Friday, 31 August 2012

The Private Special Yin Step 3 Workshop!!!

For the first time in the 20 years history of the London Tao Centre the annual course of Fusion of the 5Elements was facilitated twice in the same year! And just for women!!  This Special Yin Step 3 was a private workshop born from a request for private teaching; then on top of this I had two dear students who asked me if I could do a Step 3, as they didn't want to wait one year to do it. So I thought, if I'm doing it for one I can do it for 3!  Two Jade Goddesses Assistants join us, repeating the workshop and supporting the other Goddesses and this resulted in a SO SPECIAL 4 days, so powerfully amazing and memorable experience with an international group of truly inspiring and lovely women and two babies in two bellies (yes we were 7!!).  Such a pleasure to share the Power of Fusion in such Divine Feminine space that was created and lived in this wonderful Circle!  Warm Thank to you all, and to Marisa who brought the idea in the first place!
And here were are...
 *** Thank you for your feedback ***
  • "Thank you very much... It was a very amazing, powerful and full of fun and joyful experience! The little citizen of my Universe and I enjoyed so much the new knowledge we received, so empowering, we both going home in a nice peaceful state of our souls and bodies, which is very important in my pregnancy condition. I managed to cope with some side effects of pregnancy as swelling and restlessness in my legs." Galina & Aura (Russia) 
  • "Thanks to the Universe to give me the opportunity to learn and to be here for this wonderful and powerfully beautiful workshop. Thanks Anamarta for you to came in my way... To be aware, in peace, in harmony with ourselves and the Universe, is what I'm living for, and this is what I can find here with all these beautiful human beings. Thank you sooo MUCH." Stéfani (France)
  • "Thank you so much, you are my angel. This was exactly what I need in time of stress. I loved the energy and your teaching, was great to do it all over again. I feel refreshed and will be able to cope with life better..." Sanja (Croatia) 
  • "The group was very present and focused. Learning was very easy, what could be a complicated step to learn just become simple and easy to digest. Good pace. Tai Chi now feels like it as improved. I feel that my meditation/exercises have progressed. Thank you." Rabinder (England/India)
  • "This is a very special worksop as I wanted to continue this very inspiring practice. The first miracle that it actually happened! The second miracle I found out I was pregnant! I am sure that all the things I have learned with you this year have deeply contributed to this new beginning in my life. I have really cherish your teachings, they have truly nourishing my mind, body and soul. The Taoist way is becoming a way of life, the way home for this beauty and wisdom we carry within. Thank you for being such a beautiful inspiration!" Joanna (Holland/England)
The benefits of the Chi Kung for pregnancy felt from the first day!...Legs felt lighter, restful deep sleep and even the water retention felt improvement!
 I'm so proud of their Tai Chi!

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