Sunday, 27 September 2009


Sweet Hello in this time of Sweetness! 
The Autumn/Fall Equinox arrived this week, bringing the harvest home festival, the gathering time, when we prepare for the cold and shorter days... Now day and night are equal, and we turn our thoughts again to balance.
I'm writing and looking at this tree outside my window, sunbeams lighting up her first yellow and red leaves on one side, while the other still shows green ...
... Autumn magic! The transition of seasons, the changing of colours, from Earth to Sky, the start of a new cycle; a new cycle in Nature, a new cycle for ourselves; time of changes and evaluations. Did we plant enough of the right things? Have we nurtured what will truly feed us?
Above all, this is a time to give thanks, to offer gratitude for what we have, and to remember the balance of all elements that sustain our lives. Gratitude to Mother Earth, the living soil that grows food, to the air we breath, to the sun's warm rays, to the life-giving rain and the flowing, cleansing waters. Gratitude toward our community, to our family and loved ones, and to all families and beings that are linked in the web of life.
Gratitude is the counter to greed. If we neglect to say thanks for what we have, we feel eternally dissatisfied, and need more and more. When we are thankful for all we have been given, then we need very little in order to feel surrounded by abundance.

Harvest time is the Spleen season as I shared in the post below (Harvest Moon). Spleen direction is the center, our lower abdomen is named as our hara, in Taoist terms as your "lower tan tien." The spleen is related with two meridians, the spleen itself and the stomach, and have you heard: "you have your brain in your stomach?" Just think about the times you feel nervous, happy, anxious, "butterflies in the belly"- everything that happens to us resonates in our center! Keep it strong, thus your mind will be calm and your body will move with ease and power:

 ***Place your hands on your centre, sit up straight and inhale deeply; hold the breath for a moment, focusing on your centre; exhale slowly, and imagine any tension leaving your body.
 **For a more powerful practice do the spleen/stomach healing sound:
Breathe out HOOOOOOOO (like a guttural sound) as you release worry, anxiety, stress, guilt and pity back to the Earth. Then breath in the golden light of serenity, centering, openness, fairness and grounding. If you want to add the movement, press the fingers into your left abdomen/ribcage and lean slightly forward.

This time of harvest and beginning of Autumn is the best for you to eat the rich natural sweets of the season like the pumpkin, squash, corn, oranges...
And do you know!...Oranges attract prosperity and luck; and you know already that its good for vitamin C reinforcement to prepare us for the cold! And Corn grants protection and attracts luck as well!

Now with the Autumn, we come into in the season of the lungs, the metal element of mystery, of swords and shields, coins, boxes and silver-backed mirrors. Ancient Alchemist sought to transform metal into gold, a metaphor for transmutation of lust to love.
***Be aware of your lungs, smile at them, breathing in the crystalline white light of courage.
We need courage for times of change...

Like the fruits of the vine, our lives too can change and ferment. Celebrate the ever changing nature of life, dreams, and goals as you toast the sacred ingredients- friends, family, and familiars- the loving relationships that mellow and ferment you.

We had a radiant Summer full of successful workshops, where i had the opportunity to meet beautiful women who I hope to continue to see in this new season. And let me share the changes in the Universal Healing Tao Centre UK:

  • We had a great Tai Chi Camp with a Yin predominance for the first time! Watch (with sound!) the fantastic Video
  • Congratulations to new Taoist Trainers, after their completion of Step 8 Tao of High Degree Retreat at Monchique in Algarve, Portugal. The first ones who completed so far: Matt Lewis, Tanya McCormack, Annie Hooley and myself!
  • The NEW Jade Circle Level 2 - All women who have already come to a Jade Circle before and heard the Jade Egg explanation are welcome! After a few requests, I decided to start this level 2 with the aim to give more practical time, skipping the explanation part of the Jade Egg.
Join me on Wednesday 30h September - Jade Circle Level 2
We're going to focus on the Jade Egg secrets and practice the powerful Jade Egg exercises! Such a great start for this new circle of the new season!
No Need to Book! just come on by, from 6.30 to about 8.30pm @ The Universal Healing Tao Centre, 68 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3JT

Next Jade Circle Level 1 Join me on Friday 9th October
No Need to Book! Just come on by, from 6.30 to about 8.30pm @ The Universal Healing Tao Centre, 68 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3JT

© Anamarta

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

:-)SMILE And...SMILE!!:-)

