Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Join me tomorrow for a Full Moon Celebration!

What a magical last 2012 Jade Circle, Full Moon and dear Carolina farewell, but not for long...Colombia Circle goes!... Lovely Goddesses celebrating and enjoying the Divine beauty & power of the feminine energy!...Aloha***
------------------------------------------ ~ ----------------------------------
Dear Ladies,
I'm writing after one season with delight and excitement!
Yes, tomorrow we've a Full Moon with a Lunar Eclipse, the yin energies going to be in high!!... But as well an alchemical explosion of energy, as the Full Moon represents the yang peak of the moon and a lunar eclipse a yin one, so how appropriate for our Jade Circle to happen, for us to gather to do some Taoist & Yin Practices, of course can not loose this opportunity for us to do a Full Moon Ritual together and then celebrate this magical special moment with some Kalbelian Gypsy Dance!  
Cant wait for tomorrow, to see you all, as this will be a farewell for this intense & exciting 2012, the Jade Circle will be returning in January 2013.
And where I have been?
The Travelling Circle took me again to India, but in this journey part of the time was for me to be a student (niice!) of my Kalbelia gypsy dance and Rajasthani folk dance, as I was living in a gypsy village close to the desert, embracing my dance deeper than ever, and is with great joy I'll be sharing it with you tomorrow.  Then came straight to teach an Advance Jade Circle Practices Retreat in Scotland countryside, magicwically land in her full power, an amazing group of women with such intense, but truly beautiful days!  The welcome back to London was last week at the Jade Circles, thank you sweet Jade Goddesses! :)
Tomorrow 28th November ~ Special Jade Circle - All women are welcome!
Full Moon Ritual & Celebration with the Gypsy Kalbelian Dance! Presentation of the Winter Shanti Bazaar with beautiful new things! 
No need to Book! just come on by, from 6.45 to 9.15pm @ The Universal Healing To Centre UK, 68 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3JT - To learn more call Anamarta 07722566010 or email
£11 (£5.50 Zen Shiatsu practitioners/ students & Jade Goddesses Assistants)

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Advance Practice Retreat in Scotland

The first Advance Practice Jade Circle Retreat took place in a magical lovely place in the heart of Scotland. Jade Goddesses from different parts of the world, based in Edinburgh and London gathered at the Lendrick Lodge. You can see 'our house' in the left, with cosy sweet rooms, a great and bright training room and beauuutiful surroundings, with a forest and a river, breathtaking views, which luckily enough, besides being November, we were able to do outdoor practices! (An album is coming soon in our FB page)
We all agreed that was an intense, but indeed transformative and unforgettable weekend!! I take the opportunity to deeply appreciate to my dearest organiser and hermana Elena for the idea and putting it together and all the Jade Goddesses for their truly inspiring and beautiful presence!! Wow, simply amazing and powerful time we shared!... Definitely a highlight of my Jade Circle year!
Here we are, glowing and smiling:
*** Thank you for your feedback ***
  • "Muito obrigado, it was a perfect follow up to the first Jade Circle wshop. I think this experience really helped me to integrate more fully the practices, and mind set, into my life. It was so good to be able to share in such a lovely presence. I do love the Fusion and the benefits it brings. Also loved the journeys into the Jade Gate... Thank you so much for facilitating all this. It is a beautiful thing you do in life and you're spreading love through so many women all over the world." C.B. 
  • "Powerful, Awakening, intense, tapping into DEEP knowledge within. Thank you for holding the space and enabling my trust. Love from my " S.L.
  • "Thank you... you are very special and beautiful... It was healing!..." C.G. 
  • "It has been my first retreat, I found it so interesting, a bit intense but I've GOT A LOT FROM IT! ... it has been a great experience to organise it. Thank you for your patience, your love and compassion, a good example to follow." E.C.
  • "I feel again a very strong power in all things you teach us, and now I am feeling very grounded and with more tools to keep me carrying on. Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge..." E.P.
  • "Loved the retreat. Great balance of different activities. Feel really rejuvenated and uplifted from all the exercises. Thank you so much for a magical experience!" S.E

Friday, 12 October 2012

Advanced Jade Circle Workshop...Wow!!!

