Monday, 19 March 2012

Coming Jade Circle! Just before the Travelling Circle go back to India!

Jade Circle level 2 this Wednesday 21st March, just after the Spring Equinox!
(All women who have already come to a Jade Circle before and heard the Jade Egg explanation are welcome!)
Welcoming the Spring within and Kuan Yin Chi Kung - improving your grounding, earth-connection and empowerment of the self.
To learn more about Chi Kung benefits click here and scroll down to read the post 'Kuan Yin & Iron Shirt Chi Kung'.
No Need to Book! just come on by, from 6.45 to 8.45pm @ The Universal Healing Tao Centre UK, 68 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3JT

In April the Travelling Circle is in India. The Jade Circle returns to London in May to our annual workshop, and after that will keep on Tour, going back to Dublin.


Sunday, 18 March 2012

Celebration of the Inner Goddess, the Woman, the Self!

We enjoyed another yin magical day in the Universal Healing Tao UK!...
And that happened thanks to the presence of all the courageous women who came to be at one with their feminine self and allowing their Inner Goddess to be fully present, their womanhood to be fully understood, and their beautiful selves to be fully celebrated!
A mix of archetypes, as Goddesses reflecting each other, gifts to be shared and challenges to be embraced, bringing opportunities for growth and evolution.
The Goddess was alive within all those present, inspiring us to enjoy and live to our full potential and share this gift with the world!
Here we are:
**Thank you for your feedback**

** "Lovely Day - really enjoyed the meditations. Anamarta you are a powerful source of wisdom + empowerment. I think more people should come to these days!! And I really liked the diversity of women too - very refreshing.Thank you."A.F.
** "A beautiful balance of movement, energy, soul & wisdom. You held the space with such clarity, love & devotion! I loved the 'goddess card' element & the visualisation added an unexpected bonus. Many thanks & much love." S.M.
** "Thank you so much for a magical day, I have been truly touched by your beautiful energy. The exercises were very informative and clear. I loved the balance of informative and intuitive approach. Much love"J.T.
** Thank you Dear Anamarta it was amazing as always love it and my body love it to. Its good to be reminded of what it is to be Goddess - I love the meditation and cards - lovely ambient and music Bless you!" S.S.
** "A beautifully nurturing day. Anamarta is so skillful at awakening the divine feminine in us all, and embodies it herself so fully. Thank you!" T.L.
** "It's was magical inspiring. being your friend, & your student teaches me how lucky I am in many different ways. I admire what you do with women, to them. You give so much in your workshops, for the ones who want to listen, there is always an extra gift from your heart. Thank you."E.B.
** "It was nice group felt good on Goddess, women energy. Liked the journeying with music & learning kidney technique. Thank you. Sharing is always a big plus for me." P.D.
** "Goddess Anamarta! Thank you for your workshop, it was great day with like minded ladies. They are so different, but so alike. I truly like your workshops and find them beneficial for myself." A.K.
"Thank you for wonderful workshop it was very moving and inspiring."J.W.


Thursday, 8 March 2012


Dear Women,
Happy International Women's Day & Full Moon!!
We can celebrate being a woman every day after all, but today is the symbolic day that marks the story of ordinary women as makers of history: it is rooted in the centuries-old struggle of women to participate in society on an equal footing with men.
Being a feminine year, a year for the women, today we have this culmination of yin & yang forces with Full Moon (the yang peak of the moon) to celebrate this special day!
So much in the air!...
In this 2012 even at an unconscious level is a striving for balance in the world and this balance can be restored through compassion vs empowerment, liberation and equality.
"We can all benefit from honouring the innate wisdom, beauty and creativity that all women possess." **
Yesterday at the Jade Circle we had our anticipated celebration of Women's Day and Full Moon and I asked each of those present what they love about being a woman. The various answers were inspiring and brought to light what we are, what we do and represent... magic that happens when women are together, the union and empowerment sisterhood brings...the sacredness of being the feminine archetype, the beauty, sensuality, healing, the power of transformation, the birth-death-rebirth cycles within, the weavers, the creative infinite beings we are, the motherhood within us all...
Today I asked my partner (Kris) his thoughts about what is a woman?
The answer was: the physical personification of the Goddess; the mothers of the world, the inspiration of men, the essence of the Divine, woman is love!
Myself I can just say how much I love to be a woman!! And how humble and blessed I feel to work with women and inspire them as they inspire me (its all merely reflection!) the path of the Divine Feminine within.
The sacred feminine energy of the eternal Goddess is present in all women.
The Goddess is an infinite pool of creativity, love, power, healing and mystery - Enjoy your inner Goddess and let Her be fully present in your everyday life! Be yourself and celebrate your gift of being a woman!

In celebration & sisterhood
© Anamarta

Photo by Imoto Mayumi & images by Toni Carmine Salerno**

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Coming Jade Circle!...Just before the International Women's Day!!

Jade Circle level 1 this Wednesday 7th March
All women are welcome!
Will be a special one as is just one day before the International Women's day which is coming with Full Moon this year, so we'll have a celebration to inspire us and remind us how beautiful and sacred is to be a woman!
No Need to Book! just come on by, from 6.45 to 8.45pm @ The Universal Healing Tao Centre UK, 68 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3JT

Look forward to see you and meet you!
How beautifully magical it was our Circle!
A truly expression of the Divine Feminine, a gift of being a woman this life!
Thank you beautiful women, dear sisters!