Friday, 20 March 2009

Happy Spring Equinox!!

Spring Equinox represents the Yin Yang harmony, the moment when these energies are in balance, marks the balance point between light and dark.
New hopes, new beginnings, new relationships...the earth is reawakening. It's the seed sowing holiday! Its the fertile festival! Its the festival of Eostar, the ancient Anglo-Saxon Goddess of the Spring. Her colorful eggs are the symbols of renewed life. The fertile hare, that leaps up from the field just as the life force leaps up within us, was her sacred animal.

We're coming from the kidney season to the liver, from being (be yin) to doing (do-yin!), from the Water element to the Wood. The Wood element is the energy of birth, rebirth and renewal, the unstoppability of Life.

Smile at your liver, awaking and stimulating the kindness, generosity and forgiveness within you.
* Forgiveness is such a virtue! When we forgive we are free. We need to forgive ourselves and others to allow space for new experiences coming in into our lives.
* Generosity comes from feelings of abundance and gratitude; its about more than material exchange. True abundance is abundance of the heart- a sense of fullness that overflows in a desire to help.
* The first thing a kindness deserves is acceptance; the second, transmission.

Practice covert acts of kindness and generosity- like the girl heroine in the film Amelie, or "guerrilla gardeners"- environmentalists who go out in the middle of the night and plant flowers to beautify waste ground. Think of something you can do secretly for other people or for the world, with no thought of reward for yourself.

You can nourish your body eating more greens this season, such as broccoli, so good for your liver. And avocado - good for lust and love!!!
Spend time connecting with the Mother Earth. Walking in bare feet on the grass, nourish yourself with Earth energy. Earth-Connection gives the energy needed to use our natural gifts, abilities, and talents.

© Anamarta

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Jade Circle Birthday!

Our Special Jade Circle to celebrate this special date was certainly unique and magic, a truly deep celebration of the mysterious feminine.
We had the honour to have a full house of wonderful women who brought their experience and knowledge to the Circle and made it more rich then ever!
Our lovely guest Bernadette Carelse illuminated us to dive into ourselves with the Vision Quest; such a beautiful and sacred evening!
Thank you for all the presents for your bright and inspiring presence! You made me feel so blessed to have the opportunity to gather women of all ages and backgrounds joining in the Universal Feminine Awareness and I believe from here this energy spreads to the city, country, world and Universe!
This enhances our continuing evolution on this path, the power to celebrate the beauty and bliss to be a woman, to just Be, Be Yin!


Monday, 9 March 2009

Birthday Party! ;)

We are delighted to present our Special Jade Circle to celebrate our birthday on Friday the 13th (6.30-8.30), a lucky number for us women because of the 13 moons (period cycles) we have during the year, and on Friday which is associated with Venus and the Goddess Freya, who brings us love, friendship, beauty, reconciliation. Such a great day for our celebration!!
For our birthday celebration we've a special guest, Bernadette Carelse, one of the first facilitators of the Jade Circle! She will guide us in a vision quest, and for that you need to bring paper and colour pen, candle and, if you would like to, an object with symbolic meaning.

Prepare yourself for the Spring!
Spring is still but a memory within your heart, but the worst of winter has passed and soon the growing cycle will start. Enjoy and reflect upon the yin stage that marks the Winter, which is associated with the Kidneys, smile at them, breathing in the healing blue color, connecting with your inner wisdom and gentleness. Any seed you plant in yourself will grow in the Spring time, when things begin; associated with the liver, smile and prepare the liver energy of kindness, generosity and forgiveness to flow within you with a green light of ancient healing forest.


Sunday, 8 March 2009


I’d like to wish a happy women’s day to all the beautiful women I know and I don’t know yet.
The bliss of being a woman in this life makes me appreciate every day to the Universe.
We’ve the support of Great Mother Earth, a gift for us women to receive Her abundant, serene, centering, sensuous energy! And we’ve the Grandmother Moon who illuminates us in the dark, inspiring us, and arousing our connection with our intuition and feminine mystery.
Today we celebrate the International Women’s Day! Such a good time to connect with the Goddess within you and thus empower the Divine Femine, which emanates a soft, soothing energy that engenders feelings of comfort, safety, nurturing, and stimulates joy, happiness and relaxation. And this connects us to the frequency of Divine Love, compassion and true appreciation for all experiences and creation, developing trust in the Universe to provide for all our needs.
All of us have both yin and yang energy; but our yin predominant energy make us to be a woman! Enjoy it! Live it in the fullest! And celebrate!

© Anamarta