Friday, 16 September 2016

***Harvest Powerful Moon***

Today is a very special Full Moon, the Harvest Moon, the one which occurs closest to Autumn (Fall) Equinox, sometimes a few days after or before, depends on the year. It's usually the biggest full moon in the year and more 'pumpkin colour'. Perfect time for an abundance ritual!
The Moon will be in Pisces and comes with a Lunar Eclipse, presenting us the Alchemy of light and dark, yin and yang - Full Power Time!!
"Eclipses are the most powerful transits that you can experience." Kelly Rossano

This Pisces Moon relate with sensitivity, intuition, mysticism and dream power, spiritual evolution, expansion of consciousness and subconscious seeking inner truths.
With your Moon Magic (even if just lighting up any candle: what is important is your intention and focus) you can ask the Grandmother Moon to support you in all the above and anything related with this energy, specially to your dreams come true!...
And what is Moon Magic? Magic is no more than a change of consciousness, and the Moon representing psychic energy, or the unconscious that holds the secrets of wisdom, can be a great ally or supporter in this.
Here a my suggestion:
Light a turquoise (or violet) candle and burn oil or incense of ylang-ylang, or eucalyptus, or sage. Repeat an affirmation three times, facing the moon (if possible) even when indoors
Let the candle burn until the end. 
You can create your own affirmation based on the Pisces virtues, here an idea:
"Moon in Pisces, bright your beam, Bring to me my sweetest dream".

Why not put you Pisces Moon magic with a ritual of Abundance to make the most of this energy in the air!
'Magically speaking' this is indeed a great time to focus on abundance.
You can create your own ritual to connect with your inner self and let this golden moon illuminate and inspire you; be clear and assertive in your requests and be aware of the same (be careful that what you ask the Universe is what you really want...).
Ideas of things you may use in a ritual for abundance:
  • Gold (or/and green, orange) candles, oranges, rice, milk, corn, cinnamon, money (big notes and coins), gold. Some crystals relate with abundance: citrine, carnelian, jade; and totems: buffalo (or/and cow) and sardine.
Remember follow your intuition you can never go wrong, and for something to happen, the belief must come, not just from the mind but from the heart and soul.
My Last year Harvest Aries Moon (is why the red candles) Abundance Ritual.
© Anamarta

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

How to Embrace Abundance?

We are now in transition of seasons: in the Taoist approach we just left the Heart season (the Summer, the Fire Element) to the Spleen season, the Earth Element, Harvest time, also known as Indian Summer, time of abundance, gratitude and enjoyment for the sweetness of life!

And in this time of abundance, here's an invitation for you to reflect upon:
  • What abundance means to you?
  • How does abundance manifest in your life?
  • Which areas of your life would you like to bring more abundance?
  • How can you manifest the abundance you wish for?
From my experience I felt to embrace abundance in all levels in my life, I needed to create space in my whole being and for that to open wide my heart, my mind and my soul to everything the Universe can provide! And with this came a sense of trust, that everything I need is provided in the right time. Also, besides this it's obvious that I had to do everything I can in the 'mundane dimension', to work and give my best, in order to achieve what I want. And last, but not least the Great Mother Earth, being such an inspiring and wonderful teacher, by observing Her perfect cycles and tune with her as a source of continuing learning and empowerment.

 And today, by chance (if exist such a thing!!...), I came across this "When we approach our lives with trust rather skepticism, we are allowing our minds to be fertile ground for enrichment." by Jamie Sams in Sacred Path Cards.

Do you know Jade is associated with Abundance and Fertility?
Actually not only physical abundance, but opens the path to open our heart to Divine Abundance and sharing with others in affirmation of plenty. And I mean just not fertility to create a baby, but to create the life you want as well! To reinforce this: the shape of the egg is being worship as a symbol fertility since ancient times.
The Jade Egg after a decade of deep personal exploration and sharing with other women I found it to be an amazing tool, jewel and talisman! And indeed to support abundance in all levels of my life... And create the fertile ground to live my dreams!

For the ones in London and around Join me Tonight for Jade Circle Evening - Embracing Abundance! 
Click Here for Details - All Women Are Welcome!

© Anamarta

Monday, 4 July 2016

Happy Cancer New Moon! Insights, Healing & Ritual

You probably already know how strong is the influence of the moon in our planet and in ourselves!...
But for us women, Grandmother Moon symbolises our inner wisdom, intuition, feminine mystery.  For me She has been a source of inspiration and empowerment.
"In Astrology the Moon represents our emotions and our sense of security as we move through the world." adapted from Tannaz.

