Monday, 11 March 2013

MAGIC! Truuuly MAGICal!!***

Wonderfully powerful and super inspiring day! WOW, Goddesses from all over the world!!... Sisters and friends coming together, Jade Goddesses who know each other, Joanna's baby girl in her belly; 16 we were!...
And the excitement of all of these amazing women to be fully present and enjoy their feminine self, unveil their feminine mystery and enjoy this Divine celebration! Magic was created, embraced and expanded!... Everyone shining with joy and empowerment! What a gift to hold this space for magic to manifest and be lived, my heart vibrates with delightful gratitude!
**Thank you for your feedback** 
  • "Thank you so much for a soul inspiring day filled with love, joy and divine feminine. I feel like I'm healing & revitalizing from within. Muchas Gracias" T.B. England 
  • "What a lovely surprise, I had no idea what to expect but I am eternally grateful for the deeply personal wisdom conveyed to me. God bless you for the beauty that resonates within you for and allowing me to connect with myself so definitely, a message that will change me forever. Thank you!" S.H. Pakistan/England
  • "Beautiful Anamarta, thank you for such a magical day. To create such a sacred space so that I can remember my truth, touch my wisdom and be nurtured in the grace of the Divine Feminine." J.T England/Holland
  • "Beautifully captured the subtle nature of the femininity, centering, grounded, joyful connection + warm and fun! Thank you." C.P. England 
  •  "Such well prepared and inspired work dear Anamarta! It leaves me full of fire power and water inspiration. What a bless to have the possibility to find the space for us beautiful Goddesses!! WAITING FOR THE NEXT! Thank youuuuu!!" C.C. Italy
  • "Inspiring! Feminine!" N.S. Czech Republic/Ethiopia 
  • "Thank you for another gorgeous, informative and uplifting day! I came into the workshop feeling quite wrecked mentally and came out walking on air, euphoric and totally rejuvenated! A great combination of informative practices with beautiful sharing with everyone else." S.E. England/China 
  • "Muito legal e bom connectar con a paz que da encontrar a nossa feminidade. Te amo. Gracias." L.Z. Venezuela
  • "Fantastic. Amazing Goddess energy & power which made a beautiful group. Thank you Anamarta for holding the space. Very powerful & shifts for me. Shamanic journey and kidney breathing were amazing." S.E. England/China
  • "Fun and inspiring, a supportive, deeply connected group helped to unveil the feminine divine mystery. A journey unfolding...and deepening..." R.C. England/India
  • "Thank you, every time I do the workshop is a different experience, going deeper. Very powerful day, great to see so many happy Goddesses! Bless you my dear." S.S. Croatia
  • "Lindo! LINDO! LINDO!! Oh my God you are an inspiration. Keep expanding!..." A.V. Portugal
  • "So inspiring connecting with that which we are: A Beautiful experience." M.P. UK, Trinidad..
  • "My kidneys are very happyThis was such a beautiful workshop, I really need the kidney rejuvenation and the time to be yin, to connect with me as a Goddess. A perfect blend of yin and yang - loved the ending, dancing + unveiling the mysterious feminine. THANK YOU FOR THIS GIFT. You are a wonderful teacher, a beautiful being. Muito obrigado" M.G. Ireland

Shedding Skin, Rebirthing, Full Blossoming!!...

Beautifully profound and memorable day!!... What a great pleasure to assist this powerful rebirth!!... A lovely and truly special Jade Goddesses, two sisters, 'long time students' and saying this: soul sisters, from many journeys... And one of them with her baby girl in her belly...
Someone called me a "spiritual midwife", he he he, yes, made me laugh a lot; the same sacredness I do this work, comes along with the light heart and humour, (very important, in my opinion!...). Such a bless to hold the space for these Goddesses blossoming fully into their beauty!...Aloha Mahalo...!

***Rebirth Jade Goddesses***
Thank you for your feedback!

*** "I'm feeling peaceful and refreshed. Thank you for the beautiful weekend!" S.S.

*** "Thank you for opening such a beautiful, sacred space for us to shed skin and rebirth. Powerful magic, magical power. I feel open and ready to realise dreams, live life fully and manifest my inner desires. You are beautiful, thank you, I love you. Aloha Mahalo" M.G.

*** "A lovely workshop full of useful information and tips. Beautiful meditations and journeys. Thank you!" S.E.

*** "A very powerful death/rebirth experience. I feel cleansed, positive and new... Thank you Anamarta for your beauty, grace, wisdom, smile and friendship. Aloha to the new life." S.E.

*** "Rebirth + letting go. I didn't realise I needed this day so much and at such profoundly perfect timing as always! :) really powerful + healing. Lots to allow to settle, but a beautiful day. Thank you again Goddess Anamarta" C.P.

*** "Obrigado pelo lindo trabalho que fazes. Crias um espaco onde e possivel explorar e transcender os limites e as condicoes de ser-se humano neste tempo aqui na Terra. Continua a crescer e expandir." A.V.

*** "A very safe warm lovely cocoon, to emerge and fly like a butterfly. Thank you." R.C.

*** "Once again thank you for creating and holding such a magical sacred space. To be able to allow myself TO BE... Soft, gentle, focused and empowered. It is this Divine knowing which enables my soul to blossom and grow and go thru the unknown path ahead!! 
Very very powerful insights." J.T.


Friday, 8 March 2013

Special Jade Circle ~ HAPPY Women's Day!!

