Monday, 29 March 2010


Happy Spring and Full Moon!
I'm quite excited about our first full moon of Spring, the Storm Moon rains upon us, fertile and strong, launching on the moon day, today! The full moon in Libra is promoting the energies of balance and fairness.
Seeds awaken, pushing roots into dark earth. Shoots push up into the light, and sap rises as trees break into leaf.
Day and night are balanced now. Justice means balance- balancing one set of needs against another, balancing what we take with what we give.
Spring is in the air!
Can you hear the birds singing until late or really early morning?
The earth is prepared for planting. Is the self, yes yourself, ourselves, ready to change and grow?
Spring is great to nourish your dreams that may grow strong and healthy, creating and producing the magical life you have envisioned. I always have this waking dream of what I really want ... Try it:
  • Imagine waking up to find that your most cherished dream, goal has been achieved, as if by magic. How might you recognize that this happened? How would your life and surroundings have changed? Looking into the future, even as a fantasy game, can help you to define your priorities and focus on your dreams. "The future belongs to those who believe in their dreams".
***A great crystal ally for this Spring: green aventurine or in India named Indian jade.
Green Aventurine’s essence is that of the spring bursting forth after a long, dark winter. It frequency stimulates renewal on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. It balances yin-yang energy and stimulates life force, increasing physical and vibrational vitality.
This 'fresh' stone of optimism and zest of life, helps one move forward with confidence into new life situations and assists in embracing challenging issues, finding hope, optimism, and joy in daily life.

We are now in the wood element season, with the energy of birth, rebirth and renewal, the unstoppability of life, the bursting of bud through bough. This vibrant and innovative energy gives inspiration! The organ is the liver, the virtues of kindness, generosity, forgiveness, self-acceptance and desire. The color is the green, the color of health! The direction is the east where things begin. The guardian totem is the Dragon and the correspondent planet Jupiter (which has such a powerful influence in our planet!).
  • One good thing you can do for your liver in the springtime is a detox. I'm starting mine in a few days! And now is a excellent time for it, in the waning moon, between the full moon and dark moon, new moon (next is on 14th April), our body is naturally taking out, purifying, detoxing; usually people can feel less hungry! This is as well a good time for healing.
Enjoy the springtime and have a happy Easter! Ostara is the time of hope, joy and share good fortune. The tradition of decorating and offering eggs. Why not give a special attention to your Jade Egg? ;)

© Anamarta

Monday, 8 March 2010


Namaste from India and Happy Women's Day!
Today we celebrate the international women's day and Id like take the opportunity to express my love, joy, admiration and gratitude to all the women I know and even to the ones I don't know yet. Coming on Monday, the Moon day, the time of peace, healing, caring and psychic awareness. Celebrate the sacredness of being a beautiful woman this life with Grandmother Moon and her eternal support and inspiration, with Mother Earth and Her abundant and healing energy! Celebrate the Divine feminine within and its outer manifestations! Celebrate the mysterious feminine and your intuition - "the treasure of a woman's psyche"! Celebrate with all your relations, include your sisters, ancestors and descendants! Celebrate your womanhood in the fullest, today and everyday! As a woman, you are already an expression of the universal archetype, and you deserve to be honoured as such!

A Strong & Vibrant Woman:

Is one who feels deeply and loves fiercely.

Is both soft and powerful.

She is both practical and spiritual.

And her essence
is a gift to the world.
Adapted from a poem received from dear Rachel Bavin.

In celebration & sisterhood
© Anamarta