Wow, starting with the Autumn Equinox ritual and finishing with my New Advanced Practices creation, (Advance Jade Circle Part 2 for the Jade Goddesses who have learned Fusion)... So empowering, filled with compassion and sisterhood... Amazing to witness the fully blossoming of these women from all over the world!... And literally flying from Ireland (The Fairy Jade Goddesses who joined us) and Barbados!!
With the Part 2 we went further than every with the Jade Egg Holistic Practice and is with so much delightful joy and gratitude I've these sisters walking this path along with me: living the mysterious feminine and celebrating the sacred sensual feminine self! 
 *** Here the Radiant Advanced Jade Goddesses ***
Thank you for your feedback

 *** "Amazing workshop, I loved learning lots more Kuan Yin practices. I feel really inspired to create + explore all the Taoist tools + techniques. I feel much more connected to the shamanic aspect of the practices. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, knowledge and compassion. It was beautiful to be surrounded by other Jade Goddesses so that we can share + support each other on this enlightening inspiring journey." M.G. Dublin, Ireland

 *** "This month with all the workshops, as been an amazing journey for me that I cannot thank you enough was so great to repeat the workshops. Thank you." S.S. Croatia 

*** "I didn't expect so much healing...! beautiful + liberating to let go so much stuck energy + allow myself to receive. Your teaching is always so clear, instructions easy to follow and integrate. Thank you for your patience and integrity to answering questions. I really enjoyed the opportunity for us all to share and offer support. The experience of the Jade Circle workshops is unique and I treasure what I have learned from you. Thank you again" C.P. Brighton, England. 

*** "The workshop for me was again a beautiful and safe cocoon full of amazing Goddesses. The meditations took me to very deep and beautiful places even if some where unexpected! I feel my Divine Feminine strengthening and becoming more empowered, yet at the same time becoming softer and I love this! "Compassion" has now become one of my favorite words. Also I have become aware that my journey as a Jade Goddess has only really just begun and can't wait to see what comes next. Exciting times ahead...Gracias hermana!" M.A. Northern Ireland (Mexico)

 *** "Inspiring ladies comfortable to share with. Especially enjoyed dancing mix with the meditation. well paced, felt able to integrate and assimilate ever thought, this was good... Enjoyed to deepen practice and sharing with lovely ladies." R.C, Essex, England (India)

 *** "I'm so  grateful for the wonderful gift of the Jade Circle as you share your deep wisdom and shinning light .The sacred awakening of my sexuality has been beautiful since the 1st jade circle wshop and this weekend again I found so profoundly healing at a deep cellular level ...  feeling so much joy and love in my body today .I feel more connected to my essence of  love and empowerment as a juicy feminine sensual woman..." G.G. Dublin, Ireland



Thursday, 27 September 2012

Edinburgh Jade Goddesses 2012***

Flying back  to London in the riding broom, after another magicwiccaly time in Harry Potter town and around!...Muchas gracias, thank you my dear organiser and hermana Elena! And what a lOvELY and powerful workshop, an amazing group of women, such a nice blended of different cultures, and coming along together, sisters and friends, not just from Edinburgh, but from London too. Thank you for your beautiful presence, really admire how all of you went so deep into your Divine Feminine selves and took with it with such light heart and humour, truly inspiring! At the end we were blessed with the Universal love, as a big smile in the sky, a rainbow, celebrating this special wshop and Jade Goddesses!
(: Here they are ;)
Thank you for your feedback
  • "Love it! Practical, informative but also a lot of fun. Feel more awareness of my body in a different way from before. Thank you so much for sharing this knowledge." S.E. England/China
  • "I so enjoyed the workshop. Anamarta was wonderful, intimate, professional, intelligent, and she has a real gift for teaching and creating space for such work. Someone who truly walks the path she teaches. This is what I will learn from and practical tips to my clients too. I loved every moment and will definitely come back for more. This couldn't come a better time in my life." S.L. Scotland/Italy
  • "Thank you with love and compassion from my heart for this beautiful workshop. You brought your smile, laughter, love, wisdom, to teach such a sensitive subject. I feel awaken, liberated and very very happy. See you in London!" S.L. England/China
  • "Thank you for this wonderful gift of these practices and the space of presence. I feel that I have given myself back my power and respect, and it feels very healing. I am very grateful that I met Anamarta and Elena." A.D. Italy/Scotland
  • "Thank you very much for sharing with us your wisdom and mastery. I am very happy to have been part of this course. I think you are a very good teacher and woman, brave enough to live and share this kind of knowledge. Thanks a lot, I hope the life let us meet again. It's not easy to find a good teacher!!" E.P. Spain
  • "Muitisimo obrigada, Anamarta! Foram dias de libertacao e de re-inicio para mim, facilitado pelo teu workshop. Agradeco-te do fundo do coracao todo o conhecimento e amor que partilhaste." A.B. Portugal
  • "The Jade Circle workshop has been a great celebration for my rebirth, I really feel the grounding, the compassion and the great healing that this practice offers. I Love It!! Muito Obrigado!! Lets organise many more!!" E.A. Spain