The New Moon in Cancer is approaching today, representing the Mother - who sits in the heart.  Cancer is associated with family, children, loved ones, fertility, nurturing, working with the home, ancestors and tradition.

Emotions can be in the air, as Cancer is ruled by the Moon!... 
An opportunity to go within, pay attention to your feelings and thoughts, an important yin practice, being connecting with the receptive feminine side with no fear, just allowing things to flow like water, as the feelings bring truth and awareness.
I truly believe that to feel is to heal.

Ideally a time for nurturing: to retreat into yourself to get renewed and inspired. And to retreat is definitely an act of strength (not weakness)!...

"The sign of feminine power that nurtures life…Cancer symbolizes the Great Mother of Life.
At this New Moon in Cancer, we can plant the seeds of our deepest needs and desires, watered by our sense of self-love and compassion." Cathy Pagano 

With this new lunar cycle promoting new beginnings, an opportunity to reinforce your goals or create new ones.  Focus your ideas, thoughts and meditations on positive change.
Ponder the following and give yourself a moment to listen for the answer coming from within (you also can write it down if you like). How can I:
  • Establish foundations upon which to build a fulfilled life.
  • Share my happiness and joy with my loved ones every day.
  • Nourish my soul and those I love.
In terms of Healing, Cancer is related to stomach, breasts and lymphatic system.
Some of the practices I share with my Jade Egg Holistic Practice can support you with this healing: a combination of Healing Sounds, Inner Smile and Kuan Yin QiGong:
  • For the stomach, your "second brain", related with emotions of worry, stress and anxiety: Imagine you can breathe them all in and then breathe them all out with a guttural sound (comes from your throat) 'HOOOOOOOOO' and then place your hands in your stomach SMILE at it and imagine you are breathing in a gold light of serenity, openness, centering - feeling centered in your power***
***Another way to be centered in your power is consciously to connect with the Earth Mother, feel the soles of your feet, your body and your center; as if you had deep roots into the Earth, becoming like a tree: strong and steady.

For the breasts, which symbolise your love chi:
  • Hold your breasts and give them a little squeeze - gently pressing against your chest (this is a great thing to do, you are helping dissolve any stagnant chi/energy...) - and then give a big Smile to your breasts feeling the love, joy and happiness of your heart!... Smiling to everyone you love, everything that gives you joy and makes you happy!
(For the ones who have learned already the Breast Massage - keep it on doing!) 
  • Go bra free, give them a good shake, as movement is essential to your breast health! I strongly suggest to do this everyday before you wear your bra, if you have to wear it, and in your private space definitely go bra free!... 
To the lymphatic system, which has the function of flushing the toxins out of our body:
  • The Chi Self-Massage. So specifically for this, to help the toxins to come out of your body quickly: just rub the tip of your fingers around the edges of your face and through your jaw and chin bone and under your chin. Then slide your fingers down your throat and when you feel the collar bone just go through the space between your ribs from your chest all way down your ribcage.
For Ritual, and you can do a ritual without having to prepare anything; a ritual can be simply be a conscious way to focus on your intentions - this focus comes from your whole being (mind, heart, womb and soul).
  • From writing down your intentions, or/and creating symbolic acts to manifest your desires and goals...
  • Connect with water through a purifying bath with sea salt, and you can even add anything to make it more special as some herbs, or rose petals or essential oils... Also by going to the sea, or any springs, lakes, waterfalls...
  • In feng shui the left corner furthest from the front door (whatever is your home or a room from your living space) is related with relationships - you can put something that symbolises or you would like to symbolise your relationships from an object, crystal, photo or image, whatever has meaning for you and then light a candle.
Overall a perfect time to focus your intentions with things to do with your relationships, with self-love, with your home and environment. 
Wonderful time to go out in nature and connect directly with the Heart of the Earth, to feel the grounding, to feel the support, to feel the inner peace and deeply nurture yourself.
© Anamarta

Monday, 20 June 2016


Happy Summer Solstice!! Also known as Midsummer or Litha.

Longest day, shortest night, apex of the solar cycle, the sun reaches its peak! And special as it will be happening with a Full Moon - a powerful marriage of the Yin, Divine Feminine of the Moon with the Yang, Divine Masculine of the sun, both in their peak, an alchemical empowerment to us who tune into it!
This actually has not happen in 70 years, and will not happen until 2094!! 

