Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Acknowledging the fire within? ** Planetary Blessings following by the Super Full Moon***

Beautiful ladies,
I'm really enjoying sharing beauty tips and insights in our facebook page in this month of celebrating beauty and putting my beauty secrets in practice!
Can't wait for our workshop Let Your inner Beauty OuT!
to connect with Fire Element couldn't be in a better time with unique planetary blessings happening on Monday 29th and just after the yesterday special Full Moon, but first something to think about:
  • Are you acknowledging the fire within?
Your spontaneity for living depends upon your connection to Fire.
Your ability to create pleasure adventure and excitement comes from your willingness to give yourself pleasure and joy. All that is needed to continue passion is to decide you are worthy and proceed.
Any judgements about passion in a physical level, it may be time to clear them. All acts of life are sacred when treated in a respectful manner.
Use the fire within to fuel your life with energy. This energy comes from Mother Earth's passionate physicality and Grandfather Sun's spontaneous love. When we're in balance, this Divine Union sparks our natural desire to experience life.
Adapted from Jamie Sams.
So what is happenning the day after the workshop?
On Monday 29th July the planets will form an almost exact Grand Sextile, which forms a 6 sided, crystalline form around the Earth with 2 interlocking triangles inside. This is the geometric form of a Stargate formed around the planet Earth by the other planets in the solar system. In another words a Star of David formed by 6 planets, and our Earth will be in the middle of it!
This is the opportunity for a direct download of galactic cosmic energy!
And the great news is these are all very positive and harmonious aspects completely surrounding the planet in a Sacred Geometric configuration.
As such:
The conjunction of Jupiter and Mars is sextile to Venus, the power of beauty, on one side, and the Moon, the power of love, on the other side.
Then the planet Saturn, materialism, is sextile to Venus, power of beauty, on one side and Pluto, the planet of transformation, on the other side. This signals the power of beauty to transform materialism. Then we have the planet Neptune, the power of our highest hopes and dreams, sextile to Pluto, the planet of transformation, on one side and the Moon, the power of love, on the other side. This signifies the power of transformation to bring about our highest hopes and dreams through the power of love. 

Here the source where I got the Grand Sextile information. Thank you Jade Goddess Sole for the sharing :)
This aspect comes into play one week after the Full Moon of the Cosmic Moon, which is the last of 3 Super Moons in a row. The Super Moon is when the Full Moon falls on the day when the Moon is closest to the Earth.
Yes, Grandmother Moon smiled on us yesterday Moon day (Monday) 22 (master number
and double 2, moon number). I celebrated the magic and Feminine empowerment, which is still tingling in my body and soul! And in one of the sacred places of Ireland, with a ritual blessed by Fairyland (just after a Power of Fusion wshop, co-faciliated with my partner Kris for a mixed group in Dublin, thanks a million dearest Maire and fairy sister for the organisation).
Use your creative power and shine your light. The Moon has just entered Aquarius. This suggests that our alliances and goals are in a promising phase. Here the inspiration for this moon cycle:
** Focus on your individual needs to manifest and the freedom of your spirit... deep awareness of how your gifts and abilities can be expressed for the good of all... unlocking the 'mad scientist', put in practice all your ideas and dreams, even the more eccentric and unusual ones! Freedom for being your true self, giving permission to your mind to be limitless!...   

Perfect timing!
Thank you Universe!!
I'm pouring with inspiration and can't wait to share it with you!

Join me this Thursday 25th July:
Jade Circle Level 2 - Activate your Inner Fire - Laughing Chi Kung and Kalbelian Gypsy Dance all the way from Rajasthan! Bring a long skirt - the swirlier the better.
From 6.45 to 8.15pm (follow by the Advance until 9.30pm) click here for more info. 
Just to let you know that the next Jade Circles will be in September, and last of this year in November.
With love & beauty, excitment & cosmic inspiration ~*~
© Anamarta 

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