Wednesday, 21 December 2011


Many moons and almost two seasons ago since I wrote a post!
The Jade Circle is happily growing and expanding, and I'm delighted to share this good news with you. Its so beautiful for me to assist more and more women all over the world taking the time to dedicate to themselves, to explore, honor and enjoy the Divine Feminine within, taking the most of their yin energy in their harmonious internal universe, contributing like this for a better world, at least 'their outer world'.
I take this opportunity to appreciate all the women who are coming to the Jade Circles and workshops, just not in London, but as well in Dublin, Edinburgh, New Delhi, Bagsunag in the Himalayas (with Travellers coming from all over the world); the sharing in the sacred terrace of Pushkar, Rajasthan with Sara, a dear Italian sister; the interest and invitations from Portugal, Berlin and Brazil. And of course would like to include also all the women who attended the mix Taoist steps at the Universal Healing Tao Centre UK, I've been facilitating with my partner Kris. Thank you all for your beautiful and inspiring presence!
The Jade Goddesses took over in Step 3, Power of Fusion this year, for the first time in the history of the 20 years of the Centre we had the yin predominance! (Actually happened again in the last step 2 -Healing Love) You can check the photos in the Healing Tao facebook page. And if you want to keep in touch by facebook, you know what to do, just click like! (A Jade Circle Community page was opened, but its in germination, will flourish next year...).
You always bring me the opportunity to deepen my practices when I share it with you and to reassure me the path of the Divine Feminine within, the empowerment vs compassion energies has to be cultivated and inspire all the sisters along the way.
Lovely consequences of this is being witness of the sisterhood being born among the women and assisting these same women shining their power and love in their own right.
Aloha Mahalo! Mahalo Aloha! I love you thank you! Thank you I love you!
I feel truly blessed to hold the space for these and more wonderful things to happen.

Being so much on move this year with the Travelling Circle, being sometimes in so many different places in such short periods of time, brought a deep insight about transitions.
We can find transitions in everything around us, all the time.
The transitions of the seasons, nature, their elements; the transitions of the moon, of our planet, even the universe beyond the visible, which are in constant move and transmutation. The transitions of our body, of our cycles; the transitions in life, and life itself is a transition - but a transition from where to where? Well, I don't know, I've not been consciously 'on the other side' to tell you that... But what I know is that every day a transition is somehow triggered on all levels of my being, in the physical, in the emotional, in the mental, in the energetical and even in the spiritual. This ongoing transitions may bring me awareness, realisation, inspiration, transformation and even confusion (although I see it as a positive thing, means I'm still looking for something, sometimes its as well a process I've to go through when changes are happening or about to happen) and even may bring destruction (another natural process of letting something die to be born anew).
But this daily transition can just be felt when I stop and listen from within, my inner-self, open myself to receive and accept this inner-knowledge, that I can tell you is not always the easiest way, but I believe is the way for me to walk in the Sacred Beauty Path (these words inspired by Jamie Sams), for me is the one of walking my talk, sharing my gifts with others, be open to receive what it comes and like this weaving the infinitive continuing evolution, embracing the mysterious feminine to the full and living it.

And here we're in a transition of season, Winter Solstice approaching in the North Hemisphere, (Summer in the South). Going from Autumn to Winter, metal to water, from lungs to kidneys, a great time to let go anything you want to let go, anything that no longer serves you, taking the courage from the metal element and entering with the wisdom and gentleness of the water; of course the energies of the festive season help to all this, as we're in the transition for the coming and so anticipated 2012!
Following my sharing in the previous paragraph, I leave you two questions for you to take the time to think, meditate about it for your end of year and new season, that is the one which represents the yin peak in the Taoist calendar.
  • How do you deal, respond to your daily transitions, the ones which happen every time, in all levels of your being?
  • How do you live with your yin energy, of being, of receptivity, acceptance and flexibility towards yourself, others and life?
For all my dear students, friends, even the ones who make part the 'Virtual Circle' that I don't know yet, a joyful, happy, sparkly wonderful festive season!***
I look forward to see you and meet you next year!
© Anamarta

