Thursday, 27 September 2012

Edinburgh Jade Goddesses 2012***

Flying back  to London in the riding broom, after another magicwiccaly time in Harry Potter town and around!...Muchas gracias, thank you my dear organiser and hermana Elena! And what a lOvELY and powerful workshop, an amazing group of women, such a nice blended of different cultures, and coming along together, sisters and friends, not just from Edinburgh, but from London too. Thank you for your beautiful presence, really admire how all of you went so deep into your Divine Feminine selves and took with it with such light heart and humour, truly inspiring! At the end we were blessed with the Universal love, as a big smile in the sky, a rainbow, celebrating this special wshop and Jade Goddesses!
(: Here they are ;)
Thank you for your feedback
  • "Love it! Practical, informative but also a lot of fun. Feel more awareness of my body in a different way from before. Thank you so much for sharing this knowledge." S.E. England/China
  • "I so enjoyed the workshop. Anamarta was wonderful, intimate, professional, intelligent, and she has a real gift for teaching and creating space for such work. Someone who truly walks the path she teaches. This is what I will learn from and practical tips to my clients too. I loved every moment and will definitely come back for more. This couldn't come a better time in my life." S.L. Scotland/Italy
  • "Thank you with love and compassion from my heart for this beautiful workshop. You brought your smile, laughter, love, wisdom, to teach such a sensitive subject. I feel awaken, liberated and very very happy. See you in London!" S.L. England/China
  • "Thank you for this wonderful gift of these practices and the space of presence. I feel that I have given myself back my power and respect, and it feels very healing. I am very grateful that I met Anamarta and Elena." A.D. Italy/Scotland
  • "Thank you very much for sharing with us your wisdom and mastery. I am very happy to have been part of this course. I think you are a very good teacher and woman, brave enough to live and share this kind of knowledge. Thanks a lot, I hope the life let us meet again. It's not easy to find a good teacher!!" E.P. Spain
  • "Muitisimo obrigada, Anamarta! Foram dias de libertacao e de re-inicio para mim, facilitado pelo teu workshop. Agradeco-te do fundo do coracao todo o conhecimento e amor que partilhaste." A.B. Portugal
  • "The Jade Circle workshop has been a great celebration for my rebirth, I really feel the grounding, the compassion and the great healing that this practice offers. I Love It!! Muito Obrigado!! Lets organise many more!!" E.A. Spain

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Jade Circle tomorrow 12th September! 12.09.12

Dear Ladies,
Here we are in the transition of the seasons, being now in the late Harvest time, or Indian Summer, the Earth Element in the Taoist calendar, great opportunity to welcome abundance in all levels in your life, to reflect on what you got from the previous season and what you would like to get from this.  As the New Moon is approaching on Sunday, here's something to relate with this time and Element that may inspire you: Enjoying the late Harvest time!
The Jade Circle Summer was fantastic!! Wonderful, special and memorable Circles and workshops, meeting new and re-meeting lovely women. (You can scroll down and see them)
We had a great Tai Chi Camp with Yin predominance, and this extended to Step 4, for the first time the Highest Taoist practice! (You can see the photos which will be updated soon in the Universal Healing Tao page in facebook - and 'Like' us there! Another way to keep in touch, as the germination of the Jade Circle Community is in a gentle deep process).
While in Wales for the Tai Chi Camp I held a Jade Circle for the local women, hosted by Taoist friend Sam, in her cosy bell tent... a real celebration of such a group of lovely and interesting women coming together, and of course, a pleasure for me to introduce to them the Jade Egg Holistic Practice. Then as they left in the night, one of the cars just dropped the exhaust-pipe, and what was my surprise when I saw these women going down to the floor (in their dresses), and in team work in 'double quick time' just fixed the situation and as they did that, applying their new learning 'smiling & squeezing"!...hehehe... Unforgettable Wales Goddesses, Wales Jade Circle!
As I got back to London had another great pleasure of facilitating for the first time a truly special and Yin Step 3 - amazing!... Check the post below, what an experience with two pregnant ladies, and witness the immediate benefits of the Chi Kung & Tai Chi for pregnancy.
Blue Moon gathering with a few Jade Circle friends and little friend (Genesi, Jacq's daughter) in the 13 trees Druid Circle in Green Park, welcoming and celebrating this special time - was sooo niiice!
Now just get ready to return to magicawiccaly Scotland, the Jade Circle workshop is happening in the Edinburgh this weekend, then follows a launch of the Jade Circle gathering for last year and future Edinburgh Jade Goddesses!  And in November for the first time an Advanced Jade Circle Retreat is going to happen in Harry Potter land!
But before that tomorrow I look forward to see you and meet you for the Jade Circle in London!!
TOMORROW 12th September ~ Jade Circle Level 1  (All women are welcome!)
No Need to Book! just come on by, from 6.45 to 8.45pm @ The Universal Healing Tao Centre UK, 68 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3JT
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