In the coming weeks following this Transit of Venus, you can take the opportunity to ask yourself:
** What do you find more beautiful: about your body, in your mind and in your spirit?
** What do you find beautiful in others? and where do you find beauty in general?
** What do you enjoy in yourself and in your life?
** What do value most?
Take the time to answers these questions by being still in your meditation and allow the answers to come, or write them down,
or even answer as you read them, whatever works best for you.
*** Now be aware of the clothes you choose, the music you listen to, the environments and people you choose to be surrounded with in your life – do they match with the answers to your questions?
The Transit of Venus is related as well with the Mayan calendar and of course with this uniqueness of our present 2012, the 'creative transformation' is called.  Just coming to reinforce that we're entering in a new era, the feminine qualities are rising for a balance and unity consciousness.
Can you feel it?  Can you notice the signs?
In the beginning of this year I wrote in the new year newsletter about 2012 being a feminine year - voilá!
Another aspect of these 'Venusian times', as Venus is connected with the heart chakra ("our centre of intuitive knowing, harmony, magnetic attraction, that which we value, love, romance and sexual rapture. It is where we find our capacity for compassion and appreciation of beauty"), reminding us of the importance of the heart qualities in our evolution.
Our evolution? Starts in our heart!
Yes, the energy of our thoughts and feelings affect other living beings and the Earth herself.
Open our heart to receive and give love; open our heart to the Divine Love from the Cosmos above and the Unconditional Love from Mother Earth below, letting fill our heart, open ourselves to perceive the world through the windows of our heart - and there is not greater power in the world than love!
The Taoist approach of taking responsibility for ourselves, our beliefs, our emotions, transform them , change them when necessary to create and live in harmony with oneself, and like this we can live in harmony with others and and everything else; and I believe this is the way of helping others and contributing for a better world!
This current “doorway of Venus” is especially significant because it remains open until 2012 AD, the completion our current cycle of human evolution… or as the end of a period of human consciousness conditioned by separation and duality.
I'll add to this:
In Lak'esh! (Mayan saying "I am another yourself")
Or, as Walt Whitman said:
"I Celebrate myself, and sing myself,
And what I assume you shall assume,
For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you" (this is just not poetic, has been scientifically proved - Deepak Chopra at LA Lecture 1995
Here we're in Summer, the season of the heart!
So many reasons to enjoy this time even more, give special attention to your heart and take the time to honor your sacred and beautiful feminine self, to deeply listen to your heart, follow it, do what feels right and your heart smile! =)
And congratulations to Gosia and welcome Milena, a testimony of the Jade Egg benefits and proprieties! As this beautiful baby girl was conceived soon after Gosia's Jade Egg initiation last year! What a delight!

© Anamarta

Monday, 11 June 2012

Inner Beauty OuT!...:)***

Our Let Your Inner Beaut OuT! workshop just happened in such perfect timing: after the fire Full Moon in Sagittarius & lunar eclipse and before the Transit of Venus, so this embrace of inner beauty for outer radiance was deeply felt and the Divine inspiration kept on pouring on us throughout the day! And what a day with the inner fire lit up the London Tao Centre, fireworks of joy, rainbows of laughter, clouds of love and happiness with a lovely group coming from the different parts of the world and uniting in sisterhood for the best of the fire qualities within each woman. Thank you for your sparkly presence!
So much power, love & beauty we celebrated!***
 * * Thank you for your feedback **

** "Empowering!! Truly beautiful day, really helped heal & empower me from within. Revitalising my mind, body & spirit. A BIG HUGE THANK YOU. " T.O.
** "Beautiful, heart-opening day. It also felt very self-nurturing and healing. Thank you Anamarta!" T.L.
** "Thank you for being such a graceful reflection of the Divine feminine. I have found today has been a very sacred experience I will always cherish. I will welcome Venus in tomorrow with your wisdom in my heart and soul. May you continue to shine bright!" J.T.
** "I liked the workshop and think that really managed to connect more with myself and my heart. Thanks for a wonderful day." A.O
** "All good! Feel very feminine, loved and nurtured in good company. I need to connect with others in this level." AM
** "Thank you with all of my heart for a wonder-full day. What a joyful & fiery exploration. Feel I have something really precious to take away. Truly inspiring & motivating. Looking forward to more - soul sisters searching & finding love, joy & peace." L.C