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

INDIAN TOUR 2011 with Travelling Circle

The Indian Tour started beautifully last April with an Awareness Talk on Ancient Practice for Modern Women exclusive for Indian women in Delhi, what a wonderful experience and warm welcome I had!
Then I moved to Rajasthan to learn the kalbelian gypsy dance with and beautiful gypsy women from the desert.
I connected with more Goddesses there, another magical experience happened, with these inspiring travellers, when we had our Jade Circle in Pushkar, in our sacred terrace!
Look at us:This Indian Tour was filled with surprises, was the absolute embracing of the unknown, celebrating the mysterious feminine to the fullest!...
Teaching Indian women in Delhi, the pioneer Jade Goddesses, how amazing and wonderful it was!
The Jade Circle workshop was hosted by the Hypnotherapy School of India, thanks to Dr.Blossom Furtado; and was truly moving and inspiring to share the Jade Egg Holistic practices with such beautiful women and witness the blossom of their radiance!
And the three days I was in their lovely company I learned more about Indian food, (trying all delicious snacks you can imagine!), than in the last three years and so... Thank you! So nice!!
*** With the Indian Jade Goddesses pioneers:
Thank you for your feedback!
  • "This was a beautiful experience for me. My whole body is happy, inside and outside. Bonding with sisters was beautiful. Connecting to my sexual power and harnessing it was the most divine experience. Thank you for helping me open up to and listen to my inner world. :-)" S.P.
  • "A journey inside my inner universe for the first time made me more centred and aware of what is happening. I got in touch with my femininity in a more powered and profound manner. I wish you luck and blessings of God in your journey of empower others." A.S.
  • "Thank you for taking me to this wonderful journey. It was great learning experience of the feminine aspect within us. Lovely, excellent, beautiful...Every moment was loving and full of energy, learning and love. ALOHA :-)"P.C.
  • "This workshop was such a beautiful, enrich & loving journey which connected me with my inner beauty, power, love, strength and my body. It took me closer to my body, my organs who were starving for my love & attention which they finally received during this workshop & will continue to get. Thank you so much." G.K.
  • "Oh...It was beautiful journey inside my beautiful universe. Visiting them for the first time makes me believe how divinely beautiful I am. I thank you for showing me this path, loving that femininity, respecting myself and help me to grow in my space. Love you're truly beautiful and inspiring! Goodbye...till I see you next time!"G.S.
Then went up to Bagsunag, Dharamsala, to teach the Jade Circle workshop again in Buddha Hall, hosted by Dr. Usha, who is just not a remarkable Master and healer, and dear friend and sister, who opened the door to the Jade Circle practices being shared in India with Indian women and women from all over the world.
In the sacred Himalayan mountains the Jade Circle workshop was equally a lovely experience with lovely traveller women!
Was so magical to connect with lots of beautiful women from various continents, cultivating sisterhood and expanding the Divine Feminine power and love!
The energy definitely spread out Bagsu and the Himalayas...
**Thank you for your feedback**

** "Thank you so much for the last 3 wonderful and fun days, it was very inspiring to delve into our feminine depths and learn all these practices that hopefully will become part of my life and lead to a joyful and aware femininity. I'm very excited to see the egg practice unfold... It was, is a great pleasure to see you again this year in Bagsu and expect it won't be our last encounter here(....)I wish you'll continue to blossom and spread the feminine light among all our sisters worldwide!So thank you again..." P.B. Germany

** "Thank you beautiful goddess sister..a wonderFULL 3 feeling very empowered, energised and grounded...spirit fully charge & lifted - ready to return home and spread my creativity energy refined to compassionate love...thank you for all the tools & will keep smiling until I see you, love, love to your gorgeous shamballa beauty-you are pure true." J.F. England

** "The workshop was juicy, full, and enlightening. It really helped me to crystallise the wisdom I have been acquiring on my own in a more tactile way. Your presence deliciously inspiring, thank you for sharing your wisdom!" H. U.S.A

** "A wonderful transformative experience.(...)Part of my journey was really to connect with my femininity - so now, 9 months later, at the end of my big global journey, not only do I learn a lot myself, the egg that my best friend gave me, but also complete my search for the sexy, juice, female in me - she is here now. Thank you so much. Aloha! And thank you for teaching me how to circulate all this sexual energy :) yey" G.D German/South Africa

** "Sister, Priestess, goddess fairy Anamarta, thank you. To gather the feminine sacred energy all together in peace and higher purpose of ALL, returning, re-a-living the feeling of sisterhood. Unveiling sacred passages to inner world of infinite Love and Oneness. So much magic in a space-time hold by one sister. Spreading the love divine sacred magic of feminine within us all, Ahó, Aloha! Até ! Beijinho e gratidão e sorrisos :):):)" M.N. Portugal

** "Anamarta, from the deepest part of my essence I thank you for bringing us together, to share your knowledge and beauty.(...)Love and lots of smiles in your journey.Mucho amor" M. Spain

** "You are a blessed teacher. Continue with the holy work! I Iearned a lot, and liked how you gently introduced these subjects to a variety of women making them feel comfortable to explore these aspects of themselves. Thank you Priestessfor your wisdom and compassion to allow this time. I hope that we'll meet again soon." L. Israel

** "It's difficult to say exactly what my experience during this workshop was... Thank you Anamarta for your beautiful delivery of this information. You are an inspiration. I feel grateful to have had this opportunity." R.C. U.S.A

** "Thank you again for such a wonderful experience. It was so wonderful to experience this blossoming again. And I feel this blossoming (repeating this workshop) was even more beautiful & inspiring & effective. Thank you for this beautiful key to such an incredible world. I look forward to staying in touch. Namaste" K.W. South Africa/Austria

