Wednesday, 4 February 2015

3 Tips to Enhance Sexual Vitality

I just collaborated on an article for this month Soul&Spirit UK magazine.
“In Tao, sexuality is the most powerful expression of creativity, which can be used for pleasure, healing, health, rejuvenation, to attain goals and to connect with the divine, says Taoist teacher Anamarta."

Three tips to Enhance Female Sexual Vitality / Cultivating Female Sexual Energy:
  • Smile =)
Smile is the most important sexual secret, as it helps keep the energy (including the sexual energy) in the body allowing you to cultivate more and more energy without loss (this is because when we smile we slightly contract our perineum, the ‘Gate of Life and Death’, the point between the anus and the genitals). When we smile we exercise 600 muscles in our face, contributing to our natural beauty!
And of course generate good feelings to all around.
  •  Squeeze!***
Contracting and relaxing the genitals tonifies the muscles in the pelvis, lubricates the Jade Gate (Taoist name for the vagina), and activates blood flow and sexual hormones to the brain.  In sexual reflexology the pineal gland is linked with the clitoris.
  •  Be kind to your Kidneys and Adrenal Glands! :)) 
The kidneys, guardians of ancestral QI/CHI, storehouse of genetic energy, hold the reproductive essence, our life force.  And the adrenal glands, the ‘little helmets’, are two walnut size endocrine glands sitting on the top of the kidneys.  When tired and stressed, too common in our modern lives, they decrease our libido.
By giving special attention to the kidneys, the adrenal glands also benefit: keeping the kidneys warm, giving them a good rub, or simply holding your palms either side of the spine; smiling, sending them love, appreciating what they do to sustain your life and visualising them happy and well.
Give the kidneys extra care in cold weather, when you are in your moontime (menstruating), and when spending time in the same position (like at the computer, playing an instrument, etc.) Wearing a scarf around the waist keeps the kidneys and sacrum (the triangular bone in the base of your spine) warm.
Most important for adrenals glands and hormones is restful sleep.  Energy levels, moods and skin greatly benefit from good sleep! 
Here the print version:

©  Anamarta

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