Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Wales Jade Circle @ our Tai Chi Summer Camp

One more time our dear hostess Samara organised a Jade Circle during our Tai Chi Camp, this year, for the first time with a full team of Jade Goddesses, which made this retreat so special for me and so filled with laughter and fun! 
Thanks dear Samara for the lovely hospitality, the highlight of the Tai Chi Camp, having this evening in her special round house (picture above), so cosy and magical!... And what a rich Circle with local ladies joining in, and a mix of beginners and advanced Jade Goddesses. The words and feelings we shared after the Jade Circle were: truly inspiring, opening, loving, happiness, deep peace, nurturing, beAUTiful, empowering, exciting and blessed. I feel so honoured to hold the space for this wonderful group of amazing women come together with such an open heart. The true Feminine Power was felt through trust and gentleness.  
"Thank you so so much for such a wonderful tai chi camp - it really was an amazing experience. Everything! You and Kris teaching, the place, the people and wonderful nature .. and so brilliant to spend lots of time with the Jade Goddess'! I've not laughed so much in ages ... and feel really lucky and rejuvenated :))
I really felt the specialness of being a Jade goddess that evening.. was an amazing circle and I can only thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful journey you have taken us on!! with so much love acceptance, infinite kindness and wisdom.. I'm always learning so much :)" C.P
 ~ * ~
I describe the Jade Circle as Ancient Practice for Modern Women.  Traditionally a Taoist practitioner is one who does it all: meditations, sacred sexual practices, shamanic practices, including healing,  Chi Kung and Tai Chi, which extend to the martial arts root.
During the Tai Chi intense training, the Jade Goddesses showed their chi.  It was amazing to see the inner warriors coming into life, the Goddesses turning into ninjas ;) Well done!! I'm so proud of you and so delighted for us to walk this path together.

 ** The Jade Goddesses at the end of the week, just before going back to London, Essex, Brighton, Dublin ** And Advanced ones in the photo below 
 ~~ The Tai Chi Ladies ;) ~~ (and friends ;)
~~~ And the whole group ~~~
P. S. - Thank you for the music, Tai Chi Camp's anthem, a great mantra that echoes in my head ;) "...I'm so happy, every little cell, in my body is happy and well!..." :)