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Jade Circle tomorrow 12th September! 12.09.12

Dear Ladies,
Here we are in the transition of the seasons, being now in the late Harvest time, or Indian Summer, the Earth Element in the Taoist calendar, great opportunity to welcome abundance in all levels in your life, to reflect on what you got from the previous season and what you would like to get from this.  As the New Moon is approaching on Sunday, here's something to relate with this time and Element that may inspire you: Enjoying the late Harvest time!
The Jade Circle Summer was fantastic!! Wonderful, special and memorable Circles and workshops, meeting new and re-meeting lovely women. (You can scroll down and see them)
We had a great Tai Chi Camp with Yin predominance, and this extended to Step 4, for the first time the Highest Taoist practice! (You can see the photos which will be updated soon in the Universal Healing Tao page in facebook - and 'Like' us there! Another way to keep in touch, as the germination of the Jade Circle Community is in a gentle deep process).
While in Wales for the Tai Chi Camp I held a Jade Circle for the local women, hosted by Taoist friend Sam, in her cosy bell tent... a real celebration of such a group of lovely and interesting women coming together, and of course, a pleasure for me to introduce to them the Jade Egg Holistic Practice. Then as they left in the night, one of the cars just dropped the exhaust-pipe, and what was my surprise when I saw these women going down to the floor (in their dresses), and in team work in 'double quick time' just fixed the situation and as they did that, applying their new learning 'smiling & squeezing"!...hehehe... Unforgettable Wales Goddesses, Wales Jade Circle!
As I got back to London had another great pleasure of facilitating for the first time a truly special and Yin Step 3 - amazing!... Check the post below, what an experience with two pregnant ladies, and witness the immediate benefits of the Chi Kung & Tai Chi for pregnancy.
Blue Moon gathering with a few Jade Circle friends and little friend (Genesi, Jacq's daughter) in the 13 trees Druid Circle in Green Park, welcoming and celebrating this special time - was sooo niiice!
Now just get ready to return to magicawiccaly Scotland, the Jade Circle workshop is happening in the Edinburgh this weekend, then follows a launch of the Jade Circle gathering for last year and future Edinburgh Jade Goddesses!  And in November for the first time an Advanced Jade Circle Retreat is going to happen in Harry Potter land!
But before that tomorrow I look forward to see you and meet you for the Jade Circle in London!!
TOMORROW 12th September ~ Jade Circle Level 1  (All women are welcome!)
No Need to Book! just come on by, from 6.45 to 8.45pm @ The Universal Healing Tao Centre UK, 68 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3JT
© Anamarta

Friday, 31 August 2012

The Private Special Yin Step 3 Workshop!!!