The Summer Solstice is a combination of joyous celebration and the realisation that the wheel has reached a pinnacle and is now turning towards the dark again. It is a time to gather loved ones and to celebrate community!

  • Call the fire energy, invite towards you, feel or imagine its warmth in your heart, and tune your warm heart with the Mother Earth heart beat below and tune into the Divine Love above, all heart is one now! Enjoy it, expand it and share with others!
  • And yet, a few quiet moments in a darkened room with a lit candle, give a sense of peace. It's a time for inner connection as well, because the inner and outer communities are interwoven.
We're in the Fire Element season: the season of the heart. The heart is such an important organ, it connects with all the organs, if it stops, everything stops!
We need fire to do the Inner Alchemy Taoist practices, as our body is mostly composed of water.  The first practice starts with the inner-smile; inner-smile originates from self-love and self-acceptance towards our body.

  • Sitting quietly, connect with your heart beat, relax all your body and your mind, and with your mind's eye look in front of you and see the sun, breathe in the sunlight through your midi-eyebrow, let this warm and energising feeling spread through all your being...and now smile at your heart, where the sun always shines, breathe in the light of love, and remember first love is self-love, the unconditional love towards yourself essential to receive and give true love; breathe in the red light of joy, think upon everyday life and its joyful gifts; breathe in red light of laughter and happiness, think of the laughter which always works as a spirit lift! And about happiness: The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.
"When the heart is open, we feel sunshine from inside. We have a sense of joy and love that is sometimes a floating sensation. In all of our meditations it is important to fill our hearts with loving, smiling energy, because when we feel love, we are truly related to all things." Mantak Chia in Healing Love through the Tao-Cultivating Female Sexual Energy.
And what about this moon?

Yes definitely in all her power: a Special Blue Moon, as it is the second Full Moon in Sagittarius (last was in May), a rare occasion... Today, Moon day, yes Monday ;) A fire Full Moon on the 20th - Nr. 2 is Lunar: the moon is the second brightest light in the sky after the sun, and in her phases the moon has two horns. The ancients believe that 2 was a very feminine, receptive number.

The Sagittarius "The Truth Seeker" Moon is related with: acquisition of wisdom and understanding, expanding the conceptual horizons, travel that truly broadens the mind; adventures, just not in a physical level, but also mental; take your spirituality to another level.
In terms of healing it is associated with tendons - and a great thing to activate your tendons is QiGong and Tai Chi!

So I'll be connecting with fire but also with water, with yang peak of Grandmother Moon, asking Her to support me  in all the above and anything related with this energy.
For some Moon Magic you can simply light a purple candle in the night  and burn some incense or oil of sandalwood or clove (if you don't have any of these, no worries your intention always overcome anything).
Repeat an affirmation (great if you can make a rhyme) three times, based on the Sagittarius virtues; let this candle burn until the end. Do it facing the moon (if possible) even when indoors.

If you have a Jade Egg - what an amazing evening to charge it with this marriage of Sun and Moon in their peak, for it should be outside (even on a window sill.)

Can you integrate and do it all together? Of course you can! Or just give an idea of something you can choose from and adapt to you on this special and powerful day today!

© Anamarta

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

My Evil Twin!...

Let me present you my Evil Twin, known already by a very few of you and talked about for many of you in Jade Circles:

Hello I am Anamarta'a shadow side, yes the one who has the dark and naughty thoughts, negative emotions, and I am specially around when she is tired (and hungry), close to her moontime (period) is always the possibility for me to take over!... And when she gets stressed or sad I bring her terrible ideas... But above all she recognises me as part of her everyday life, so we are good friends, even when she says something not so nice, she would say "it's not me, it's my evil twin"; mostly we laugh at each other!...

Do you know your Evil Twin?
Are you on good terms with her?

I use to say "I know all my demons", and one day I decided to transfer them all and create my Evil Twin who helps to take my imperfections much more lightly, accepting them.
Although being mostly in light by choice, I know the dark is there always to teach something about myself, and also to give the opportunity to let go what no longer serves me, creating space for new experiences and energy to flow.

By looking at myself in the mirror and seeing all the light and dark, this inner confrontation leads me to inner knowing, which leads me to inner harmony.
How does this happen?
Well, it's not just by pressing a button I'm afraid, it's about choices and the attitude towards my own self and life.