I went back in the end of October to teach again in the Hypnotherapy School of India, our workshop just happened after Diwali, the light festival, which I experienced for the first time, and the the light keeps shining in my heart from those magical days...
The magic extends to our workshop, another great experience with a group of powerful and beautiful women which spread their essence and light in their own right.
Smiling and shining***
Thank you for your feedback!***
  • "It was a pleasure learning with you. Understanding your feminine aspect is a great learning. And I feel every women needs to learn this. Hope to see you soon!" P.C.
  • "It was a beautiful and calming experience. A new journey totally. Thank you." S.B.
  • "Thanks a lot Anamarta for all your help to know about the Jade Circle. I can really feel the change in myself after I joining this workshop. I am sure what I have learned is gonna help me a lot. I will definitely do it and tell my friends about them to help them as well. Love you " P.C.
  • "Anamarta wanna say a lot to you, here the space is very less but here a short poem from my soul to you(...)All the best for your divine mission!...Luv u!(:"P.G.
  • "Thank you! I loved being with you. Your smile and gentle energy was very soothing and motivating. How the three days went by was just amazing. Just loved the workshop, the entire essence and experience was beautiful!" A.S.
And the Indian Tour finished full Circle almost where it started last year, in Pushkar!... The Jade Circle we had in the sacred terrace brought Jade Goddesses to Bagsu to do the workshop or back to Pushkar. That's right, that was what Sara did! Flying from Thailand she joined me for a mini-course spread through morning sessions, where I shared with her the Kuan Yin Chi Kung and Jade Egg Holistic practices; she kept impressing me with her dedication and commitment. Well done! And what a pleasure to spend time with you, bella sorella.
Grazie for your feedback!
"I met Anamarta last year in Pushkar where we did a Jade Circle with other girls and was magik! I didn't go to London in the next months but we met also this year in november in mama India, again in beautiful Pushkar. She did workshop for me, it was very powerful, she is my guruji, my didi, my teacher and my sister. How I feel the feminine in me, the energy, the chi flow in the body. I discover myself again. I continue the practice now and I want to do the Jade Circle session again. Thank you Guruji." S.L. Italy


Saturday, 15 October 2011

*~ Edinburgh Traveling Circle ~*

What a magicawiccaly energy I felt in the company of a powerful and lovely group of women, coming from everywhere, and during all my stay in beautiful Scottish countryside. 
Everyday of our amazing workshop was filled with surprises and laughter and the most incredible stories and episodes shared in the Circle! Was a great pleasure to witness the embrace of each woman into her essence which sparkled with glory!
And so much loved the mystical Edinburgh (special at night)... the Harry Potter town, flying brooms around... Felt like sisters & ancestors connection & celebration! Went straight after to teach in India filled with such inspiration! Thank you dear all.
And here the Edinburgh Jade Goddesses pioneers, and baby Almita who joined us at the end:)
Smiling & Sq...***
Thank you for your feedback!

 ** "It was a very beautiful 3 days, the practices are powerful and deep, but taught & presented in such a gentle gracious way. I am in love with my Jade Egg, myself & my body again. Namaste"A.W. Scotland

** "Really beautiful. So essential to have such initiations in life and you facilitate this so well with respect, sensitivity & humility. Thank you Anamarta for the work you are doing and the service you are in."G. Australia

** "Thank you for an amazing and profound 3 days. I have enjoyed and savoured every second. Feel delighted to have met you and learned from you, Anamarta."H.A. Norway

** "Thank you for your beautiful guidance and compassion. I hope we meet again. This course was perfect."C.G. Scotland

** "Thank you for deep insight and delicious practice. The path lights brightly before you."L. England  

** "Thank you for sharing your wisdom, knowledge, practices & love. Was inspiring and I feel like is only the beginning. Enjoyed all the aspects - you hold the space beautifully."T. Scotland

** "Wonderful intense journey. Safe beautiful environment for us to journey together. Amazing to share this with this group of women...Loved initiation & ceremony. A laughter filled time."R.H. New Zealand

** "Thank you for your sharing. You provided a secure, warm space where we could feel very open and comfortable and able to share. You showed great kindness, patience and are good listener, and teacher. Thank you! As well as being inspired it was much fun too. And all done with great respect."J.R Scotland

** "This workshop has been a complete experience for me. It has been great to organise it... The workshop has been magical, I found a strong group of women and Anamarta hold it really well with great compassion, patience and love. I've solidified most of the teaching, now I need to bring them into practice."E.A. Spain

** "I enjoyed all 3 days on many levels. Thank you for an inspiring, empowering and interesting time of love and sharing with a great group of women. You are an excellent facilitator Anamarta."M.W. Scotland

** "I thank you kindly dear sister for reminding me how beautiful and honourable my body and femininity are...Its a true blessing to have been able to take part in your workshop! Keep shining your brilliance your magnificent bright star! Namaste"K. Malta

** "I feel now very relaxed... I will try to integrate the breathings, meditations and everything I learned in my life. The Jade Egg is beautiful, and the way you shared it was very comfortable and respectful. Thank you for that and for your love and patience."A. R. Spain

** "You hold the space beautifully and with a calm control...It was very enjoyable and great to be with women and embrace being a women in such a space. You really taught me that. I often forget the power of the yin and you gave me the confidence to feel the power of the goddess in everyday life. It is great to re route that into my being. It was great to meet you. Thank you so much Aanamarta! I have charged my egg and have been sleeping with her under my pillow every night. Had quite a funny time the evening of Monday, walking across town squeezing and smiling without anyone knowing I had my egg in! ;)"J.T. Scotland

** "I loved every aspect of the time with you Anamarta and with the group. I learned, laughed, learned and laughed! A beautiful journey and I'm delighted to have been able to participate, thank you for everything. Feeling in the right path. Hoping to join you again in the next one!"C.R. Spain


Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Private Advanced Jade Circle Workshop