For the first time in the 20 years history of the London Tao Centre the annual course of Fusion of the 5Elements was facilitated twice in the same year! And just for women!!  This Special Yin Step 3 was a private workshop born from a request for private teaching; then on top of this I had two dear students who asked me if I could do a Step 3, as they didn't want to wait one year to do it. So I thought, if I'm doing it for one I can do it for 3!  Two Jade Goddesses Assistants join us, repeating the workshop and supporting the other Goddesses and this resulted in a SO SPECIAL 4 days, so powerfully amazing and memorable experience with an international group of truly inspiring and lovely women and two babies in two bellies (yes we were 7!!).  Such a pleasure to share the Power of Fusion in such Divine Feminine space that was created and lived in this wonderful Circle!  Warm Thank to you all, and to Marisa who brought the idea in the first place!
And here were are...
 *** Thank you for your feedback ***
  • "Thank you very much... It was a very amazing, powerful and full of fun and joyful experience! The little citizen of my Universe and I enjoyed so much the new knowledge we received, so empowering, we both going home in a nice peaceful state of our souls and bodies, which is very important in my pregnancy condition. I managed to cope with some side effects of pregnancy as swelling and restlessness in my legs." Galina & Aura (Russia) 
  • "Thanks to the Universe to give me the opportunity to learn and to be here for this wonderful and powerfully beautiful workshop. Thanks Anamarta for you to came in my way... To be aware, in peace, in harmony with ourselves and the Universe, is what I'm living for, and this is what I can find here with all these beautiful human beings. Thank you sooo MUCH." Stéfani (France)
  • "Thank you so much, you are my angel. This was exactly what I need in time of stress. I loved the energy and your teaching, was great to do it all over again. I feel refreshed and will be able to cope with life better..." Sanja (Croatia) 
  • "The group was very present and focused. Learning was very easy, what could be a complicated step to learn just become simple and easy to digest. Good pace. Tai Chi now feels like it as improved. I feel that my meditation/exercises have progressed. Thank you." Rabinder (England/India)
  • "This is a very special worksop as I wanted to continue this very inspiring practice. The first miracle that it actually happened! The second miracle I found out I was pregnant! I am sure that all the things I have learned with you this year have deeply contributed to this new beginning in my life. I have really cherish your teachings, they have truly nourishing my mind, body and soul. The Taoist way is becoming a way of life, the way home for this beauty and wisdom we carry within. Thank you for being such a beautiful inspiration!" Joanna (Holland/England)
The benefits of the Chi Kung for pregnancy felt from the first day!...Legs felt lighter, restful deep sleep and even the water retention felt improvement!
 I'm so proud of their Tai Chi!

© Anamarta

Monday, 9 July 2012

Special Jade Circles in July!

Just before our Summer break:
Special Jade Circle Level 1 & 2 Together
This Wednesday 11th July
All women are welcome!
No need to Book! just come by, from 6.45 to 9.15pm @ The Universal Healing Tao Centre UK, 68 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3JT
---------------------------------------------------- ~ ---------------------------------------------------
Special Jade Circle indeed! An auspicious one, we were 13, anticipating the coming lucky Friday 13th (for us women)!:)***
Blending so many new faces with the familiar 'habitué' ones! Always nice to have friends coming together and SO nice to have a niece and auntie!... The beauty and essence of the womanhood, the aliveness of the feminine tapestry!
And we had Chloe coming all way from Gloucestershire!       
In delight & sisterhood,                                  
            celebrating our nourishing and wonderfully rich Jade Circle!
Special Jade Circle - Gypsy Kalbellian Dance
Next Wednesday 18th July
All women are welcome! 
After various requests, I'm doing other Circle with Gypsy Kalbellian Dance, all way from Rajasthan! As well open the Shanti Bazaar for all one last time this Summer!
@ the same time @ the same place.

Looking forward to see you an meet you!

PS - The Jade Circle is back in September.

Saturday, 30 June 2012

Amazingly bEAUtiful Jade Circle!!

I woke up this morning still vibrating with the love from last night so special and amazingly beautiful Circle!!
Welcoming the Summer within, embracing the Fire element and to make the most of it in such a small session, but so powerful!! Love creates beauty! Was so moving to feel the opening of all hearts, coming from various places (even from France, with  Stéfani coming all way!...), our unconditional love meditation was the high moment!... is no words to express what was felt in the room, maybe quoting Joanna "I felt like a rose full of beauty, full of love...".
I feel truly blessed to hold the space for such genuine feelings and experiences being shared and to witness the best of the yin, women qualities always manifesting!
Thank you to all present from the depth of my heart!  Aloha Mahalo Mahalo Aloha (in Hawaii: Thank you I Love You, I love You Thank You).
What a warm up to teach Step 2, Healing Love, this weekend! :)
© Anamarta

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Jade Circle this Friday 29th June!

