Monday, 27 July 2009


Do you know that beauty, body fit, mind and spirit too can get a work-out with the Taoist practices!
"Beauty, the radiance of the eternal" - the source of compassion, serenity and hope.
We feel most alive in the presence of beauty, whether we find it in a person, place or work of art, in nature or a spiritual moment.
Our society often confuses beauty with glamour. But which do you think endures? True beauty is a light that cant be extinguished.
"Give me beauty in the inward soul; may the outward and the inward woman be at one."
As I shared in the 'Happy Summer' post, one can attune to natural beauty by awakening the heart chakra.

Look for beauty in everything even the flowers in a clump of weeds or the reflection of the sky in a muddy puddle, recognize beauty in others and in yourself. By doing so, you feed your own spirit and also add to the positive uplifting energy in the world.
Our conscious perception of beauty, unique to our species, can be kind of creation in itself.

Some beauty tips:
Smile! When you smile you exercise more then 600 muscles in your face, when you frown you just exercise 400!
***A few minutes of facial exercises, chi self massage each day can help to relax tension and release your natural beauty. You can watch the Video Kuan Yin Chi Kung Warm Up - ending up with a chi self massage.
***Try a simple stretch to tone muscles around the mouth, cheeks, jaw, chin: with your mouth open as wide as possible sound out the vowels A, E, I, O, U slowly, exaggerating your facial movements as you speak. Repeat 9 times. Have fun with it!
***Breast massage as we teach in the Jade Circle to keep your breasts healthy, shining and firm, but just not that, when you do the nipples massage you stimulate your endocrine system feeding all your master glands, which will give a rejuvenate side affect.
***Radiant beauty ritual bath to enhance your inner and outer radiance. Light vanilla-scented or three rose pink and three white candles around the bathtub, (the bathroom should be warm), drop some rose oil and sprinkle rose petals onto the surface of the bath water. Close your eyes and imagine that your body is absorbing radiant beauty from the surrounding water. Just feel yourself glow! As you bath, focus on your best qualities and recite this affirmation: "I let my inner beauty shine." If you need a special boost for an important date, do this when the moon is just approaching full. And to become a beauty moon bath, have your six candles (three rose pink and white) in silver holders around your bath, burn a rose-scented joss-stick, or place rose oil in an oil burner. When you ready to get out, wrap yourself a huge, soft rose-coloured towel and get ready in a leisure way, knowing that delights are to come!

© Anamarta

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