Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Welcoming the Summer!!

The sun is shining, the warm weather is out there, the Summer approaches with the love, joy, laughter, happiness that symbolize this season, the season of the heart!

Welcoming the Summer?
*******Turn your face to the sun, breath *her warm, love, joy, let the sun light filling up all your being, all your organs, all your glands, all your bones, all your cells. Smile at the sun! *(the Japanese Taoist 'Shinto' have a Sun Goddess, Amaterasu).
*******Spread your arms out wide to embrace the happy breeze!

"Taoists perceive the heart as the seat of love, joy, and happiness, which can connect with the Universal Love", Mantak Chia in Cosmic Fusion. 

Many of you asked me what is the practice of 'Fusion'?
It is a great meditation(s) we learn in
Step 3 - Fusion of the 5 Elements - as the name says, we go through all our organs (which link with each element) and transform the (negative) emotions, and enhance their positive virtues. This is not a just a process of deep refining of emotions, but to
the energy field, harmonization with the self and the total freedom to be yourself!
If you want to learn more, we've the annual workshop coming in July- check the calendar. 
"Negative energies may be seen as a kind of garbage. If we discharge it into the environment, it becomes a major factor in generating toxins, bacteria, viruses and a variety of forms of disease by which negative emotions are multiplied and become more and more difficult to control. Or they can be seen as highly positive and urgently need for recycling to help us grow and improve our balance, so that we do not become a burden and threat for others or environment, but a blessing, as our energies contribute to a climate of harmony and peace. The more light chi that enters our body and the more we radiate it into others and our surroundings, the less bacteria and viruses have a chance to grow." Mantak Chia
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