Wednesday, 5 January 2011


Namaste & Happy New Year!!
And Happy New Moon; yes, yesterday in Capricorn, such a good kick for the new year! This moon connects with personal ambitions, dedication, a good time to develop strong structures, set boundaries and rules.
Well, have you set your intentions for this new year?... I'm really excited about it!! And you?
As we're in the new season as well, started two weeks ago with a full moon and a total lunar eclipse!
What a start to embrace this Yin peak of the year, the Winter!
We'll have our own celebration next month with the workshop Awakening Your Inner Goddess...Follow Your Inner Wisdom!
And for the end of the season we close in grace with the Jade Circle workshop!
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Look upon the water element, its just amazing what water can do! The element which best describes our yin, feminine, nature.
Water is nature's shape-shifter, freezing, solid as ice, boiling to steam, flowing as teardrop or tidal wave. As plain water it adapts to any shape, fits in any container and left to its own devices always flows down to find the lowest level, a good thing to remember when "going with the flow".
Rivers flow into the ocean which evaporates into clouds which rain on the earth and refill rivers.
The water element is represent in our kidneys and genitals.
** Take a moment for yourself, time to stillness, time to just being, cultivating your yin energy.
Be aware of your kidneys, and smile at your kidneys, you can place the palm of your hands in your back, you may feel a warm feeling raising, keep smiling and breath in the blue light of wisdom and gentleness, connect with your inner wisdom. Smile at your kidneys, let your gentleness act and your inner wisdom talk.

** If you want to continue, or you can do it in another meditation, move your hands or place your hands in your womb, cover your ovaries, your uterus, your Jade Gate. Smile, feel, visualize or imagine the warm of your hands blending with the cooler water, alchemy is trigger. Smile and appreciate your Jade Gate everything it does to sustain your life, appreciate your ancestors and your descendants, appreciate one of the sacred parts of your beautiful female body, thank it for its power of creation and the pleasure it can give, and understand pleasure as opening the door of bliss in path of ecstasy.

This is a great time of the year to go inwards, connect with yourself in a deep and profound level. Allow this time to be, let go of the doing now, and just be, allow the yin energy to emerge from the depth of your inner-self, allowing your inner-wisdom to be your guide, awakening, stimulating, enhancing the Goddess within.
Is good for us to have time to retreat, "Retreat is not an act of weakness; its an act of strength. In order to access your gifts of inspiring and renewal, you must be at peace with yourself and rested enough to recognize blessings being offered." (Jamie Sams).
All the answers are inside us, we just need the time to receive the information, digest it and then apply it to our lives. Find your self-healing and self-mastery, and is what the Taoist practices are about.

Good news! The inspirational and long-awaited book Taoist Shaman - Practices from the Wheel of Life by Mantak Chia & Kris Deva North is going to be released soon! click here for the special offer! If you are into e-books you can get it here!
If you want to learn more, we're running a Taoist Shamanic Healing workshop at the end of the month.
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