This new workshop emerged from my personal practical experience from the last years and the inspiration my students always bring to me; so like this I launched it for the Jade Goddesses who want to go deeper with their Jade Egg Holistic Practice.
Just after the Harvest Full Moon, with the magic and mystery of the golden light I felt truly inspired to 'give birth' to this baby who was inside of me for looooong time.
And this profound journey into our sacred feminine selves was so powerful and magnificent! I don't have words to describe it and to describe how happily proud I am of the Jade Goddesses pioneers of the Advanced practices, for their courage to go deeper into themselves, and at the same time, for their dedication, dedication to the Jade Egg Holistic practice, but more than anything dedication to their Divine Feminine within.
My heart is filled with delight and gratitude to have these beautiful and inspiring women walking this path along with me. Aloha Mahalo, Mahalo Aloha! = I love you thank you, thank you I love you!
And here we're... smiling & glowing...
*** Thank you for your feedback! ***

*** "It has been uplifting, completing the Jade Circle Step 1. It will help my strength of my Jade Sacred Cave, it will help me to harmonise and energise with Heaven and Earth. I felt like a small family of Goddesses willing to share the sacredness within. I find that the homework has helped me to check if the exercises I was doing are right and to improve it. It was beautiful... any teachings from Anamarta because she directs everything in a sacred and safe way. Thank you for sharing your teachings!"E.C.

*** "I'm soo grateful to have been here and have this opportunity...As always good to repeat some practice and we have gone deeper with the practice. Everything was useful. Amazing... I love your teaching... Thank you soo much Anamarta my inspiration, beautiful Goddess."S.S.

*** "Enjoyed very much. Felt very safe with tutor and group. Lovely intimate group, which was good to explore the practices at a deeper level. Enough diversity, including meditation + fun, enjoyed chi kung and dancing... was enough time to feedback and questions + clarification. All exercises seemed to be relevant, help with self confidence, self esteem + self love... the pace was about right. MANY THANKS" R.C.


Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Laughter Medicine

How is being your Summer?
This time of connecting with the fire within, with our yang energy of doing!
And this time of doing its balanced and sparkly with the heart virtues of love, joy, happiness, laughter, passion, enthusiasm, motivation.
A time of being out enjoying the warm sunshine, be spontaneous, having fun and spending time with loved ones!
I just got back from Portugal, where I connected and embraced the latin fire with loooots of laughter, fun and company of dear friends and family; then back to London to facilitate a lovely Step 2, where the Jade Circle ladies filled up the room with their radiant presence! So happy and proud to have them there!

I've been enjoying learning to balance sacredness with irreverence.
Looks like every time I start to get too serious or stressed, yes, caught in the web of the adult world we create, something happens which makes me realise... but for what?! And I end up of laughing at myself, yes, sometimes the lesson is even painful, but I laugh; so much more uplifting!...
  • Here a great exercise: laughing at yourself!! I'm sure you've some reasons, episodes in your life, even attitudes, situations you had at the time were not funny at all , but now you can laugh of them! And when we can laugh at ourselves, we can make others truly laugh. Generating all good feelings, and I believe a much lighter surroundings and world!
"..laughing is a transforming and uplifting exercise, not only in a physical sense, but also mentally and spiritually..."
" The view will always expand if we use the Divine Medicine of Laughter. Nothing is beyond repair. We may need to use comedy to crack a smile so we can reclaim our Sacred Space."
Jamie Sams

Sometimes we really cannot change what is happening around us, things which are out of out control (like stuck in the traffic, train when going to get a plane or on our way to an important meeting, etc... I'm sure you can think about various examples...), but we always have in our hands the way we respond to it.
Definitely the Taoist practices help me to support this way of being, with the powerful and simple tools it offer to keep the harmony of my internal universe, just the deep awareness of my physical, emotional and energetic bodies and like this deal with them and take the most of the things they have to offer.
And one of my favourite practices, for the ones who know me, guess? Yes, that's right, smile!!:) I wrote a post about it: Smile And...Smile!! And definitely the laughing chi kung - what a burst of fresh and energizing chi!
  • Try it! Just laugh, with the laughing chi kung with do it with different kind of laughs, starting with ohohohoh, then wowowowow, then ahahahahah, then heheheheh, and finish with hihiihiihiih. You laugh, you'll bounce your body, which its great for your uterus to move a bit, a fantastic to open your throat, which its connect with your sexual centre, a yin & yang connection, being one your creative center and the other the way you express your creativity, your truth, yourself - if one its blocked will reflect in the other and vice-versa - so this exercise its a important complement for your Jade Egg practice. And you'll feel great and energize after it!!
I remember to hear from the old wise ones: its nothing better that a guffaw from the soul.
Laughter actually increases production of an antibody that is responsible for our first line of defense against bacterial infection.
Laughter, love making and exercise are the best medicine of all!

"Humour is essential for balancing the energies in our organs. Humour is great regulator helping us to look with a sense of relativity, playfulness and lightness at ourselves. It is an expression of compassionate energy of the heart which helps to look with a sense of detachment at ourselves and not take ourselves so seriously that it becomes difficult to relax and be a witness rather than a severe judge." Mantak Chia in Cosmic Fusion.
If you want to learn more about this profound Fusion of 5 Elements practice, we have just a few places left on our annual workshop at the end of the coming week.
© Anamarta

Saturday, 9 July 2011

***Fairy Magical Travelling Circle in Dublin***

How excited I was to go to Fairy Land for the first time, where our Dublin Travelling Circle took place; hosted by a beautiful Shamanic Centre,
Slí An Chroí, organised by dear Máire; with a presence of an amazing and lovely group of Fairy Goddesses. Yes, the fairies exist! These fairies flied from all over Ireland, including a Druid one, and even from the neighbourhood and far away parts of the world: England, Poland and New Zeland! A mix of powerful and beautiful women, who arrived shining in their 'fairyness' and left radiating their magic! What a pleasure it was to hold such a special Jade Circle.
And of course, as being in Fairy Land, the three days of our workshop were filled with surprises!... The biggest one was when at the end I was pampered with gifts! And then initiated and welcome me into their fairy tribe through a beautiful fairy ritual, I had read my fairy rights, received my wings and wand! A memory which will always light up my heart.
Thanks a million for such warm welcoming and magical hospitality!
***Here they are, the Jade Fairy Goddesses***Thank you for your feedback!