Dear Ladies,
Hope this finds well and enjoying the Summer time!
Well for the ones in UK and Ireland, its really the case to say the sun shines in our heart giving us warmth and light, as in the sky is just coming time to time to say hello! Although even when we don't see it, feel it in the sky, even behind the cloud is there smiling at us! :-)
Jade Circle this Friday 29th June - All Women are welcome!
After a few requests this Circle is going to be open to all women (supposed to be a level 2 for the ones who heard the Jade Egg explanation already, but like this if you're coming for the first time you can catch up with the Jade Egg Holistic Practice explanation on the Jade Circle in July).
And more requests came! After all the Circle is for you, and like this in July, just before our Summer break we'll have a special Gypsy Kalbellian Dance.
Looking forward to see you and meet you!

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

**Venus & Love**

I'm writing to you still filled with inspiration and excitement after the special events from last week! We had our Let Your Inner Beaut OuT! wshop before the Transit of Venus, a really rare and special occasion when Venus moved in front of the Sun, like a dance of the Goddess of beauty in front of her God!  The planet Venus association is more than beauty - love, special self-love, sexuality, eroticism, desire, enjoyment, fun, attraction, human unity and oness. "Venus correlates to our core being-ness, to our inner feminine or responsive consciousness, our yin energy charge, to needs and desires. The yin momentum is that of draw-in or attraction."
So this special time and rising of yin & yang energies, as the Venus symbolising the Divine Feminine and the energy of love, and the Sun the Divine Masculine and the energy of light, as these energies blend we can experience this profound harmony out in the Cosmos, in the external Universe, and we experience this in the harmony of our internal Universe and the Divine inspiration that is pouring on us!
In the coming weeks following this Transit of Venus, you can take the opportunity to ask yourself:
** What do you find more beautiful: about your body, in your mind and in your spirit?
** What do you find beautiful in others? and where do you find beauty in general?
** What do you enjoy in yourself and in your life?
** What do value most?
Take the time to answers these questions by being still in your meditation and allow the answers to come, or write them down,
or even answer as you read them, whatever works best for you.
*** Now be aware of the clothes you choose, the music you listen to, the environments and people you choose to be surrounded with in your life – do they match with the answers to your questions?
The Transit of Venus is related as well with the Mayan calendar and of course with this uniqueness of our present 2012, the 'creative transformation' is called.  Just coming to reinforce that we're entering in a new era, the feminine qualities are rising for a balance and unity consciousness.
Can you feel it?  Can you notice the signs?
In the beginning of this year I wrote in the new year newsletter about 2012 being a feminine year - voilá!
Another aspect of these 'Venusian times', as Venus is connected with the heart chakra ("our centre of intuitive knowing, harmony, magnetic attraction, that which we value, love, romance and sexual rapture. It is where we find our capacity for compassion and appreciation of beauty"), reminding us of the importance of the heart qualities in our evolution.
Our evolution? Starts in our heart!
Yes, the energy of our thoughts and feelings affect other living beings and the Earth herself.
Open our heart to receive and give love; open our heart to the Divine Love from the Cosmos above and the Unconditional Love from Mother Earth below, letting fill our heart, open ourselves to perceive the world through the windows of our heart - and there is not greater power in the world than love!
The Taoist approach of taking responsibility for ourselves, our beliefs, our emotions, transform them , change them when necessary to create and live in harmony with oneself, and like this we can live in harmony with others and and everything else; and I believe this is the way of helping others and contributing for a better world!
This current “doorway of Venus” is especially significant because it remains open until 2012 AD, the completion our current cycle of human evolution… or as the end of a period of human consciousness conditioned by separation and duality.
I'll add to this:
In Lak'esh! (Mayan saying "I am another yourself")
Or, as Walt Whitman said:
"I Celebrate myself, and sing myself,
And what I assume you shall assume,
For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you" (this is just not poetic, has been scientifically proved - Deepak Chopra at LA Lecture 1995
Here we're in Summer, the season of the heart!
So many reasons to enjoy this time even more, give special attention to your heart and take the time to honor your sacred and beautiful feminine self, to deeply listen to your heart, follow it, do what feels right and your heart smile! =)
And congratulations to Gosia and welcome Milena, a testimony of the Jade Egg benefits and proprieties! As this beautiful baby girl was conceived soon after Gosia's Jade Egg initiation last year! What a delight!