I found accepting myself unconditionally contributes greatly to my health, loving relationship with myself and everyone else, and to get and live the life I want.

The 'tools' that the Jade Egg Holistic Practice provides are very supportive and useful for not only cultivating self-acceptance, but Embracing Unconditional Self-Acceptance!

In the Taoist Tradition there is no hell (just Earth and Heaven), it's we who create our own demons, so the idea is to embrace them and pacify them, because if you fear them, you empower them: and this may bring the consequences of living in fear, living a lie and indeed accumulating toxins which can damage our health...

As the polarities of the external Universe we can not live without each other, the same exist within us.  But we have indeed an option to do something about it, it is in our hands to transform the negative and cultivate the positive.
Have our face turning to the sun and the shadow will fall behind.  Although being behind doesn't mean we don't acknowledge her.

By finding self-acceptance, acknowledge all aspects of yourself, just not your personality, but your whole body, thoughts and emotions; accepting yourself as you are with all your perfection and imperfections, is why I say unconditionally, you can fulfil your potential and inspire others to do it as well!

As we fulfil our deepest desires, we fulfil our heart and soul.

In the Taoist Calendar we are moving from the Wood Element (Spring), linked with the liver associated with self-acceptance (also with kindness, forgiveness and desire), to Fire Element (Summer), linked with the heart associated with love (also joy, happiness and passion). 

© Anamarta

Friday, 13 May 2016

Special Lucky FRIDAY 13th!***

High Feminine Energy is in the air today, the lucky Friday 13th that usually happens once a year. Enjoy it, tune into it and make the most of it!
Why lucky? Why Feminine?
13 is a special and magical number for us women, associated with the 13 Full Moons we usually have in a year, linked with 13 times we usually bleed (have our moontime, menstruation), as our cycle links with the moon cycle.
13 is the number of blood, fertility, and lunar potency. It
associates with the sacred feminine, psyche power, magic, emotion in various traditions, from ancient times to modern.
In Wicca, the Pagan Goddess tradition of Old Europe, communicants convene in covens of 13 participants. 13 was also auspicious for the Egyptians, who believed that life has 13 stages, the last of which is death, the transition to eternal life. 
When Chinese women make offerings of moon cakes, there are sure to be 13 on the platter.
A turtle, which represents the Earth Mother, the Goddess in Native American, for the Chinese symbol of wisdom; in the Taoist Shamanic Tradition the shell of the turtle was the original 'pakua', has actually 13 segments on her shell!...
13 is the lucky number of the Great Goddess!

Then Friday itself  is ruled by Venus, the planet of transcendental beauty, of love, special self-love, sexuality, eroticism, desire, enjoyment, fun, attraction; and the planet which reminds us of our Divine Feminine within. And is associated with Goddess Freya, who brings us love, friendship, beauty, reconciliation.
I think for the reasons above this number has been seen other than as 'bad luck', a myth that started essentially from dark ages of patriarchal in church and politics when they use to burn women for their medicinal and psychic powers. And believe it or not, the the Witchcraft Act was repealed in England just in 1953!...

Digger a bit deeper, this superstition about Friday the 13th may have roots in the biblical tradition based on the belief that the 13th guest on the "last super" was Judas, who's betrayal caused the death of Jesus. But were said that Judas were part of 12 disciples already! I remember growing up hearing if it was 13 people in a table the youngest one will be the first to die!...
Now I wonder if the 13th guest of this "last super" was Mary Magdalene, she had a special relationship with Jesus... Of course never mentioned by the Christian tradition, who also never mentioned the spiritual leadership that Mary Magdalene held because she was a woman. This was been keep in secret and just encoded in stories, only revealed nowadays from the discovery of hidden and gospels.

Friday was also: the day Jesus died on the cross; that Eve served forbidden fruit pie at her legendary garden soiree, was the day that Adam was expelled from Paradise.

Do you know the superstition of the number 13th in the Western World is named triskaidekaphobia? 

I found all so interesting as from fear of the Feminine Power so much was developed, but with that lots of women lost touch with their powerful and feminine self, even the understanding of their cycles, bodies and true nature.
But I believe that is also changing and we should embrace this change to inspire others around us to the same.
The Tao ( = the way) of Feminine Empowerment, being powerful as a Feminine Woman filled with compassion, trust, flexibility and receptiveness 
(and not as a woman behaving like a man, as many women in power seem to, due to the competitive environment they are in).

