Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Let your Inner Beauty Out!

The beauty didn't just shine out, but all around the Healing Tao Centre, the City of London, and surely around the world and universe too!
We lit up the fire within ourselves and allowed the warm feelings to grow and expand, celebrating beauty, love, joy and laughter of our hearts in the fullest!
We had a lovely and delightful day with a group of such beautiful and sparkling women!
It was a such a pleasure to facilitate this special workshop with such inspiring presences, a day with the best of the feminine qualities: beauty, wisdom, gentleness and fun! Brilliant!!
Here we are:

Thank you for your feedback.
  • "Thank you for the warm lovely teaching. really enjoyed the nice balance of yin-yang (exercises vs. stillness). Thank you with all my heart."S.C.
  • "Every Jade Circle with Anamarta is wonderful, and every new one exceeds the expectation. I felt delighted, beautiful and allowed new parts of me to shine out... Anamarta is a great teacher and never ceases to surprise with new beautiful ideas. She makes a woman feel truly beautiful as she is beautiful herself and a mirror for us..."M.G.
  • "I am so grateful to discover you and your lovely and generous presence; the Tao teachings were known to me before, but i didn't have time or wasn't ready, you make it so easy. I now appreciate myself as a woman, its a lovely long time life journey and finally looking forward to. Hope to learn more with you in the future."D.V.
  • "The workshop was insightful, beautifully held and well presented. I enjoyed the exercises, the energy, + dance... I enjoyed the day and the coming together of women. Thank you very much." A.F.
  • "I very much enjoyed the gentleness, openness, fun... All good as an introduction to deepen practice." S.H.
  • "Today was filled with wonderful new experiences, presented in a warm and caring way. I would definitely recommend the day to all women who seek a deeper meaning in today's often shallow way." V.C.
  • "...another wonderful workshop. Its good to see you doing workshops like this... Well done!..."S.R.
  • "Thank you for the lovely day. Everything about it was good." M.O.
  • The guided meditations were lovely. The sound elements were very useful..."S.B.
  • "I had a wonderful day" M.
  • "...another great workshop, your love for the women in the group was tangible. Your grace and kindness give me hope..."E.B.
  • Thank you for a beautiful workshop... Really enjoyed the belly dancing! Thank you for your joyful and generous spirit." S.K.