*** "Thank you so much Anamarta. I really enjoyed the whole workshop. I loved the way the exercises were repeated, with theory and how open you were to questions. You are a wonderful teacher. I learned a lot about myself and leave feeling alive, open-hearted, loving myself. I hope to attend another workshops in the future." C.L.

*** "Wonderful 3 days, gentle introduction with humour, passion and compassion. You have a gift for teaching. Thank you for your warmth." C.M.

*** "Really enjoyed it and delighted to have found you as my guide into this wonderful practice. You have passed on so much wisdom I look forward to using it and hope to do further courses with you. I am now ready to embrace my fully sexual femininity for the first time fully. Thank you. Namaste beautiful woman. I felt safe and ready." A.M.

*** "Thank you for a truly inspirational & wonderful workshop. Your gentle thorough instructions and magical cauldron of energy was amazing." K.W.

*** "Thank you! I'm very happy I could meet you and learn from you. Very appreciated is your gentle & feminine way of introducing all the levels of the practice. I liked to listen about the philosophical roots of the teaching. You have a great gift of creating intimate trustful atmosphere. I want to explore and experience more & more." G.K.

*** "Anamarta Aloha! I loved the workshop...felt fine doing all the exercises. Thank you!" S.G.

*** "Thank you, Sister Priestess! I loved the yin elements of your workshop: yin time, following our own cycles, listen to our bodies, etc. I'd love to keep in touch...Blessings & lots of Goddess inspiration in the future!" A.N.

*** "Different, challenging at times but really lovely. I learned so much. You are a very gifted teacher. Thank you." A.C.

*** "This has been a very energising weekend. I arrived unwell and leave animated, energises, enthusiastic, alive. Many thanks for your gentle wisdom and non-dogmatic approach to these practices. I'm very reassure of your suggestions that we make these practices to guide us and see how we best fit them in our own lives...Beannchtai." E.B.

*** "Mana, Thank you so much for being in my life. Beijinhos" M.G.

*** "Just loved everything I learned. Thank you for your kindness, and inner wisdom and will do my Jade Egg always." P.T.

*** "Thank you for clearing up some miss-informed information for me. Your techniques are easy and practical and integrated with every day living. I wish every woman or young female could learn the breast massage to avoid breast cancer. This Taoist practice should be available for everyone... thank you Anamarta and your teachers." C.G.

*** "Wonderfully presented in a gentle and expert way. Supportive and loving environment for all. Very inspiring workshop full of joy and delight. (will be recommending to lots of my friends!) I look forward to the practice and results! Thank you so much Anamarta- hope to meet you again." J.C.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

July Jade Circles

Join me:
This Friday 15th July
Jade Circle
Level 1 with Shanti Bazaar & Full Moon in Capricorn Ritual, Celebration

All women are welcome!  
No Need to Book! just come on by, start @ 6.45 - 9.15pm @ The Universal Healing Tao Centre UK, 68 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3JT

On Friday 22nd July
Jade Circle
Level 2 (All women who have already come to a Jade Circle before and heard the Jade Egg explanation are welcome!)

Activating, connecting with the fire within, with the Gypsy Kalbelian dance, all way from Rajasthan!
Please bring a long skirt (the more swirly, the better!)
No Need to Book! just come on by, start @ 6.45 - 9pm @ the same place

Looking forward to meet you, see you and dance, swirling with you! ;)


Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Segredos Ancestrais para Mulheres Modernas

Quais seriam os segredos ancestrais que proporcionavam às mulheres da Corte Imperial a sua incrível energia sexual, saúde, uma vida plena e cheia de prazer
Onde é que descobriram os segredos para a cura e rejuvenescimento? 
Como é que mantinham isto a nível físico: com seus órgãos sexuais revitalizados; ao nível emocional: com a harmonia interior; ao nível energético, com o poder de dirigir e reciclar sua energia? 
E como é que nós, Mulheres Modernas, podemos aprender estes segredos tão bem guardados durante quatro milénios? 
Nós, as mulheres de hoje, tão ocupadas em  gerir as carreiras, filhos, parceiros, estamos muito mais em sintonia com a nossa energia de "fazer", a nossa energia yang, que apesar de importante e necessária, muitas vezes sobrepomos em detrimento do ser, o aspecto yin, o espaço para reconhecermos emoções, o "estar" em silêncio e honrar o nosso caminho feminino.

A abordagem perante a vida naqueles tempos era: "Aproveita ao máximo!"
"Todos temos direito a 100 anos de saúde ou mais!", "Onde é que começa a Vida"?, "E onde acaba"?, estas eram algumas das questões que se colocavam na altura. Concepção, nascimento, morte tudo acontecia nos aposentos
A energia sexual tem o poder de criar a vida, mas nem sempre é este o propósito do acto sexual. Assim podemos usar essa mesma energia (sexual) para melhorar a nossa própria vida.