Tao of Feminine Empowerment, the
Jade Circle Workshops which provide the tools to support us in this path, through Ancient Secrets which can be easily applied and greatly benefit our modern lives.

© Anamarta

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Sexuality & Spirituality in the Taoist Tradition in Modern Lives

How are sexuality and spirituality bound together in the Taoist tradition, in a way that's relevant to modern women?
In the Taoist Tradition sexuality and spirituality are bound together, as the Taoists focus on harmonising mind, body and spirit.  Spiritual development requires a balance of physical health and mental clarity, and our sexuality plays an important role in that.
Sex is natural and we are sexual beings – women, born with hundreds of eggs, they have the capacity to generate hundreds of lives! (And man with a single ejaculation could repopulate North America!).   The Taoist believes that if we were not to use this energy to create life itself, we can use it to enhance our own life. This happens by internalising the intense sexual energy, all the hormones and nutrients; the ancient secrets of the Art of Bedchamber that can be applied to benefit our modern lives.
In this light sexuality is beyond sex, being the most powerful energy of creation, the expression of our creativity, that can be used for pleasure, healing, to cultivate health, rejuvenation, longevity; to attain goals, to realise dreams, and ultimately, to connect with the Divine, the universal source or ‘Re-Union with the Tao.’ In other words, by using the sexual energy for spiritual development, we come by ‘the short path to enlightenment’.
When we consciously tap into the energy of creation, we have in our hands the power to heal, transform, and create what we want!  Creativity is present throughout our day, from the moment we get out of bed and choose what to wear, what to eat…  And the fact is that when we get up our sexual organs don’t stay in bed: they are always with us! 

Why and how is this energy important for having sex that is spiritual. Is this energy a fusion of body & spirit?
There is no ‘sacred’ focus, all human sex being sacred in the union of Yang, the force of Heaven, with Yin, the power of Earth.
The idea is that by keeping the body – the vehicle to generate, transform and project energy – healthy, we keep mind, soul and spirit healthy too. And to keep the body (also seen as the ‘temple of spirit’) healthy we learn how to avoid losing energy, which women lose through menstruation and childbirth (and men through ejaculation). We also learn to take the most of our energy circulating it through all our being, which includes redirecting the orgasmic energy through the whole body, instead of just staying in the genitals.
These Taoist Healing Love practices are internal alchemical methods to harmonise both right and left sides of the brain, balancing the intuitive and the rational, when to do and when to be. Besides the enhancing of sensation, transcendental pleasure and becoming a more effective lover, the practices bring the benefits of hormonal balance and vitality, empowerment and fulfillment in all levels (physical, emotional and energetical).   Being holistic, merging qigong and meditation, the specific yin (feminine) and shamanic practices, also bring the benefits of grounding, being centred in one’s own power, and unconditional self-love and self-acceptance.
The Taoist holistic practice brings awareness of our infinite inner resources and opens the path of self-healing and self-mastery to live life to the full!

If you want to learn more about these you are welcome to our**:
Coming Annual Jade Circle Workshop: Tao of Feminine Empowerment, where is laid the ground for deeper exploration and understanding which comes with the Taoist Healing Love Practice - Greater Alchemy of Yin and Yang, for a mixed group** you can find more events in our calendar.
** With myself and my beloved partner Taoist Master Kris Deva North founder of the Mantak Chia Taoist Training in London 1992.

Questions answered to Angela Kennedy from UK Soul&Spirit magazine I was featured in the beginning of the year. 
© Anamarta
Image of the Taoist Eight Immortals by Shen Quan

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

LOVE or LUST?...

***Love or Lust - How can you tell the difference and does it matter from a spiritual point of view?

Love is the warm feeling that starts in our heart and can spread through our whole being, with the power to heal and transform.  Love and the way it is felt is unique to each individual, transcending mere words.
Lust triggers desire, which can also spread through our whole being, releasing sexual hormones, bringing a sense of vitality, stimulating all our senses, like the Spring when everything bursts into life!

Love and lust, both have the power to energise, and are equally important: as in the Taoist philosophy of Yin & Yang, the aim is to find harmony within which will spread into our outer world - to tune into the feminine and masculine, the emotional and the sexual, and to bring this balance into our life. 

