Saturday, 8 March 2014

Happy Women's Day!!*** Beautiful celebration!

What could better to celebrate the International Women's Day than to be among other women?!... Beautiful Goddesses from all over the world made it truly inspiring and simply lovely!! A whole day nurturing our yin energy and unveiling the mysterious feminine with all the gifts and delight that can bring us! Sisterhood and 'Goddesshood' were the key words, which generated so much magic and wonderful feelings that reinforce my appreciation of being a woman this life and honoured to hold the space for amazing women come together to shine and inspire!
With love and gratitude from the depth of my heart.
Thank you for your feedback!
  • "I'm grounded and so connected to myself! Thank you so much for this magical experience!" C. Brazil
  • "Reconnecting, nurturing & inspiring." T.B. London
  • "I love the breath and depth of knowledge that you bring to each practice. It combines the most perfect combination of complexity and simplicity. The atmosphere was warm, grounded, allowing to fly and keeping us safe. Thank you for your generosity of spirit and teaching." H.C. UK
  • "Thank you dear Anamarta, I feel like a real & profound renewal" C.C. France
  • "Inspiring & rejuvenating." E.J. Russia 
  • "I love your workshops dear Anamarta, always different - it makes me refreshed and energised. So great to meet lovely goddesses happy, smiley and shining. Thank you. " S.S. Croatia 
  • "Thank you for a beautiful day." P.C. Portugal
  • "Lovely, fun day. My kidneys are thanking me for it. Thank you!" S.E. UK
  • "New & Inspiring! It was a complete new experience to be aware of the femininty more in a spiritual way. It was so nice to spend the day with the other goddesses, I felt a lot of good energy, joy, honesty between us. Thank you very much for your love, caring and your friendship dear Anamarta." R.S. Portugal 
  • "Nurturing warm energy. The goddess way. Thank you." L.R. Philipines
  • "I totally trust Anamarta, she creates a joyful space to connect with our true self. Feel energised + calm. Thank you." S.M. UK 

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Fairlyland 2014 - Lovely!!!***

As I always happy to go to Fairlyland as I get overwhelmed with their warm hospitality and open heart!! Thank you Ireland, I love the fairies, and a THANKS A MILLION to Máire, our Master Taoist Practitioner, my beautiful Jade Circle teacher and dearest fairy sister who has this talent of putting amazing people together! A wonderfully beautiful workshop with a group of lovely and amazing women, for the first time 100% Irish! Magical being surrounded by these beautiful Fairy Jade Goddesses, mostly students of Máire, what a gift and delight that brings to my heart, as the Jade Circle expands in the Emerald island, and to witness how everyone was so much into the practices... The start with the New Moon in Pisces just settled the time perfectly for this inward journey and celebration of our sacred feminine self! Lots of laughter was also part of it and something which made it so special was to have the presence of two babies (in their mums' bellies), and these two mummies were (blood) sisters, so inspiring!!... Looking forward to see you all again!
We also had the funniest experience giving a Talk with my partner Kris, organised by the Buddha Bag meeting, for huge (lovely!) crowd in the "Strawberry Suite", the VIP room of a club! Yes, exactly, imagine fifty people and us there talking, doing exercises and having a great time! Sounds crazy, but the atmosphere was absolutely perfect!...  What an unforgettable night - loved it!! You can see some photos
 Here we are at the end of our workshop
And V Power...
***Thanks a million for your feedback, beautiful and so kind Goddesses!***

 *** "Beautiful workshop, amazing experience, empowering, healing, thank you so much. I was really delighted with the very thorough way you went through everything you taught with so much love, patience and gentleness. I very much look forward to continuing my journey with you." A.O.

*** "I fee so privileged to have attended this workshop. The practices were all so enjoyable, nurturing + practical which hopefully make it easier for me to bring these practices to my daily life. Great to have met you and look forward to meeting you again!" E.W.

*** "An excellent workshop. Thank you. God Bless." T.D.  

*** "You are very clear, loving and open in your teachings. Strength in smile + sisters... safety in exploring internal world, maintain sense of connection. Thank you." A.M.

*** "Enlightening. And I could go on and on and on... Thank you." M.L.

*** "You are a most beautiful and inspiring person as well as teacher. Just being around your presence for 3 days is an honour, let alone all the wisdom, knowledge and insight you shared with us. The timing of your visit to Ireland fits perfectly into the path I am on at the moment and I look forward to being in your presence again when the time is right. Thank you." K.A.

*** "I really enjoyed the weekend with and learned many more useful things from you in a much different way than in the past with other facilitators. The jade egg practice is indeed a sacred thing and has become, over the years quite an important aspect of my 2nd spring journey. It has, I feel, empowered this journey in a way that would perhaps not have been possible without it... I feel well, vibrant and alive travelling into my 54th year. Much much love to you and the great work that you do. keep it coming." M. S.

*** "Thank you so much for sharing your gift with me. I had an amazing weekend and I have travelled some more on my journey as an amazing Goddess! P.S - You have woken my Jade Gate - usually falls asleep when I'm with baby." J.M. 

*** "Anamarta and Máire - thank you - this was very special, releasing and gentle. I appreciate all the information and enthusiasm and I particularly enjoyed the humour! Life is about suck in the marrow from the bone and we did that. Laughter, dance, knowledge, empowerment - all equal together, united by spirit." M.O.

*** "Thank you so much for such a beautiful, healing weekend. I feel so inspired to do more + more practice. You embody these yin practices so beautifully; and you are a powerful teacher. Ever so grateful to love you in my life and to be dancing the path of the goddess together!P.S - The fairies love you!". M.G.