Sunday, 7 July 2013

July: Lets celebrate Beauty!

Hello Beautiful Women, 
Finally sunshine in UK! For others not seeing much sun at this moment, just a reminder that the sun is always shining inside your heart! Or even behind the cloud, always there smiling at you, illuminating you with light and life...
Summer, the Fire Element, the Heart, the important organ we can't live without, let's say the Emperor or Empress (why not?...) of your Internal Universe, very Taoist indeed... The virtues of the heart: love, joy, happiness, fun, laughter, enthusiasm, motivation, passion!
And Love creates beauty!
Do you know one way to attune yourself to beauty is by awakening the heart chakra?... So this month join me in the celebration of beauty, starting with your beautiful self and of course when you feel good you look good, so your inner beauty will spread into your outer world, inspiring all around you. As well be open to perceive beauty... as it is everywhere, as you know "beauty is in the eye of the beholder." For this celebration I'll be posting in our facebook page every few days this month (starting today) various beauty tips, so join me in the 'Jade Virtual Circle'.

And just for you here I share:
 ** Click here to read this 'Beauty' post for some inspiration on beauty along with some extra tips.
It's with enthusiasm and excitement, yes heart virtues, that I mention that the highlight of the Jade Circle Summer will be our special workshop to embrace and deeply connect with your inner fire, find out:
How can we use the secrets of Taoist practice to enjoy this life and enhance our inner beauty? 
...cultivate your inner beauty for your outer radiance! 
The 'Let Your Inner Beauty OuT!' workshop comes along with the opportunity for pampering, fun, learning feminine practices to integrate straight away into your life and reap their benefits such as: hormonal balance, wellbeing, rejuvenation, and more! 
With lots of beauty tips and revealing tantric secrets.
As well to have an introduction or to evolve (for those who learned them already) the foundation Taoist Practices (Inner smile, Healing Sounds & Microcosmic Orbit); and have a good taste of the Kalbelian Gypsy Dance, the root of Flamenco: yes the Gypsy original came from the Rajasthani desert in India! 
Why beauty secrets?...
  • "They are no ugly women, only lazy women." Helena Rubinstein 
  • "The body is fundamental and necessary for the realization of  the Divine intention." Rumi
Beautiful wishes for a beautiful July*** 
© Anamarta 

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