© Anamarta

Monday, 11 June 2012

Inner Beauty OuT!...:)***

Our Let Your Inner Beaut OuT! workshop just happened in such perfect timing: after the fire Full Moon in Sagittarius & lunar eclipse and before the Transit of Venus, so this embrace of inner beauty for outer radiance was deeply felt and the Divine inspiration kept on pouring on us throughout the day! And what a day with the inner fire lit up the London Tao Centre, fireworks of joy, rainbows of laughter, clouds of love and happiness with a lovely group coming from the different parts of the world and uniting in sisterhood for the best of the fire qualities within each woman. Thank you for your sparkly presence!
So much power, love & beauty we celebrated!***
 * * Thank you for your feedback **

** "Empowering!! Truly beautiful day, really helped heal & empower me from within. Revitalising my mind, body & spirit. A BIG HUGE THANK YOU. " T.O.
** "Beautiful, heart-opening day. It also felt very self-nurturing and healing. Thank you Anamarta!" T.L.
** "Thank you for being such a graceful reflection of the Divine feminine. I have found today has been a very sacred experience I will always cherish. I will welcome Venus in tomorrow with your wisdom in my heart and soul. May you continue to shine bright!" J.T.
** "I liked the workshop and think that really managed to connect more with myself and my heart. Thanks for a wonderful day." A.O
** "All good! Feel very feminine, loved and nurtured in good company. I need to connect with others in this level." AM
** "Thank you with all of my heart for a wonder-full day. What a joyful & fiery exploration. Feel I have something really precious to take away. Truly inspiring & motivating. Looking forward to more - soul sisters searching & finding love, joy & peace." L.C

Thursday, 31 May 2012

What a wonderful Jade Circle workshop!!

One more time I had the pleasure to hold the space for the best of the yin qualities to unfold and blossom!! And again we had such a diverse group of lovely and inspiring women, as someone said "so nice to be part of such an exotic group", with women coming from almost all continents and the various parts of UK, from Surrey to Bristol, London and Northern Ireland!
An amazing sisterhood bonding was immediately felt, and a journey into their sacred feminine selves took place with grace & courage, gentleness & determination. Thank you all for just being and make these three days so powerfully enjoyable. Looking forward to see you again!
*~* The Radiant Jade Goddesses *~*
:) Smiling and S... ;)
Thank you for your feedback!
  • "Thank you for this brilliant workshop. I have grow and learn so much. You gave us soooo much."D.W. England
  • "Thank you so much, I loved it! Happily embracing my new journey. I will definitely see you again!" V.S. Germany
  • "Thank you for such a sacred, magical time. I really feel that I have learned, received so much. To spend intimate time with sisters and you, connecting with the nourishing, healing essence of the Divine Feminine. I know our paths have crossed at this time and I am looking forward to deepening and integrating your beautiful sacred way of the Tao teachings. You are a true inspiration!" J.T. England/Dutch
  • "Gracias hermana. Desde siempre.  I feel deeply grateful to you for a most wonderful, intimate and precious experience. You have gifted me my body back!!! I feel a huge sense of responsibility to share this with other women, but before I do that I need to get lots more practice and experience myself." M.A. Mexico
  • "I feel like a real goddess now! I look forward to enriching my life and the lives of those around me. The first day of the rest of my journey. See you soon. From the newly initiated goddess :)" J.A. Nigerian/Uganda
  • "I can't believe it's taken me this long to begin the Jade Circle workshop, but I know now is the time I'm ready. It was a wonderful experience, and deeply healing. You have given me so many tools and such a much deeper understanding of my feminine energy. Thank you. I feel I still have a long way to 'express' my true self, but you inspire me to seek further. Your joy and passion for teaching, and your dear self, are truly inspiring." C.P. UK
  • "Wow! All that love! Thank you Anamarta for your beautiful guidance. A truly unique experience. I am woman!!:)" D.L England
  • "Thank you very much for being such a great teacher. You are an inspiring woman, with your knowledge, your presence, your sweetness and cheeky smile. I have been confused and looking for my way home...I know was inside me. Through the Jade practices you reminded me and showed me new ways to access it and reconnect with it. Looking forward to learn more Taoist Practices." G.P. Italy
  • "Thank you soo much dear Anamarta Goddess, what a lovely workshop and lovely ladies. Always good to repeat workshop. Love your teaching." S.S. Croatia
  • "Thank you for holding a beautiful, gentle workshop. I feel soft, feminine & strong. Loved by myself. The journey is beginning. Thank you." N.P New Zeland