We have meridians (energy lines) in our body.  As blood flows in the veins, energy flows in the meridians.  The ‘Conception Vessel’, running from the perineum (the point between the anus and genitals) up the front of the body to the tongue, connects our heart center (in the middle of our chest) with the energy of love, with our sexual center (our womb, genitals) and the energy of lust.

You are welcome to learn more about this in our** coming Annual Jade Circle Workshop: Tao of Feminine Empowerment, where is laid the ground for deeper exploration and understanding which comes with the Taoist Healing Love Practice - Greater Alchemy of Yin and Yang, for a mixed group** you can find more events in our calendar.
** With myself and my beloved partner Taoist Master Kris Deva North founder of the Mantak Chia Taoist Training in London 1992.

***Question answered to Angela Kennedy from UK Soul&Spirit magazine I was featured in the beginning of the year. 

© Anamarta

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Goddess Thought

Dear Goddess,
Yes, I truly believe that every woman is a Goddess, as you represent the feminine in the mundane dimension; and you should be honoured as such; indeed you must be the first to acknowledge the Goddess you are. 

What you're about to read emerged many moons ago, but every time I read it, something is trigger in my yin essence, so is why I'm sharing with you:

The more time I spend with women, the more I find the Goddess present in each of you, makes me just not believe, but feel it, we women are a reflection of each other, representing the different manifestations of the Goddess.
I'm delightfully enjoying every moment of just being, be yin, nurturing my yin energy and receive the fruits of it with such inspiration! Delving into the mysterious feminine, allowing time for the thoughts to emerge and solidify, connecting with my inner self in such a profound way! Awakening my inner Goddess, letting my inner wisdom be my guide, and the gentleness to be in continuing action with myself and everyone and everything else.
Result of this inspiring time I'm having to prepare for the coming workshops, I'm feeling the Divine Feminine within bubbling so intensely! It's like fireworks from the depth of sacred water, like the fire shining on the ocean.

The days are dark and short...
Nature embraces the darkness 
And you, what you do?
Let's embrace it too!
Going to the void
And what do you find?
the answer, the solution,
the direction, the path;
the Goddess!...
...the Inner Goddess
and her outer manifestations!
Be Yin!
Be Yourself!
Allowing the dark to rise
Blending with the light
Alchemy surprise!
Achieving the perfect harmony within,
Bringing this clarity in everything!

 What better than a whole day, (actually weekend!) to embrace our beautiful womanhood, but our ‘Goddesshood’! A new word I created to represent the connection with the Divine Feminine within and sisterhood that brings the awakening and embracing of our inner wisdom, that leads to the empowerment of each other, that always generates so much love and inspiration towards ourselves and others! What a lovely cycle!!
Less the one month to go now, Join me at the:
All Women Are Welcome
In delight & sisterhood
© Anamarta

Monday, 8 February 2016

Happy Chinese Monkey New Year: Follow Your Heart Desires!

Today with the New Moon we enter in another cycle, a New Year in the milleneum Chinese (Taoist) calendar.
The Wood Yin Sheep trots out, the Yang Fire Monkey swings in!!

"This cheeky animal bursts with exuberance, bringing a lightning pace and fantastic motivation. The Monkey increases communication, humour and wit, helping us get through stressful times with grace and ease. The Monkey’s gift is the ability to find unconventional solutions to old problems. Daring to be different can lead to success"

The Monkey is a trickster, playful, funny, intelligent, inventive (great problems solvers), strong minded, adaptable, curious, creative and last but not least youthful! 
Fire Element: "Fire dances, fire warms, fire burns, fire creates and fire destroys" Kris Deva North in Finding Spirit in Zen Shiatsu
A year  that anything can happen, the way to respond to the unexpected is to be flexible and grounded - sounds contradictory? Well it's the principle we use in Tai Chi, as the flexibility strengths our ability to respond to any situation without letting the situation itself take over, and the grounding gives the necessary stability to be in the here and now: this makes us centered in our power, open to wide vision and harmoniously living.
And you heard the expression "monkey mind"? The mind jumping around, being faster than the body, so practice breathing in and out, and focus on the moment rather than yesterday, or tomorrow, or later.  The scientific world is already agreeing with the benefits of ancient methods of meditation and body movement as Tai Chi, Qigong, Martial Arts, dance, yoga, etc...