Adoptando estas práticas ancestrais, voltamos-nos para o nosso eu interior, equilibrando o "Fazer" (Yang) com o "Ser"(Yin).

O segredo mais profundo, apenas conhecido pela Imperatriz e suas concubinas, fortalecia os músculos internos, despertava pontos de prazer, aumentava a sensibilidade e intensificava o prazer:
O Ovo de Jade, considerado na tradição xamânica de Kuan Yin, o sémen cristalizado dos dragões, a forma mais pura do yang chi e ao ser colocado na parte mais yin do corpo, ficou coonhecido por criar uma perfeita harmonia do yin e yang, minimizando a TPM (tensão pré mestrual) e os síndromes da menopausa.

Artigo  para a revista do 'Salisbury Center' de Edinburgo - que recebeu o workshop do Jade Circle
© Anamarta

Thursday, 9 June 2011

* Faeries & Trees *

Just arriving from Fairy Land for hosting our Jade Circle workshop in Dublin, what a magical time.
I was reassure that the fairies exist! And I even become 'officially a fairy'!...  I passed 'my test' apparently (thinking I was just going to facilitate a workshop ;) and was honoured with a ceremony and a warm welcome from the Fey realm.
On the right with the gifts from the fairies, the wings and wand...
Interestingly enough I read this a few years ago in Dancing Shadows and being there, I can confirm it:
"The Sidhe are the Faerie Folk of Ireland(...) The Sidhe apparently put up such a good fight that the Celts were suitably impressed and offered to give the Sidhe kings the right to live under the hills that are abundant in Ireland, although some of the Sidhe chose instead to dwell under the sea (sailed West). The Irish have a special feeling for the "Little People", or "Good Neighbors", and do not like anyone, especially outsiders, disturbing them."
From the same book, and coming back from India just a couple of weeks ago, how nice taking the Travelling Circles to India and Ireland... :"The worship costumes of India can be found duplicated in both Celtic religion and Celtic Faerie tradition. The offering of flowers, grain, and honey to the Goddess and God at hilltop sanctuaries is seen in both cultures. Shiva is worship with gifts of milk and flowers, and this custom relates
to the Celtic tradition of leaving milk for the Fairies."

I came across 'fairy trees' these last few days: they are usually on their own in a field, and worshipped by the people who approach these trees with respect and awareness, leaving offers to the fairies with oats (fairy food, as was given to me every day in Dublin!), milk, small strings of cloth or if nothing this handy, our hair, and just after this ask for blessings. My dear Irish sister Máire explained all this and took me to a fairy tree in a sacred site, for a lovely and sparkly experience!
I read this:
Hawthorn is a wild, fierce tree-not to be annoyed by cutting its branches.
Actually I didn't find it fierce at all, but very special, filled with the fairy energy, so obviously has to be approached with consideration. From Maira I learnt as well that the hawthorn berries are known by their love properties, and here we're in Summer time, the fire element of love, linked with the heart. And I found out that these berries have been used since the 19th century to support the heart and normalize cardiovascular functions helping reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.
Learn more about hawthorn berries healing properties
More fairies & trees associations:
** Rowan is a Fey/Fairy/Nature being or Spirit whose wood is prized for magical charms.
** The fragrance of the lilac tree aids passage between Fey and mortal worlds.
** Elm is a sacred tree to the elves and the Fey. The folk name for the elm is "Elven" because elms were often growing around burial mounds and faerie hills. An important tree in both Celtic and Scandinavian myths, the elm also has a connection to the dead, and to realms of the underworld and the realm of the Fey. Great tree to get in touch with nature spirits, and using her leaves into rituals or create a fairy wand out of a fallen elm branch. In the language of the flowers, this herbal tree signifies dignity.
Adapted from Ellen Dugan.

The transition from the wood element, Spring time, to the fire, Summer time. Summer is in the air, the Summer Solstice, Midsummer day is coming in less than two weeks.

Exciting time of the year, lots of exciting things are happening in our London Tao Center!
  • Great time to be outdoors, enjoy the aliveness of the nature and of yourself!
  • And next time you are in nature why not practice some chi kung, activating the meridians of your body, blending with the Earth energy beneath and the energies of the Heaven above, connecting yin and yang, allowing these energies to flow harmoniously within you. Here our latest chi kung video a reminder for the ones practicing already and an inspiration for the ones who would like to try. Even if you just hold the first position, embracing the tree for a while, starting with 9 breaths, you can feel a great benefit for your grounding, centering and self-empowering of mind, body and spirit.
  • For the ones who learnt the microcosmic orbit, try to do it with a tree, together blending energies, getting fully charge with the tree energy. Just remember to present yourself first to the tree, they have energy field (aura) as we do, so after presentations and if things are flowing nice and smoothly between you, you can then approach the tree and ask to practice the microcosmic orbit with her, if you have a yes, go for it and enjoy it!
For the ones who would like to learn to activate their microcosmic orbit, chi kung and the Taoist foundation practices join us for the Step1 - Harmony of Yin & Yang, in the last weekend of this month.
© Anamarta

Friday, 20 May 2011

What a wonderful welcome back!!