Monday, 30 April 2012

India, Bagsunag never ending Circles... :) 2012***

Our Travelling Circle was so special and rich, with the presence of such amazing and truly inspiring women, I feel blessed. Thank you my dear hostess and didi Dr.Usha to host us, as always, in her Buddha Hall Holistic Centre, in the lovely new room, made for the Jade Circle!
We had 7 Jade Circles (and it was my 7th time in India...); and yes! magic was always present! What a gift to witness this continuing blooming!...
Our first workshop started with the New Moon and the International Mother Earth Day... need to say more?... The energies were high; we even had the first boy in the Jade Circle! Sweet Isaier, 2 years old, my little friend, the 3rd child of inspiring mummy Stefanie who was with us. And on the last day we had a cosmic bless, a vivid rainbow smiling at us with Universal Love!... And this happened again after the amazing Advanced Jade Circle, with the new Himalayan Jade Goddesses and those from London who came specially, dearest Sanja and Carolina!
As the squeezes and smiles in glowing and happy faces spread through Bagsu, more women got to know about the Jade Circle and like this our Circles continued to happen!...

Thank you*Merci*Gracias*Obrigado*Dhanyabad*
Thank you for your feedback

* "I feel full of Gratitude to you, to the universe, to Mother Earth, to me... Don't have enough words  to say Thank you so Much for this precious gift!!!" S.P. France/Italy

* "Agradezco desde el fondo de mi corazón cada momento compartido y la bendición de abrirme a este nuevo conocimiento a través de ti, y sua sensibilidade y preocupación por las necesidades personales. He sentido que cada ingrediente de la receta compartida con nosotras fue agregado a tiempo, lo que ayudó a la buena integración de la información y al buen fluir da la energía necesaria. Voy pracicar y seguir sorrindo! Hermana, gracias por este reencuentro... Tlazojcamati Anamarta." N.V. Mexico

* "Thank you so much for all the sharing of your knowledge with such beauty and sincerity. I'm looking forward to practice and develop my inner beauty." A.C. France

Here the Advanced Jade Circle... no group photo... but viva photoshop ;)
 Namaste ~*~ Aloha In'Lakesh***
Thank you for your feedback

* "Thank you so much for a special and powerful workshop. Your messages and guidance come at the right time... your gentle and beautiful nature is the perfect vessel to support women to begin this journey into themselves." M.S. UK

* "Nice sharing, with a nice group. Very sensual and powerful Circle. I really enjoyed your teaching, the way we worked with energy. Hope to see you in Europe." L. France

* "Eu senti muita conexao com a minha sensibilidade de mulher. Emocoes fluiendo... Conexao com pacha mama... Reconexao com os meus sentidos e o orgaos sexuais. Uma nova porta se abriu; tenho fe e gratidao. Obrigada flor. Love!" J.B. France/Brazil

* "OBrigado, Thank you very much for sharing your beautiful light. I feel blessed to receive these teachings in order to connect with myself in a deep way to create harmony, love and health. Look forward to meet you again.In Lak'esh" O.Z. Spain/Mexico  
Private session with belle Ludi, merci for your feedback.
* "It was really nice learning. Smiley and generous time, lovely energy. Thanks a lot for you kindness and your generosity!"

I came back from India SO INSPIRED and fully recharged with these beautiful Circles I had a pleasure to hold, with a blend of desert Rajasthani Gypsy Dance vibes, as my Saphera dance gets further!
Just in transition from the magical and shanti Himalayas to the magical and exciting UK wilderness to another Step 5 - Tao of Shaman adventure!...It always brings such profound effects, both in the participants, and the facilitators!  I love it!!

Monday, 19 March 2012

Coming Jade Circle! Just before the Travelling Circle go back to India!

