Monday, 30 April 2012

India, Bagsunag never ending Circles... :) 2012***

Our Travelling Circle was so special and rich, with the presence of such amazing and truly inspiring women, I feel blessed. Thank you my dear hostess and didi Dr.Usha to host us, as always, in her Buddha Hall Holistic Centre, in the lovely new room, made for the Jade Circle!
We had 7 Jade Circles (and it was my 7th time in India...); and yes! magic was always present! What a gift to witness this continuing blooming!...
Our first workshop started with the New Moon and the International Mother Earth Day... need to say more?... The energies were high; we even had the first boy in the Jade Circle! Sweet Isaier, 2 years old, my little friend, the 3rd child of inspiring mummy Stefanie who was with us. And on the last day we had a cosmic bless, a vivid rainbow smiling at us with Universal Love!... And this happened again after the amazing Advanced Jade Circle, with the new Himalayan Jade Goddesses and those from London who came specially, dearest Sanja and Carolina!
As the squeezes and smiles in glowing and happy faces spread through Bagsu, more women got to know about the Jade Circle and like this our Circles continued to happen!...

Thank you*Merci*Gracias*Obrigado*Dhanyabad*
Thank you for your feedback

* "I feel full of Gratitude to you, to the universe, to Mother Earth, to me... Don't have enough words  to say Thank you so Much for this precious gift!!!" S.P. France/Italy

* "Agradezco desde el fondo de mi corazón cada momento compartido y la bendición de abrirme a este nuevo conocimiento a través de ti, y sua sensibilidade y preocupación por las necesidades personales. He sentido que cada ingrediente de la receta compartida con nosotras fue agregado a tiempo, lo que ayudó a la buena integración de la información y al buen fluir da la energía necesaria. Voy pracicar y seguir sorrindo! Hermana, gracias por este reencuentro... Tlazojcamati Anamarta." N.V. Mexico

* "Thank you so much for all the sharing of your knowledge with such beauty and sincerity. I'm looking forward to practice and develop my inner beauty." A.C. France

Here the Advanced Jade Circle... no group photo... but viva photoshop ;)
 Namaste ~*~ Aloha In'Lakesh***
Thank you for your feedback

* "Thank you so much for a special and powerful workshop. Your messages and guidance come at the right time... your gentle and beautiful nature is the perfect vessel to support women to begin this journey into themselves." M.S. UK

* "Nice sharing, with a nice group. Very sensual and powerful Circle. I really enjoyed your teaching, the way we worked with energy. Hope to see you in Europe." L. France

* "Eu senti muita conexao com a minha sensibilidade de mulher. Emocoes fluiendo... Conexao com pacha mama... Reconexao com os meus sentidos e o orgaos sexuais. Uma nova porta se abriu; tenho fe e gratidao. Obrigada flor. Love!" J.B. France/Brazil

* "OBrigado, Thank you very much for sharing your beautiful light. I feel blessed to receive these teachings in order to connect with myself in a deep way to create harmony, love and health. Look forward to meet you again.In Lak'esh" O.Z. Spain/Mexico  
Private session with belle Ludi, merci for your feedback.
* "It was really nice learning. Smiley and generous time, lovely energy. Thanks a lot for you kindness and your generosity!"

I came back from India SO INSPIRED and fully recharged with these beautiful Circles I had a pleasure to hold, with a blend of desert Rajasthani Gypsy Dance vibes, as my Saphera dance gets further!
Just in transition from the magical and shanti Himalayas to the magical and exciting UK wilderness to another Step 5 - Tao of Shaman adventure!...It always brings such profound effects, both in the participants, and the facilitators!  I love it!!