Thank you dear women, Goddesses, sisters for your presence in this Special Jade Circle, which so much felt as a lovely welcome back to London!
Wonderful to have a full house with beauties from all over the world; coming just not from London, but Brighton and up north...
And thank you Vicky for bringing the cake, making our Circle gathering so complete and delicious! ;) We shared, learning from each other jade egg experiences, meditate, did chi kung, (including jade gate one), pampering and hang out with our tea circle. :) Embracing sisterhood and enjoying the Divine feminine within!

With much joy & delight


Thursday, 19 May 2011

Back in London!! Special Jade Circle - Level 1 & 2 together

Hope this finds well and taking the most of the Spring time, allowing its predominant green colour of health and life, and the fragrance of the the flowers to inspire to fulfil your dreams, to enjoy yourself. Allowing your body to receive this sensuous awakening of the nature and remembrance of how good its to be alive in our temples, our bodies, in our mind, in our spirits and their journey!
I'm back in London, after an amazing Indian Tour... 
I look forward to share this energy with you!

Join me tomorrow - Friday 20th May
Special Jade Circle
All women are welcome!
No Need to Book! just come on by, start 6.45 - 9.15pm @ The Universal Healing Tao Centre UK, 68 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3JT

The Travelling Circle next stop is in Dublin, Ireland:
Jade Circle workshop - The Harmony of Yin & Yang
Friday 3rd June - Free Introductory Talk - 7 to 8.30pm (Open to All Women)
Saturday 4th thru’ Monday 6th June 2011 - 10am to 5.30pm

Click here to learn more
Just 2 more places available!

Sign Up Now!
€257 / £217
Maira at: +353 863612102 or Email or Email me


Friday, 18 March 2011

Blossom with the Spring!

I'm quite excited writing to you and feeling these high energies in the air... Spring, the Equinox this Sunday, this energy of renewal and rebirth, and the Full Moon tomorrow will be really close to the Earth, such a powerful one, and biggest for two decades!
This Full Moon in Virgo occurs just before Ostara reinforcing this transformational energy.
How do you feel about that?
Do you noticed the changes in nature?
The trees start to sprout, the flowers blossoming, the animals getting more busy preparing their nest and making themselves heard.
Spring is coming with the wood element, plant life. The direction is the East where things begin.
** Why not start this new cycle of the year and maybe of your life with a celebration?

Different traditions emphasise that the circle is a sacred space where those present gather to encounter the Divine. In the Circle everyone is equal, 'casting a circle' (even unconsciously) creates sacred space to work, meditate, heal, create and commune with your inner self and spiritual realms.
This is just what we did last weekend, the 3-days Jade Circle workshop, the circle symbolising the mysterious feminine and allowing space for its celebration and blossoming.
Check the post below to see the beautiful and glowing faces!
  • I encourage you to cast your own circle, create and honour if you've already created your sacred space, a space just for you, and never shared except by invitation. Meditate upon the renewal and rebirth the Spring brings and the Full Moon energy in Virgo, review what you have achieved, separating the wheat from the chaff, having a sort-out of the things you want to finish and what you want to start, thinking in which area of your life you want to put your energy for it to blossom and give its fruits.
The wood element is linked with your liver and its virtues of kindness, generosity, forgiveness, self-acceptance, and in sexual terms - desire.
How do these virtues speak to you at this moment?
  • Look inward into your liver and give it a smile; and with the smile on your face breathe in the green light of the ancient healing forest and claim these virtues, listen what they say to you...
"Constant kindness can accomplish much." Starting with kindness towards yourself.
"Remember that generosity is a talent and a virtue that comes from dropping the fear of scarcity and from trusting Great Mystery" Jamie Sams.
Forgiveness starts with self-forgiveness, and we forgive we're free...
By finding self-acceptance, acknowledge all aspects of your self, just not your personality, but also your body, accepting yourself as you are with all your perfection and imperfections, you can embrace your potential and inspire others to do it as well.
When fulfilling our deepest desire, we feed our heart and soul.
Daily we have opportunities to practice all these virtues!

Every little helps. Sending love & light to Japan.
With a click to make a donation, please feel free to spread the word, together with the love & light from our hearts.

My partner Kris gave an interesting interview on Paranormal Radio click here to hear, where he talks about Taoism, the shamanic and sexual practices, astral travels, from his new ebook Taoist Medicine Wheel - Tao of the Shaman.
© Anamarta

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Amazing Jade Circle Workshop!!

What an amazing workshop!! My heart its still vibrating with much happiness from last weekend!
Again we had a cocktail of different cultures and backgrounds from all over the world, coming from all parts of UK, from Scotland, to Kent...
These lovely women who embrace this journey with such commitment towards their Divine Feminine, courage and grace! What a blessing to hold this space where the mysterious feminine can blossom to the full!
The same I felt from all present, what a pleasure to witness that! A powerful new group of Jade Goddesses who brought me so much inspiration and insight. Thank you all!
Was a three days journey with much depth, transformation, enjoyment and laughter. Wonderful!!
Here the beautiful and glowing faces:
:) Keep smiling & shining... and s... ;)

