Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Happy Autumn Equinox and New Moon in Libra!

I love the Equinox for what they represent: the perfect equilibrium, honors equal day and night, brings forces of dark & light into balance, the yin and the yang.
From the Autumn (Fall) Equinox, as well known as Mabon, Alban Elfed, Feast of Avalon, Cornucopia, Harvest Home - we start to prepare for the darker days of Winter ahead, the yin peak of the year, and this brings us the opportunity to let go what no longer serves us, as the leafs turn color in the trees, we turn our thoughts inward, for a time of reflection, of cultivating the ‘being’ state, slow down our pace from the busy and outgoing Summer.
Also this Autumn Equinox besides being represented by balance and mystery, is the ‘Witches Thanksgiving’, as is a second Harvest of the year, the harvest of fruits and vegetables.
(The first was the harvest of bread and grain, the “Lughnasadh “ on 1st August).
So here's a thought for you to apply in all levels of your life:
  • What are you harvesting now?
In the Taoist calendar it's a very interesting time of a gentle transition from the Earth Element link to the Harvest to the Metal link to the Autumn. The sun from the Summer blessed the Earth where Metal is born.
The Earth Element in our body is represented by the spleen, the nourishing organ and the stomach, with the important role of digestion.  The Metal Element is represented by the lungs, the important act of breathing, take all in, and then out, simply filter and retain what we need, and the large intestine, the elimination system, taking out what we don’t need and simply retain what is vital for our wellbeing.  And of course our skin is part of this elimination system which takes so much in and out, reminding us of the cycle of renewal as it's constantly dying and being born again.

So take a moment, wherever you are, in front of a computer, with your phone in your hand, whether indoors at home or work, or outdoors in the transports or the park.
  • Stop for a moment, close your eyes, feel the soles of your feet, inhale deeply, filling up your lungs with chi (air) and exhale gently through your nose, your are simply slowing down. And as you do this feel the connection with Earth beneath you (and everything comes from Her, even the floor…), and smile :) opening up, generating energy and good feelings towards your amazing body, feeling the gratitude for all it does to sustain your life, smile and feel the courage and self-confidence to do and to be, (link to the Metal Element), and the serenity, openness, grounding, (link to the Earth Element), feeling centered in your power, refreshed, revitalized, in tune with life! =) 
To reinforce this energy of balance and harmony of the Equinox, tomorrow we have the New Moon in Libra, also associated with beauty, grace, creating peace, all relationships in our lives (from intimate to business), justice and diplomacy
Here's a Libra affirmation:
"I feel safe sharing my gift of love with another".

 And I ask you: do you?
 This obviously as in everything else, is a reflection of your relationship with yourself, if you are the first one receiving the love from your own self.

Here are two things to focus your positive thought, whatever you want to answer by write it down, or simply quieting you mind, to go inside and meditate on it.
  • How can I embody beauty, peace and inner harmony?
Something that supports you in this to become a natural way of living, and I say natural, because it's part of the Goddess virtues, and I believe we women are the feminine archetype who represent the Goddess here in this planet, with the various practices presented in the Jade Egg Holistic Practice, from the meditations and Kuan Yin QiGong, to the Jade Egg itself, a wonderful tool, and a great anchor for this ("beauty, peace and inner harmony...").
The other thing is:
  • How can I cultivate more mutual support from my personal and/or business partnerships?
Embrace love! Cultivate beauty! Celebrate life!
©  Anamarta