What a lovely evening, wonderfull Circle!!...Full power!...;)  
 (: And one more photo!...:)
------------------------------------------ * -----------------------------------
Will be indeed special, we'll have some singing and dancing, tribal, powerful and beautiful led by my special guest Luzmira Zerpa, traditional Venezuelan musician, poet and singer with a magical voice, from the Familia Atlantica band.
When we women get together magic happens, we inspire and empower each other, we generate support and trust, enhancing our confidence and promoting love towards us and others...  the sisterhood, the crystalline and harmonious woman sacred path!
Today 8th March - All women are welcome!
Celebrating being a woman!
No Need to Book! just come on by, from 6.45 to 8.15pm @ The Universal Healing Tao Centre UK
See you later!

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Celebrating being a Woman!

Dear Ladies,
This year is with anticipation I write to you to wish a Happy International Women's Day which is coming this Friday 8th March.
Filled with magical inspiration from the Emerald Island, just literally land in London, after another brilliant workshop in Dublin!
Thinking of all Goddesses who inspired me, I take the opportunity to thank you all of you women in my life, you make me just not believe in, but live my Sacred Feminine fully, to embrace the mysterious feminine daily and with content unveil everything it brings: insights, deep awareness, challenges, transformation and ultimately empowerment vs compassion!
I have these questions for you to meditate, think upon for the end of this week:

  • How do you live with your womanhood?
  • What actually means to you to be a woman?
  • How is your Sacred, Divine Feminine Self manifest?
  • What is the thing, or things which gives you more pleasure to do as a woman? In which moments, doing what (what can means doing nothing) you feel how beautiful, how good is to be a woman!
I suggest as our International Women's Day is approaching, (and of course celebrating being a woman is something that is to be present in our daily life, but celebration days are good reminders to us); to do what the answer of the last question above tells you.
Me, what I'm going to do?
Pampering and spend time with other women!! :)
Pampering?... That's right! The ones who know me already are aware that is something I recommend for all women, as makes us feel as good internal and externally, can even be a blissful experience for all levels of your being: mind, body and spirit!
Yes beautiful women, go ahead and do something 'yummy', that gives you great pleasure to receive, nurturing, nourishing, loving time for you, just you!...
...You will see how much better you'll feel to carry on with your duties and to support and care the ones around you.

In celebration & sisterhood
© Anamarta

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

*** Fairlyland 2013 workshop! ***

This year the Ireland Tour started with a a full house Talk on Sharing the Taoist Practice, with my beloved partner Kris Deva North (who came along to facilitate a men's workshop which had the biggest attendance ever!), at the Buddha Bag, hosted and received with warm Irish hospitality.
Another brilliant workshop in Dublin!! The first Jade Circle workshop 2013, fully booked with 13 fairies, not just Irish ones, but also Polish, Ukrainian and Spanish; and in this wonderful Circle we had a mother and daughter and two sisters... SO inspiring!...
Fairyland I love you, with all the beautiful open heart people that cross my way while there, thank you lovely women, Jade Fairy Goddesses! 
And last but not least: I love you thank you, thank you I love you my dear organiser, sister and my first Jade Circle facilitator Máire!
 Thanks a million for your feedback!

*** "Beautiful, inspiring workshop. Was blissful, I'll continue the practice as is so practical as well as beneficial. Thank you so much for bringing this beautiful life-changing practice to Ireland and sharing it with us!" D.M
*** "...The whole weekend was a beginning and continuation of a journey. Thank you for holding a safe sacred space where I could truly experience myself as a woman. It was very special. I believe is more to come and hoping to see you in further training." L.R.

*** "Thank you for a beautiful nurturing workshop which has helped me on my wonderful journey as a woman. I look forward for what lies ahead." E.M.
*** "Beautifully held, rich teachings given with dignity + presence. Thank you for caring + passing on these ancient traditions." Y.L.

*** "A beautiful experience beautifully facilitated. Great to spend heartfelt time with a group of Goddesses. Thank you!!" R.M
*** "You are such a joy to be around. Really inspiring. Feminine, grounded, fun, smiley. I found the workshop so joyful, beautiful and informative. Can't wait to put the practice into my daily routine and experiment what works for me - what a wonderful message. The divine feminine." L.M.

*** "It was an absolute pleasure - spiritually, emotionally and physically! Connecting with your beautiful energy brought me back to myself. Powerful, direct and gentle teaching going where it's suppose to be going! Thank you for sharing your great gift of real teaching!Hope to see you again soon!" K.R.
*** "I found this workshop brilliant and so inspiring. How big benefits it can bring to my relationship with myself, my femininity and sexuality. Over all I love the teacher, group and this topic." I.B.

*** "You made these few days very special. Thank you for being a great teacher full of fun and acceptance for everybody. I love your ability to see the beauty in all people and their potential." A.B.

*** "...An angel sent from heaven, an inspiration for all women and the beauty of the practice, I am so empowered... Anamarta's teaching is so sensual, understanding, full of wisdom and beauty. Thank you for coming my path on my journey, a total pleasure." A.M.

*** "I really enjoyed the workshop. My womb and Jade Gate are very grateful and are celebrating. I look forward to practice and learning more." A.E.
*** "Thank you so much for your teaching, you are a very special woman, so youthful, and  such maturity, you are an inspiration to all women in the world." L.E.
*** "The depth of your work, the light of your work, the love of you work is a force in this world. A force that promotes healing and wholeness, exploration and discovery for each of us to access our greatest selves, and to celebrate and delight in being a woman. As always I felt inspired by the workshop, grateful for the opportunity to deepen the practice. And to be present for the blossoming of a beautiful group of women.Thank you." M.G

 (: And here the photo of the two groups and in it were 4 couples and in the men's group two brothers and an uncle and nephew, nice!... :)