Saturday, 15 October 2011

*~ Edinburgh Traveling Circle ~*

What a magicawiccaly energy I felt in the company of a powerful and lovely group of women, coming from everywhere, and during all my stay in beautiful Scottish countryside. 
Everyday of our amazing workshop was filled with surprises and laughter and the most incredible stories and episodes shared in the Circle! Was a great pleasure to witness the embrace of each woman into her essence which sparkled with glory!
And so much loved the mystical Edinburgh (special at night)... the Harry Potter town, flying brooms around... Felt like sisters & ancestors connection & celebration! Went straight after to teach in India filled with such inspiration! Thank you dear all.
And here the Edinburgh Jade Goddesses pioneers, and baby Almita who joined us at the end:)
Smiling & Sq...***
Thank you for your feedback!

 ** "It was a very beautiful 3 days, the practices are powerful and deep, but taught & presented in such a gentle gracious way. I am in love with my Jade Egg, myself & my body again. Namaste"A.W. Scotland

** "Really beautiful. So essential to have such initiations in life and you facilitate this so well with respect, sensitivity & humility. Thank you Anamarta for the work you are doing and the service you are in."G. Australia

** "Thank you for an amazing and profound 3 days. I have enjoyed and savoured every second. Feel delighted to have met you and learned from you, Anamarta."H.A. Norway

** "Thank you for your beautiful guidance and compassion. I hope we meet again. This course was perfect."C.G. Scotland

** "Thank you for deep insight and delicious practice. The path lights brightly before you."L. England  

** "Thank you for sharing your wisdom, knowledge, practices & love. Was inspiring and I feel like is only the beginning. Enjoyed all the aspects - you hold the space beautifully."T. Scotland

** "Wonderful intense journey. Safe beautiful environment for us to journey together. Amazing to share this with this group of women...Loved initiation & ceremony. A laughter filled time."R.H. New Zealand

** "Thank you for your sharing. You provided a secure, warm space where we could feel very open and comfortable and able to share. You showed great kindness, patience and are good listener, and teacher. Thank you! As well as being inspired it was much fun too. And all done with great respect."J.R Scotland

** "This workshop has been a complete experience for me. It has been great to organise it... The workshop has been magical, I found a strong group of women and Anamarta hold it really well with great compassion, patience and love. I've solidified most of the teaching, now I need to bring them into practice."E.A. Spain

** "I enjoyed all 3 days on many levels. Thank you for an inspiring, empowering and interesting time of love and sharing with a great group of women. You are an excellent facilitator Anamarta."M.W. Scotland

** "I thank you kindly dear sister for reminding me how beautiful and honourable my body and femininity are...Its a true blessing to have been able to take part in your workshop! Keep shining your brilliance your magnificent bright star! Namaste"K. Malta

** "I feel now very relaxed... I will try to integrate the breathings, meditations and everything I learned in my life. The Jade Egg is beautiful, and the way you shared it was very comfortable and respectful. Thank you for that and for your love and patience."A. R. Spain

** "You hold the space beautifully and with a calm control...It was very enjoyable and great to be with women and embrace being a women in such a space. You really taught me that. I often forget the power of the yin and you gave me the confidence to feel the power of the goddess in everyday life. It is great to re route that into my being. It was great to meet you. Thank you so much Aanamarta! I have charged my egg and have been sleeping with her under my pillow every night. Had quite a funny time the evening of Monday, walking across town squeezing and smiling without anyone knowing I had my egg in! ;)"J.T. Scotland

** "I loved every aspect of the time with you Anamarta and with the group. I learned, laughed, learned and laughed! A beautiful journey and I'm delighted to have been able to participate, thank you for everything. Feeling in the right path. Hoping to join you again in the next one!"C.R. Spain