** Thank you for your feedback **
  • "A beautiful, nurturing, powerful and gracious workshop. Anamarta led us safely through the foundations of a powerful process to awaken the divine feminine within. I give thanks for such a pleasurable experience. Thank you.x"M.F.
  • "I loved the weekend, it was very helpful, great practice, great way to teach it. I really liked the way in which you approach the teachings in a simple but inspirational way, very open, leaving space to integrate and take what we need. I loved the music, the dancing ..."C.G.
  • "A wonderful, inspiring workshop! I enjoyed every part of it, and it helped me to start my journey to find more about myself, my feminine side and my inner resources! Thank you so much! You are very enthusiastic inspiring teacher! fun and serious at the same time! I feel very inspired to carry on!"J.K.
  • "Such a beautiful held space. I felt safe and respected, but also inspired, motivated and challenged. The pace was perfect, and I feel that we covered a lot but also had time to rest. Anamarta was a goddess!"T.L.
  • "Dear Anamarta what to say? Thank you so much. My body and soul are very happy and grateful for this teaching, experience, energy and healing. Bless you."S.S.
  • "A beautiful 3 days once again! Thank you Anamarta for holding such a bright and happy space! Loved working with all you beautiful ladies, it was a pleasure :) Feeling so much love energy, and enjoying to take it home :) Namaste and In lake'ech."M.S.
  • "Anamarta- what can I say. You have given me such a wonderful gift. Thank you. Your energy is beautiful and you are a beautiful person. Keep doing/being who you are...xx:)"M.J.
  • "I loved your workshop and the way you directed, it was really magical and special!!something has been opened in that circle and I´m feeling its power, it´s great!!...It has been really complete. Its deserved for me to come all this trip has been amazing!! Muito obrigado por teu amore, tua compasion e tua originalidade..."M.E.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Today the international women's day celebrates one century!
In this last two years I've so much enjoyed to take this opportunity to honour all of you, women I know and even the women I don't know yet, with much delight, joy and admiration.
As you probably know already you are an expression of the universal archetype and you deserve to be honoured as such!
This special day, when from the last 100 years women on all continents, often divided by national boundaries and by ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic and political differences, come together to celebrate their Day.
I wish you a lovely day to be celebrated in a lovely way, even just inside your heart! Share your gifts and yourself with the world, spread your special feminine essence with joy and delight!
Something that may inspire you:
"...balanced female energy is not envy or catty; it is sisterhood, content to enjoy and share the goodness with others, express joy for others. Woman energy without games or control is a beautiful experience, it is a freedom of love without jealousy. You might look at the joyfulness of the receptive side of your nature. Have you given yourself a gift recently? Have you received any messages in your dreams, thoughts, meditations? Flow with the water of the Universe...this is the way of balanced female-receptive energy. Honour it! In doing so, you will discover the power of woman."  Otter - Woman Medicine, Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams & David Carson.

In celebration & sisterhood

© Anamarta

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

March Jade Circles

Join me:

This Wednesday 2nd March
Jade Circle
Level 1
All women are welcome!
No Need to Book! just come on by, start @ 6.45 - 8.45pm @ The Universal Healing Tao Centre UK, 68 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3JT

On Wednesday 23rd March
Jade Circle
Level 2 (All women who have already come to a Jade Circle before and heard the Jade Egg explanation are welcome!)
Welcoming the Spring within-renewal and rebirth. Focus on the 'green' Jade Egg healthy and powerful exercises!
@ the same time @ the same place

Look forward to see you & meet you!


Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Celebrating the sacred feminine and unveiling its mystery!

Magic definitely happen when women get together...
What a special and powerful day celebrating the sacred feminine and unveiling its mystery!
Thank you for the inspiring and amazing present who sparkled their wisdom and Inner Goddess with so much grace!
Such a bless to hold the space for Divine Feminine to be honour and manifest. Unfolding gentleness, inner knowing, sisterhood, receptivity and all the best of the yin qualities.
Our shining and lovely photo say it all:

Thank you for your feedback:
  • "An excellent, nurturing and feminine environment. Thanks Anamarta for creating a sacred space. ...such a powerful workshop...and lovely people too!" M.F.
  • "Thank you for an amazing experience and new discoveries! I really enjoyed this beautiful way to myself, divine sensations and looking forward to being here again!" G.D.
  • "This workshop is a real treat for any woman and Anamarta is inspirational and amazing teacher who shares her beauty, wisdom and experience in the most natural and sensual way. Thank you for sharing your magic and helping women to connect with their deepest essence." D.V.
  • "A beautiful day with beautiful people. Very creative and full of fun and inspiration. Thank you!" K.T.
  • "Thank you Anamarta. I feel: ***"E.B.
  • "What a fun day! I leave feeling energised once again! I see light in everybody's eyes :) Thank you! Namaste and Lak'ech." M.S.
  • "I found the workshop nice to strengthen my energy and chi just what I needed I benefited most from the Meditation which was very deep and I feel opening and transforming for my spirit."D.L.
  • "Thank you for being a beautiful person inside and out - its been a real honor and pleasure getting to know you. The day has been I fell the continuance of a journey for me, I am so glad I finally come!" A.R.
  • "Just totally what was meant to happen just now. Lovely goddesses. My deer came back!' S.W.
  • "Thank you - so rejuvenated. I have lots fun and loved sharing it all with beautiful Goddesses. Bless you...x" S.S.
  • "Inspiring and fab workshop. I did enjoyed a lots and learn new practices with Anamarta*. Thank you. Hope carry on practice this ancient knowledge here." S.C.