Wednesday, 13 August 2014

BOOM Festival (*The Feminine*) WonderFULL Workshops and Experience! (( ♥ ))

After being on the road with my partner beloved Kris, presenting in Quest Festival in Devon, then holding the annual Jade Circle in Wales during our Tai Chi Summer Camp and closing this journey with a magical sweatlodge, we arrived London to pack and go to Boom Festival - the biggest international festival, which takes place in a remote village in Portugal - this year with the gathering of people from 152 countries from the five continents!
'The Feminine' theme of this Boom edition just perfectly aligned with the sharing of the Tao of Feminine Empowerment  - I was quite excited to hold a Jade Circle in "Boomland" and also to present with Kris Taoist Tantra, Taoist Love, in tune with the Boom motto "we are love" - after all, Taoist traditionally presents the Double-Mastery, a man and a woman teaching together; and ultimately through healing and wisdom this path of sacred sexuality and love, empowerment and compassion, giving us the opportunity to live in our potential as the human and light beings we are, connecting with our deep essence, and contributing our little bit to a better world, with peace and love alive in our hearts and minds.
Wow, we were amazed with the wonderFULL respond of our workshops, literally full with beautiful, open-hearted and -minded people! We really enjoyed it all so much, and feel deeply grateful to have more than 300 people - who crowded into 'Group Practice', climed up to the windows and overflowed the outside area.  For the Jade Circle was amazing as circle, after circle filled the room, and the Goddess energy, Oh My Goddess, was truly magical and unforgettable!...
"A heartfelt thank you for sharing your wisdom, mastery and passion with us in such a profound way, inspiring a more evolved vision of ourselves and the world." from Boom team.
The whole Boom Festival experience was amazing! And thanks to the incredible organization that goes with it, we absolutely loved to be part of this manifested vision of love, oneness, harmony, art, sustainability, music, dancing and celebrating the Feminine, that was spread everywhere, besides the lovely festival site, perfect nature, the creativity and originality behind it is speechless; the love put into every detail, to be contemplated, explored and admired by thousands of people, was truly inspiring!
One of the highlights of the Boom was to be part of an aerial art ritual to honor the Goddess in all her power and beauty!! Thousands of people got together to make it happen, and I had the pleasure to be invited to be in her 'Jade Gate', Yoni' - the intention was to create a unified field among the many cultures present at Boom by sending an ecstatic prayer in honor of the Great Mother's infinite love for all humankind.
And quoting some of the Boom visions:
"In Boom we share together the dream of a reality within and beyond this reality, where we can live in harmony with our planet and each other."
What an immense pleasure to be part of this! BOOM!

Is an album in FB with more photos.