Jade Circle level 2 this Wednesday 21st March, just after the Spring Equinox!
(All women who have already come to a Jade Circle before and heard the Jade Egg explanation are welcome!)
Welcoming the Spring within and Kuan Yin Chi Kung - improving your grounding, earth-connection and empowerment of the self.
To learn more about Chi Kung benefits click here and scroll down to read the post 'Kuan Yin & Iron Shirt Chi Kung'.
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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Celebration of the Inner Goddess, the Woman, the Self!

We enjoyed another yin magical day in the Universal Healing Tao UK!...
And that happened thanks to the presence of all the courageous women who came to be at one with their feminine self and allowing their Inner Goddess to be fully present, their womanhood to be fully understood, and their beautiful selves to be fully celebrated!
A mix of archetypes, as Goddesses reflecting each other, gifts to be shared and challenges to be embraced, bringing opportunities for growth and evolution.
The Goddess was alive within all those present, inspiring us to enjoy and live to our full potential and share this gift with the world!
Here we are:
**Thank you for your feedback**

** "Lovely Day - really enjoyed the meditations. Anamarta you are a powerful source of wisdom + empowerment. I think more people should come to these days!! And I really liked the diversity of women too - very refreshing.Thank you."A.F.
** "A beautiful balance of movement, energy, soul & wisdom. You held the space with such clarity, love & devotion! I loved the 'goddess card' element & the visualisation added an unexpected bonus. Many thanks & much love." S.M.
** "Thank you so much for a magical day, I have been truly touched by your beautiful energy. The exercises were very informative and clear. I loved the balance of informative and intuitive approach. Much love"J.T.
** Thank you Dear Anamarta it was amazing as always love it and my body love it to. Its good to be reminded of what it is to be Goddess - I love the meditation and cards - lovely ambient and music Bless you!" S.S.
** "A beautifully nurturing day. Anamarta is so skillful at awakening the divine feminine in us all, and embodies it herself so fully. Thank you!" T.L.
** "It's was magical inspiring. being your friend, & your student teaches me how lucky I am in many different ways. I admire what you do with women, to them. You give so much in your workshops, for the ones who want to listen, there is always an extra gift from your heart. Thank you."E.B.
** "It was nice group felt good on Goddess, women energy. Liked the journeying with music & learning kidney technique. Thank you. Sharing is always a big plus for me." P.D.
** "Goddess Anamarta! Thank you for your workshop, it was great day with like minded ladies. They are so different, but so alike. I truly like your workshops and find them beneficial for myself." A.K.
"Thank you for wonderful workshop it was very moving and inspiring."J.W.


Thursday, 8 March 2012


Dear Women,
Happy International Women's Day & Full Moon!!
We can celebrate being a woman every day after all, but today is the symbolic day that marks the story of ordinary women as makers of history: it is rooted in the centuries-old struggle of women to participate in society on an equal footing with men.
Being a feminine year, a year for the women, today we have this culmination of yin & yang forces with Full Moon (the yang peak of the moon) to celebrate this special day!
So much in the air!...
In this 2012 even at an unconscious level is a striving for balance in the world and this balance can be restored through compassion vs empowerment, liberation and equality.
"We can all benefit from honouring the innate wisdom, beauty and creativity that all women possess." **
Yesterday at the Jade Circle we had our anticipated celebration of Women's Day and Full Moon and I asked each of those present what they love about being a woman. The various answers were inspiring and brought to light what we are, what we do and represent... magic that happens when women are together, the union and empowerment sisterhood brings...the sacredness of being the feminine archetype, the beauty, sensuality, healing, the power of transformation, the birth-death-rebirth cycles within, the weavers, the creative infinite beings we are, the motherhood within us all...
Today I asked my partner (Kris) his thoughts about what is a woman?
The answer was: the physical personification of the Goddess; the mothers of the world, the inspiration of men, the essence of the Divine, woman is love!
Myself I can just say how much I love to be a woman!! And how humble and blessed I feel to work with women and inspire them as they inspire me (its all merely reflection!) the path of the Divine Feminine within.
The sacred feminine energy of the eternal Goddess is present in all women.
The Goddess is an infinite pool of creativity, love, power, healing and mystery - Enjoy your inner Goddess and let Her be fully present in your everyday life! Be yourself and celebrate your gift of being a woman!

In celebration & sisterhood
© Anamarta

Photo by Imoto Mayumi & images by Toni Carmine Salerno**