The creative mind may also be bubbling with ideas - great!! Channel them, put them in practice, even if involves taking risks... Monkey energy supports success and innovation!!
But be aware if you find yourself spending too much time in mind, remember your body, the grounding helps: even if this just being barefoot, especially in nature. Our body needs more activity: exercise more, move more, whatever works for you and in an enjoyable way. Otherwise if the mind takes over can be overwhelming, depleting, and losing touch with inner wisdom; and for us women the most powerful compass we have within filled with ancestral knowledge, our womb!
So: Keep calm and eat bananas!
Hehehe, joking... But indeed you need energy for this year, so keep an eye how you manage your energy; which for me is about the choices we make. In which, where and whom you decide to spend your energy, choose wisely!...

And saying all the above: 
How does the monkey, yes the animal itself, resonate with to you?
Just take a moment to allow any thoughts, images or sounds to fill your mind...
I had a few encounters with monkeys in my 13 times in India these past seven years.
In India one of their beloved Gods is Hanuman - the Monkey God - so monkeys run freely, mostly everywhere.
I saw so many people being robbed by monkeys from food to objects (not just in India, but also in Africa), and 'monkey gangs' really taking over a place, messing up a kitchen... Can be scary, but I never had a bad experience with them, thus I really respect them and my relationship with them honestly is "hi, bye", as with their unpredictable nature you never know what to expect from them.
I could share a few stories, but let me pick up the ones who mark me most:

    ** 2009 in Bagsunag, in the Indian Himalayas, when I was teaching my first Jade Circle Workshop, we were a big group on a rooftop which was covered with nice fabrics (imagine a tent); a monkey (red face one, which are the more dangerous in India, the black face ones are more gentle), just come in, the dog from the BuddhaHall Center felt him, ran to him furiously barking and the monkey responding to him showing his big teeth in a very aggressive way... OMG a slight panic started to be felt by the ladies; I thought "this has to finish otherwise is the workshop finishing here for today!..." I got up and went close to them, calm down the dog and look to the monkey and gently asked him if he could leave; the monkey looked at me, looked at the dog, and just before he left did a little jump to the dog (just to scare him, like if he was attacking him) and then off he went!...

    ** This one was more recent, a few year ago, in the edges of the Rajasthani desert. Was early morning and I went to the top of my guest house to sit on a wall (was wide enough for that) where I had an amazing view and breeze and maybe two floors high. I crossed my legs, clasped my hands together, closed my eyes and start to meditate... when suddenly I felt a very fluffy warm 'thing' passing by my back, the first thing that came to my mind, was: "do not panic!!..". So without moving my head I opened my eyes to see what it was: exactly what I suspected: a big red face monkey!! Big enough to just push me down; and I just realised I was in his territory!! I tried everything to keep calm, breathe deeply, closed my eyes again to continue to meditate; but my curiosity made me open them again. Keeping still I looked again and the monkey was exactly copying me!  Ok he didn't cross the legs, but his hands together, looking straight ahead with his eyes closed!!!... Meditating together!!... So I closed my eyes again, and then after a while I felt the 'fluffy thing' passing by again and off he went. I didn't abuse my luck, I found another place to meditate!

    Do you know the Monkey is the 9th animal in 12 Chinese zodiac? And we are in the 9 year = 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 - reinforcing this number of completion; but in the Tao, 9 is our infinitive number.
    Infinitive transformation indeed!... But definitely with this fast paced year, gives the opportunity to complete cycles, and don't waste time with anything that no longer serves us, let it go, thanks for the learning and move on.
    When the energy in the air is strong for me the options are: to tune into it, I mean to understand it, which brings the opportunity to make the most of it and gives strength and ability to take the challenges and quickly transformed them into opportunities to change and grow; or if we resist the change is like swimming against the tide, procrastinating and complaining about things instead of doing something about them, we can have a really hard time.

    "The year of Red Fire Monkey brings to humanity the possibility of tremendous growth and vast fulfilment; we begin to create our destiny through intention, desire and focus."
    Glenn Stewart Coles

    A simple ritual to welcome the Monkey New Year:
    Light up a red candle(s), tune into the fire within and without, smile at your heart where the fire lives, smile at the Fire Monkey, ask to align with his energy and for him to show you how to make the most of it. Then set your intentions (reinforcing perhaps the ones you set for 2016) and speak them loudly.

    I wish you a fiercely Monkey New Year, also filled with laughter and fun, may your passion drive you to follow your heart desires!

    © Anamarta

    Monkey and the girl by "Kindness Blog"; third image monkey by Jandkatl
    Monkey "Joker" Zen painting by Kris Deva North