Hello! I'm with a big smile writing to you, the corners of my lips really lifted up! And I can imagine a smile on your face now!...this is the magic of smiling! 
When we smile we make ourselves feel good and everyone around us.
All Jade Circles we indeed practiced the art of smiling, exercising 600 muscles in our face!... Yes, great for your natural beauty!
Smile is the start of all the practices of the Universal Healing Tao, from the basics to the most advanced. The meditation of the 'Inner Smile' is the key to relaxation, to refresh, create, transform, attract and blend energies; it serves to soften our body and its elements, knots and blockages start to dissolve so that free flow of energy is restored. 
Try this:
Smile to a part in your body where you feel some pain or need some healing (in this moments of discomfort, will be the last think you would think of, but give it a try!) and your truly felt smile can help alleviate or melt it away.
If you notice the portraits of the great Oriental sages and masters of self-transformation like the Taoist Immortals, Buddha, etc, there's always a inward-oriented smile in their faces, to signify the spark of inner freedom and balance the unity of yin and yang, the balance of the female and male energies within, as they are both important.
And you know what is the most important sexual secret? That's right, Smile!! As it helps keep the sexual energy in the body- allowing you to cultivate more and more energy without loss (this because we slightly contract our perineum ("gate of life and death") when we smile). 
Is why we keep smiling when you do the Jade Egg practices and exercises, and of course almost through out of this holistic practice!
And smile is just not important in a sexual level but in a mental and emotional ones as well! 
Smile increases the blood flow to the brain, allowing it to operate more efficiently and it reminds us of being happy, which can (sometimes!) trick the mind into thinking we're happy even when we're feeling a little low. This can boost our self-confidence, make it easier for us to believe in and develop our own abilities.
Go ahead: SMILE...and SMILE!!:-)
© Anamarta


Olá! Estou a escrever com um sorriso bem rasgado, os cantos da minha boca estão totalmente levantados!! E  posso imaginar um sorriso no seu rosto agora!... é esta a magia de sorrir! 
Quando sorrimos fazemos bem a nós próprios e aos que nos rodeiam. 
Em todos os Jade Circles praticamos a arte de sorrir, exercitando 600 músculos na nossa cara! Sim, é fantástico para a nossa beleza natural!
O Sorriso é a base de todas as práticas do Tao de Cura Universal "Universal Healing Tao", desde o básico ao mais avançado. 
A meditação do 'Sorriso Interior' é a chave para o relaxamento, para revigorar, criar, transformar, atrair e misturar energias; ela serve para suavizar o nosso corpo e os seus elementos, tensões e bloqueios começam a dissolver-se restabelecendo-se o livre fluxo de energia. 
Tente isto:
Sorria para uma parte do seu corpo onde você sente alguma dor ou precisa de alguma cura (neste momentos de desconforto, será a última coisa que você iria pensar, mas experimente!) e começará a sentir que o sorriso ajuda a aliviar, ou mesmo a dissolver esse desconforto.
Se observarmos os retratos dos grandes sábios e mestres Orientais da auto-transformação, como os Imortais Taoístas, Buddha, etc, há sempre este pequeno sorriso nos seus rostos, para expressar o brilho da liberdade interior e a harmonia representada pela união do yin e yang, o equilibrio entre estas energias femininas e masculinas, pois são ambas importantes.
E sabe qual é o segredo sexual mais importante? 
É isso mesmo: o Sorriso! Pois ele ajuda a manter a energia sexual no corpo, permitindo que cultivemos mais e mais energia sem qualquer perda (isto porque quando sorrimos, contraímos ligeiramente o períneo, também conhecido como “o portal da vida e da morte”). É por isso que é importante sorrir durante as práticas e exercícios do Ovo de Jade, e claro ao longo de toda esta prática holística!
O sorriso não é importante apenas a nível sexual  mas também ao nível mental e emocional! 
O sorriso aumenta o fluxo sanguíneo para o cérebro, permitindo que este funcione de forma mais eficaz e isso faz-nos lembrar de sermos felizes, o que pode (às vezes) enganar a mente a pensar que está feliz, mesmo quando nos sentimos um pouco baixo. Isto pode aumentar a nossa auto-confiança, tornar mais fácil o acreditar e desenvolver das nossas próprias habilidades.
Vá em frente e continue a: SORRIR….e a SORRIR!!:-)

© Anamarta